August 29th, 2005

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Is there any story behind the various animations on the Internet that contain the floating, disembodied head of TV's Patrick Duffy? Usually, he's shooting laser beams out of his eyes at someone, like in this YTMND (warning: contains background music)

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Does anyone know of a free website to look up up to date hairstyles? The only results I've found through google you have to either pay to view pictures or the pictures are SO outdated. I also checked the community madradhair and the styles are not for me. Any suggestions would be helpful!
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Website Archive

I recall visiting a website a little while ago where it kept a record of what websites looked like over time. For example, what a webpage looked like on the 29th of July, on the 14th of August, on the 1st of September, so on. Does anyone know the name of that website?

Failing that, is there any way to find an image that used to be on a webpage but no longer is? Silly me didn't save it when I should have and now it's gone, ugh.
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Painting nintendo DS

I have a silver Nintendo DS and I've been thinking about painting it. I was reading a discussion on the Nintendogs forum thing and one guy mentioned he's painted his blue with waves and stuff.

Anyway, I don't know anything about what to paint it with. Are there any brands of paint that would work especially well on the plastic casing? Any brands I should avoid because they'll destroy it?

I know not to paint too close to the buttons or screen or anything, but are there any non-obvious spots that would make everything go kerblooey if I painted over them?

And finally, any ideas for what design I should put on it? Remember, the base color is silver. :)
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This is probably a stupid question, but it's what we're all here for, nay?

Are and Ticketmaster booths (in stores and buildings) in sync? Like, if the site says tickets don't go on sale until such and such date and time, does that mean it's the same for the booths?

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1) I'm looking for a free plug-in(?) for Windows media that will let me play .ogg files. Anyone know where I can find this?

2) I have a burn mark from a steaming kettle. Happened today. Is there anyway to reduce the discoloring / speed up the healing process?

3) How do you get caked-on baking soda out of a corporate (thin) carpet?

im just a curious person?

1. whats the link to the site that generates usernames for you?
2. whats the most spontaneous thing youve done in the last 3 months?
3. how many liverjournals have you had?
4. do you eat breakfast? if so what do you normally eat and what time?
5. where do you think your life will be in the next 6 months?
6. is there a way that i can just purchase extra icon space instead of being a paid user?
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Sorry for all the questions lately.

I recently ordered something that for some unknown reason was shipped through USPS instead of UPS. They claim they tried to deliver it on saturday at 11:30am but no one was here, so they left a notice. Both of those are complete lies, my dad was here outside in the front yard planting trees, he would have seen someone trying to deliver a package. We also received no such notice. It says we have to go pick it up at the post office. I have tried calling USPS but they have been of no help, being that you cannot get a person.

So the question is can I go pick up the package from the post office, even though it's addressed to my dad(since I used his credit card)? My address is on my license so I think they should give it to me, but I'd rather not go there if they won't let me have it.

I called the actual post office and they said I could pick it up as long as it isn't registered, I don't see why it would be.

I went to the post office, had to wait ten minutes to park, another hour in line, all to be told that they didn't have the package and that the mailman must have it with him, and should leave it regardless of anyone being home.
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If you could do anything - without worrying about consequences - what would you do?

Note: You do not have infinite money or anything cool like that.

I'd get a center lip piercing and dye my hair pink.


Could taking drugs (weed, speed, magic mushrooms) whilst pregnant make the child have learning difficulties and behavioural problems in later life? (I really want opinions on this one)

When leaving a tip at a restaurant, what percentage of the bill is it appropriate to leave as a tip? (In the UK)
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two questions:

A) Is there a word for somebody who is between an acquaintance and a friend, like somebody you see daily and chat with, but who you wouldn't call a friend?

B) I have an extra ticket to a concert and somebody on the internet has offered to buy it from me. What is the best way to complete the transaction? I've never done this before.
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How do you know if an electric razor is a dry razor, or can be used wet?

My boyfriend has been using an old Norelco that used to belong to his dad. And he's not around for us to ask anymore. :( Can't find anything on it on Google, but maybe I have no skillz. It's a Norelco Tripleheader Speedrazor, HP-1615.
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Where did I hear the name Shoshana recently?

TV? Movie?

I googled it but the results were too broad, I didn't know where to begin, haha.

Have you heard that name on TV recently?

It's driving me crazy for some reason!
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Music suggestion time!

