August 15th, 2005


lost in translation?

How would one go about translating a book from a different language? if it's published in another country, who do you go to to get rights to translate it? do you need to try and contact the author or the publishing company?
do you have to be established as a working translator or is there a chance you would be able to do it if you are simply fluent in the languages?
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Two weeks ago I met a guy from Turkey. He's in NJ for a work and travel program until the beginning of September. We hit it off really well and have been hanging out a lot.

He's Muslim and rather religious, while I'm Catholic and not religious at all. Last night he gave me a chain with a charm that he always wore. He said it protects him. He told me the story of it and it's rather religious. He put it in my hand when he gave it to me and said that he hopes it will always protect me.

Now my question is, should I wear it? Would that be disrespectful to him or his religion? I'll probably ask him when I next see him, but I just wanted some opinions.

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okay, I have a 30 gallon fish tank that I just moved into my dorm room. While turning it upright after cleaning it out, I appear to have broken a corner. glass has definitely been chipped off, but cracks appear to stop before the caulk/sealant stuff ends.
I'm going to start filling it, so I guess I'll see. If it will, in fact, leak- what can I do to stop it up?

edit: it is. very very slowly, but it is.
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Software questions

I work at a non-profit organization, and therefore have access to, which offers discounted software to NPOs. We already know we're going to get MS Office 2003; also available is Front Page 2003, for website development. Does anyone know if this is user-friendly software for web-novices? Can you recommend any other website software that is better/friendlier? As a non-profit, we have to do a lot of this stuff ourselves, I am the biggest "techie" we have (scary!), and while I'm pretty good at software once I've learned it, I'll have to self-teach on whatever web stuff we end up with.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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For those of you who listen to KLSX (97.1) talk radio...what happened to Doug Steckler? I'm not a fan of their show, but I noticed the Conway & Steckler show became the Conway & Whitman show and I just now found out about it. Anyone know?
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I'm looking for websites relating to schizophrenia, but not the medical websites that I've found so far. I was hoping for something a little more personal, people's experiences and whatnot.

And if anyone knows a bit about the disease if you could help me that'd be fantastic. Collapse )
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birthday presents

So my best friends are twins (girls) and their 21st birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I have no idea what to get them. People tell me that they are super easy to shop for but it's really hard for me because I want to get something perfect. I want to make them something but I'm not opposed to buying something.
They are college students that don't have room for items that take up space. They both love gothic style things, photography, have the biggest music collection that I know of, and video games. That's just a general overview of their likes.
So, what sorts of things would you buy them? Or what would you get someone that was turning 21? (I want to get them more than just the bottle of alcohol.)
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While I am prone to exaggeration for effect (usually amusement), I am being completely honest in this post.

For the past two weeks, my skin has been absurdly broken out, to the point that I look like the "Before" picture in a Proactiv ad. My skin has always been excessively oily, but it usually just has a couple of zits, and I control the oil with benzoyl peroxide soap. I may get an extra zit or two around my period, but never anything like this. I haven't had anything like this since junior high, 12 years ago! I haven't changed makeup, soaps, detergents, climates, stressors...anything I can think of!

I've tried increasing my face washing from once a day with the benzoyl peroxide to twice, and that seems to have helped a tiny bit, but only a VERY small amount. (I always wash my face twice a day, but I used to use the special soap once and Ivory once.) If it doesn't calm down in another two weeks I'll go to the doc, but does anyone have any ideas in the meantime what may have caused this and what I can do? I'm the lowest maintenance person ever and not vain at all, but this is really bad!

Thanks. :)
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Oh Math people...

Say you hate math. With a flaming purple passion. But you have to complete one more semester of it in order to fill that portion of your requirements for your AA. (Your area of studies is in humanities, religion, mythologies, nothing really math oriented.)

Here are your two options:
Nature of Mathematics - Mathematical reasoning with additional topics selected from number systems, number theory, computers, probability, statistics, mathematical modeling. Recommended for liberal arts and elementary education students. (MATH10)


Elementary Statistics with Computer - Computer investigation, exploration and simulations of concepts in statistics: descriptive statistics, probability theory, central limit theorem, estimation, hypothesis (parametric & non-parametric), confidence intervals, correlation and linear regression, analysis of variance. (MATH15)

Which would you go for?
Any stories about either class? Warnings before I take one or the other?

