August 16th, 2005

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So I'm watching a show on the Discovery Health Channel about a woman who has a 200 lb tumor. How can anyone let something like that get so huge? Wouldn't you notice the tumor when it was just a bit smaller and more easily removed?

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Why are certain ideals symbolized by women, such as Lady Justice and Lady Liberty? I'm not saying they shouldn't, just wondering where these images came from, especially since women had very little to do with freedom and justice at the time that these symbols originated.

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I want to re pierce my second and third holes in both my ears. They closed up about a year ago..I think.

I dont have the guts to do it myself and I really dont want to spend over $40 to get em repierced at claire's or the icing. Because, I dont need the earring, I dont want to pay $13 bucks for a pair of earrings I wont use again. there anyplace that does em cheaper? or offers cheaper earrings?
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I am getting braces put on in two days. I like the shape of my face and the way my mouth looks when I smile with it closed - I just want to fix the crooked teeth. Is it possible for braces to noticably change the way my face looks, besides my teeth? I can't end up looking worse, can I?
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I've been seeing this woman to cut my hair for the past four years or so. She's my haridresser, my mom's, AND my nana's. For the most part I like the way she cuts my hair and I don't mind her. But we don't really talk and when we do it's kind of awkward. I never thought about changing because I'd never been to anyone else.

When my prom was coming up I really wanted her to do my hair. Her day off is Sundays and Mondays and prom was on a Sunday. I asked her if she would do it anyway but she shook her head no. (To be fair I only gave her a week and a half notice.)

I was stuck without a hairdresser for prom and had to find one FAST. I begged and pleaded at this salon in our mall to fit me in and somehow they managed to fit in 45 minutes to do my hair. I was wary but relieved. When the big day came my haridresser turned out to be this awesome gay man who was the epitome of male hairdressers everywhere. I had never had such a fun time getting my hair done. He and I just clicked. It was the cliche hairdresser/client relationship and I loved it. I also loved the way he did my hair. Afterwards, when I thanked him for coming in on his day off and finding the time to do my hair, I told him about the other hairdresser. He just said, "Honey, I think it's time you get a new stylist."

I want to get my hair cut in the next few weeks and I want to go see him but I'm not sure how to break it off with my old hairdresser. Do I send her a note or something or just quit going to her? My mom and Nana still see her on a regular basis so she can ask them. I just don't want to be rude or hurt her feelings.

Dangerous Dogs?

Ok I was just watching the episode of Family Guy when Bryan leaves and attacks the guy in the street and I have a question.

If your dog escapes or runs away and through fear, hunger or somebody hurting it, it attacks somebody. Will you get the blame? Even though the dog was nowhere near you when it attacked somebody so you couldn't give it commands and it was a perfectly ok dog before it ran away?

Are you responsible for the animal no matter what?
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1. When you were little, did you play with your mom's makeup? Did she care?

2. What are you reading now, and what are you going to read next?

3. If you found out that you got a perfect score on the SATs, would you mention it in your livejournal?

4. In the line "I'm not the world's most masculine man, but I know what I am and I'm glad I'm a man, and so is Lola" … Do you interpret that as "Lola's a man too," "I'm glad Lola's a man too," or "Lola's glad I'm a man too"?

(I did play with her makeup, and she didn't mind at all; I'm reading Ovid's Metamorphoses and On the Road, and reading Martha Quest by Doris Lessing next; I guess not; "Lola's a man too")
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One of my favorite actors is Ricardo Antonio Chavira, from Desperate Housewives. In "The Alamo" he is credited as Ricardo S. Chavira. Does anyone know what the "S" stands for?
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My daughter has a chance to go away next week for some fun in Buffalo! (We are in Ontario.)

Her birth certificate was stolen last year and I never replaced it. Will her health card be accepted at the border crossing? It has no photo on it, but neither would a birth certificate... T

There isn't enough time to go to Toronto to get an emergency birth cetificate or a passport. What can she use as proof citizenship?

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Inspired by ddae's quest for a book from her childhood....

This is a really long shot, as I can't remember any actual specifics about the book. I remember that it was about a number of sisters, maybe 5 or 6 of them, who all lived in a house together. I remember that the main point of the book was that they loved each other and always took care of each other (there were no parents around for whatever reason)... I seem to recall it having really pretty pictures in it.

But I last read it when I was five or so. Anyone have any ideas?