I'm looking for cover versions of songs where the new version is far superior to the original. I'm not just talking about a different drum beat, but where the meaning of the song has been changed and improved just by the singing style of the artist.

I'll put forward Johnny Cash's version of 'Hurt' and Travis's version of 'Hit me Baby One More Time' as examples. What are yours?
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Video game nerd question.

First of all, I wanted to throw out a thank you to everyone who answered my last question, because those are all answers that were running through my head and I think you all are right and I should probably just be done with her, becuase whoever loves the least in a relationship has all the power. (I learned that at Jesus Camp, isn't that amazing?)

So my question for all of you here is does anyone own Vagrant Story and would anyone be willing to sell it to me for under 20 dollars?

School Help Question for Vancouverites

I live in Vancouver British Columbia (well just outside in the Lower Mainland) and I'm looking to go back to school in January and do Game Art and Design Courses.

However, there's only ONE place I can find the course and that's the Art Institute of Vancouver and they're gonna charge me the same as it would to put a down payment on a house to go there!

I realize I'm going to be in debt up to my eyeballs no matter where I'd go but I need to find somewhere else that has my course!

Does anybody else know where I can find Game Art courses anywhere around here?

(I tried Langara but the lady there wasn't really any help)

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1. Should I go to see the Clarks in concert? they are playing at my school and it would be $5, but I've never heard any of their music before today when I got the concert announcement.

2. When does a spoiler become common knowledge? How much time has to go by before it's not a spoiler any more?

3. Is there anything about yourself that you have to hide from your friends? How many things do you have to hide before you wouldn't consider them your friends?

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Are things like scooters, skateboards, snowboards, etc weighted in such a way to be more conducive to using one foot one way and one foot the other?
I ride my scooter with my left foot pushing and my right foot on it, which I've been told is 'wrong'- and I seem to be having steering issues, like my scooter wants to get away from me.

My cousin recently told her husband that she wants a divorce. In the past few days he has gotten a livejournal and started trying to plead with her to come back, and blaming it on a guy on lj flirting on her. Now, I feel a great urge to reach through my computer and smack this man. Do I want to get into this and point out to him that he could have, yanno, gotten on lj a *year ago* and kep upt with his wife, when she had to move to another state and live with her parents because his broke ass could barely support himself?
Or do I want to sit on my hands and not say anything?
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Inspired by a dumb woman on the phone....

What's the mispronunciations of your name (first, last or both) that really drive you up the wall?

My first name is Antra. Can be pronounced any way that would be logical to pronounce, up to you. But - Audrey is NOT one of those ways. There are no Us, Ds, Es, or Ys anywhere in my name. The only letters in common are an A and an R!

Last name in comments.
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1. What can I do to take the negative spin off of my day? I am in a funk and I want to be in a better mood.

2. How do you know when it's time for a divorce?

3. What is a good vibrant dye to use for tie dying?

4. Where is a good place to get white clothes to tie dying? Specifically, I'm looking for baby clothes. I'd like to find some longalls or union suits.

5. What is your favorite joke? I need to hear some.

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1. What area of literature is your favorite overall (as in: Russian literature, French literature, Italian, etc)?
2. Do you like/play Poker? What kind of poker is your favorite?
3. Does anyone here know anything about that Maxiglide hair straightener? Looks good on TV, but can't take an infomercial too seriously.. :/

Me? I love Russian lit. and have become addicted to poker lately, especially Texas Hold'em.
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A fish hobbyist question:

I have a marine reef aquarium to which I just introduced a new anemone. The anemone does not seem happy as it is retracted into a little ball all of the time. We have another reef aquarium which soft corals and anemones do wonderfully in. I'll be getting new lighting soon, so that could possibly be it, but I was wondering what else coud be different between these tanks that's causing the soft coral/anemones to freak out, and if theres something in the water that I could test for.
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Tears Are Streaming From My Eyes (On the Discourse of Wangs)

Okay, I normally don't post things of this nature, but I have to get your opinion (as well as turn it into a question). Read these non-spoiling excerpts from Harry Potter books. It turns out quite hilarious if you simply replace one letter in the word "Wand."

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Literally I was laughing so hard I cried. Did you find that humorous?

EDIT: Wanted to make sure my props were propped apropriately... That is actually from I copied and pasted and the screen names are inside <> symbols so they didn't show.
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The Question Club, eh?

