August 24th, 2005


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I use a very simple adobe photo program (PhotoDeluxe Home Edi. 4.0) to just resize pictures etc. but for some reason for a few months its had some problems freezing etc, however when I try to uninstall it it cant find the uninstall file, it isnt even downloading it in the beginning. Is there a way for me to gurantee it downloads it? or delete it without that file ? ( add/remove doesnt work)

Website Related

1) There was this website I recalled seeing a long time back: It was, if I recall correctly, about how America's way of life is the best/perfect way of living, and wanting to make every country in the world like America. Or to be conquered by America. Does anyone know what I am talking about?

2) What are the websites you would access regularly, if not everyday?

a. my own journal, flist...
c. Friends' blogs, Trent's Blog, etc
d. *shifty glance*
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Okay, here's a random one... Help me get me excited for my Western Cinema before 1945 class. Can you guys recommend me your favorite movies that are (duh) before 1945? Right now I'm just thinking "God, I hope we spend half the semester on Gone with the Wind" because that's the only good movie that's coming to mind when I think "before 1945". Admittedly, I don't know very many...
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University Perks

What are some nice little extras your university or college provides you with beyond the call of duty? (And where do you go?)

At University of TN Chattanooga, our student ID gets us access to the CARTA bus system around town, and they deliver the Chattanooga Free Times Press to every dorm room free.

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Let's say you have a temp job that require you to type invitations to a gala dinner event in September. Now your boss has told you that some of the people on the list are big-shots and hate getting their names misspelt.

What if their names were like BÜHLMANN; BÜNTER and so on? With accents on their Us and As? Would they mind if you spelt it BUHLMANN and BUNTER?

You have more than 200++ such names to type and manually fixing the accents takes you twice the time it took to complete another batch with no accents on their names.

What would YOU do?

EDIT: OH and your boss is pissed cause you are taking such a long time.
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Poll #558289 Wierd Questions

Which do you fear (dislike if you don't fear) more?

Going to Sleep
Waking Up

Which is more uncomfortable?

Being cold
Being hot

Which is "scarier"?


Which do you prefer?

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Best way to remove odor from a purse/bag?
Lemon juice? Sun/air dry? Baking soda? Soap?

I have a canvas(?) flight bag that has a smell I dislike. I'm not sure if it's just the bag itself or my detergent (I use Tide and while it's not horrible, I've never liked the smell so I try to use Unscented) but I just want to get rid of it. I washed it yesterday and it's already dry. The odor is pretty strong. I don't want to cover up the smell, I want to remove it. Suggestions?


Right. Sooo I gave myself a second hole in my lobe on my right ear. It did just fine. I then gave myself a third hole on my right lobe, this time it bled, but I put an earring in regardless. This time it's been painful ever since (about 3 days) and just now when I changed the earrings (to 14k gold, better for sensitive ears) there's a lump and the hole is like-.. hard. Yeah, nasty, I know. What I don't know however is how to make it better.
I'd rather not take the earring out; aside from it looking even nastier, it might not heal up properly even then.
SO! If anyone could tell me what to put on this thing, whether I might have it around the house or if I need to go pick it up from Wal-Mart or Rite Aid or wherever, I would really appreciate it!


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1. I have a bug bite on the arch of my foot that's really really itchy. I tried some Cortaid and some pure hydro cortisone cream. It barely dulled the itch for 10 minutes.

Suggestions on what I can do stop the itch?

2. My dog has had dandruff most of the summer now. Each time he visits the vet, he just suggests cutting out wet food. I did and it's not helping at all. Is this just a summer thing, caused by the crazy heat and humidity? Anyone else have any suggestions? He's a choc lab, 3 years old, and already gets these Omega 3 capsules which are supposed to make the fur healthy/shiny.

MS Word?

Got a quick question here at work, because I'm totally stumped.

Whenever I print a document out on MS Word (Office 2003), another page prints out after it detailing all the information about my document. It lists the file name, directory, title, subject, last time changed, yadda yadda yadda.

It's annoying the piss out of me. I can't figure out why it started doing that in the first place or how to make it stop. It's been doing this for a few days, so I know it's not a case of just rebooting to fix it.

