August 17th, 2005

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Can anyone name a movie with a monkey, and a ferris wheel, the monkey being captured, something about Africa.
haha okay, my friends are trying to remember this movie, I've never seen it. Anyone know the name??

1960s British Thriller Movie Question

There was a movie from the mid-1960s where someone at the beginning was killed by a pair of poisoned glasses. Later on there was an incident where an important piece of paper got stuck under the foot of one of the dress guards at Buckingham Palace, and then at the end there was a helicopter chase sequence. Does anyone know what this was? Thanks -- I've been wondering about this for decades.
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Dating question

If I'm with a guy I just met recently, but we hit it off REALLY well, and he says (without prompting by me) more than once over the course of hanging out, "I like you", is it safe to say he's more interested in me than just for messing around?
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What's the term used for people who always believe they're sick, when in reality most of the time they're fine?

My sister thinks it starts with an M.

Edit: Solved...Hypochondriac

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Any good advice on how to master driving a stick shift, namely going from stopped to first? I keep stalling it out and it's really stressing me out. I have no problem with shifting gears otherwise, just getting into first is really troublesome. Help.

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Girls - what have you, or your partners, named your boobs?
Guys - what have you named your SO's boobs?

Everyone always laughs when I tell them what I named mine years ago..

Mary-Kate and Ashley.

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I have McAfee antispyware stuff. that and the antivirus stuff. this is all courtesy of my university, which the first time you try to connect to the internet says "sorry, don't think so" and makes you run a check on your computer. it makes sure you have your windows updates turned on, secure passwords, updated antivirus software, etc. McAfee is provided free if you don't have antivirus stuff, and I guess the antispyware comes along for the ride.

So now, just about every day, sometimes multiple times a day, I'm being told I need to update mcAfee antispyware. I click update now. firefox comes up, loads, and it's just a blank white page. Rightclickign the icon and trying to update from the options thing does the same thing.

Is it not firefox compatible? isn't that kinda stupid that antispyware software would only update correctly in IE?

Or is it just stupid and something I should disable/get rid of?
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What was the name of the psychology experiment where a member of the public was informed to 'electrocute' another hidden member of the public every time they got an answer wrong?

Every time they got one wrong the voltage was increased until the hidden person was screaming in agony and then went silent. The idea was (I think) to find out how long someone would keep pressing the button. The other guy was an actor pretending to be in pain.

What the hell was it called?
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1.Is it true that if I wear a tampon during my period I can go swimming with no problem?

2. I'm about to start college and I found my required books for this semester on my college's website. Do the teachers expect me to have all my books by the first day, or will they tell me what books to buy on the first day? I was wondering if I'm supposed buy them ahead of time.

(nervous freshman :/ )

Thanks in advance!
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I don't suppose there's a way to google this, so...

How did symbols like !$#!#%!@$%$# come to mean [enter obscene language here]?? Did it start in some publication somewhere? Did some typist just get mad one day and start slamming on his typewriter?
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I think my stepsister might be bulemic. She throws up a lot. I don't think she does it after every meal, but I either hear her throwing up or see puke floating around in the toilet a few times a week. It's disgusting. I'm afraid to confront her about it though because I know she's tried to lose weight so many times and in so many ways. She works out a lot and probably has less fat on her body than I do, even though she probably weighs 200 lbs. I'm 110 lbs and I sit on my ass and do nothing all day and eat whatever I want, whenever I want. Needless to say, I'm a bit intimidated by her. She can be fucking mean if she wants to, and I don't think she would take it too well if I brought this up. I don't wanna rat to the parents, because I'd never want anyone to rat on me. And she's 25, much more of an adult than I am at 19. What should I do? Say something? Stay out of it?
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More hypothetical book/movie related questions.

1. Say you realized one day that there was suddenly a closet/hallway where there shouldn't be one in your house, and inside it was very dark and seemingly endless. Do you go in and explore or do you haul ass out of the house? What if you knew there was a good chance you'd get hurt or possibly die?

2. If you've seen the movie Clue, is there a character you just REALLY wanted to get away with it (assuming it was them who did it)? In the game did you have a favorite character? Do you think your original favorite character had anything to do with who you wanted to get away with it?

3. Also Clue related! If you were in a house with the man blackmailing you and someone killed him thus ending all your problems, do you try to figure out who did it or just leave since now your troubles are over?

4. Do movies that aren't historically accurate but are still entertaining (Pocahontas, Anastasia, etc.) bother you? Can you still enjoy them?

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laundry woes.

Okay, so I moved and all, it's cool...except I can't find my dryer sheets and I NEED to do laundry. I did find some liquid softner that the previous tenant left, but I've got no great clue how to use it. Or is there a way I can substitute it in the dryer, somehow?


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Your college roommate/best friend from last year is going to be your roommate this year, but over the summer the OCD running through her genes took a bit of a surge and while she doesn't wash her hands 8 times or anything like that, she's gotten obsessively neat. now what? rejoice? get freaked out?

Why, yesterday, did my computer decide that even though the keyboard was set to english in every other application, to start being in german while playing world of warcraft?
wasted alot of water.(my water is set to -, and on a german keyboard the / key is the - key.)