Okay, I have a question. It might be weird, though.

Did anybody go see Just Like Heaven this weekend/week?

I'm considering going to go see it, but here's the thing:

I don't want to see it if it has a sad ending.

Anyone out there who saw it willing to let me in on the secret of the ending???
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Okay, so a follow-up question inspired by the last question I asked:

Do you enjoy going out by yourself? Going out to eat or to a movie, or just walking around? Maybe window shopping, or "buying" shopping?

If so, what are your favorite activities to do alone, if you've got some time on your hands to kill, or are looking for a good chill-out?

I LOVE going out by myself, doing all of the above. I cherish my Me-Time, and tend to seek it to feel a little more balanced from time to time.

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just say a friend (with no money problems or anything like that. she was in a good situation.) was starting a family.

1) How many children would you recommend she have?

1) What do you think the ideal number of children is? (if all the other circumstances like, money, time the parent/s have, etc. are good.)

2) How many children were in your family?

This one is important.

I want to fax a written permission to a college to have them send over transcripts to certain colleges. I have a fax machine at home but I dont have long distance. I got told that I can fax something using a calling card. How the hell do I do that? Do I just put in the calling card number when it asks for the fax number? lol. I am confused.

Can anyone tell me

What is up with my husband getting all turned on by the idea of getting me preggers lately? Recently he's not interested unless there's a possibility that procreation might occur. Ok, so we just bought a house and all that, got the American family/dream, yadda yadda yadda, but I've been pretty clear that I'd prefer not to have kids just yet (I'm only 25 fer chrissakes.) But now he keeps pressuring me into having unprotected nookie (we're not NOT planning to have kids, I guess) and I'm getting kind of peeved about it.

If it were a warm-and-fuzzy-emotional-connection kind of thing, I could deal, but it's like porn or something. (I think it's kind of creepy actually.)

So what do YOU think is going through his head?

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Another question on the subject of eBay etiquette...
I currently have some stuff for auction and someone sent me a message asking what the reserve price is on one of the items. Now, I was under the impression that the reserve price is kept secret for a reason, because you want people to have to bid up to it to find out what it is. So umm, should I tell her? Not tell her?
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It's been probably four or five years since I bid on anything on eBay, and I do not know the current etiquette. I won two items this morning, and paid for them both by PayPal. Should I contact the sellers in any other way? And when should I leave feedback?
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Skin Care Hell!

I was just sitting here, thinking of all of the steps I take to keep my skin in 'working order.' So I was wondering what everyone else did. What's your skin care routine?
What products do you find really helpful?
What habits have you picked up to make your skin look healthier?
What makes your skin look terrible?
Or if you don't have to do anything, I want to hear that too. *is jealous*

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In the intro credits to CSI: Miami, and occasionally when they use scenery to cut between shots, they show a picture of a white tower sticking up out of the trees in what looks like a lush neighborhood.

Any idea exactly where/what the tower is?
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Where specifically can I find jobs that coorespond to my major in school?

And where specifically can I find jobs that are or will be in demand in the future?

I heard something about a voicebox?-a book that tells you about all jobs?

Thanks in advance.

Book List!

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So, from that list:
1. Which books have you read? (I've only read 1984 off of this list.)
2. Did you like it/them?
3. What do you recommend I check out?
(I've got my eye on a couple of the books from the list, but I'm not sure which would be the most INTERESTING read for my English IV Independent Project. I'm might go for Graham Greene or Joseph Conrad..
Still not sure, though.)

Not from the list:
4. What is your favorite book? Why is it so great?
5. Favorite author? (Right now - Hubert Selby Jr.)
6. Do you ever listen to books on tape? (I can't stand them! I've never heard one that sounded good.)
7. Do you ever listen to music when you read? (Personally, no, I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the story.. I'm wondering how many people actually do this, because I know a few people who do and it befuddles me.)
8. Favorite short story/novella?

