August 20th, 2005

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Does anyone else find that their dreams pretty much defy analysis?

I mean, I have some dreams where, say, I'm keeping fish in a big bowl of soap and panicking because I can't find a better place for them, and those are pretty easy to interpret. (My personal interpretation: I left the hedgehog's cage too long between cleanings and I was feeling guilty.)

Then I have long, complex story dreams, which seem to have no real relation to my real life but make a heck of a story.

THEN I have completely absurd dreams like this one: I was holding a poetry contest on the back porch when i heard banging on the kitchen door. I went there and found the ghost of a hobo, who was rattling the door and screaming 'Dr. Suess! Number three! Dr. Suess!' over and over.

1. Do your dreams seem to defy analysis?
2. What's the most absurd dream you've had?
3. Take a crack at analysing the hobo ghost dream. I dare ya.

And, wandering away from dreams for a while, I've got a couple of other questions.

4. Why is Poke'mon considered 'uncool'?
5. Would you think it was stupid for an 18-year-old to be playing Poke'mon?
6. Do YOU play Poke'mon?
7. Which is your favorite of the gameboy games, R/B/Y, G/S/C, or S/R/FR/LG?
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1) Does anyone know of a store (pref. major chain) in the US that sells Lemon Fanta? All of the grocery stores I've looked in only have orange and grape... if they actually have Fanta at all. The only place I've seen lemon is the British market, but I'd rather not spend $2 per can.
I just looked on the US web site and lemon's not listed in the flavours. I'm not feeling hopeful.

2) If you know Indian food... I like Palak Paneer. Any suggestions of something else I might like?
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Ahh, the memories!

Does anybody know where I can get a beverage called Bitter Lemon? It's British, I'm pretty sure. I live in Minneapolis, MN.

I had a bunch of it on my trip to Africa, and I was really upset for a while that I couldn't find it here. Then I forgot about it for years, until I read notatracer's post about the lemon Fanta.
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Licorice candies and unidentifiable short stories.

Two questions, not related to each other in the least. I've tried everything to Google these (and I'm a pretty good googler), and this is my last resort.

1. In bags of licorice allsorts, there are these small circular gummy sweets with pastel blue or pink sprinkles coating them (see this picture). They're heavenly. What are they called and can I get them by themselves, without the other kinds of licorice?
Edit: They're called jelly-buttons, horse cakes, or spogs. THEY HAVE A NAME! (I persisted for an hour or so at image-googling things until I found them.)

2. I need help identifying two short stories. I read them both a few years ago and cannot remember the titles, the authors, or the books they were in.
  2a) There was a mapmaker who could make a map to anything, like lost keys - I remember a line along the lines of "Even a map to the original lyrics, in plain English, to Louie Louie" (or perhaps "Woolly Bully"). He had a small dusty shop and I think I remember it had plants in it.
  2b) I think it may have been in a collection of apocalyptic short stories, but I'm not sure. I also think it may have had a blue cover, but again, not sure. Anyway, it was sort of post-apocalyptic (I honestly can't remember, though), and there was a woman named Monica living in a department store with a bunch of mannequins. There may have been stealing from a hospital. That's all I know.
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Im on a laptop, and whenever I start typing Im hitting a key,...maybe with the left hand that will move the cursor up a line, or somewhere. I cant figure out what key it is that Im hitting though. Does anyone know? and is there a way for me to stop it? aside from just getting used to it?
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Since it's been so hot all summer, I haven't felt like cooking. I've been living off of tv dinners, delivery, canned ravioli and have been sitting around on my butt in front of the A/C all summer. As a result I put on some weight.

Any diet/exercise tips? I don't want to lose a lot of weight. Just the 3 or 4 pounds I gained from my unhealthy eating habits and laziness. Something simple is preferred. I don't really feel like having to count points or look up the calories of everything I eat in a manual and I can't afford to buy drinks/bars like Slim Fast.
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Does anyone know the website of this woman who does perfomance art? For example, she had this thing where she had this sign or something saying KISS ME and people would put on lipstick and kiss her and she'd scream until they stoppd kissing her. Ring a bell?

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I recently installed AIM and now it keeps popping up with this message:

"A runtime error has occured.
Do You Wish to debug?

Line 13:
Error 'adsD' is undefined"

If I click no, I can use AIM like normal

If I click yes it takes me to Microsoft script editor. Which is a new program to me. If I was to find a way to delete the program would I stop getting the pop-ups?
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Which is better?

Which is better....

Not having many choices available to you, but at least then a clear plan for the future?
Having all the options in the world available to you, but with that the uncertainty of which to follow?

and then...

Having a lot of different associations (i.e, hobbies, religious, cultural, etc.) where you have friends, but none of those friends being able to completely understand you because they're not associated with all the same things you are,
Being completely integrated into one specific group, and having lots of people who understand you and are your friends, but also then not experiencing the rest of the world?


1. Those of you who receive comment e-mails: What's the greatest amount you've ever returned to from an approximate 8-hour absence - such as work, sleep, etc.? This morning I returned to my computer after sleeping for 7 hours to find 31 comment e-mails, which I think is a record.

