August 26th, 2005


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1. How do I change what my default browser is?
2. Does anyone know of any good rock music sites (new artists, cd release dates, etc.)
3. What are you allergic to?
4. If you have any animals, what are they?
5. What is/was your major?
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Water and Politics

1. Why does the water from taps on the second floor of my house always taste different from the water on the first floor, despite the fact that there are the same kind of taps? I've noticed this in every house I've ever lived in.

2. Why are people always so intent on converting others to their religion, politics, etc.? Can't people just live happily thinking the way they think, without others putting them down for it, telling them they're "uneducated/unenlightened", or "you'll eventually come around"?
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Is there any way to check which ports are open to connect to the internet and such on a single computer connected to the network, besides going into the firewall (or whatever's) settings?

I'm at college, and am annoyed that stuff doesn't work.

And is there any easy way to make stuff (like Ragnarok online) go though these ports? (There's nothing in the actual settings to change it, but perhaps in the client itself, or something outside?)
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Any Jimmy Buffett fans here? I'm going to my first Buffett concert (and my first *real* concert too, I guess!) tomorrow and was wondering if you have any tips for a first timer? Any heads up kind of stuff I should know before hand?

Are fireworks legal in your state/province/etc? Where do you live?

I live in New Jersey, and they aren't. Just curious about other places.
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I hate credit cards

How do credit card companies get your name and address (and email address now!) to send you junk/spam mail?

Why are come cc companies now making their attached "fake" card into a MAGNET? Can this magnet be shredded in a shredder?
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does anyone know what happened to that show on abc called "hooking up"? where they followed 12 girls doing online dating in NYC? I searched the abc site but can't find if it is canceled or not.

anyone know?
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I am an electronics murderer.

Last night I was trying to burn a CD on my computer (a Compaq Presario, with Windows XP on it). I also tried to log online, but for some reason, the browser wouldn't open, and the media player that pops up when I put in the CD I wanted to copy froze on me. I logged out of my account and then logged back in. I tried opening the browser again and it didn't open. So I tried to restart the computer. As I did, a dialogue box to end some program popped up. For some reason, my computer does this, so I clicked the X in the corner. When it started again, I got frustrated and pressed the on/off button to restart.

But when I did this, a black screen asking if I wanted to set the computer to three kinds of safe mode, or use the previously used settings, or if I wanted to just start Windows as normal. No matter what I chose, I would get the Windows XP opening screen and it would go back to that screen. It did that about fifteen times until I turned off the computer and monitor. I even turned off the power strip, hoping something would happen. And this morning I tried it again, and I'm still getting the same message.

What happened? And did I totally kill the computer?
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If anyone is familiar with Greece and Athens, can you Collapse )

Someone on my f-list just got back and never got a chance to make it to this structure, and can't figure out what it is.

Swedish Tenant Laws???

Ok guys, I live in Canada and have NO clue about this, but a friend of mine just posted this somewhere else and I would like to know if you guys have any advice that could help him out.  Is this legal?  If not what can he do to stop them?

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settle an argument:

"Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't;-"

a) "Almond joys got nuts, mounds don't."
b) "Almond joys got almonds, mounds don't."

I say it's nuts, he says it's almonds. we both have a workable tune for it.
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1. Are there certain people in here whose comments you really dread? How about look forward to? Or always make you laugh?

2. Are there any people in your life who you would die for, without a second thought?

3. When someone checks you out or hits on you, are you flattered or disgusted?

4. Are there some people in this community who you think of as experts or extremely knowledgable about certain subjects? Who and what subject?

Do you consider YOURSELF an expert on any particular subject?

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crystal meth

I have a friend going into rehab next month for a crystal meth addiction. I've already done my research on the net and I'm done learning the facts about the drug and recovery process and would prefer to hear more personal experiences. Has anyone here ever tried to support a friend or loved one that completed rehab and attempted to kick the habit? What was it like? What was your experience?

ear piercing

When I was 12, I had my ears pierced. That was about 15 years ago.

