August 18th, 2005

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they say having flat feet is bad. why?

i dont think they cared much about arch supports in the past (like more than a hundred years ago)... so why is it said to be so bad if you have flat feet or fallen arches?
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Fun, tough questions.

Short version : Academic probation, academic dismissal, appeal forms. My mother has been giving me money for tuition and housing when I've needed it since starting college, and that includes time after I knew about my dismissal. I haven't yet told her (or anyone else but close friends, really) about it. I'd have about two weeks before I was evicted if my appeal is denied. I'm not sure how much my family here would be willing to help me when they find out that I was keeping my problems with classes from everyone. (Renting me a room or helping me find a place until I can get more than a part-time job, anyway. I'd plan on getting two full time jobs for fall semester or so, drop one to take full time classes at a community college around spring semester to keep from having to pay back loans and to help with my readmittance application, if the appeal was denied.)

Mostly not relevant detail - My parents divorced when I was 6. My mom is a dispatcher for Burlington Northern and lives in Kansas City. My dad remarried and is retired, and lives with my stepmother here in Lincoln (along with most of my family... I've never lived anywhere else) who works for the accounting school at the university I attend. My mom recently broke up with her boyfriend and sold their house together, and bought a house alone in Kansas City.

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What do you think of my appeal forms essay thing?

Do you think I should tell my mom right away, or after I know the results? (She may or may not be willing to help me find somewhere to live at that point.)

How should I tell her in either case?

Any other advice you can give that I'm not thinking of?

For random addition, I plan to attend all of the Big Red Welcome events this weekend, regardless of the status of my appeal, and have fun with my friends here in case it is the last time I can.

Edit - Yes, I fixed the typos. :)

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How does one know which cigarette they prefer?
I'm a cashier and when people request certain cigarettes, like Benson & Hedges Ultra Lights Menthol 100's, I'm like..geez how many did you try to find that particular one?? If you're a smoker, which do you prefer?
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Oh, Those Kooky Kommercials

So tell me, the little girl in the "Go to jail for a gun crime and your family serves the sentence too" PSA, doesn't she remind of a trike-riding zombie?

And would you ever actually stop a bus in the middle of a street to get your friend not to drop out of school?

Two unrelated opinion questions

I got an unexpected $80 today (going away gifts). I have a speeding ticket to pay off this week which Ive known and had factored into the financial situation since monday. Id have been fine, I had the money...I didnt like having to pay for it but...that'll teach me not to speed...=) So, do I put the $80 towards the $115 ticket, or do I take $30-$40 of it and buy myself the featherbed Ive been wanting for my dorm??


I have a ex/best friend (complicated situation) about a month and a half ago I stopped talking to him. I needed space to figure out my feelings. There has been no contact since then. However, I am moving this week and getting a new phone number. I plan on calling him in a few weeks but Id feel guilty if I just disappeared. However, I dont want to contact him yet, I just want him to have it just incase he ever needed me (very unlikely) I

A) Not give it to him
B) Have a mutual friend give it to him
C) Send a brief mass Email to some people in my contacts and just throw him in with the crowd?
D) other?

*EDIT* - The only problem with C is that I dont want him to feel like its an invitation to call me just because. I still want my space, and I want/need things done on my terms. If I was to send it out to numerous people I couldnt explain that to him in the email and Id have to keep it pretty light.
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Buying music online

Being on dial-up, I've never really got into the whole downloading music thing. But there are a few tracks I'd really like. I'm happy to buy tracks; in fact, would prefer to. But I've got Windows 98. Napster and iTunes both require XP or 2000. Anyone know any services that support Windows 98?

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(Warning: website might be a bit graphic.)

Body Worlds Has anyone heard of this? Or better yet, seen it?
What do you think of it? Opinions? I'm rather fascinated, and am interested to hear what other people have to say. I'm already aware that some people might see it as "highly offensive" and "inappropriate" and even "disgusting" as it has struck some controversy here in California already.

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Anyone here adopted?

When did you find out?

Do you know your biological parents? Have you always known them or did you go out and search for them?

If you were to adopt a child, would you have them know they were adopted or would you wait to tell them when they were older? Why would you wait to tell them if you do.

Same questions for anyone with adopted children, applied to them. :)

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So um. I seem to be dying of a mysterious disease, or something. Help?
So on Saturday I was cutting off bits of my hair (as you do) when I noticed I had a weird... square grey bruise on my left temple. But, you know, it just looked bruise-y and didn't hurt when I poked it, so I ignored it. And then today I was looking it again, and... it's now like, a ring, and kind of going reddish. So I am worried. It doesn't hurt, but... I have a headache, but that's probably just because I'm stressing about having a weird mark on my forehead, because I didn't have a headache yesterday. So uh, yeah. Help? What do you think? Is my brain about to explode? Are there worms in my brain? What?
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Can you tell who people are by the way they type?

My family's computer is behind a corner so from a lot of places in the house you can't see it - but if somebody is using it I can always tell who it is, and my mom doesn't understand this at all. Can anybody else do this?
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I'm in pain! :(

1. Have you ever had neck pain/injury for which you went to physical therapy? If so, what were some of the exercises and things they told you to do? I've woken up with a lump in my neck/shoulder the size of a golf ball and excruciating pain when I turn my head two days in a row. Been trying massaging it and a heating pad, but it's still killing me!

