August 21st, 2005


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I have a samsun A660 cell phone and earlier today I noticed an orange spec on the screen, it showed it on every screen (screen saver, contacts list, etc) and as the day progressed it has grown. its not very big but noticable. What would have caused something like that to happen tothe screen? and perhaps more importantly would Sprint be willing to replace it?


1. Are you addicted to Wikipedia? What's the weirdest thing you've ever looked up?

Yes. And the most random thing I've ever looked up is the history of prostitution. ;-)

2. What's the most expensive luxury item you've ever bought? (Luxury meaning something you don't NEED)

I ask this because I bought it today- a new 27" flat screen TV, upwards of $250. :-)

3. Can you tell just by looking at someone if they're 'into' the same stuff as you are?

The guy at Best Buy we bought the TV from today- from the moment he walked up to me and said hello, I guessed that he was liberal, loved video games, and plays/is familiar with D&D. As I chatted with him a bit, I found out all three of these to be true. And he looked like a fairly average person too.
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Mascara and Weight Loss

1.I'm on the quest for a good eye make up remover. I've tried everything. Clinique, Maybelline, Rimmel, Neutragena, Almay, Nivea. Is there one out there that actually takes off water proof mascara?

2. And of course, I want it all. Is there a mascara, waterproof or not, that actually stays put and doesn't wander all over one's face, but still gives great lashes?

3. Are there any weight loss supplements that are safe and that work? I was injured and can't work out for 2 months and I'd like to boost my metabolism in addition to watching what I eat.

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anyone know ever gotten their money back from a bad hair cut?
i got one yesterday and then i found out i could get free new headshots this week.
also, i often have trouble telling exactly what i want cut off.
i usually say "light trim all around" but i usually get burred.
this is what my hair usually looks like. I like it a big more shaggier. something like this
i know hes a movie star,etc but my hair is a mix of wavy and curly.
so its hard to find a picture like that.
how would i keep the body but trim it a bit?


also- what is the worst hair cut experience you ever had?

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Ok, I'd like a little bit of feed-back about other peoples habits....

My 4 kids wake up reasonably early, between 6:30 - 7:30 each morning. I usually try and get a couple of hours more dozy-sleep (during hols and weekends - we-re up at 7 on school days). But just lately I have laid awake in bed and heard nothing but bickering, and the youngest trashing the place by pulling out all the toys/clothes etc. There is a rule about not going downstairs until I am up, but again the youngest seems to have been sneaking down.

Do you get up at the same time as your kids??

Do you allow them to get up and go down to get breakfast/watch TV??

I know kids bicker and call names on each other, but how can I try and stop this??

My children are 11, 9, 8 and 3 years old. (3 boys, 1 girl) I do the majority of the housework, but I am starting to expect them to pull their weight in the rest of the house as well. I have threatened the black rubbish bag treatment in their bedrooms, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Do you have a chores rota??

What do you do for 'punishment'??

What do you do for 'good behaviour'??

I know it will work out in the end, but I thought I would ask about other peoples routines, and maybe I can pick up on something I haven't tried before :o)


Wedding Gifts

Hi, this is my first question - hopefully you can help me out!

One of my closest friends is getting married over Labour Day weekend, I am invited to the wedding, the
bachelorette, and the shower. (all held the same week as she is coming home from Aberta, where she and her fiance currently live). What are appropriate price ranges for gifts? and do you buy shower gifts from the wedding gift registery? Can you help me?
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I was getting so frustrated by this and then I realized I can ask here!

Whenever I try to save an icon (or possibly any picture, I haven't tried the latter), no matter what file format it's in, my computer only allows me to save it as a .bmp. Basically even though someone posted an icon that's a .png (for instance), my computer only gives me the option of .bmp when I attempt to save it. Does anyone know why this is happening, and how I can fix it? Is there something wrong with my settings?
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Digital camera advice

How is this digital camera? It's on sale for only $138.

I'm not a photographer, so I don't need something amazing or fantastic. I just want something where I can get good pictures when I'm on vacation or when I'm being vain and want to take pictures of myself. If this ISN'T good, and you have the time, can you please look at the other Olympus cameras? Amazon is having a sale this week, or weekend...? Thanks!

Actually, I guess for two more days, they're having a sale on ALL electronics -- so if you see any good digital cameras for under $250, please point me in the right direction. I really have no idea what I'm looking for. Or if you could tell me what I should be looking for to find a good camera. I hate reading the customer reviews because one person says it's AMAZING and the next person says it's the worst camera ever. It's not urgent since the sale is apparently going on for two more days... but any advice would be appreciated.

