August 28th, 2005

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random stuff

1. I received an invitation to join yet another honor society on campus. I'm already part of one. This one says the initation fee is $50 and annual dues are $5. I'm not joining it because it's way too expensive and I'm a broke college student, regardless of how smart I am, but do these types of things irritate you the way they do me? "Congratulations on your achievements, you've been invited to join blah blah blah... and it's only $50!" I'd like to get paid for being smart for once, you know? It's like they assume the smart people can afford all this stuff.

2. Is there anybody here who has no problem with school work and has even had a tendency to be sort of OCD over it to the point where your entire life is/has been at some point, school? I'm just realizing that there's life outside of classes and I'm not really sure how to... deal with that. I've always been a social outcast, but now I really feel like one and I don't know what to do about it. I want to be involved in *something* or have something to do.

3a. Why do hotels charge different prices on different days? You're getting the same thing, right?

3b. Why do hotels charge more if more than one person stays in a room?

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Person: im really 68/male/Iraq
Person: And I work for the Al Quida that was never here, because Bush is a dumbass and said there was
Me: Al Qaeda *was* there.
Me: The WMD's weren't there.
Me: Al Qaeda was.
Person: No one super imortant was though

Is the person right?

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So me and my fiance are hopefully going to renting a house soon... but the owner said that as one of the stipulations of the lease, we can't hang stuff on the wall because he doesn't want to fix it when we move out in nine months or so. So does anyone know of any good ways to hang framed posters and things up without having to, you know, poke holes in the walls? Is it possible?

Edit: The walls are painted brown and textured, so patching the holes ourselves isn't really too much of an option, and we can't use anything that would risk taking the paint off the wall when we remove it.

Confusing girl question

If a girl refuses to make decisions, but has stated that she likes you but doesn't want to lose your friendship, and asking her multiple times to try a dating relationship fails, what would you do?


I neglected to mention that I have liked her for a while now and have made it clear to her that I liked her in the past but she always had another guy friend at the time or never said anything about wanting to date, but then a week ago she brought up that she liked me but didn't want to lose our friendship, which lead me to believe that she wanted me to convince her to get into a relationship.

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What do you think about this website?
Oh, uhm, maybe NSFW? She's not naked, just scantily clad..

A sort-of friend of mine used to date her. She's 18, and has been running the website for AT LEAST two years, and her mom takes the pictures..
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Quote Search!

There is a quote along the lines of how the only thing that people have in common is the things that they don't put much thought into...or such. It's about how people only relate on things not thought about.

Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? My useless memory hasn't given me enough to Google it out, so I'm hoping it might stir someone else's memory.

Good magazines in the UK?

Does anyone know of any good magazines in the UK?

I am fairly open to different subjects, looking for something smart and interesting...basically anything other than Reveal or the other celeb mags that seem to fill all the shelves.


How old would you say I looked?

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My mother says I look very young for my age, I agree, but I think I have too many wrinkles in my face to look as young as people seem to think I am. Yes, I do realise someone else posted this question a little while ago, sorry. Just it made me wonder.
[Please be nice]

EDIT: I am 22 years old...guess I do look young for my age then, lol

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Kind of inspired by another question:
If you have been cheated on and took that person back, how did they get you to forgive them?
That's the best way I can think to ask the question but I think everyone catches my drift.

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1. Do any of you have a frequent flyer's credit card? Have any recommendations for one?
1a. If you wanted to cancel a credit card account, what do you generally do?

2. Have you ever taken the Strong Campbell Test?

3. Do you know of any good online websites that have images of modern (possibly avant garde) hairstyles?

4. Whats your favorite community? (excluding this one)
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Harry Potter questions. If you have not read the books or seen the movies... and do not like Harry Potter, please do not answer.

When did you start reading the books?

Have you read all of the books?

How many times have you read the books?

Which book is your favorite one?

What do you think of the movies?

Will you see the new one?

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DSL Service Providers

As of Sept, my 1-year contract with Bellsouth DSL will be finished. Right now, I have decided not to renew it due to the reason it costs $40 a month. x_x

So, is there any good/low-cost DSL service providers you would recommend? *Talking while surfing online is a plus (I am constantly online). ;)

Also, for those who have DSL:

1.What is your service provider?
2.And how much is it a month?

By the way, I don't know why my DSL service with Bellsouth is $40 a month. I was reading the different DSL options that Bellsouth offers and the lowest one is $24.95 a month (which includes talking while surfing). My Bellsouth DSL service has that option, talking while surfing the web. So, any ideas? My friend says that it is because of extra charges Bellsouth makes which add up. Is that true?

