August 27th, 2005


tee heeeee!

For some reason when I laugh, I say "PFFT" instead of my usual "HAR HAR HARRRR" and I think it's super rude that my laugh has evolved into THIS! Has your laugh changed over the years?
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digital camera questions

I'm looking into getting a digital camera. what are some things to look for, things to avoid? Brands anyone specifically recommends against? Good Experiences/ bad-- I'm open to any opinions.

thanks. If it helps, i'm looking for, most likely, about a 5 megapixel one, and likely not one with the interchangeable lenses.

Thanks for the help!
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(no subject)

So next week when I go up to school I'm going to be bringing my car, while most of my friends will still be car-less. I'm sure I'll be doing a fair bit of driving to the movies, the mall, etc, and with gas prices as they are, I've been wondering if there was a tactful & effective way to get some help on the gas money from my friends. I mean obviously if they ask me to run them somewhere as an errand specifically for them I'll ask them for a buck or two at the time, but if it's things I'm going to anyway (like movies) and I just happen to be the one who drives all the time, I don't want to be like "OK but pay me to take you."

I was thinking I could just keep like a "tip jar" in my car in the backseat drink holder, with some cute little sign asking people to kick in their spare change. 1) Would you think that was obnoxious? 2) Would you ever put any money in it? 3) I'm not crazy about the idea but I can't think of anything else, can you?

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Has anyone had any luck with hypnotherapy, particularly for quitting smoking?

My mother goes to hypnotherapy to deal with her depression, she seems happy with it, and I am happy with her hypnotherapist as without even knowing me he was nice enough to give me a very nice rare book that is now the pride of my collection :o)
I am thinking about going this way to try to quit smoking because as well as normal health issues I am also prone to nasty attacks that can be very dangerous, I have tried other ways but I simply do not have the will power.
I heard of a guy locally who is not just a hypnotherapist but an actual doctor, he is privet but works alongside the NHS – he charges £300, it is guaranteed apparently. Thing is I am in a lot of debt so £300 is not easy to come by even though I could easily make that money back in a few months of non-smoking, I just want to know if it is going to be worth my trying – what are the chances of this actually working for me do you think? How about long-term?

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Do you know how to change a tire? Have you ever stopped to help someone change their tire?

My tire popped at 1am in the morning and my jack was broken. Luckily this guy stopped and helped me. I thought it was very nice of him, especially seeing all these other people just pass me by.

Mouse Speed

I just bought a new wireless keyboard and mouse set. How do I make the motion speed of the mouse slower? I went to the mouse settings and put it as slow as it goes, but it's still too fast. It was never this fast before (I keep clicking all the wrong things now), and it's kind of annoying. Is there something I missed, can I make it slower still?
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Checking Account

When I want to withdraw cash from my checking account and NOT use my debit card, I can go into the bank and fill out a withdrawal slip and get cash. Today, I went to my fiance's bank with him, and they wouldn't let him withdraw without a check. They made him write a check to himself in order to get cash. Does anyone else's bank do this? It seems like a huge waste of checks, since they cost money (though I also think it makes little sense NOT to have an ATM/Debit Card for a checking account).
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(no subject)

What shows do you normally watch during the week? I'm wondering because I want to watch some new shows.

What do you do when it's too hot to go out and do anything?

Do you have a change jar? How often do you cash it in?

Has anyone ever worked at the YMCA? I was thinking about applying there as a recptionist or a childcare provider, but I just didn't know how the atmosphere was.

Anyone who has eczema(sp?), how do you help get rid of the rash/itch?
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Two unrelated questions

First off, what is "tongue-in-cheek manner"? It was a phrase used in something I read, and I can't say I've ever heard it before.

Second, I've got a dilemma. I was signed up for classes at work (I work at McDonald's, they're a ServSafe and a shift management course) - once I get verified from both these classes, I'll make an extra buck an hour. These classes are September 13-14 and 20-22 respectively. That means I'll be missing two sessions of two of my college classes, and one session of my other college class. I need to go to these McDonald's classes because I'm paying for college on my own, and if I don't get a raise, it's going to be harder to afford next semester. But, in turn, I have to miss some classes. I basically have to miss college to pay for college.