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On my computer I have Microsoft AntiSpyware, Adaware, Spybot, and AVG virus scanner. Which one(s) should/can I get rid of?

(They all found their way onto my compie by other people stealing my mouse and downloading them. Hmm. Don't you hate when that happens?)
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When is it safe, age-wise, to spay/neuter a puppy? I was always told that around six months was when you did it and you could do it a little earlier for males because it's less invasive. I ask because I am looking into adopting an 8 week old puppy through petfinder and the woman at the shelter emailed me today and told me that she is getting the litter spayed and neutered this week so that they can go to homes next week. Is this way too early? Or is this just a thing that shelters do to make puppies adoptable and make sure they are fixed?

Older windows versions.

I'm putting this enquiry in for my dad.

He has a computer that originally came with Windows Me, and had the upgrade to XP disk included. Having reformatted it so that it's only XP now, he wants to reinstall ME. Besides formatting the disk and installing ME that way, is there any other way to do it? Such as partitioning the hard drive or something like that?

Or if you don't know, do you know where I can find out?
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Why is so selective about what you use to pay, which books they do/don't send to the UK, and why the hell can't I buy an ebook from them just because I am in the UK?!
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What is the exact term for making a movie "timeless"? You know, where there are elements of modern times (TVs, cars, computers) mixed with elements of old items ( a solitary jail cell is depicted as an enormous cage instead of a padded cell with a thick metal door, bikes and cars are older models). You really can't pin an exact time frame as to when a movie takes place because of all the mixtures.
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I have some bad snacking habits. I will eat a whole container of cream cheese, hummus, or another type of dip with chips or breadsticks.

So on my grocery trip today I am going to get carrots and celery instead of chips and breadsticks. I can't decide what to dip them in though. I like something thick for a dip. Should I get like, 'light' hummus or what do you recommend?

Also, I heard hummus is really more fattening than one might think. Is it less fat to eat a container of hummus, or to eat a container of cream cheese the same size? I'm thinking hummus must be at least slightly less fatty.

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Uh, my entire computer monitor screen is currently sideways. My husband has no idea how he did this. But.. does anyone have any idea how to UNDO it? :x Thank you! This is more than slightly aggravating.

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1. Give me your favorite 7 letter word.
2. What are signs of alcohol poisoning?
3. If you smoke pot and drink, which do you prefer?
4. Do cigarettes taste bad when your drunk to you?
5. How old were you the first time you got wasted off your ass?
6. Whats your favorite alcoholic drink?
7. If you are gay, when did you realize it? Did you have a boy/girl friend at the time that you just were like, wow I dont want to be intimate with you?
8. Have you ever done a three-person makeout? Disasterous?
and last, lol finally...
9. Is anyone else excited for school? (If you still go to school :D)

*Posted this to my real journal 3 times on accident before I got it here, lol go me*

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My class needs a lot of money (a couple hundred dollars) for upcoming school events -- we need decorations, balloons, helium tanks, class shirts, paint, butcher paper, supplies, etc. So far, we've had carwashes and we've sold food to earn money, but we're running low on fundraising ideas. We can't do any of those catalog fundraisers, and selling food/candy/drinks doesn't make enough money.

Any suggestions?
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1. At what age did you "have it all figured out"? What age did you realize you could be wrong? What age are you now?

2. In your opinion, where is the line drawn between healthy self-love and conceit?

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I've kind of been wondering for a while. How does one become a physical fitness trainer or certified aerobics instructor or anything of that genre? I've heard that there are certification programs, but where does one go to look for reputable ones?

It just seems like something nifty to know how to do. I knew a guy who was studying to be one.
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Credit Cards

When in the month does a credit card expire? My credit card expires 09/05, so I'm not sure if it's on the first of September or the last day of September.

It's an MBNA Canada Mastercard, if it matters. I tried looking on both the MBNA and Mastercard websites, with no luck. And my credit card bills go to my parents' home, since I got it while I was living in residence, so I can't exactly check those right now. My parents also haven't told me if my renewal application has arrived yet.
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Did you ever have a "Blossom hat"? (As in the TV show Blossom, the hats she always wore with the big flower.)

I did... if I can find it I'll post a picture, I think it's still in my house somewhere!

EDIT: Totally can't find it... it was deep pink with a purple flower though.