August 19th, 2005


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My 10 year old brother has an upset stomach and he's having trouble sleeping. Is there anything I can do/give him that would help lessen the pain (other than like tylenol if that would even help) or should he just sleep it off?
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Lets say you just finished fresh year of college and have a few grand in personal loans. Let's say due to some personal issues and lack of funding, you are taking fall semester off and starting in spring at a community college. If the loan grace period kicks in August 15 and you are back enrolled in school By January 15, what happens at the end of the 6months grace period (Feb 15)? Do you have to start making payments, regardless of being enrolled in school again?


There are four girls who are very close friends (we'll call them A, B, C, and D). A and B are especially close and so are C and D, but A is still close to C etc. (did that make sense?). Two years later, all of them have lost touch except for A and B who occassionally call eachother. A and B learn that C has killed herself...if you were D would you want to know?
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ok, this is my problem. I have a seriously hypersensitve body. As a result, I can't take any type of abortive more than three times a week. In other words, after three days, I'm left hanging for the next four days. I'm used to this, because if I don't follow it, I end up habituation to the meds making they become useless or I get rebounds.
Recently I've developed a new kind of migraine. The problem with it is that I get really bad vertigo amd make the pain worse whenever I close my eyes. As a result, I get practically no sleep. I'm on so many different drugs that I really don't want to add any more, but I have to find a way to get some sleep if I'm ever going to get better.
Do any of you know any kind of homiopathic ways to make me go to sleep. I've tried what my grandmother told me to do as a kid: close you eyes, close your mouth, and lie still. The problem there is I can't close my eyes. I've also tried meditating, but the pain keeps breaking through.
Any suggestions would be greatly apprieciated!
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Last night, I chopped a jalapeno without gloves or anything, and my fingers started to burn.

My roommate suggested that rinsing them with vinegar would take away the burn. Now I'm wondering why he hates me so. I always thought we were getting along...

Anyway, my fingers are still on fire and it's the next day. As in, they really really burn. How do I make this go away?

P.S. I don't have any milk. In fact the only dairy product in my house is a bag of shredded cheese.
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1. Anyone know where I can download the "R. Tam Session 416" video that's going around? Everywhere I can find only lets me stream. (And no, bittorrent or filesharing networks are not an option.)

Thank you, tis_true!

2. What classic computer games from the 90s should I definitely try to get ahold of? What about for the original Playstation? I'm open to most genres, favourites being strategy and RPG.
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do gangsta rappers need ghettos more than the ghetto residents?
and could someone make it as a rapper if they were black but not from a ghetto?

I'm only posting this b/c I saw a doc on Gary,Indiana-where they held the miss america(i believe) a few years ago and it was so run down, the jackson 5 were still on the town theater markee.
There were this wanna be gangster rappers hoping for their city not to get funding so they would have cred.

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Beer before liquor, you've never been sicker.
Liquor before beer, and you're in the clear.

1. Now, does wine count as liquor?

2. Do you follow these rules?

3. When was the last time you were hammered?
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should i try and study for my accuplacer test next week or should i go ahead and enroll in a math class?

I've been trying to study for the past 2 weeks and just last night I took some practice tests and did not do well on the big stuff. I' m understanding everything, it's really the execution.

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I'm not sure what he was thinking, but last Christmas, my dad signed me up for a Cheese of the Month Club. I love cheese, but really, what am I going to do with all this cheese, dad...

Anyways, I have two bricks of cheese in my fridge right now - a wheel of swiss and a brick of Colby jack. They're still sealed in the wax and everything, unopened. But I've had them since February and April... Or is it March and May? Something like that. So, if they're unopened and they've been in the fridge the whole time, do you think the cheese is still okay to eat?

On a similar note, what is the most bizarre, out of left field gift you've ever received?
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I don't know *why* this question came to me, but here goes:

What's your favorite quote from the Bible? Most meaningful, most poetic, most amusing, whatever.
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Stress Relief

What have you found to be the best way to relieve stress?

Is there anything specific you can think of that really doesn't work?

I don't have much free time at all, as I work 2 full time jobs and have class my 2 nights off during the week. I am hoping to find some way of relieving stress that doesn't take a lot of time....if that makes any sense.
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First, a little bit of background: I have a desktop computer and a laptop computer. The laptop is connected to wireless internet, using a router that is hooked up to the cable modem, which is hooked up to the desktop computer. I have Windows XP and Mozilla Firefox on both computers.