Any ideas?
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Capsaicin and contact lenses

I did a dumb thing. I chopped up a bunch of peppers without wearing gloves or anything, so I ended up with capsaicin (what makes peppers hot) on my fingers and under my nails. I cut my nails afterwards and washed my hands about twenty times after that, but it apparently wasn't enough. My fingers are fine, but I guess I didn't get all the capsaicin off my hands before I took my contacts out at night. When I went to put them back in this morning, they burned. (Obviously, I put them right back in the case to sit.)

Anyone know of a way to actually clean the contacts? The only things I can find when I search around are sites that tell you to not touch your contacts until your hands are absolutely, completely clean (gah, I just didn't realize it), not any advice for how to clean them if it happens. (I know that the contact solution isn't enough to do the job, and if possible I need to save these contacts ... I'm on my last pair and can't get new ones for another month at least.)

Back/shoulder injury treatment

I need to get a chronic upper back/shoulder issue diagnosed, and I don't know if I need to see a chiropractor or a doctor, or both. Also if anyone has any idea what the hell is wrong with me, that would be great too. :D

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I have seen a chiropractor who told me I have a "stuck third rib", which makes no sense since it happens on both sides. The treatment I got didn't really help either. But I have no idea if a doctor can do anything since it's a "back" thing.

Thank you!

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what is the best (most effective or favorite) cold/flu medicine or remedy that you know of?

i've been sick for three days now. i've tried tylenol cold/flu, dayquil (has worked the best so far), thermaflu and zinc. i'm sick of being sick. help!
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So basically, I'm trying to figure out something that I'd be interested in pursuing for a career. Something that I'll be willing to go to stay dedicated to through college, and do day after day until I retire. I know that things change, and people change careers, I know that - I promise. I'm just curious now.
But anyway.
I know I do not want a desk job, and I know that I want to do something that will make a difference. The only thing is that I've taken a few career aptitude tests and all they're saying is that I have good leadership qualities, stuff like that. Mainly, they're all saying that I'd be good for business. And I would love to look into it, but I can't really find anything that explains what jobs in business I could pursue.
Basically, I'm asking if anybody knows of any resources I could utilize.
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I cannot decide between two topics for my research paper, and I would like to get started on it soon. I need your help. It's for my Epidemiology class, and we have to choose a topic. The paper will be on the condition, who it affects most, does gender, age, etc., influence your chances of having the condition, and what other factors cause it or put a person at increased risk for the condition. I am torn between Autism and Multicystic Encephalomalacia, a form of Cerebral Palsy, as I am very close to a person with each condition and wouldn't mind learning more about the condition.

So I am asking for your help....

Poll #558375 Topic for Paper

Which of the two topics should I do my research paper on?

Cerebral Palsy
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How do you feel about using the word 'They' as a singular pronoun for indeterminate gender? Do you hate it, love it, or merely acknowlege the need for it in our language?

If you don't like it, why not? Why shouldn't it be used? Also, how much do you dislike it? Do you find it mildly annoying or does it make you grind your teeth and wish death on the speaker? And finally why does it bother you so much?
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big decision

not that i'm expecting it to make much difference, but give me your opinion anyway :)


1. Go back to school so I can have a decent career?


2. Should I move back to the island and a tiny town so I can surf and do what I love, even though the jobs there suck?

:/ hard deision for me
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Yay for higher education.

Kind of a long shot but:

I'm trying to buy my textbooks online so that I can, you know, eat, during the first couple weeks of this semseter. One of the books I need is the Global Studies: Africa eleventh edition. I've been able to find the tenth edition used online, but I can't find the eleventh edition. I've seen a lot of people carrying around various versions of these books, so I'm hoping someone will know.

My question: Are the Global Studies books a yearly periodical, meaning I had better just shell out the 30 bucks at the bookstore to get the most recent edition, or would I be safe buying the tenth edition used and saving a bit?

Surprisingly I haven't been able to find a website for them which surprises me as they are really popular textbooks. I guess 30 bucks for a new textbook isn't all that bad but still...

And another question for the heck of it (and to give us an excuse to whine) how much are you looking at for books and computer programs and other class room accesories this semster?