Thanks! Any help is appreciated.

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ok, Since a lot of people use firefox, and I'm just starting to get used to it. In the history, how can I view what time it was viewed? Or is that not possible. I can do it on IE, but I haven't figured out how to do it here. thanks!
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what should i NOT put down the garbage disposal?

how often should we clean the oven? do self-cleaning ovens really work?

what are simple and cheap meals that i can make (with little skill needed, please) that also will keep well for left-overs, since it's usually just me? do you eat leftovers? what are some things you won't eat left over? (i hate leftover mac and cheese. it's just not too good) what are some things i can make in a crockpot that are yummy/easy/cheap?

and, randomly: what do you do for a living?
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Will you please tell me all you know about the apocalypse?

I've heard so many versions and it's interesting to find out what people think about the subject.
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Ewww -- shoe odor

Is there any way to make fabric Mary Janes ( I call them China flats, but I'm not sure anyone else does) stop smelling like, er, feet? I tried baby powder, which just made this disgusting paste that stuck to my toes, and even put them through the washer and drier, but the foot-iness is not diminished that much. And I don't even usually have smelly feet.

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Two computing questions

Hello! Being fairly clueless when it comes to technology I have two questions:

Firstly if I have a movie on vcd and want to copy it to another cd, how to I go about doing that. Can I use a normal recordable cd? Must the computer I use have a dvd drive? How does it all work? Really I'm clueless.

Second question!

I have a wireless Internet connection at home that my computer is connected to (I'm not the hub computer). Problem is my main desktop computer cant use a wireless network card and my second desktop that I use to connect to the Internet has a very small amount of hard drive.

What I want to do is connect the two computers through their LAN network cards using those red cables (crossover cables?). Hopefully using one computer to access the Internet and the other to store everything will give me more memory space. Would this work? Someone told me it would interfere with my wireless connection. Just to clarify I don’t want to use both computers to access the Internet. If anyone could help that would be great!
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(no subject)

I just ended a friendship. Although we weren't friends for very long (7 months) we were kind of close. I've discussed my issues with his friendship here before and someone recommended that if I stopped being his friend that I should give back the stuff he gave my for my birthday. I have no problem with getting rid of the stuff. I've told some of my friends that I was thinking about doing this and they've told me that it seems a little mean to do that.

So what's your opinion? Should I give back the stuff he gave me? Or does that seem really mean to do?

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I just saw the trailer for "CRASH" via the apple website. I was wondering, does anyone know who the song at the end of this trailer is by? I would very much like to know.

you can view the trailer here.


btw, this movie seems veeeeeeeeeery promising.
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(no subject)

1) How to mend a friendship that was tested, & now still in recovery phases?

2) Vanity:

A) Advice on creating precise lines on eyelids.  (I use the felt tip pens, but the line is still wiggly sometimes.  I hate the brushes.)
B) Advice on removing eye makeup easily / without getting cleaner in eyes.  (Currently, I use Almay non-oily pads.)
C) How to make heels more comfortable?  Especially sandals where you can't put in insoles, etc.  Collapse )

Quinn Twin

Money Orders

I've always heard if you paid for something with a money order, there was some security to it. If I paid for a good with one and never recieved it, what can I do to try and recoup my money? I still have the stub part you're supposed to keep as a reciept.

I sent a m.o. off for a Yahoo Auction I won, so I will be looking on that part of it (and the Yahoo Auctions site), but in general what can I do if I find that unhelpful? Thanks!


I bought some sushi (california rolls) at Trader Joes and I want to eat it for lunch tomorrow. My problem is that I start classes tomorrow and I have to leave the house at 8:30 am. The weather is pretty hot around here and I am wondering if they will still be ok to eat after being out of refrigeration for 3-4 hours. What if I stick them in the freezer tonight? Will that make them stay fresh longer? Or should I just take something else for lunch?

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1. I'm stealing my sister's CD's to download onto my Ipod. Most of them are crap. However, I'm curious: are there any worthwhile songs on Gwen Stefani's Love. Angel. Music. Baby. album?

2. If you have a significant other, what is your song, if you have one?

3. What is your song, if you have one?

4. What song are you currently listening to?

5. My dog just had a stroke. Is it actually possible to recover completely from that? (I ask because she seems to be doing really well, but she's 14 so I don't want to get overly optimistic..)