Now, is there any way for me to copy all of my Firefox bookmarks from my laptop to my desktop?

Also, I have a file on my desktop: Pam's Pictures. That file contains quite a few folders in which I have pictures separated into events/dates/etc. How can I get all of these pictures onto my laptop, keeping them in their separate folders?

I know I could probably do this by burning stuff onto CD's and all that, but I was wondering if there would be any way to do it via emailing (which would be my preference, as it would be the easiest way to do it.) I've set up the picture files so that they are shared documents on the wireless network and I can access the laptop's pictures from the desktop and vice versa, but this only works if both computers are on. So, I would like to have all of them stored on each computer.


EDIT: All taken care of, thanks everyone! :)

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1. Do you think lip rings look better on the side or in the middle?
2. I'm moving out in a week. Anyone have tips for keeping the cost of food down and buying smart? ETA: By the way, I'm trying to eat healthy and lose weight, so keep that in mind.
3. What brand do you think has the best flash-memory mp3 player? (This removes iPods from the picture) I'm looking for a 256 or 516 MB model. Audio quality is a big deal as is as a supertiny, aesthetically pleasing shape.
4. Will you suggest a manga series for me to check out as my first? Something that I can buy at a popular bookstore so I don't have to go out of my way/buy it off the internet.

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Where's the furthest you've been away from home, and why were you there?

What story about something you've done/something that happened to you do you always seem to end up telling people?

mary, you ask too many questions.

1. what kind of bird *is* big bird, anyway?
2. what is the hexidecimal colour of the sky where you are right now?
3. if all recorded music in the world (with two exceptions,) suddenly disappeared and there was no longer a way to record anything new, and you had to pick something to listen to while at work, would you choose u2 or the dave matthew's band? (and don't say neither! you *have* to pick one, or you are getting fired! and you can't get another job! and you can't be unemployed or you will starve to death!)
4. would you rather have sea monkies or a pet rock?
5. i lost my job today. i'm on, and i've got the newspaper. what are some other good resources for the job search?
6. why is it that all the jobs i've hated, i quit, but the one job i actually like, i get canned?


I'm leaving because with school starting I'm way too busy to read all the entries that are put in this community, and I end up neglecting my friends' entries. Do you think that is dumb?
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Dress me

Image hosted by

Is this outfit suitable for a mid-priced hip restaurant (PF Chang's in downtown Sacramento)

Do you think it looks well put together?

If not what would you change?
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A few questions

1. On standarized math tests, SATs and IQ tests, you often see a question similiar to this: Two cars left from the same starting point travelling in different directions. They each drove 8 miles and took a left turn and then drove 4 miles. How far apart are the cars? Do they mean "as the bird flies" or if they had to drive the same road?

2. If I have a piece of paper or paper towel in my car with the windows open, it starts to blow around or it will blow out the window. If I crumple it up, the weight obviously doesn't change, but it doesn't fly around anymore ... how come?

3. Do you use expressions, idioms or cliches in your daily conversations? I am extremely bad with these. If I attempt to use one, I always mess up.
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beauty and hygiene learned from parents

What kinds of bad beauty and hygiene tips did your parents try to teach you? Especially as a pre-teen or teenager.

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Anyway so yeah the question is what did you "learn" about this stuff from your parents, when, and what were the especially bad embarassing stories? Did your schoolmates or siblings or other peers manage to set you straight?

i've been beating myself up over this.

So, I'm in a predicament that needs a decision. It's a tough decision, but I've already pretty much got my mind made up. I just really want to ask to see what people have to say about it/if they've been in a similar situation.

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1. In your opinion and/or in the job world, is FINISHING high school and having your high school DIPLOMA the same thing?
2. Has anyone at a job ever asked you to SEE your diploma?
3. What would you do in this situation? Try and finish, knowing it won't matter, and get your GED after high school? Or just give up, get a job, and get the GED? Or some other suggestion that I'm overlooking?
4. Did you drop out? If so, do you regret it/how does it effect your every day life now?
5. Do you have your GED? Do you feel like people look at you differently because of it?