If I pay list price for all of mine I'm probably in the neighborhood of $500-600.
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I want to do a hall program on making stress balls. I've looked online, and it doesn't look like there is a lot of information out there about what to use. The only suggestion I've found for the filling is flour, but I'm concerned that that's going to give the balls a funny smell. Anyone ever make stress balls? What did you use?
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HA HA more vagina questions

1. Will you please tell a story about when you had a period accident? Embarrassing period stories?

2. If someone doesn't get their period ever, why do they go on the pill? I mean, the only reason I would want my period is if I'm trying to get pregnant and I want to be fertile, but if I'm on the pill, then that wouldn't happen? Are those girls infertile? Why do they want to take pills to get their periods? Wouldn't they rather not get it?

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What are some thoughts that you have that you wonder if you are the only one that ever has them?
(My answer: I think about death a lot. When I will die, how I will die, what it will be like, etc. I wonder if anyone else thinks about it as much as I do. Hmm...)

What is your favorite munchie food?
(My answer: Cheerios and sugar cookies.)

What is your biggest regret?
(My answer: Not going away to college.)

What are some other journal sites aside from LJ and DJ?
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Is it wierd?

I'm the manager of a tutoring school and one of my tutors takes public transportation to work from Hamilton and it takes him about two hours (crazy I know). Anyways, next Monday I will literally be about five minutes from his house getting a test done at the hospital. I'm going straight from the hospital to work. Would it be wierd if I called him tommorrow and offered to give him a ride monday if he could meet me at the hospital? Would you be wierded out if your boss offered to give you a ride? It would save him time for sure and money but he's new and I don't want to make him feel uncomfortable either.
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General but intriguing question.

Have any of you changed your minds dramatically on an issue? I'm not talking about a one-time choice, like in deciding to have the fish instead of the chicken at a restaurant. I'm talking about a big societal issue with a pro and anti side. If so, I'd like to know the process by which this issue shifted in your mind. Tell me how adamant you were about the issue before you changed your stance, what caused you to reevaluate your previous stance, your current stance on the issue and how adamant you are about your current stance.

I'm getting some very thoughtful responses on this question in my personal journal, but I felt I needed a wider variety of people other than my friends to get a good perspective on this process. Thanks so much for any and all responses.
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Religion question:

Scientology vs. Christian Scientists. What is the difference? They are different right?

There is a building next to mine that is the Christian Science building, and only Christian Scientists are allowed to live in apartments there. Well, I thought that meant Christian people who are majoring in science or something. But no, the lady that runs the place was saying something about "we're a really small religion" so I guess Christian Science is a religion. I have no idea what it's about, and it makes me think of Scientology which I know very, very little about. In fact, I had never heard of it before it was like this big deal around the Veronica Mars communities that one of the lead actors, Jason Dohring, was a Scientologist. So I got a vague idea of it from that, but all I really picked up on is most people seem to view it very negatively and something about being all about getting people to give them money or something?? I really don't know anything about Scientology or Christian Science religions, so if anyone can fill me in a bit, I'd appreciate it :)
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Does anyone know a site that actually discusses the strengths and weaknesses (great professors, horrible poli sci department, well respected for X, etc.) for Canadian universities?

What university did you go to? Do you regret your decision?
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Calling all grammar nazis

In an online conversation a person I know asked this:

[20:42] Lisa: what is right
[20:42] Lisa: "the only time balhblah matters is when it affects/effects us."

(she's asking whether affect or effect would be the correct spelling in this context.)

I responded that "affect" was correct.

Collapse )

So is Greg right? Is his logic flawed? Am I right?
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Hello. You all seem like a group who might be knowledgeable of film.

I am not looking for a particular film but a films related to these two topics (documentaries would be best):

1. advertising

2. people making a change (something small-scale)
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so what names did you call your friends (or others) when you were in elementary school? what terms do you remember being used on the playground a lot that you never hear today anymore? I vaguely remember my friend using the term "buttmunch" a lot. =P it makes me laugh now because it's so silly. =)

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How have relationships faired when you ended up sleeping with that person on the first date?

How about dating through LJ?

Me? The intrest/spark seems to fizzle rather quickly. Dating though LJ seems to remind me of High School.. after things fall out you still see them around.
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How many times do you wear a pair of jeans between washings?

What about dress pants?

T-shirts? Dress shirts?

How about socks and undwear?

And pajamas?

Do you ever sleep in a t-shirt that you wore that day? What about pants? (Intentionally I mean... not like "I just fell asleep while watching tv before I had a chance to change")

And how often do you do laundry?

Please copy the question so we don't have to play the match-up game.