August 22nd, 2005

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Based on an earlier post...

1. Are you an early riser or a late riser? Late. Usually around 11am or 12pm.
2. Are you cranky for no apparent reason after you wake up? Yes. For 30 minutes.
3. Do you have more energy at night or during the day? Night.
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You guys always have some good, thought-provoking questions. The earlier one about regret prompted me to ask this one for advice.


My father and mother are divorced. I have received bonds (for college) for my birthday and Christmas presents from his family for the past 18 years. They have his name and my name. I have enrolled in the local community college and need to pay for my courses. He has always said he will pay for my education. I go over there to ask him for the money, and he tells me that what I'm deciding to do is stupid. I'm taking a couple of courses that interest me to try and find out what I like and what I want to pursue (or if I even want to pursue college in general). He tells me that I must have English, Science, Math, History, etc., all in my first-semester course schedule and I must be headed for a degree in liberal arts, or he will not pay. (Some of my driving factor also comes from his health insurance. I work with people without health insurance, and it's not a good place to be in.) I am not allowed to take some random classes that interest me and develop my interests. I have to do things his way. I will be wasting my time and money if I do it my way. He told my mother that she was "a complete retard for letting [me] make my own schooling decisions" and that "[he] knows what [I] want." Keep in mind that I see the man, oh, seven times a year.

I told him to go fuck himself and that I would pay for college myself. Hell, I was working on cutting him out of my life anyway. He's never been supportive, and now he's holding the money over my head and expecting me to do what he wants. I plan to go to school full-time and work full-time, and I definitely have enough in the bank to get me started if I plan to pursue this alone for now.

My question is this:

Do you think I'm being stupid in taking this all on? Should I give in to him and do something that I don't want to do? Take on four hard(er) classes and a forty-five hour a week schedule just so I don't have to pay for it, even though I know I won't enjoy it? I don't even know if I want to continue college. I just want to try it.
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Six Feet Under

Did anyone watch the series finale of Six Feet Under?

I just started watching the show this season, but I have to say, the finale was possibily one of the best episodes of anything I've ever seen on television, and definitely the best finale.
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My desktop PC crashed, and is getting repaired as I type. I've had to use an old Toshiba 300CDS laptop for assignments and the like. Problem is, I have to have the laptop on constant AC power because the battery won't hold any charge. When plugged in to the power supply, the power monitor thing in the taskbar tells me that the battery is 100 per cent full, but the laptop dies the second i unplug it.

Is there any way that I can get the battery to keep its charge?
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Who was the band on SNL the other night? They sang this disco version of "Comfortably Numb".

What are your thoughts on the cover? Personally, I think they should be strung up for the musical equivalent of pissing on a Picasso...
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RP v. Real World

Do you participate in role-play boards/forums/chat-rooms?
If so, are you able to tell the difference between the RP world and the real world?
Are you able to walk away from the RP and function as a regular member of society?

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Is this gross? Myself and a guy I was dating were getting ready to go out at my place. He took a shower and got dressed and we hit the club around 10:30pm. I live in Washington where it is legal to smoke in clubs, so you always leave the club at the end of the night stinking like an ashtray. Normally I shower after club so my sheets won't end up smelling like an ashtray too. But I was so tired when we got home that I didn't shower or take him home. In the morning I asked him if he'd like to shower first or if I should go ahead and go first. He replied that he had showered the night before and so had no intention of showering again.

Now to me that's gross. Maybe, since he's a smoker, he can't smell all that disgusting smoke in his hair and on his skin from the club. If you showered at 9:00pm the night before, wouldn't you shower again in the morning? How about after being in a smokey club? Was I over reacting by insisting that he shower?

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Okay, we watched a short clip type thing in my sociology class last semester. It was kinda psychadelic coloured, but then it would show shots where the people took their 'happy' glasses off and it looked all crap. I think it was done on a computer, but it looks kinda like claymation. One of the guys snuck a little bit of "joy" onto his happy glasses while working at the happy glasses factory, made them even better, got to be a big important guy selling the joy glasses... but then he takes the glasses off, the world is still just shades of grey, and the joy- that might have been in his chest, like openign a little door- is all gone.
I think it starts with some little kids on a carousel, and I think it won an award.