I know it's an overload of questions, sorry!
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ok im in high school and trying out for soccer. Anyways, I have two a day sessions from 8-10 and then 12-2 everyday this week (ughh it sucks) and it is very humid. Well, we are doing a lot of running and I hate being sore. So does anyone know any good stretches or techniques to keep me from pulling a muscle ( a lot of the times at night I get bad charlie horses)?? Thankss.
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Here's the situation:
My school requires 1 year of a foreign language. I took spanish for 3 years in middle school so I figured I'd go for spanish. In this school system it seems they can't teach languages or I'm a shit learner. At any rate, I still cannot string together a sentence. My guidance counselor told me last year colleges like TWO years of a language and he pressured me constantly so I gave in and took another year. When filling out my schedule last year for this current year I did not want spanish 3. I wasn't learning anything, in my opinion, and I wanted to try something new. I filled out a form. Went to his office numerous times to discuss my choice and he constantly told me to take spanish 3 because colleges really like that. Over the summer I felt like changing a course and come to find out he put spanish 3 on my schedule without my knowledge. My mother and I called 30+ times that summer to change this and he never returned our calls except for once or twice. I got my schedule in the mail and I saw no spanish 3 in sight. I go to school today and get my schedule and there is spanish 3. He changed it back. I am tired of this. I told my spanish teacher and she understood and I filled out a form to request a meeting but I will not wait for him. My mom is angry and so am I and we're going in early tomorrow to try to fix this.

I was just wondering what I could do to make him see I do not want this? Who else can I go to to complain about this situation? I've been very calm about this! Do art colleges care about 3 years of language as much as other colleges? Am I right in being slightly angry/upset? I will fail this course if I take it, it's far too difficult (being conducted all in spanish and I do not even know how to string one sentence together!)

SORRY FOR THIS BEING SO LONG. I hope someone has some answers for me.
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Who does this look like?

Okay. I've seen someone who looks like this actress - I don't know who though - in something recently. But looking at this actress' bio, it wasn't her. Not mentioning the actress' name, because I want you guys to tell me - who is she, and if you know who she is, who else does she look like? It's driving me nuts.

Got it! The woman in this picture is Peta Wilson, who is bearing a striking resemblance to Emily Watson's cahracter Mary in Equilibrium, who was the person I couldn't think of.
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Of the given choices only, since the most popular answer lingers usually in the B/C area, do you prefer A/AA/AAA cup or D cup/higher? This goes both for what females would rather have and what the guys here like better.

(no subject)

What can I use for a cut inside my mouth?

I seem to have either scraped or badly burned the roof of my mouth. I am guessing I could buy some sort of oral cream ointment type thing to use for it. Is there any you recommend that works? Or even better, any home remedies for it? I can't eat much right now because it hurts a lot and feels raw.
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gym classes.

I have a knee injury from four years ago that nobody's been able to figure out. I was sent to a specialist when it happened and was told it was fine, but when I run it gives out. I'm taking a gym class this semester in college (it's required) and I'm going to have a lot of running to do. I went back to the doctor today to have it reevaluated and they still can't figure out what's wrong, so I've been scheduled to have an MRI done on the 9th and see *another* orthopedist on the 14th. My coach will not take anything short of an act of Congress to get me out of running, and if my doctor says I can't run, he might just put me in an adaptive class or whatever. (And I thought I dealt with some anal teachers in high school. :P )

I'm going to try to talk to him tomorrow and explain the situation, but from when I talked to him on Friday, he doesn't seem like a very understanding character at all. (As soon as I said "I have a knee injury" he told me to go get it reevaluated and get a writeup of what I can't do. A bit touchy if you ask me.) The last day to drop classes is this Friday the 2nd.

So I can...
a) try to talk to him tomorrow and tell him I'm going to have to wing it until I can get this looked at by another specialist
b) try to be rational with him (ie, try to get more than five words out of my mouth before he starts assuming things and finishing my sentences), explain the situation, and ask him if I should drop the class
c) drop the class regardless in hopes that I'll be able to find out what's wrong with my knee and spend some time in physical therapy to get stronger so I can eventually run a mile and pass the class
d) switch this class out for a swimming class, even though I'll still have to take the gym class at some point
or e) suck it up, run a couple miles, and end up in surgery a week later

What should I do?
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What weird things do your cats like to eat? (Is that correct grammar? Is it do or does? *Drools*)

Mine likes vegetables -- potato skins when my mom is peeling them, green peppers, licks tomatoes. If she hears crunching in the kitchen she'll come running!

Also, what weird things do your cats do? Mine try to bury their food after their done eating it .. and one of them doesn't know how to properly bury her crap in the litterbox and always scratches outside of it, and even claws at the AIR. *shakes head*

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