2. What are some good remedies for easing the pain of a wisdom tooth breaking through the gums? Anything? I should have gotten them pulled a year ago when I was supposed to. :(

for whoever's used
I just registered and all but now it won't let me sign in. Am i supposed to get a confirmation email or something? how long does it take?
more specifically about
how did you find it in general? was it easy to use? I've never used any of these websites but i need to order my textbooks this year online and is much much cheaper then lol
and anything else you can tell me about the subject would be great! thanks :)
lesbian wedding

for married/engaged folks

I've noticed a lot of folks talking about how they are going to be engaged in the near future. They are even discussing wedding plans with their significant other before the proposal. This planning ahead to get engaged seems to take much of the romance out of the good old fashion surprise proposal.

If you are engaged or married, did you plan ahead and discuss the engagement prior to the proposal or was the proposal a surprise? In hindsight, would you have done it differently?

None of my business but Im curious

My friends boyfriend has a lot of foster brother and sisters, one of whom I just found out is HIV positive. She's the first person Ive known with HIV but it doesnt phase me at all, I dont think of her any differently. and thankfully she's doing good right now.
But, I found out that she didnt know she has it yet. She's 8 years old and basically only knows she has to take a lot of medication.
Im sympathetic to the fact that as an 8 year old it would be a difficult concept to grasp but the family doesnt plan on telling her until she's 11 or 12. From my perspective having something like that hidden from me for 12 years of my life would be more harming.
I told my friend how I viewed it, I dont want to dissuade them of their decision. Its none of my business. I was just wondering.

If you had a child who had HIV when would you start to tell them about the disease? Obviously I dont expect them to tell her everything...but atleast start to explain it to her now.
Would it matter if it was your child or a foster child?
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Camera (and other crap) Questions

I know I can google, but I want human experience answers..

Difference between 35mm SLR and Point and Shoot?
Are Nikon or Minolta good companies for either one of those, or are there better companies for either SLR or PS?

What is F5, F100 (focus?), N80, N65, N75?
What is each used for, or at least strength and weakness?

Maybe we should, if this entry is answered properly, be put under memories?

Whats a good vegetarian cookbook?
Whats a good Buddhist, Taoist book?
What other religions/ways of life, in the same motif as the above question should one check out to be more informed?
When going into a long-distance relationship, that you want to keep, (I'm really asking those succeded in keeping one(ie; I'm going away for a few years but do want to come back and live my cutey-pie)) whats the most important thing to do?
What's the funnest/funniest (yes, there's a difference) book you've read?
Has anyone gone to Hobart and William Smith Colleges?

(Alright I'm done now)

*Makes sad face*

Am I the only person having trouble getting into AIM? I was on last night but then when i woke up it would not let me log back in. i can not get to the AIM website either. Is it just me???

Is anyone having trouble accessing I can not get to the website.

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Say that you found out your favorite celebrity has AIM or some program like it, and you somehow managed to get their username. What would be the first thing you'd message them with, in the hopes of not scaring them off and making them totally ignore you? :D
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Right... who do you think should be the next James Bond?

A lot of people seem to be suggesting:
Clive Owen (Damned good idea)
Ewan McGregor (Too young. Maybe in 10 years time)
Johnathan Straham (Yeah, that could work)
Sean Bean (Shame he was 006)

What do you guys think?

Not who do you think will be Bond, but who do you think would make a good Bond.
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Does anyone know what band has/had been together the longest without breaking up?

My boyfriend and I were thinking The Rolling Stones but I don't know their history so I don't know if they've ever broken up. He also suggested Alabama but I know absolutely nothing about them.
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physical challenge!

Can you do tricks or neat things with parts of your body that most people can't?

Examples: double jointed acrobaticness, roll tongue, flip your eyelid up, wiggle ears, you name it.

I can roll my tongue, but a lot of people can. I can also make my eyeballs wiggle or shake kinda. I have to cross my eyes and bulge them and stare really hard at something, and then my eyeballs will shake back and forth for a few seconds. It hurts but no one I've ever met can do it so it's a fun party trick.

a computer/keyboard quiestion

I'm having some keyboard problems and I can not seem to figure out how to fix this... I have a laptop but since it never leaves my bedroom I have a keyboard and mouse plugged into it because I hate using the keyboard and "mouse" that is part of the keyboard.
So the problem is the keyboard hat comes with the laptop is working fine but the one I have plugged into it is having a lot of trouble. Many of the keys arent working
e t u a d g j backspace are the ones that arent working
I've unplugged it and then plugged it back in. I've rebooed my computer. I went into the control pannel to see if that would change anything... but nothing seems to work.
Does anyone know whats wrong with it? I tried a diffrent keyboard but it had the same problem and I did not spill anything on it.