Two totally unrelated questions

1. What is the purpose of a PIN number for your Debit/ATM card if you can just use it as a credit card (even though it's not)?

2. Why does the last song on some cds seem to end, but then 60 or so seconds after the songs 'ends' music comes on again (same track) for another couple of minutes. This happened with Ben Jelen's Give It All Away CD and Jason Mraz's Mr. A-Z CD. I don't understand the purpose of it. Do you know what I'm talking about?

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- How do late payments/overdrawn fees effect your credit standing?
- How long does it take to recover from a blow to your credit? Say over the course of 6 months, funds were tight and you were late on two payments and went over your limit twice. Will that remain for 7 years?
- Tried & true tips for saving/spending less money?

Thank you. :)

Is this fish or is it chicken?

1. Does anyone have any good Tuna recipes?

I've been eating tuna just mixed with a little light mayo for moisture, and it's boring. I've googled and found a few really good ones, but usually the best recipes are ones people make up themselves.

2. Have you taken any sort of supplement to help with weight loss?

3. Whats your favourite bagel?

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Where on earth do they find these mothers and daughters on that "Date my Mom" Mtv show.. or whatever it's called?

Has anyone known anyone to go on it? How much do these people have to drink in order to say the junk they're forced to say? Or are these people really that nuts? Good loooord..
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what are some diseases, or grievous-bodily-effects, that are causing havoc in the world right now? I know AIDs, avian flu, and obviously starvation. What are some other biggies out there right now? I need some examples for a paper I'm writing.
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Just out of curiosity, how many of you are aware of what is going on in Darfur right now? Please be honest. I'm trying to get an idea (though unscientifically) of how many people actually know about this.

If you do, what do you think should be done, or is enough being done?

[edit] This is helpful for those of you who don't know about it.
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do you dislike people that you have come across in this community due to the comments that they leave?


do you like people that you have come across in this community due to the comments that they leave?

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Is anybody else tired of the responses like "google is your friend", "wikipedia is your friend", etc? I don't mean in this community in particular, it's in every online community I'm involved with.
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Hypothetically speaking.

Say you had an evil carnivorous plant that required you to kill people in order for it to stay alive, and in return you're basically going to get rich and famous and the girl/boy of your dreams. Bonus, you live in a shit town where you can just take out the evil nasty people and feed them to your plant.

Keep the plant or kill the plant?

After the plant tries to kill you do you give in to it or try and kill it again?

Yeah... got the soundtrack last night. *giggles*

And does anyone remember the old Little Shop of Horrors cartoon? I loved that show.
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I'm going to be getting a paid account in the near future and the cost is $5.00 USD for 2 months and I live in Canada. Does anyone know what that would be in Canadian dollars? I just want to try it out and see if i like it or not.

Name That Book!

Was thinking about the posts I saw a while ago relating to books you liked as a kid but can only remember now in general terms, and it reminded me of these two.

There was a book I used to read all the time when I was little. It was about a bunch of toys made with magical stuffing, and they had to fight against some really creepy guy. I think the teddy bear's name was Ace, and there was a cat who lost his eye, so they sewed on an eyepatch and a green button to replace it. What was the book called? I really want to read it again, but I can't remember its name.

My sister mentioned this one to me a couple of days ago. I think it was both a book and a TV series. It was about a bunch of rejected dolls. There was a French one with a lisp, one called Sadsack, and one with its head on backwards. What was its name?
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Why is it that some states allow you to do the bottle/can return for 5$, but other states won't? I used to live in NY and would get a ton of money because of the amount of soda we had in my house, but here in KS, they don't and I feel like it's goign to waste.

Does anyone know what I can do with my cans/bottles in kansas? I'm not sure how to go about finding a recycle place around here. thanks.

When you're at home, how many lights do you have on? I only have on the lights that I need, so it's usually about one or two, during the day, none because I open the blinds.

How come some people can ask an LJ related question and others can't?(yes I'm bitter about it, I did say that I did read the front page, but didn't notice anything about it, i would have asked support, but they usually take a while to get back.)

What are you hungry for?
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Have you read the Georgia Nicolson books by Louise Rennison (Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging, On the Bright Side, I'm Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God, Knocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas, Dancing in my Nuddy-Pants, Away Laughing on a Fast Camel, and Then He Ate my Boy Entrancers)? If so, how old are you, and what gender? I am a 23 year old woman, and even though I am well older than the 13 - 16 target age group, I think the books are hilarious.

