August 25th, 2005


Car Boots

What are those large orange metal objects put on one wheel of a vehicle in order to stop it from being driven? I call them car boots but I don't think that is the actual term.

And also: Who puts them there and for what reason? My friend swears they are for flat tires, but I think she is wrong. I always assumed they were put there by the city for unpaid parking tickets. Or something like that.
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What's one of your favorite memories from high school? Or middle school, if you aren't old enough yet.

Mine is my first day of Creative Writing during freshman year. I'd heard the teacher was "out there" but quirky, wacky and fun. He turned out to be a mid 50's man who bartended and wrote stories and was only teaching for the money and the fact he got summers off. Our first assignment was to write about butterflies. This girl was reading her poem and there was the traditional stuff about spreading your wings, he interrupts and goes "Cut this spreading your wings crap, i'd much rather hear something like you spreading your legs".

The entire class of 19 freshman girls just gawked at him for a moment. Sex Ed didn't come til sophmore year and most of those girls were complete virgins. Most of them dropped out that day, and the next day we had 7 girls. He popped in a movie and said "Congrats, you passed. I was weeding out the prudes and the ones who live in a shell. Writing is pain. Pain is no place for prudes or bubble heads. Nothing is graded here, you all already have A's, but i'd love for you to write anyway and let me proof it. Enjoy the movie".

He was my favorite teacher and I took all three of his classes. He showed a movie every single day and let us take frequent trips to wherever we wanted.
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Inspired by the shower question... when you take a shower, do you wash your hair first or the rest of your body first?

I wash my body first.

EDIT: Well, dayum. I guess I've been showering wrong for the last 22 years!

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Based on tonight's events...

What was the first ticket you ever got? How much was it? Did you fight it? Did you win? (You get the jist.)

Me: I got my first ticket tonight after 6 years of driving. No it wasn't a moving violation but still upsetting nonetheless. Especially since it's for $115 and I'm beyond broke. Nice, huh?

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Do you think that if a supervisor gets promoted to a different position, s/he should write notes to everyone on his/her team?

I'm debating on whether or not I should do that. It would just be a little card that says 'thanks' and something personalized. I'm just afraid it's weird or it's like I'm rubbing my promotion in their faces.
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what bit me?

I was raking some leaves yesterday and in a fit of dramatic fustration(raking is not fun), I got down on my knees and pulled the leaves with the grass and after I was done, had all these little bites on my hands and arm.
when I was pulling the grass, I saw a little black round insect on my thumb.
I tried caladryl(sp?) but it won't seem to dry it up. The bites look all look like little periods.
if anyone can tell me what it was that bit me and how to get rid of the bites, that would be great.

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(no subject)

What are some of the best quality athletic shoes for fast walking/light jogging? In particular, I'm looking for something with good arch support, and fairly lightweight.
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Just 4 Months to Go

I know not everyone here celebrates Christmas, but for those who do...

Fess up, have you already bought your Christmas cards? Did you start shopping yet?

Related (and more the important) question: I've been seeing requests from a couple soldier buddies in Iraq for Christmas cards and decorations*. Do I go with variety pack boxes of cards or all the same? And where can I find Christmas decorations (like that tinsel stuff) now, in August? (I know the answer is so very obvious, I'm just drawing a blank today.)

I can't send home-made or pork items to them, but I'd like to send Christmas-y treats in the next package. What kind of non-perishable treats would you suggest?
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vampire films

Can you name a good vampire film that I can rent or buy? Vampires is the theme for my birthday this year and I want to show it at my friend's house (she had a projector and a 6' wide screen).

Also, can you name any drinks (alcohol or not) with "blood" or something related in the name?


What is the best thing to use to bait a mouse trap with?
I have two humane traps and I put dogfood in one and peanut butter in the other and I have cought nothing. I really don't want to use a regular trap but then again, I really don't want mice either. I hate the snap traps. They are messy and can be inhumane.
Has anyone used a trap that they feel works pretty well? That is works quickly and efficiently? Mind you, I would only use it if I can't get the other traps to work.
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(no subject)

I'm not much of a gambler, and I don't really understand the ways odds are given. I just want to know who's favored to win, and by how much. What are the odds below trying to tell me?