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How much do veterinary technicians make to start? I mean, ones that JUST start out and have little to no experience, and about 75% of the job is receptionist/administrative. My friend just applied for a job, and thought she answered the "How much money are you looking for?" question incorrectly (ha) based on the vet's reaction, so wanted to know for future reference. We're in NJ.
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Another question from me, this time not movie or book related.

For those of you in a relationship, do you think things would be different if you were the opposite sex? (Assuming also that your SO was the opposite sex as well, just to rule out the "then I'd be gay" comment that someone would inevitably say. Unless of course you ARE in a gay/lesbian relationship, then you would still be, you'd just both be the opposite sex.)

I know that's confusing, so here's my answer: Collapse )
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What would you give your significant other for their birthday? You've already given them their birthday present (they said they didn't want anything from anyone just experiences because they have what they want...but they kept telling you how they were wanting this one thing and they couldn't get it so you made it your mission to buy it and give it to them before they could buy it) but now it's their actual birthDAY. They've invited you to their mom's house for the festivities their family has cooked up.

You've already planned an "experience" by going on a 3 day camping trip this weekend. I want to do something for him today but I don't want it to cost a lot. More like a "Hey, you're the person I care about most and I want you to know that" deal.

I don't really want to get him like flowers and chocolates; we're not the insanely romantic type. Plus it's too cliche. I kind of want to get him something that's a bit off-beat but explains myself, even though he already knows haha. :D Help?
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Have to vent a bit.

For those out there who are not in a relationship of any kind, are you sick and tired of hearing

"You're a great (girl/guy) and you're going to make someone very happy someone day" or "You will find someone" or any other such variation?

(might have asked this before so just incase, sorry)

What is the most over used line you have ever heard?
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Gas prices

What are YOU doing to help combat the high gas prices?

What do you think the *government* should do about the high gas prices?


-I'm taking the EL a lot more, and walking, too.

-Realistically, nothing. It's supply and demand. Americans as a whole are not changing the driving habits. In the perfect world, though, the government would get on the car companies to make more fuel efficient cars, have public transportation in every city, etc.
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Credit Card Balance

What happens if you only have like $5 left on a credit card, and the interest for that billing cycle turns out to be $20 or something. Will it be just like if you overdraw, or is there not a penalty for that sort of thing?
che BITCHES by witchbabywigg


Room mate situation:
I have 3 room mates.
Over the years we've each taken up concentrating on one general chore that we're most passionate about, rather than dividing everything or switching each week. I sort and bundle and take care of all the garbage & recycling, for example, since it's very important to me. Another one vacuums and cleans the bathroom. Etc.
And Martin does the dishes. Every day, sometimes twice a day. He really hates having dishes not done by the time he goes to bed. He's obsessive about the dishes. The problem is that he does a TERRIBLE job.
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rare genetic condition

Last weekend, I saw Batman Begins in an IMAX theater. It was one of the best movies I've ever seen. I had a conversation with a friend who was an avid comic book fan, and she knew just about everything about Batman. We talked a little about all the different villains in the Batman comics. Bane, Mr. Freeze, Two-face, and so on.

But the one that sounded really erie to me was a crime boss named Baby Doll. She had a rare genetic condition that permanently kept her from growing. She had the body of a child. She was like an adult in the body of a 5-year old girl.

My friend tells me that there really is such a disease. Oh man that's bizarre. Can you imagine an adult woman that looks and sounds exactly like a little girl? Creepy. That's like something out of The Twilight Zone or something.

Ok, humor aside, I want to read more about this because it sounds so fascinating. Does anybody know what this condition is called?

I promise I do not intend this entry to sound racist.

I've seen in walmart grease meant to be put in hair. Black person pictured on the little vat, black person pictured on pretty much every item in the immediate vicinity of it.

What is the purpose of this? Most black-person hair I see tends to have that kind of sheen to it, and all of it I've ever touched- friends in school- has had my fingers coming away greasy. What does it look like without it?

What would you put in a public service announcement type flier about "Stop coming to work smelly, all of you"?

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Would anyone be interested in being a part of a community alike this, just dealing with music? Where we'd have questions asked such as "what's the best album by _____", "If I like ____ who else should I listen to" and "what are your top favorite songs" etc. I wouldn't really want to be moderator or anything of a community like this but I totally think one should be made. Just a suggestion.

by the way, it says BALLS on your forehead.

1. what is your redeeming quality?
2. what kind of laundry detergent do you use?
3. what did you have for dinner two days ago?
4. have you ever been married? if yes, for how long? if no, do you want to be?
5. if you drive, what kind of car do you drive?
6. do you want to go on a road trip with me?
7. what's your favourite movie that was made after 1997?
8. ...before 1997?
9. have you ever had rubella? i don't know anyone who has.
10. is there any community that's better than thequestionclub?
11. would you rather have lasagne or stuffed shells?

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Ahh! Babies!

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if you have a credit card with no balance and no annual fee, can you cancel it simply by cutting it up? Do you have tocall them?