Where can I find this?

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How long do you think it will take for the draft copy of the Iraqi Constituition to be translated into English(the draft, I saw, will be available around 3pm Central Time)

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Odd little computer problem- I'm at work, and every time I print something out, it prints just fine, but pops up a little word balloon that says, "This document has failed to print," and a big long error code. Anyone know how I might be able to stop this error from continually bugging me?
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What was Eric Rudolph's motive for the Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta? I've never seen a news article offer any explanation for that.

[Edit: I guess he talked about this at his sentencing today, even apologizing to the victims of the Olympic bombing... but not the others.]
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There's this stuff called Lucas Limon which is a mexican candy that is basically just lemon flavored salt. I was ADDICTED to this stuff but I haven't seen it around in a while, so I googled it just to see what I'd find...

Well, what I FOUND was that the product was discontinued within this last year because it contained excessive amounts of lead, up to 6 or 7 times the amount that you can safely consume.

1. Should I be concerned? Are there any tests that a doctor can do to see if there's been any damage done or anything? Should I mention it to my doctor just in case?

2. Why can't they just make the product WITHOUT LEAD? Is it...possible?

3. There is another brand of similar stuff that I still see at this liquor store by my house... is there any way that I can find out if it, too, has excessive amounts of lead; or should I just assume that it does, even though it's a different brand?

4. Did you ever used to eat this stuff? God I miss it.
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what is something that has made you smile today?

Mine would have to be finding the "I love you" sticky note on the top of the toliet seat this morning , from my boyfriend.
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Hair dye question

I'm naturally mousey brown but am currently bleached blonde with a semi-permanent pink on top (nearly washed out). I want to go dark plum, but do I need to use a brown colour first? I'm worried about it looking a bit odd if it's not dark enough.

Any help/advice much appreciated :-)

amici pizza sucks.

someone please tell when marinara sauce started to be made with meat?

ma·ri·na·ra ( P ) Pronunciation Key (mr-nr, mär-när)
Being or served with a sauce of tomatoes, onions, garlic, and spices: spaghetti marinara.

no meat.

Dumb question

Question on the radio:

Frank was talking about how people who are married tend to chunk up a bit and said he'd rather be alone and thin than married and fat

So your question is along those lines, but odds are, everybody will pick the skinny choice, so I'll rearrange it somewhat. Whichever one you pick, you'll be that status for the next 10 years.:

Would you rather be fat and married or skinny and alone?

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1. Look at your music collection. Do most of your cds/tapes/8 tracks have male vocals or female vocals?

2. Are you more willing to give new music a chance if it's male or female vocals? Does it matter at all?
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How do blind people find the little Braille signs outside of bathrooms and places like that?

Last night I was in Barnes And Noble and I went to the bathroom and the sign in Braille was teeny tiny I almost didn't notice it, I have no idea how you would find it if you couldn't see.
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stove. . .

**EDIT** I tried pulling them up and out, but didn't budge, then I figured out that my stove has the coils that tilted up just like bridgelene does. They are soaking right now. They were pretty nasty. Thanks a bunch!

I have an electric stove, and I need to take the heat coil thing out so I can clean the bowl underneath it. Problem is, I don't know how to take them out to clean the bowl. Does anyone know how to do this?

I need clean the bowl so I can make my dinner, because when I turn on the stove it starts to smoke because something is burning. I'd use another burner, but I can't because it's a large one.


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What fashion trends are you absolutely sick of?

Me: Those stupid glasses that cover half of your face, the "I'm a homeless bag lady" look... and while it might not be fashion, anyone who wears red eyeliner should just smoke some pot, because it has the same effect on your eyes.

What do you hope comes into style?

Me: Mirrors. As in, look in one before you leave the house dressed like a moron.

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I'm looking to buy a laptop for college. I am not a gamer or video maker/editor at all. I just surf the net (a lot) and would use it for school work. I went out shopping today and went into an Apple store. For about 1350, I get what I need, an iBook, printer and their version of microsoft office. When I talked to Dell the other day, I got everything I needed for about 1300. Now price is a about a push. With an iBook I also get a free iPod which I really want. So I'm leaning towards that. The only problem is that I've had a PC my whole so life so I'm somewhat hesitant to get the iBook. Can anyone who has used both PC and a Mac tell me if the difference is huge? What would you get?