Thursday, August 25, 2005
8:00 p.m. ET Odds
Falcons O/U: 38
Jaguars Line: -3

cigarette smoke and work

this is an awkward one for me.
my new boss and another coworker smoke in their offices. their offices are basically the top half of the agency, and where i would be doing most of my work.

i am prone to migraines and sometimes cigarette smoke will trigger one. i dont get them but maybe 2-3 times a year so they arent keeping me from work too often.

i had one yesterday, my 3rd day on the job, i had to call in sick. today im still feeling slightly icky and was worried about the smokey work environment.

this seems like it will be an excellent career opportunity for me, but i am worried that the work environment isnt a healthy one for me. its a non profit agency, my boss is the owner. i just do not feel comfortable coming in as the new person and suggesting they stop smoking in their own offices/ their agency.

i do not *have* to have this job right now. it would be nice to not have to go back to looking, but it wont break me financially to keep looking..

what would you do?

First time posting!

1. I wanna tell a guy I like him but it's kinda bad timing. Do you think I should just tell him anyways, or wait until the timing's better? I'm not saying I'll go with the majority, but I'm curious to see your opinions.

2. What are your categories on your buddy list? (girls, boys, etc.)


A simple topic: I need tips on making bread last longer.
I only buy food for myself, and thought i generally avoid loaves of bread since they so stale so fast, i've got a hankering for peanutbutter + banana sandwiches and now have a loaf of bread to deal with. Putting it in the fridge seems to make it hard pretty fast, and i've never tried freezing it (how do you thaw it out? doesn't it get soggy?), though i guess that's the best option.

I don't want to eat 3 sandwiches a day just to get through it all :(
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she blinded me with science!

What is this bug?

Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of it. It's a soft-bodied beetle type thing with thick segmented antennae and leathery triangular wings. The orange part looked dull, but the blue part was iridescent. I saw it yesterday in Chain O' Lakes State Park in Indiana, USA.


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What are you wearing?
What are you listening to?
What have you eaten today?

My answers:

Black pants, pink tank top, grey button up sweater - unbuttoned, and pink sandals

Hawksely Workman Cd

Brie, tomato and cucumber bagel
cubs hat
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Say you're in a store and they're having a great sale. On top of that, you really need new pants.

You try on your regular size and they are just a bit too big. You go and get the next smaller size and they are just a bit too small.

Do you buy the 'bit too big' ones thinking that they will shrink in the dryer?

Or do you buy the 'bit too small' ones, thinking that they will stretch out a bit as you wear them?

moving 'rules'

I live in San Diego and I'm moving to a new apartment at the end of this month.
Where can I find rules about painting, carpet, etc ... ?

I think they can't charge you for painting the apartment after a year??

(no subject)

ok I have two questions:

1. Where can I buy the balls that a pinball machine uses?

2. iPod help..... I'm putting my friend's iPod onto my iTunes because she doesn't have iTunes at home and wants to put songs on her iPod. When it says register on the we hafta do that in order for it to work? I don't remember how I got mine on (I did it over 3 months ago) so any help would be greatly appreciated
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(no subject)

i got two bites on the bottom of my arm.
they usted to be two small period looking bites but someone gave me some bad advice and said use aloe but they swelled it up.
I also got one on my thumb and two seperate bites on the bottom of my thumb near my wrist and one two the right of that.

any one got any ideas how to get rid of them?
im gonna use cortaid and i think they are flea and ant bites.
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(no subject)

Have you ever travelled alone? How was it? Any suggestions?