2. And completely unrelated, an aside that has been asked in similar forms, but I can't recall if it's been asked in this specific context: When reading posts in *this community specifically*, do you identify people by their userpic or by their name? Or does that depend on whether you're looking at comments, or who made the post, or something else entirely?

I know I personally always use my default icon in this community so people have continuity as to knowing who I am, so I'm wondering if people pay attention to the name or the picture. I usually pay attention to pictures in the main community (i.e, posts and comments), but names when getting response emails (since I don't allow pictures in my email).
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Replacing Butter for Taste?

Alright, ladies and gents, as part of my attempt to lose weight/get healthier in general, I am trying to cut down on anything *really* bad for you. I was taught how to cook by my mother, who is very Southern. Because of this, most veggies end up getting a little salt, a little pepper and a decent dose of butter and are left to simmer the tenure of the making of the meal. I started buying sodium free canned veggies when I have to buy canned, but I noticed a distinct difference in taste. Also, I want to cut down/possibly out the butter.

When I made green beans the other day, I used barely a table spoon of butter (about half of normal) and spiced things up with a little lemon pepper. It was a great start! But I had an idea that it would taste good together, because sometimes when I steam fresh green beans, I put a little lemon in the water. I am kind of at a loss as to which things (like Mrs. Dash) would go ok with which veggies. Seasoning meats/rices/potato dishes is a bit easier because it's easy to use individual spices to compensate for the lack of salt/butter. I also don't mind using individual spices for other veggies, but again, unless it's a no brainer (rosemary potatoes), I get confused.

Can you guys offer up some ideas/tips? Thanks a ton!

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so, says that "for better or for worse" will be discontinued sep 1st because the writer didn't renew the contract with the site.... will it still run in papers, i assume? possibly other websites? it doesn't seem like it's anywhere near ending... despite being older than i am...
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friend's list colors.

On your friends list, does have everyone a different color? Or do you set a certain color for communities, and a certain color for friends? So you only have two colors.

On mine I have some friends colored, some just the white with black text. This community, is yellow with black text. It's bright so I know which one it is :-)
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Asking for a friend...

"we are thinking about going to South Africa for our honeymoon. I have been reading up on it a bit but would like some first hand info.
The US government's travel site says that it is pretty safe. It has fewer warnings than other countries that we have been to and felt were safe.
Where did you stay? What did you do while there?"

Totally 80's Prom.

So, I'm an officer of my high school's theatre department (which I have mentioned in an earlier question, but it's still relevant here), and for the end of the year Theatre Banquet (which is like... 10 months from now, but we need to start planning now), we've decided on the theme "80's Prom".

One of my jobs is to come up with a setlist. I'd like you fine folks to check out some of the songs I have picked, and give comments/suggestions/whatever. The song choices are to extend from 1979-1990. The total time that the banquet will last is probably around 3 hours. Keep in mind that we're high school students (with the oldest born in late 1987) so I'm going moreso for recognizablitly here, not authenticity. But a bit of authenticity would be pretty cool. Also, I have not seen any of those "80's Teen Movies", so I'm kind of left in the dark on that.
Collapse )

So, any hints, tips, etc. for the set list? Would be much appreciated.
Any other suggestions on what we should do outside of music for the theme of the banquet would be pretty rad, too.


PS: and is there some community out there where they'll give you suggestions on playlists or mixes? This would probably belong there moreso.
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Every single guy I've dated has had serious issues with cutting their toenails on a regular basis. They have all let their toenails grow to ungodly lengths before I suggest that they trim them. Is this a guy thing or am I just repeatedly choosing to date guys with this habit?
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This may be a little gross, but whatever. We moved into a new house with no air conditioning, so there are box fans in most of the windows and a few hols in the screens. As a result, our house has a lot of flies. We have flypaper hanging up in every room but it's not helping much. The worst part is that the flies LOVE me. I sleep naked, and I'm constantly woken up by a fly landing or crawling around on me. I can't well wear a lot of pajamas or I'll sweat to death. They like me when it's the end of the day and I'm all stinky. They like me directly after I've come out of a nice clean shower. They like my water cup and of course they like whatever I'm eating. They won't leave me the fuck alone!

So, a) How do I get rid of all the flies? b) Why do they like me so much as to CONSTANTLY land on me? Go land on the flypaper, you fucking flies!

Trial records; US

*tryed to google but couldn't find what i was looking for*

I am looking for the manuscript of my grandfathers trial. I don't know if they are public or if they become public after the person dies or what. I also don't know where to look. There seems to be lots and lots of red tape. I started out with state records but didn't turn anything up. I don't knwo if I am just not asking the right questions.
can anyone help me out as to where to look? has anyone done this before?
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Don't you look smart

I've read before that you can get the same results from a more generic brand of shampoo/conditioner as you can from a salon brand, as long as the first 5 ingredients of each are the same. The problem is, I don't really want to go stand in the shampoo aisle looking at the first 5 ingredients of every type of shampoo there is! I tried googling, but I can't figure out what terms would be best to find what I'm looking for. Is there a website that matches up the ingredients? Do any of you have any tips, or will I just have to stalk the shampoo aisles until my eyes go bad from staring at all that tiny print?