Seriously, feel free to share a story, give me some advice.. I'll take any input right now, as this whole thing has got me pretty confused.
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What the heck do you wear to a baby shower? (I have to ask because of my tendency to dress inappropriately) Specifically one where there will be lots of 30 year-olds present at a teahouse type place in the afternoon.
And er.. what do you do? Besides eat and open presents? There won't be games so what's left?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, my excuse for cluelessness is my age and this being the first time I've attended something of the sort.

Edit: And what do you write on the baby shower card for the gift? Is it addressed only to the mother or both parents? My brother is the father-to-be but he won't be attending. I plan on sending them a different card once the babies are born that will be addressed to both of them of course.
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In the interest of saving space on my much-abused laptop (currently only 600MB left! Eep!) I've started converting my MP3 files to AAC files. I'm aware of AACs only being played by iTunes-- that's my default music player.

However, is it possible to burn music CDs (not mp3 CDs, but the kind you can play on your stereo system) using AAC files? Or should I burn the CDs I want before converting the songs to AAC format?

Secondly, what's the best way to break a bad sleeping schedule? I've gotten into a very inconvenient 6 am to 4 pm sleeping schedule in my unemployment. I may or may not have plans with friends tomorrow, so I don't want to stay up all night, but every time I've tried to go to bed earlier, I've been unable to get to sleep until 5 or 6 am. Should I just stay up and go to Walmart nice and early for lots of caffeine or what?
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prison couples-

20/20 is doing a piece about it.

these women go to "prison singles" websites looking for love.
i can't believe i just typed that.

one excuse for the husband not being there:
"my friends'husband travels all the time"

sad,loveless marriages make people do crazy things.
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Do you have an Amazon wishlist? How many things are on it? Has anyone ever bought you things off it? Anyone you didn't know?

I have 100 things on mine right now - it used to be over 300, but I pared down. Heh. And I have had a lot of people get me things, a couple of times from complete strangers. It was pretty cool :D
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is making money off of blind memories of people who grew up during the 30s,40s, and 50s moral or immoral?
people like to reminise of their lives during those times by always saying
"the simple times" and go to oldies festivals,etc.

i like the fantasy as much as the next person, but you also gotta be aware of the reality that everyone ignored societies problems.
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Nightmares and A Favour...

When I was younger, my parents wouldn't let me watch A Clockwork Orange. They said it was too violent. My mother did, however, take me to see The Ring when I asked her. We saw it in 2002, when it first came out and it still terrifies me to this day. I hate putting videos in my video player, I can't stand the sight or sound of TV static and every time I open my wardrobe I wonder if there will be a dead girl in there (By the way - A Clockwork Orange? Didn't phase me).

When have your parents been right about advice they have given you?

When have they been wrong?

Also...I have been looking at this website. It's something similar to PostSecret, in fact I think the two are related. I have looked at all the postcards apart from one - the third one from the left on the bottom row. As I was watching it load I saw that the text read something along the lines of 'this photo has given me nightmares...I'll probably have nightmares for weeks...' and then I clicked out of the window because I don't want to have nightmares after seeing it! Is there a brave soul out there who will look at the photo for me and tell me what it is?
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just curious.

How old do you think is too old for a man to father a baby?

How old do you think is too old for a woman to give birth to a baby?

What do you think is the ideal age for a man to father a baby?

What do you think is the ideal age for a woman to give birth to a baby?

And WHY for all?

I realize many of you are child-free (or whatever it's called), but I'm not asking about you specifically, just in general.

Edit: Numbers, people, numbers!

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Does anyone know of any legit websites that you can make money from by filling out surveys? I remember hearing about some companies who pay you as long as you're online. That sounds ridiculous, I know. I have to be able to sign up since I'm from Canada =)

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rainbow necklace

ok, i'm searching for a choker style necklace, woven (either cloth or hemp material) in a rainbow 'friendship' style necklace.
i've found COUNTLESS bracelets/anklets which would be great, but they are too small to work as a necklace.
i've found COUNTLESS necklaces with rainbows, but not the right type (remember those old 'friendship' bracelets? that's really similar to what i'm looking for...) and as far as the hemp goes, it has to be fully rainbow dyed material, not just rainbow beads on a normal hemp colored necklace...

here's my question:
does anyone knows how to get one of these necklaces or how to MAKE one (i'm not exactly skilled at arts & crafts type activities, so it would have to be really easy to do with specific directions...) ???

*sigh* you think this would be really easy...
sheesh... i'm out of ideas. =oP
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