I am in Switzerland and want to do some travelling, but I think I'm going to be alone for most of it. I'm pretty much up for anywhere in Europe. Is there anywhere that's great for single travellers? Anywhere you'd suggest to stay away from? I'm female and 21 so I worry about this stuff and I'd like your input. Also, I'd like to know anyplace you'd suggest to go in Switzerland.

wedding crisis

all right, so 30 days before my best friend's wedding, her mom has a crisis and now says she can't pay for what she said she'd pay for for my friends wedding. We're having an emergency testimonial (fundraiser) tomorrow night, just wondering if anyone has any good fundraising ideas? we're having raffles (everyone in the wedding party is making baskets to raffle off). other than that, anyone have anything?

and ok, if you feel like donating just for the heck of it, you can do it here:

My wrist, cars, and college.

1. Every now and then my wrist hurts when I bend it (unprovoked--I didn't sit on it or twist it funny or anything of the kind). It happens on both wrists, but not at the same time. It's very random. I have had sprained wrists in the past so I still have the splints and I will just put one on when I have pain so I can't move it. The pain usually goes away within a week or two. Now my question: What could be causing the pain?

2. Sedan or SUV? Why? I know there are more styles of cars, but I just want to know your preference of these two.

3. I will be attending a community college this Fall and transferring to a big university in two years. Should I purchase a laptop now or wait until I go to the university?
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(no subject)

Does anyone have any tips on how to comfort my son? He jsut got his 4 month shots, I've already given him some infant tylenol, and have some wet wash cloths on his legs. He doesn't seem to want to be held at all, doesn't want to be put down though. Any other ideas? Thanks ladies.


I realize some people would think this has been REALLY cheesy/crappy, but...

I'm curious if their's a good (or even better great) prog and/or rock type style cover of the "Rhapsody in Blue" out there that's fairly easy to get ahold of and all. I have three versions of the song.. the one from "The Essential" George Gershwin cd, a piano solo version, and one from the Fantasia 2000 soundtrack.

Someone will probably smite me for this, but I think Electric Light Orchestra probably could have done a really sweet cover of it.

(no subject)

1. Is it totally lame that I go to the mall (and have zero money) and get a whole bunch of free samples of stuff/use all the tester products in bath and body works?

2. Does anyone else do this?
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Beauty and the Beast

Do any of you guys know if the Beauty and the Beast series with Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman will be released on DVD any time soon? They're releasing everything else!

I have no idea where I'd even look for such information, isn't exactly reliable.
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(no subject)

if you download movies and tv shows, do you use a bittorrent client? If not, what do you use? If you do, which client do you use? How do you like it? Do you download things and immeditately put them on a dvd then delete them, or do you watch them through your computer? How long does it take a movie to download on your computer? I downloaded anchorman and it took an hour with cable modem. What sites do you visit to find good torrents since you can't search on the clients? I am new to all this so if you have any advice/explanations on it you'd like to offer, that would be great. Also, an explanation of the terminology would be nice too because right now Im just playing around and guessing.
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(no subject)

How often do you back up your computer? do you use software to back it up is it manual? Have you ever lost your hardrive and had to use your back up cds? How would you even use them if your computer doesn't start or you lose windows? How much and what information do you choose to back up? Do you back it up to a dvd, cds, a pen drive or something else? When you back it up, do you have certain programs already on one dvd and then a bunch of "updated stuff" on anther dvd? If you use software to manage your backups, what software do you use?
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Computer Question

AHH Please help!

I have a Toshiba. It's not the most recent model by Toshiba, but it's close. It looks something like this. On the left of the black keyboard, it has these "control buttons" - basically quick buttons that will open IE and Windows Media. It also has Play/Pause, Stop, FF, RW buttons.

Until an hour ago, I could play music with Windows Media and just hit those buttons for it to pause or stop or change tracks. And now the Play/Pause, Stop, FF, and RW buttons don't work. I have NO idea how they became disabled, but how do I enable them? The other two buttons (to open IE and Windows Media) still work.

Does anyone know? I'm going to college tomorrow night and I want to try and I don't know, FIX it or something before then. Solutions are greatly appreciated :)
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