My two options:
1. Dell Inspiron 6000 15.4 inch monitor, Microsoft office, DVD/CD burner, 15 month McAfee, 4 year warranty, printer, backpack, and security cable for 1299.63 - 100 mail in rebate.
2. Apple iBook G$ 14 inch, DVD/CD burner, stock warranty, printer, iPod, and Window/PC office made for macs for about 1299 plus tax - 100 instant rebate. I have to pay for the iPod and printer up front but I get full mail in rebates on both of them.


My friend at work asked me a question, one that I can't answer. It's probably a really simple one, but I don't feel like mulling over it.

How do you change your screen name in yahoo?

I have trillian, but either way, I've never really learned this particular trick, so I'm no help at all.
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Is there any word that you pronounce incorrectly in your head, but not out loud, even though you know the correct pronunciation?

At work, we refer to the Santa Cruz folder as MZ (no idea why...) and I always call it "meezy" in my head, but I said that out loud today and I got SO EMBARRASSED.

And I had a friend who pronounces "vs." as "vass" instead of "versus" and she read it that way out loud in front of the class and everybody hella laughed at her.

Oh and I read a book when I was little with a character named Phoebe, but having never seen the name before, I read it as "fobee" for the entire story... and I still say it that way in my head sometimes.

Oh one more... there's a street in my city called Fruitdale, and I can't remember how it started but I called it "froit-dolly" one day and it stuck in my head... but I'd never say it out loud.

So what words do you pronounce incorrectly in your head, how do you pronounce it, and do you remember why you pronounce it that way?
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College Creative Writing Question....

Let's say a Creative Writing teacher gave us 5 words, and we had to write about one of those 5.

Now here's the debate...

Let's say I write about all 4 words in such a way, that it describes, creates, and even spells the 5th word.

Is it still doing the assignment, or have I gone too far?
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Halloween 2008

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Any lyrics (or even some good quotes) about rediscovering a passion for life, or just wanting more in life? i.e. The 'Belle' song in Beauty and the Beast - "I want so much more than this provencial life."

Thanks bunches!

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1. Do you happen to know offhand how much Cingular charges for breaking your cell phone contract?

2. What is your favorite kind of wine? I know it's kind of a personal thing, but I'd like suggestions of a type to buy.

Who likes Live? Somebody? Anybody?

Who here is a fan of the group "LIVE"?

I have been a fan of them since I first saw a video from Mental Jewelry (their first album).

And as the years have gone on, I notice no one really likes them much, people have heard of them and make note of them, but no one wigs out like a school girl when you say "do you like Live?"

So are Live fans just super scarce?

It would be real nice to be able to discuss this band with someone.

So if you not only like Live, tell me why you like them?

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"family" words

The question about mispronouncing words made me think of words that our family has that are unique in either meaning or usage to our family. Some of ours are:

Our word = real word

Guacamoles = avocados

My daughter made up a word: skeeting (when you are standing on the shore and the waves go back out and take all the sand by your feet with it making you feel like you are moving but you aren't)

So what are your family words?
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I recently bought an iriver mp3 player. Unfortunately, my laptop isn't working; it doesn't pick up the installation CD in the drive.

So I have two questions:

1. How much will it cost to fix my CD/DVD R-RW drive, abouts?
2. Is there anywhere I can download the driver I need? The site has drivers and such, but those are updates, and you need to have installed the hardware already.

ETA: Got it to work.
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3 totally unrelated questions.. .

I can't seem to find the exact site, but I think it was posted in here. I may be wrong though. anywho, There is a site where I can find all the prices for all the gas stations in my area. Does anyone know what that site is? I cannot remember it for the life of me. Thanks :-)

Do you know anyone that has killed anyone?. . . I'm asking this because I just found out that someone I used to hang out with, stabbed her mom to death. It's just freaky. I didn't really know her know her, but we hung out a few times.

Do you like sushi?
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police profiling

Is profiling legal? I was pretty sure that racial profiling is illegal, but since that could just be part of profiling in general, I'm confused. I ask because I think my husband and I were just profiled.
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