For reference, the shampoo I want to duplicate is Matrix Color Smart. The first 5 ingredients are: water, sodium laureth sulfate, citric acid, disodium cocoamphodiacetate and ammonium hydroxide.

The bottom line is, I need a good shampoo for color-treated hair. My hair is blond, but I dye it red. It doesn't hold color well, but the Matrix line managed to make the color stay true. Any recommendations?
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1) Enter your name here: "name analyizer" website - How accurate was the description of you, based on your first name? Mine was sort of right, and mostly wrong.

2) Can someone explain to me about the clone troopers in SW ep. II and III?
These are my questions: they get paid?
...Are they "real people" (ie do they have goals and dreams, and do they feel emotion? Do they like to listen to music or chill out or play basketball [or the Star Wars equivilent] you know just those sorts of activiteis or are they only killing machines? I heard somewhere that they're genetically modified and some sort of growth/learning acceleration so I was wondering if these parts of them were "edited out" somehow in the modification proccesses to make them better "weapons")?
...If they are "real people", are they free to leave the clone army at any time?
...And finally, what happened to them between episode III and episode IV? Did they all die, were they exterminated, or what?
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We have gnats in our apt. I am in the middle of cleaning everything thoroughly. Does anyone have any other tips to help me get rid of these little shits? Should I just attack them with a fly swatter?

Has anyone had those large size M & M's yet? I thought I had picked up a pack of them, but it was just the king size pack. I'm such a dumbass. How do you eat your M & M's? Handful at a time, one at a time, color at a time?

Which do you think would be a better place to live, New York or California? If I move back to NY, I'll have to get my own place, and I'll definitely have a babysitter for my son. In cali, a babysitter is a might, but I could move in with my best friend and save a ton of money.

If you have cable internet, how much do you pay for it? What service do you have?
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i have gotten a bloody nose every day for roughly a year. does anybody know what could be causing it? it's not dry skin, smoke, or something wrong with my blood. and what should i do about it?

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If I have the mp3 of a song and I want to put it online - add as a background to a website - what format should I convert it to and how do I go about doing that?
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how many people die on their birthday? what are the odds?

i don't think you can say the odds are 1:365 or 1:364 because of variables... and weirder statistics for people born on leap years.
one might party a little harder (understatment for this question) or they might be more depressed and tend toward suicide.

for some reason, i feel like the chance is lower though.
sure, from partying that night your death might be the next day.

and then there are things to think about like, what are the popular birthdates and deathdays and how does that factor in?
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When I seach Livejournal for the username "oncewas", it brings up a fellow called "murphymee". Try it yourself. Why is this happening? Does it have something to do with his PGP/GPG "key block"? If so, can you explain what those are in plain english because I didn't understand the technical babble on the links provided...


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1. I want to roll my own cigarettes - to save money and as they are a little less deadly - I cannot roll to save my life, either rolling machine or mat, does anyone have any tips for rolling by hand?

2. My knee is KILLING me - the bones in my knee cap don't meet up quite right so scrape against each other, and today it is really acting up - is there anything I can do to help my knee other than just take painkillers or book an emergency appointment at my chiropractor?

3. What is the best compliment and the worst insult you have had?
[Me: Best=told I look like a china doll. Worst=told by a person they hoped that I have a miscarriage one day]

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How does mole removal work? How much would in generally cost, or would it depend on the location?

It's on my upper inner thigh, it's the size of a pencil eraser, I can remember it being there (and my wishing it weren't) since I was at least 12.

Can people actually get ribs removed? I mean not for, like, attempting autofellatio- but if they were just a pain to this person?
Maybe it's because I'm thin, but my false ribs- I think that's the term? the ones that don't connect to your sternum, but just kinda end? they annoy the hell out of me, to th epoint where if my boyfriend is rubbing my back he needs to not play with those.
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Toothbrush Troubles

I've encountered a bit of a problem. I managed to drop my toothbrush on the bathroom floor, and need to know a way to clean it. It's not dirty, visually, but I feel like it's just covered with germs. How should I clean it? Put it in boiling water? Would Hydrogen Peroxide work, or would that be bad for something I'm going to put in my mouth?.
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Are guys turned on when girls wear socks and/ or shoes during sex?
Seems like girls tend to wear them a lot in porn.

It seems like it would be uncomfortable.
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Sweater/delicates drying rack?

As I continue to add to my wardrobe, the nicer things I buy are "hand/gentle wash, lay flat to dry." I have a drying rack made of a plastic frame and mesh to lay the garment on, but I need more than one. Does anyone have any that you like and recommend, where I can dry multiple items at a time? Having it up off the floor would be a bonus so the cats don't get on the freshly-washed clothes and nap.

:-) thanks