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Hi. I was wondering if someone knew where to purchase some presale tix [or just tix in general] for the upcoming Franz Ferdinand concert in San Francisco. I've already checked MusicToday.Com, but the total cost of two tickets is US$76.00! ><;; Any help would be greatly appreciated. :]
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Bank related

1. How often do you actually go INTO a bank or through the drive through of a bank to do business?

2. What do you think about your experiences with bank transactions, overall?

3. Do you have any bank teller horror stories, like bad customer service or anything like that?

(Today is my last day as a bank teller in Michigan, and I'm kind of wondering about some things.)
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What would happen if a large dog were to swallow a block of cheddar cheese without really chewing much? Would the cheese be digested? Would the dog be constipated?

Don't worry, I don't have access to any dogs or I'd try myself.
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I just moved into an apartment.

I have a bedroom, good sized living room, kitchen and bathroom. I have NO IDEA where to start. Any ideas? Anyone?

ETA: I meant in the unpacking sense, I'm really tired so my brain isn't totally working.
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Why do some black girls get so pissed off when black guys date white women?
A friend (she's black) told me it's because there aren't many "good" black men out there and it makes black women mad because they lose the good ones to white women.
What is your opinion on this?

My brother in law is white and has a black girlfriend, and she has gotten A LOT of harrasment from other black women for dating a white guy.

Does it seem like black women have a bigger problem with interracial dating than black men?

Ultimate Movies

Anyone have any links to lists of movies that should be on a "Must See" list?

I am trying to make a new list of movies I still need to see and am looking for just about anything.  A Clockwork Orange is the most recent movie I have been able to check off my list.

*EDIT* Looking specifically for decent lists in various places, not single recommendations :)
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My parents just received a very generous gift from their dear friends (my dad's college roommate and his wife) for their anniversary. They are very giving people and our family receives gifts from them for special occasions, but gifts to this degree only on momentous ones (aka their wedding, my graduation, 40th and 50th birthdays, etc). The thing is that our friends thought that this was my parent's 10th anniversary when its really the 9th. They also sent my step-mom a birthday card wishing her a happy 50th birthday (a year older than she really is). The roommate was also my dad's best man at their wedding, if that makes any difference.

Should they let them know that they are a year off now and save them embarassment later (aka when my dad throws my step-mom a party for her 50th or when we take my parents out to dinner for their 10th anniversary)? Or should they let them figure it out eventually by themselves (when invited to these parties, hearing from others, etc.)? How would you go about letting them know? My parents will be seeing them in person this upcoming weekend.

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So lately I've been thinking about applying for a credit card. It would be nice to have in case of emergencies. so my question is, what are your opinions of the credit card companies, like american express, discover, mastercard etc.? Which do you like best? What do you think would be best for a first time credit card holder?

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Do you blowdry your hair after every single shower, regardless of the weather and how you're going to style your hair? If so, why? I don't get it.

Is it safe to blowdry a baby's (3-5 months old) hair? Again, why would you need to when a baby barely has any hair?

Why do people think it's unsafe to sleep with a fan on? Is it really dangerous to?


I'm a girl, so some things guys do don't make sense to me:

1. Why do guys need the toilet seat up? Can't they aim through the large opening that's still there when the seat's down?

2. Is it really that difficult to unhook a girl's bra?

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Are all contact solutions created equal?

I've had soft contacts for a couple years now and every time I buy contact solution, I get the exact same stuff -- the OptiFree stuff, the one in the green box. Now I know there are other brand names out there (Renu in the blue box, etc... I don't know many of them) and I've got a hankering that not all contact solutions are created equal, probably formulated for different contacts made of different materials... I could guess forever, I really don't know. I've never asked my eye doctor why I use the same stuff every time, but she always asks me which one I use and gives me another trial pack of the same stuff. That's not really what I'm asking about (although it would be nice to know if anybody happens to have that nugget of knowledge).

What I *am* wondering is -- what about that store brand solution? I'm flashing back to my days as a cheerleader and I remember a few girls having bottles of the store brand contact solution in their bags. Are they the same as these others, just cheaper? Could I get that instead of the expensive stuff and save a few bucks? Or is that a bad idea... and why?
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This question is for girls who sit down to pee, mostly, but I guess it can apply to guys when you sit down to take a shit.