Bored and Nosy

Just a couple of questions...

x. Does your family get together for parties/events/BBQs/days out? If so, how often? Do you enjoy meeting up with your family, or do you find it awkward?

x. Any embarassing/funny stories about being at a family gathering?

x. If/When you have a family of your own, do/will you organise family get-togethers or do you prefer to not have to see your family often?

x. If you do have family gatherings, is it only close family you invite or everybody you can think of?

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I know you guys get this A LOT so I apologize,

But, Im going insane. I cannot figure out how to transfer files from my old computer to my laptop. I have a wireless connection. and if I run the transfer wizard thing it just looks for a connection with hte other computer forever. They both are running Windows Xp

Can someone, please give me a step by step, idiot proof guide? or...something? anything..

sorry again. =/

*EDIT - I promise Ill shut up soon

I used a Host file on my desktop to block myself from Myspace. But I cant get it to work on the laptop. I went through the same steps, same host files everything. But I can still pull up Myspace.

Do I have to restart my computer before it takes effect or could there be something different on the laptop that isnt allowing it to work?
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Soy related question

with the recent post about the dangers of soy, is it ok to drink it in small amounts?
I usually use it for cereal,and protein shakes and an occasional small mug full.

I also heard that goat milk is pretty good for you.
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What's healthier for you: Ricemilk or Soymilk?

When you asked someone, "Why are you a vegetarian?"...what was the coolest, most interesting, maybe even downright oh, hmm..or even 'wow thats a good reason I have never thought about'...?
Also, for all you veggies and vegans out there, for those who used to be quite carniverous..why and when did you switch?
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1. When are you supposed to use "instantaneously" versus "instantly"?

2. If you found $3 worth of quarters on the bathroom sink at work, would you take them?

3. Are you embarrassed when you fart in your work's/school's bathroom when other people are in there, or do you just figure that's what the bathroom is for?

4. If you saw someone wearing elastic-wasted jeans, who was otherwise relatively fashionable, what would you think?

5. I've been at my job for two months and today was my third time calling in sick. Should I feel guilty?

6. Does it annoy you if someone near you is listening to their headphones loudly enough that you can hear the music?
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I've been commissioned by a company to design a notice about their change to a bigger location. They asked that there be "some kind of mild cliché sentence about getting bigger or bigger business or whatever, but not too cute." I've been thinking for a couple days now, and as the deadline approaches I'm still out of ideas. All I have is, "Bigger business means better business", but I mean.. come on.

Can anyone think of anything? (If it helps, it's a consulting company for the pharmaceutical industry).
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second of the day

I never know what to write in bios or profiles online... because I don't know what people want to know about me (or other people in general). Haha, and I always put that in my profiles too- it's in my userinfo. ;-)

So when you read a profile, what do you hope to find out about that person?
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Everytime I try to access a web page I get an alert that says "The connection was refused when attempting to contact (insert wed address here)". Why am I getting these alerts and how can I stop them? I have mozilla firefox.
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Anyone here surf? I love surfing.
Anyone been LAKE surfing?

Also, any advice for me to get into skateboarding? I've only tried a couple of times, but I'm really crap at it. I'd like not to be crap. Any books, or videos, anything? I think I just need a partner to go with or something.
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How should I cut my hair? It's pretty thin. I'd like to keep it long but it's so fried from chemicals that I should at least cut it a little bit to keep it healthier. It's been breaking off a lot.

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abby genius

Crushed Velvet

If you had 20 metres of crushed velvet fabric, in various colours, what would you do with it?

And if your answer is "sew something" - what would you sew?
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Audio player survey

What player do you use to listen to your mp3s/CDs? (WinAmp, Musicmatch Jukebox, Windows Media Player, etc)

Why did you pick that particular player?

Have you ever used any other player? What in particular did you like/dislike about that one?

a bunch of random questions

1.HAIR TREATMENT: A friend of mine just suggested to me, when I stated I wanted to bleach my hair, that frosting the top layer would be a good alternative. I'm not quite sure what that's supposed to look like. Anyone have pictures?

2.WILDLIFE: WTF, my sister just walked in my room and showed me this container of unidentified fuzz...OMG IT'S BABY RABBITS. Apparently my dog found them outside and my dad decided to rescue them. They said if they hadn't "rescued" them the mother would have killed them because they had the dog's scent on them. How do we *ahem* they get them to not die??

3.BEAUTY: I have terrible circles under my eyes from bad summer sleeping habits...actually I had them before that. Can you lend me some tips to make them kind of go away, or less noticeable, besides the obvious?

4.MAG SUBSCRIPTION: Will a bank reimburse you if you sent a check to someone and somehow it gets cashed by someone else? (That sounds kinda dumb. Hmm.)
I sent a check to this magazine company and I haven't gotten any issues yet. They said it could take 6-8 weeks, but COME ON, we live in the same city. (Well, very close to it.) I don't know if I should bug them before the full 8 weeks is up to make sure they are the ones who cashed my check, because two issues have been released since I sent it.
Should I be worried that I haven't gotten either one yet? (It's monthly.) I've never subscribed to magazines before--is this normal or should I definitely check up with them? I'm afraid if it turns out they DIDN'T get my check, and I go to the bank, they'd say "Well why did you wait so long to say something? We ain't giving you no money back!!"