Do you think it's a good idea? What should I do?
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(no subject)

what kind of razor should I get?

i always have had a tough time shaving b/c the hairs on my face are very coarse and seem to be ingrown.
I got an m3 power razor in an effort to be able to shave more easily(the razor vibrates and pushes the hair out for a closer shave), but this hasn't worked b/c I literally have to scrape my face with the blade to get all the hairs off my face.

any ideas would be great.

also: I cant shave my moustache area because i have these pimples that won't heal properly and always open up when I shave. this is also on my chin.

any ideas on how to heal them once and for all?

Firefox 1.0.6

I've been having some issues with Firefox 1.0.6 crashing lately.

I'll get that popup message that says Firefox has encountered an error and has to shut down.

Anyone else having this problem? Advice on fixing it? Maybe go back to the previous version?
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converting to friends only

I apologize in advance for asking an LJ question here, but LJ support can't help me with this one. I know that various LJ users have invented software that will switch your entire LJ and past entries over to friends only. I have a friend who needs to do this, but the only software I can find for this is Semagic and it's not user friendly or easy to figure out. Does any one have a link to software that will automatically convert years worth of LJ entries to friends only?
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(no subject)

ugh. so i'm trying to buy a car... a 99 nissan altima. does anyone have any experience with this car?

also, have you ever checked out this
you can see recalls or complaints from people... there are 84 for the car i want- from fires to break noise to whatever... should i be concerned?

what regular maintenance is required for cars?  how often?  how much does that tend to cost?

how much is your insurance?  how much is too much to pay?  (they're asking for almost $700/6 months)  What features (of insurance) aren't really needed?  (i'm 19 so i cant get a rental, so rental reimbursement is out...)  are there crazy unexpected things i should plan for/set aside a ton of cash in case of? 

did reading other peoples complains make you paranoid too?
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Your cheating heart....

1. Do you believe "once a cheater, always a cheater"?

2. Have you ever cheated or been cheated on?

3. How did it make you feel? OR Why did you cheat?

4. Did you ever get caught cheating or catch someone cheating?

5. Is there a *good* excuse for cheating?

6. a)If you have cheated, did you repeat the act or would you do it again?
6. b)How long did you cheat for?

7. a)Would you or have you stayed with someone who cheated on you?
7. b)How long did it take you to trust again?

8. Is honesty always the best policy?

9. Do you think cheating is a sign of a problem in a relationship or that cheaters just can't help themselves?

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Does anyone know where I can get a shirt that reads either

"If you can read this, you are too close!"


"My mom just got out of prison. She won't get caught a second time."

I need to get some shirts for my sisters that tell the guys to back off. Any ideas?

(no subject)

Hello all :). So, for my World Literature class (i'm a high school sophmore), I'm having to write a Modern David story, as in David and Goliath. Here's the directions:

"Sometimes people surprise us by what they are able to achieve against all odds. Recall a situation in which you were sure that someone was going to fail, but it did not happen. What factors seemed to make the sucess impossible? How did this person achieve a goal despite everything? use these ideas to write a Modern David story. Be sure to illustrate clearly a person battling against a giant opponent. blhablhalbhalhb"

It is due this Monday, the 29th.

All I've come up with is Lance Armstrong, which is a last resort because I know 349739 other people are doing that already. All suggestions are welcome. Please help :D
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Music recommendations?

I know there are a lot of young whippersnappers here, and hopefully some of you can help out an old lady like me. I used to follow new music, but lately, not so much.

Anyhoo. Recently, I have been listening to the new(ish) albums by the Killers and Keane. I love 'em.

A few of my all-time fave artists include the Smiths, Ben Folds Five, Rufus Wainwright, and Hanson (no joke).

Can anyone suggest some new artists/bands that might appeal to me? Thanks.

(no subject)

Why won't my Firefox browser open? My other browsers and programs open fine. I haven't been able to open it since I turned it on this morning (it was working fine last night).

ETA: Okay, I just restarted the computer and now it works okay. It wouldn't work after I had shut it down last night and turned it on this morning, so that's why I originally thought another restart wouldn't have helped. But it did, yay.