So the question: When you are sitting on the toilet doing your business, do you grab the toilet paper before you're done? Or do you wait until you're done peeing/shitting, and then grab the appropriate amount of toilet paper?

I always grab a load of toilet paper no matter what I'm doing, before I'm done doing it, and I sit there and wait for my body to finish emptying stuff in the toilet while I idly wad the toilet paper up over and over, and I get impatient with my bladder in the meantime. I'm not normal.

Also: I have a ton of bathroom behavior questions always in my mind. Sometimes bathroom questions get posted here and I also find them interesting. There has to be an LJ community all about taboo bathroom behavior and bodily waste functions where we can be childish and gross and stuff. There has to be! I'll go search for stuff now...

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1. I repeirced my nose last month and its been 100% fine, but today I noticed some redness and a little crusty action, and now it's bleeding and red and gross. So I know, go talk to my piercer, but are there any ideas as to what it could be? My last nose ring had to be removed due to hypertrophic scaring, but this is not at all what that was like. That was a white bump, this is red blood and puss. Ideas? I really don't want to have to take this out, I really love it and if I have to lose it again, I'll cry... again.

2. How do you stop yourself from biting your nails?

Programs gone missing!! :(

Y'know the basic Paint program that almost every computer has??
Well, I know mine had it at some point but I think me or my mom accidentally deleted it while cleaning out the computer. I've searched all through the computer, and when to the list of programs and it's not there.

Does anyone know where I could install or find it or something??

And I also don't have the basic Solitaire card game. :(
So deprived. *sigh*
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5 Random Questions

1. Do you keep your toilet lid open or closed?

2. What physical feature about you makes you the most self-conscious?

3. Do you sit down on the toilet seat in public bathrooms?

4. How often do you moisturize your body (other than your face)?

5. Do you have any recommendations on a good foot cream for cracked heels?
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I have to work 1:30 to 9:00pm tommorrow and I want to make a mixed cd.

What songs should be on the mixed cd?

-the songs should be kinda work safe (screaming out swear words however funny is not allowed)

-Generally up-beat, so I don't fall asleep.

Suggestions! Suggestions!
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Synonyms to "sexy"

How many synonyms to "sexy" (when describing a person, specifically male in this case) can you think of? Online thesauri and websearches are proving most not useful.

I can think of "hot", "attractive".... what else? Every thesauri I've looked at just goes with "erotic" or "aphrodisical", but that's not what I'm looking for.
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Car help...

Ok, today as I was driving home, I was noticing that my car was going about 40mph without me even having my foot on the gas. Then I noticed that it was really hard to brake the car. I would be stomping on the brake all the way to the floor and it would be jolting forward a bit until finally coming to a stop.

When I came to a stop at a light on a busy 4 lane street, I didn't think I'd be able to successfully keep my foot on the break without me going into traffic, so I put it in park for a second. As soon as I did that, my car revved up to its full capacity, and I freaked out and turned it off. I had to wait in the middle of the road for a AAA guy to show sucked so bad.

Anyhow, the guys at the shop said they couldn't find anything really wrong with the car, they thought it might be the carberator(sp?) but they couldn't be sure as they didn't work on those. They said that it appeared fine to them and that it was revving fine now. I wasn't charged and drove it (very carefully) home. I'm worried about driving it from now on though. I can't get to work without it though, and am moving in a few months so I don't want to sell it and buy a new car. My gf told me that someone at her work had this problem before too and that it was a fluke for her and never happened again. I hope this is the case with my car, but wanted to know what you guys thought. It is an '86 honda accord with about 160k miles on it. Oh, and a day or two ago I thought I saw/smelled a bit of fumes coming from the hood, but had figured it was due to a car ahead of me because it passed pretty quickly. But now I think it might have something to do with my current problems.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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I bought this computer in Feb 2003. It does the job for me, allows the kids to surf/play games etc, and for me to do my college work. However lately is has been running really slow, and has sometimes just grinded to a halt.

When I was chatting to a friend earlier, moaning about how slow it was, he asked how much RAM I I checked.....It says 96MB.

Now, he says there is no such memory amount, that something might be wrong with it.....and as another LJ-er previously mentioned, Windows XP that I have installed should not even work correctly with this amount.

Advice?? Words of wisdom??