Yes, those are my two options. You couldn't pay me to take Calculus. I barely made it through Algebra II on my third try (lets not even talk about Algebra I). I have to get this over and done with in the Spring. It's like ripping off a band-aid, me and my math requirements. I've been slowly peeling it off for years now and I've just got to rip the damn thing off.

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I'm not sure how to phrase this but hopefully someone will get what I'm trying to say. Haha. My friend wants to take songs from my iTunes and put them on to their iPod. I've tried doing it but it didn't work. I heard you need some sort of program to do this. Hmm... Soo... my question is, how in the world do you do that?

The other night when I was sleeping, I had on my air-condition and I was sleeping under a nice comfy blanket. I woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. I wasn't sick or anything either. What's the deal with cold sweats? What causes them?

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Whoa! My user pic limit was just increased to 100! How the heck did that happen?

*brainstorms userpic ideas*


"OMG 100 userpics!

As promised, the extra userpics paid account add-on now raises your userpic limit to 100. If you already have extra userpics your limit will be automatically raised. A regular paid account still has a limit of 15 userpics. (Want more userpics? ScrapBook has a feature that allows you to turn any uploaded photo into a userpic. Go to, go to Manage > Galleries, select a public photo from the Edit view of a gallery, then click on “upload/manage user pictures” near the bottom of the screen.)"
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How do you break it off with someone who really, truly loves you more than anything in the world? How do you deal with yourself?

Do you think you're justified in breaking up with someone because they have too many problems and are too dependant on you, and you don't want their problems to become your problems?

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1. Which states and countries have you lived in?

I've only lived in the USA. Mississippi, Illinois, and Maine.

2. At what age were you allowed to pierce your ears? Or did you have no restriction on ear piercing?

I was watching an episode of Full House where Stephanie wanted her ears pierced, but her dad said she couldn't until she was in Jr. High. I don't understand why it was such a big deal, my parents didn't care one way or the other. I got my first piercings in like 4th grade, 2nd holes in 6th and cartilage in 7th.

3. What would you do if someone revealed a murder plot to you? Assuming it was a good friend of yours and you couldn't tell if they were entirely serious.

I'm not sure.

4. Have you ever known anyone that was on a talkshow? Which one and why?

I knew someone that was on Oprah. It was because her mom was diabetic and wouldn't take care of herself.

Yu-Gi-Oh dilema's

Ok, so....My Eldest Son collects Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

He has about 600 so far, and there are so many different ones. Some have the same pictures, but have different designs or code numkbers. We see some at the car-boot-sales and some sell for 10p each, others for £5:00 each.....

How do you know how much cards are worth??

Or how rare they are??

Are 'shiny's' and 'holographic' ones worth more than plain ones??

Is there anywhere in the UK you can get folders?? I have found some on E-bay, but they are from Hong Kong, and I'd like to look at them in person before buying.

Thanks for your help :o)

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Good Luck Charms

What is your good luck charm (if you have one)?
If someone asked you for a good luck charm, what would you give them?

I have a good luck song (or at least a song I play before I go in for an exam or something) but I'm looking for actual charms that you can hold in your pocket or around your neck... ideas?
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why would you put mesh in a pair of shorts?


Men's Sizes
These shorts stand out for out-of-this-world style. Suped up with lightweight microfiber fabric, cool zipper pockets with rubber pull tabs and fully lined in red mesh, they bring an ultra-modern flair to your warm-weather look. In Barley .

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Do you have that person in your life you wish you could tell the truth to??  like mean things that you really think but could never tell them because it is ....mean?

What would you like to tell them and who are they?


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email forwards

I got an email forward once while I was in college and it was so funny. It talked about "real life" in college: how small the dorms are, how the water goes from freezing to nuclear, etc.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about - or have a copy they can paste here?
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MAcintosh Route planning software?

Anyone know of any Macintosh route planning software?

Doesn't need to be GPS capable or anything like that, a client side implementation of MapQuest would work great.

My mac is a Powerbook G3, 400mhz, 384MB ram, OSX Panther... so it needs to run on those specs.
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(no subject)

Do you own a cell phone?
What is your phone model?
What country are you from and what is your service provider?
Any other comments about your phone (ie: reception, standby time, changable faceplates, ringtone variety, etc)

I'm finally thinking about getting a new cell phone (my current model is now obsolete) and was wanting some background information before I head out to the stores.