Reading this article.. and I'm curious..

They say...
Caffeine is in all the usual suspects (coffee, tea, and cola) as well as in chocolate, other soft drinks (including some orange sodas and root beers), and "energy" drinks. It's also in some over-the-counter drugs, including some headache, cold, and allergy remedies. The amount of caffeine in coffee and tea varies widely, depending on whether they're brewed or instant, weak or strong.

But how much does it vary between brewed and instant??
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sunglasses! only, not so much...

one of the lenses on my nice sunglasses fell out, so i just popped the other lense out, ready to throw the pair away. but then i thought the frames are cute enough to wear by themselves, and i was thinking of just wearing them alone on fun occasions. but would it be a fashion faux pas to wear the frames without any lenses whatsoever?

i don't wear reading glasses, i just like the chic look of them.

so here's the question: have you ever seen anyone wear frames without lenses? am i ridiculous for even wanting to?

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Im in a dorm room and as with most we arent allowed to puncture the walls, so currently mine are quite bare. My roommates and I have already tried a few things, those mounting strips, tape, etc. The only thing Ive found to work is hot glue but only for a few things. Does anyone have any suggestions. Im thinking velcro but it would have to be heavy duty.
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What's the longest you've gone at the same job without a raise?

What's the biggest raise you've ever received? The smallest? (You don't have to give a monetary value, just a percentage is fine).;

(no subject)

Ok, you know that song "Africa" by Toto?

I swear to god when I was little I heard a different version of this song. It was more poppy and it was a female voice singing. Do you have any idea who this might have been? It was probably around the late 80's early 90's.

I know this has to be true because I heard this song (the original by Toto) about a year ago, and when it hit the chorus I went "Hey, this sounds really familiar!! But this isn't the song I know because I remember a girl's voice!!"

How many remakes HAVE there been of this song, if any?

(no subject)

1) When I fall into a really deep sleep, my spine readjusts/realigns itself during the course of the night.  In the morning, if I stretch, the bones "crack" or "snap" into place & it feels great.  Does anyone know what I mean?  Anyhow, I've heard this is not good for you (like cracking your knuckles), & I've heard it doesn't make a difference.  What have you heard?

2) How to deal with people who are afraid of intimacy?  Even in the context of friendship -- People who are afraid to get close to anyone.

3) We're all familiar with gold diggers.  What about people who are turned off by money??  What are your feelings on money in relationships?  If you had the money, would you join a club like this?

(no subject)

last night i purchased a creme for acne. i think i used too much of it and when i woke up this morning i found out that my face turned red and it's itching. i assumed it's irritation. i read the label, and indeed if a person uses too much this will happen. well, my problem is when weill this go away? or, a better question, is there anything i can put on my face to heal like a creme i can buy a drugstore? the itchiness isn't incredibly bad, but i would like it go away.

please help!

(no subject)

My cousin who is also my best friend, left this morning for university on the other side of Canada. She won't be coming back to visit until after Christmas. What saddens me is not only that I won't see her for 4 months, but that also it's a given that we'll have to start spending more time apart. We'll be keeping in contact with phone calls and emails but it's still not the same. She wants to be out there because her dad lives about an hour or so from the campus and she's closer with him than she is her mom.
And yes, my blabbering contains a question.

If someone close to you has ever gone away for college/university:
1. How far away was it?
2. How did you deal with them being away in the beginning?
3. Did you keep in contact? If yes, with what? Ex: Letters, email, etc.
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(no subject)

I'm so desperate. I'm taking an online class, and the instructor gave us this little assignment to see if we knew how to a) research using the internet and b) properly submit work using WebCT.

I am absolutely unable to figure out the question she wants us to answer, though, and normally I find out the answer to everything online. Either it's really poorly worded or I know nothing at all about the subject--which, admittedly, is true. (Marathons have nothing to do with the class I'm taking, fortunately.)
Here's the assignment:
Go on the Web and find the time Salazar ran in the New York marathon at mile 17 when he won the NY marathon.
I'm assuming she wants the time that Salazar reached mile 17 when he won the NY Marathon. Fine. Two problems. One is that Salazar won that marathon three years in a row, and the other is that I can't find his time for ANY mile 17, let alone for the NY Marathon.