6. Do you remember your dreams?

7. Does anyone have a happy wisdom teeth story?

Edit: Thank you for the reassuring teeth stories. I feel better now. ^^

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So I want to buy a digital camera. I know pretty much nothing about them. I've used them before but don't know what to look for in buying my own. The only things I know I want are at least 5 megapixels, a large display and long battery life. The video feature would be cool, but not necessary. I don't think I'd spend over three hundred dollars, but maybe for the perfect camera. And it should hold a lot of pictures.

If you have a camera, what kind? Pros and cons? Is there another you wish you'd bought instead? What should I consider when buying it? And any general knowledge would be appreciated- I was told HP uses plastic lenses instead of the usual glass and they're not that good. That kind of stuff. Or where to go for more information.


Oh, also- it's mostly for personal use, but also for yearbook.

Weird question

I'm watching Freaky Friday

A) Let's say you have to switch bodies with someone you know (anyone you know). Who would you choose, and since I don't know the other person, tell me why you'd want to change bodies with them for 24 hours

B) Since you're changing bodies, who would you want to be in your body for one day? Who would you trust the most, or who do you want to do some unpleasant thing you normally do, or someone you want to see things from your point of view, etc... Give me a good reason why you'd want them in your body

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I was just defrosting some chicken for dinner when the microwave made a popping noise (similar to the noise when a light bulb goes out) and starting making a funny smell. There was nothing in the microwave that shouldn't have been in there, just the chicken. Well, it's broken now. It still runs, but it doesn't heat anything. Would that signal a broken magnetron or something else?

Incidentally, I got this microwave about four years ago, but it has been sitting in a box until about a month ago. This is the first I have actually used it. That means that it is no longer under warranty, but apparently there is still a magnetron warranty good for five years. I know it is unusual to keep a microwave so long with use (it was a gift that I didn't need until now) ... but really, it seems bizarre that it would break after only using it for a month. If it isn't the magnetron, does anyone know what it generally costs to get a microwave fixed?

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How many of your favorite musical artists do you NOT find somewhat physically attractive? For some reason, it occured to me that most of the musicians I listen to, I find attractive. I don't know if that's because I like their music, and that makes them more appealing, or if I'm just really shallow and only listen to hot artists.
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When i want to burn off a cd, i go under 'my downloads' on the cd burner program and my music list from Bearshare shows up. When i downloaded Limewire and got rid of Bearshare (removing it from the harddrive as well), i would go burn off a cd but still, the list from Bearshare would show up instead of Limewire.
Does anyone know how to change the list from Bearshare to Limewire? Is there some sort of default music list on computers?
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1) How can I stop people stealing my food from the fridge? There can't be more than 5 people here now yet there's still food going missing. Somebody even put a sign up on the fridge saying "Don't steal the food, thieves!", in English so the foreigners have no problem reading it. But that doesn't seem to help either. Other than actually writing my name on everything that belongs to me (and I don't think that'll do much good) I can't see anything that could help.

2) I was throwing some rubbish out earlier and there were two fridges in there. Would it be totally weird of me to see if either of these still work and if they do to take one?

Bonus question: How many songs do you have on your playlist? I have 2021.

And for anyone who cares I ended up seeing Mr and Mrs Smith last night. I thought it was hilarious. The ending rocked.
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(no subject)

A small poll, feel free to be as brief/wordly as you want. I'm doing a research paper for a 10 minute oratory to be later presented at Harvard U. So any feedback is appreciated! :)

Name: (if I need to quote you!)
Occupation (if relevant):
Do you think children nowadays are growing up too fast?
Is there a lack of manners present in the younger generations?
Have you had any personal experience that relates to either?
What do you think is the source of these problems (if you said yes to any of the above)?
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(no subject)

Do you consider yourself rich, poor, or middle-class? Why?

I've considered myself part of the "fallen" middle class since around the middle of 2002. I recently decided that I am now genuinely poor (although I still have more than some), after I caught myself skipping meals because I was worried about having enough money to pay the rent.

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The other day I noticed that part of my bottom lip was kinda swollen. Im not sure if its gotten worse or not but I think it has. The raised part is kinda white, but it isnt puss filled...atleast not up top ( I tried draining it) Its a little sore if I press on it. I dont remember hitting myself but it seems very much like a fat lip. Is that all it is? Perhaps I just hit myself and dont remember...or could it be something else?

and is there anything I could do to help it go down?