The first couple of years I didn't have too many problems with wearing earrings, at least not that I remember.

But I've noticed that in that past few years, my ear lobes would get really itchy and red, and when I'd take out the earrings, they would be crusty and I could squeeze puss out. Sometimes I'd even notice little infections on OTHER parts of my earlobes not even close to the piercing. They'd look like little pimples. So when I wore earrings (which wasn't terribly often), I'd just wear them a few hours at a time.

Then, for a number of reasons, last year I didn't wear any earrings.

Yesterday I got some earrings, so I tried them on to see if my peircings even were open and they looked so pretty I kept them in. The holes had not closed up and it was very easy to fit the earrings in. My earlobes didn't itch or get red, even after a few hours.

But then I was an idiot and forgot to take them out before I went to bed.

I woke up, took them out, and they are infected again. :(

As I'm writing this, I'm remembering that I think at least once, I didn't wear earrings for a really long time and I had to find the holes by sticking the post in. Maybe that is when my problems started?

Anyway, My question is - what can I do to prevent these infections?
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My mom's birthday is coming up, and she told me she'd really like a nice Rosary. However, I honestly have no idea where to purchase one. I would've gone the online route, but her birthday is the 29th of August and she just mentioned this to me yesterday. I'm looking for something unique and interesting, that's hopefully not all plastic beads and etc. Do you know what type of stores would sell good, high-quality-ish Rosaries?

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1) Does war stops war?
2) I'm not from America, but is it true that Bush is trying to take the teaching of evolution from schools because it's just a theory?

Light hearted Questions
3) What would you do if you can get away with anything?
4) When you squeeze past people from your seat to the aisle, do you give them the butt or the crotch?

Frankly 4) is a dilemma for me but everyone else think is funny. Both seem equally rude.=(
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I know this question has been asked a miriad of ways, but I want to go to the library and read a book, and I'm at a total loss.

What's the last good book you read? Genre doesn't matter, I'm pretty open to anything.


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not my situation or that of anyone i know. just struck me.

A friend/neighbor person is leaving for two weeks, and would like you to feed their fish. You only have to do it once- they have the one week feeders things, they just want you to go in on x day and drop the second feeder into the tank. We're assuming they're some place where they might be hard to reach (like camping) or some place where they might not want to be reached(honeymoon/funeral).

You go in to drop the feeder in, and one of their fish is dead.
Do you try to call them to see what they want to do? What if you can't get ahold of them?
remove it and flush it? remove it and bury it? remove it and, like, freeze it in plastic wrap or something so they can deal with it later?
Leave it there?
Would you leave a postit or something (whether you removed it or not), or would you figure they'd guess on their own?
Would any of your choices change depending on if the fish appeared to have died recently or died shortly after the friend left?

Semi related: the dorms are empty for three weeks over christmas break. If I put a note on my markerboard to please feed my fish the one week things (with approx dates to do so), do you think the maintenance people (who have master keys) would do it?
(my roommate will probably take them- half hour car trip instead of a two hour car trip- but if that wasn't going to work?)

mod cons

Say you see a house for rent, and it says, "all mod cons". What do you take that as meaning?

I mean, would you only expect the old definition, that might include an indoor toilet, central heating, and a dishwasher?

Wouldn't "all the modern conveniences" these days include air conditioning, thermostat controlled heating that you never have to adjust, high-speed broadband, cable/satellite with flat-panel MythTV, surround sound stereo, and a few other things besides? ;)

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What should I get my boyfriend for his birthday?

He's turning 25 on September 11th. He loves gory comics and anime. He loved Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, etc and he's really into that sort of thing. Japan, Anime, Gore, Horror, etc.

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If you celebrate Christmas, do you send Christmas cards to your non-Christian friends? If you don't celebrate Christmas, would you be annoyed/offended/put off if a Christian friend sent you a Christmas card?