Help me, pleeease! I've looked everywhere, and I suspect that it's right under my nose but I'm getting so frantic that I can't see it. AAHHH!

***EDIT*** rinna_delenn found it. She is brilliant! Thank you so much, everyone. I can't believe how nice you all were to look so hard for that. :)

who judges the judges?

I was just reading about a case where a judge declared that a parent couldn't expose her kid to non-mainstream religions(!) Thankfully sanity prevailed, and another judge overturned that decision.

But... does this mean anything for the original judge? Do they get some sort of reprimand when they make decisions that are later overturned?

Basically... how are judges controlled?

Also... what country are you from, if it's a very country-specific thing?
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(no subject)

I might be going to the cinema later on tonight and I can not decide what to see. So you choose for me. Ok?

The choices are:
Mr and Mrs Smith
The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
The Island.
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artichoke hearts

I've got a bag of frozen artichoke hearts from Trader Joe's and I'm not sure what to do with them. It tells you how to boil them but not how to season them. Has anyone had the marinated artichoke hearts from Whole Foods, the ones they have out with the olives and salted capers and stuff? Can you give me a recipe to make them like that? Or if I just boil them, can I dip them in mayonnaise like I do when I carve out the heart from a normal artichoke?
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When one buys jeans and they are a bit too tight at the ankle and people make a slit in them - do you cut on the inside or the outside? Like, as you're standing up - the inside seams or the outside? Or do you cut both?

Do people still do that? I remember seeing it in college a lot, but not so much anymore.

And - what do you think is the perfect age to have children?
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(no subject)

The Situation: My younger brother has been downloading a hell of a lot of stuff from various websites lately. It's becoming a bit of a problem because he doesn't know anything about internet safety (rather, he won't listen when I tell him) and several of the websites he goes to aren't reputable or safe by any means. I've tried talking to him, being stern with him, shouting at him and giving him a seperate account on the computer (which I am told will limit any viruses he downloads to his files, but with new viruses these days you can never be sure) but he will not stop. I don't trust him on the computer by any means, because not only is he young and silly (like many of us once were) but he's told me on numerous occasions that if he could get in to my account and ruin all my files and folders (containing very important school work and fanfic!), he would do so.

The Question: How can I stop the evil brother from downloading things hither and thither? The idea of getting some kind of Net Nanny just popped in to my any of you use a Net Nanny program or something similar? Would it help in this situation? Any advice is definitely appreciated.

(By the way, I'm using Windows XP and Firefox, if it matters.)

(no subject)

The other day I saw this 'currently listening to' thing in someone's userinfo. It was an image, and if you clicked on it you were taken to a site called 'blogaudio' or something like that. Does anyone have a clue what I'm talking about? I lost the link to the site, and really want to find it again because the currently listening to thing was pretty cool.

If you don't know what I'm on about, does anyone know if there's something like that which works with Winamp I could use?


Frustrating popups, arrgh

I'm using Firefox browser... I keep getting popups even though I have it set to block them. Is there a way I can add sites to block? Say I get a popup and I copy the url, can I paste that somewhere so it stops coming up????
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(no subject)

All the text in my AOL browser just got really gigantic, I don't know why and I don't know how to fix it. The only options I can find is for fixing IM fonts.

Any idea how to get my font back to normal?
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(no subject)

does anybody know anything about the house on long island with the sacred heart jesus picture? supposedly you look in the picture and see...things. you can see anything, people, images, etc. what would be a logical explanation for a non-religious, sceptical person looking and seeing something? i'm curious.
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(no subject)

I'm making a list of some stuff to do this school year that will take up my time or just something I feel like doing. I'm not really sure what to add. I'm 16, I have no car and rarely any cash (for reference). I was wondering what do you think I should add to my short, boring list, to spice it up a bit?

1. bake a cake
2. explore new london (my town)
3. go ghost hunting
4. watch the movie "gummo"
5. drink a rum and coke (if possible)
6. make beaded bracelets for my friends