What if there is an annual fee? Do you have to call then or can you just cut it up?

Kitty litter questions

How often are you supposed to scoop out/fully clean the kitty litter??

My kitten has been using it's litter box fine for more than half a year, but yesterday it just decided it'd piss in the living room. o.O Could this be because the box wasn't clean enough?
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(edited, since I found the name of the book)
When I was little I had this book called 'Something Queer at the Lemonade Stand' which starred a pair of school-age girls and their dog. Anyway, I don't care much about finding the book, but it had a lemonade recipe at the back which made the BEST lemonade and I can't find or remember it. Anyone know it? (Who makes lemonade with a recipe from a kids book, anyway? Me, I guess.)

Failing that, how do YOU make lemonade?
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Sale prices.

Ok, tihs is driving me insane.

For those of you familiar with Safeway, they have these little signs that say, for example, "10 for $5 or 50 cents each"

So if you don't need to buy TEN to get the sale price, why do they even put that amount? You'd still get 6 for $3 or 12 for $6.... so why do they even say 10 to begin with? Why not just emphasize the 50 cents each?

Relatedly, I bought two bras for $48 (individually priced for $28) and my mom was saying it's ridiculous that I have to buy two in order to get the sale price... that at Mervyn's if they say "2 for $48" you'd still get one for $24.

I kind of thought THAT was ridiculous... I mean, cool for the consumer, but kind of ridiculous in theory.

At Victoria's Secret, they sell lotions 1 for $9, 3 for $24, or 5 for $30. THAT makes more sense to me... the more items you buy, the bigger discount you get....

1. So do you guys know why some stores even list an amount to purchase for a sale, when you'd be getting the same sale price regardless of how many you purchase?

2. And which situation do you guys think it more ridiculous (in theory.. not as the consumer)? Listing an amount that has no significance or getting a lower price for purchasing more?

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Question for anyone that knows about financial aid:

My parents say they don't want me to go to an expensive school (see: University of Chicago, Reed College, Brown) because they think that I won't qualify for financial aid the FAFSA gives because of my family income. Our problem is this: even though our household income is pretty high, a lot of the money coming in is going to pay debts off. Which results in a lot less that I could use to pay for college. So does anyone know if the FAFSA takes into account the amount of income going towards previous debts? Thanks in advance!

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What would be the quickest and most humane way to kill an animal on your own?

I'm only asking because I had the unfortunate nightmare of having to finish off a poor rat my cat dragged in. I feel like shit. I want to know what to do in case it happens again.

:/ And please don't joke, because it was traumatic for me.
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I know I just posted but.....

I tried to google this but I guess I just don't know what to search for.

There was a celebrity who recently found out that he was raised by his grandmother, who he always thought was his mother... and that the woman he thought was his sister was actually his mother.

Do you know who I'm talking about or where I can find out more information on it?

I'm sure this situation happens often, but there's a famous person I'm thinking of.

Edit: I think it may have been Jack Nicholson. My sister and I both think we saw it on "101 best kept Hollywood secrets"

Do any of you know if it Jack Nicholson's story that was on that show?
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your stereotypical girl with two car questions

My car's speedometer goes up to 200 kph (120 mph) but I know it can go faster. I mean, I'm assuming it can go faster. Our other car has less than half of my car's horsepower and can go 180 kph. And I had this car at 180 kph once and it didn't seem to have any problems. I sort of want to drive it faster because it's so much fun I want to see how fast it can go but I'm kind of afraid of taking it over what's on the speedometer.
Any car experts out there? Is my car going to implode if I go faster than what's on the speedometer?

For extra bonus points: How do you wash you car? Do you have any insider tips to share? I used to take my old cars into the car wash but my husband wants to handwash the new car because he doesn't want it to get scratched. We used the handwash areas of the local car wash a few times but it doesn't really get all clean and shiney. It's black so I know it will never be 100% sparkly but I'm pretty sure we can get it cleaner than what it's now.
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Hmmm, work and friendship!

So since I work at a college bookstore friendship often comes along with the fellow employee-ship. :)

At work I was planning an outting to a Hookah bar, everyone was invited and since all ages could come, no one was excluded based on age.

With the sign posted I was approched by a good friend and fellow employee about who all was really invited to the outting. I told her that everyone was, and questioned why. She informed me that there were a two individuals (one who I dislike also) that she didn't really want to come.

I told her that I wasn't going to NOT invite anyone and she agreed, and that she would suck it up. :) (It later turned out that the person she didn't want to come, couldn't go anyway.)

My question is this:

Would you rather:
- Obviously NOT be invited to a party


- Be invited but have everyone there resent you for being there (because they didn't like you).

back it up and drive

What's the point of having a back-up drive?

My friend has a laptop and she maxed out the space on her c:/ drive. She has a d:/ drive that's for back-up but her logic thinks that she should be able to just use it for her stuff since it's empty. Is this the wrong way to think about this?
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When you're home alone sleeping and the phone ringing wakes you up, do you:

A. Answer it.
B. Let the answering machine get it.
C. Let it ring if you don't have an answering machine.