Anyone in London or thereabouts going to go see this? Or has seen it? What did you think of it?
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If you compliment your significant other and he/she turns it into an insult or denies it, how do you handle it?
Example 1:
Me: "You know, I really like your eyes. They're beautiful."
Him: "No, they're not. They're an ugly shit brown."
Me: ???
Example 2:
Him: "You have a cute butt."
Me: "Yeah? I think you have a cute butt too."
Him: "No, I don't. I have a fat butt."
Me: ???
Ugh, it's so frustrating! I tell him not to be hard on himself, that I think he's absolutely gorgeous, but he keeps turning what I say into something against him anyway. :o( Any advice?
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(no subject) is always the first thing in my browser history when I press 'l', so I just down-arrow once and press enter. Sometimes if Firefox is being sluggish, it doesn't bring the history up fast enough and I end up with just 'l' in the address bar. That takes me to the website for the Council of Europe, which is odd because it doesn't have a 'l' anywhere in the URL.

1. Can anyone explain why 'l' takes me to this particular site?

2. What site do you get if you just put 'l' in the address bar?

3. What browser do you use?
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dog allergies

I'm really running out of ideas here, and I'm getting desperate. My beagle has terrible allergies (we're pretty sure it's ragweed). Anyhow, it's this time every year, and it seems to get slightly worse each year. She eats a very good diet and is healthy in every other way.

Anyhow, her skin is very red and itchy. She scratches a LOT... and while we can keep her from scratching while we're home, we can't while we're at work. The last few nights have been especially bad, and she'd wake us up with her itching (I put socks on her paws, haha).

What can I do to help her? I'm not taking her to the vet like I did the last two years. The vet just gave her a shot that wore off in a couple of days, and then just told me to come back in for more shots. I'm not paying $30 every time for something that isn't working. Anyhow, she takes all-natural herbal allergy pills ("Aller'g Free" from the Holistic Animal Care line by Azmira, if that matters). She also takes nettle. For the discomfort, I have been applying chamomile tea to her skin (brewed and then chilled), and applying a cut/burn/scrape ointment to the really bad spots. The redness is primarily on the lower half of her body (belly, "arm pits," and parts of her legs). We're buying some Benadryl for her tonight, in hopes that it will help (dogs can take Benadryl in smaller amounts).

Any ideas what else I can do? I probably just have to wait out the allergies, but my poor dog is miserable, so any home remedies or ideas for things that will soothe her and make her more comfortable would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much!

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Halloween 2008

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A friend of mine showed me a couple pictures someone had emailed to her months ago - they're these stunning photographs of nude women, but the women's bodies are painted with the zodiac symbols, and so gorgeously done, it's hard to tell the women are even nude, or where the painting begins and the woman stops. Each woman was a different zodiac sign - for example, one woman had the scale of Libra painted across her chest, each breast was one of the cups for the scale.

Anyone know what I'm talking about, or could point me to information/a link?

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Who taught you how to drive? Did you go to driving school?

What do you think would be the best way of getting your license if you only had one month to do it?

I'm 20, turning 21 in about two months and I still don't have my driver's license. My permit expires in one month and I'd really like to learn/ try for my license before it does.

I'm thinking about paying for driver's school because I really need to compress a ton of driving and learning into one month and I don't have anyone who will really teach me or let me use their car - I need to do it as much as possible.

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If you buy bulk rice, what kind of container do you store it in? Is there any particular store that would sell something like that? I've already looked at Walmart but they don't have any big containers that are air tight, and I don't want to spend alot of time driving around looking. thanks!
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1.What is your favorite one hit wonder?
Mine is How Bizarre by OMC.

2.Do you remember How Bizarre?
It seems that most people don't. And when I ask them and they don't know what I'm talking about they say something like "How bizarre is it that I don't remember" or something equally stupid and annoying.
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