Does anyone else here collect autographs? if so what is your favourite? Have you ever met any celebs?

I am from Bath, England and I have been collecting for about 2 years now and have about 550 autographs in my ever growing collection. My favourites include Shane Richie (British Soap Star) and Doris Day (which I received today.

I have met a few people so far including Russ Abbot (British Comedian), Peter Bowles (actor), Jo Brand (Comedienne), Patsy Palmer, Jonathan Wrather (British Soap Stars), Amanda Parr and Chris Vacher (Newsreaders), Gaby Roslin (TV presenter), Terry Pratchett (author).....all lovely people.....hopefully meeting Richard E Grant and Nigel Havers soon :)

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Inspired by a post in brutal_honesty.....

Is there something that Hispanic men like more about white women than other women? I live in a community with a large Mexican population and it seems that many, many of them stare, make lewd comments and suggestions at just about any white woman in their path, but not at women of other races.

I know I'll get flamed for this, but what is it about white women they seem to like better?

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1. Security question: My mom is signing up with dish network for TV over the phone, they're asking her for credit card and social security #. She's concerned about giving it to them, especially over the phone. Is it safe to? Any idea why they'd want to have both #s?

2. How can you tell if the gas meter on your car is not accurate/broken? My sister said she filled my car today but the meter only read 80% full. Does she just suck at getting gas, are the gas people ripping us off or is there something really wrong with my car's gauge?
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Can a person become immune to caffeine?

I can drink a redbull, amp, rockstar, etc. or even two, and not get have any noticeble effect on my mental or physical state (no energy, alertness, or twitching...). Sometimes I even get tired after drinking one. I can sleep soundly no matter how much caffeine I consume (the record was, I believe, 5 amps in four hours and bedtime two hours after the last one). So, I figured, I'm pretty much immune these days!

So I then figured, time to quit on caffeine since I obviously don't need it, it obviously is doing nothing for me! (I decide this after I drank a redbull at 9:30 and was nodding off at 10:00).

Around 2:00 I starting having horrid headaches and nausea and minor irritability, which I've come to recognize as "You need another hit, babe" but I resisted all day (drinking mad amounts of water) until tonight when the headache was miserable and advil doesn't help so I drank another redbull a few minutes ago and the headache went away... So apparently it does effect my body in some manner :(

Arg. This is going to be harder than I thought. How do I get off this stuff? Any advice on quitting? Just tough it out?
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Vacation Hours?

A few weeks ago, I had requested Wednesday afternoon off and Thursday off (this week)using my vacation hours. However, I have missed Friday and today due to a nasty, nasty illness. Should I forego the vacation or not?

I will definitely have to leave work at least an hour early on Wednesday, but should I go to work on Thursday? I don't know if that will make me look like a slacker or not. Hey, I did go to the emergency room.
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(no subject)

I just started taking birth control and I get headaches afterwards, which according to my gyno is normal. I usually take a tylenol at the same time that I take my pill, but I heard that taking tylenol on a regular basis is bad for your body. So what is something that is ok to take everyday?

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Well, I've just found out that one of my friends and her twin sister (who I'm not as well acquainted with) are leaving for college on Friday, and is having a going-away party on Wednesday.

I want to get them each a going-away gift, like they did for me last year. I know I should have some amazing insight on the things college students need, since I went away myself last year, but I'm drawing a total blank. I don't want to get any of the essentials that they will have already bought on their own. If all else fails, I may just try to knit something nice and speedy up for each of them.

So, what are some ideas for nice gifts for college-bound girls? If it's something I can knit or make myself, that's a big bonus.

Also, most of the other attendees at the party will be girls who have also just graduated high school, some of whom I know fairly well, and some I barely know. There's at least one other girl there who I'd like to give something to, but who I most likely won't see again before she leaves for college. Is it rude to give gifts to only a few of the guests, or should I just give gifts to the girls hosting the party?
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(no subject)

Can somebody give me a link to a good, clear image of where the kidneys are? Or at least tell me? I have a lower back ache and don't really know what's causing it. I'm really freaking out because I'm a diabetic.