August 14th, 2005

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School (and textbook-buying) is fast approaching and I'm beginning to feel the financial crunch with the idea of paying full price for books. Our bookstore is usually pretty good about offering used books, and I will be on campus almost two full weeks before classes begin (meaning I'd have first dibs on books), but it's not guaranteed that they'll have used available in everything.

So I'm wondering: is it worth it to explore buying my books online taking into consideration shipping fees and also my paranoia that, when the book arrives, I find I've got the wrong one? What sites have you had good luck with? My school doesn't provide very much info beyond the title, edition and translator, so I can't search by ISBN.
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online diary?

Does anyone know of any good online diaries where you can store appointments, dates etc etc? I like the style of microsoft outlook as it gives you reminders so looking for something similar.

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Party Monster

Have there been any public comments from the people involved in the original events regarding the accuracy of the movie? I'm interested in both the literal historical accuracy, and how well it captured the feel of the events and people involved.

If not directly from the people featured, is there any third party review of the film for its accuracy?

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I moved out of a flat a few months ago, they only gave us a week to move out, they have yet to return any mail.

I accidentally ordered something form a site that still had my old address entered, I also had ordered things before we were told we had to leave that must have turned up there, as well as this my credit card bills and new credit card are still going there because the credit card company changed my address without my permission - I cannot change my address back because to do this I would need my last credit card bill, which I obviously do not have as they are sending them to the wrong address. Having my credit card and card details delivered to an old address is not good, neither is paying for things I am never going to see!

Is there anything I can do legally to force the estate agents who I rented the flat from to send my my mail onto my new address?

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If you were to meet a person of the opposite sex that you had been talking to online for a few months, what would you do with them? Any ideas? (It's not a date, we're just meeting for fun. It's for only one day.)
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Would you have a different opinion of a girl who accidentally got pregnant at 15, just by not being careful enough, and decided to keep the baby.... and a girl who was admittedly trying to get pregnant at 15?

For arguments sake, let's say they were in otherwise similar situations... both living at home, both still in high school, from families of similar social/financial status.

What would be your opinion of each of those girls?

If you say "it depends" then what does it depend on and what would then be your opinion?

If you were friends with both of them, would you support the friend who accidentally got pregnant and kept the baby? Would you support the other friend's decision to try to get pregnant?

Semagic client help?

Hello, can anyone help me with Semagic?

Firstly-my current mood options are all in Russian-is there anyway I can change that?

Secondly-how on earth do you set up that 'tag' thing that's just come out? I don't understand the post!

Thanks :)
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Mostly I just needed to say - if anybody saw the entry I just accidentally posted here I'm really sorry, it was definitely meant for my own journal! My bad. If you managed to read it before I deleted it you probably learned way more about me than you wanted to know. ;p

But I do have a question - crayons, colored pencils, or markers? What size package do you prefer?

I like 24-packs of colored pencils!

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Have you ever taken a creative writing class? If so, then maybe you can answer my question:

What is it called when the teacher gives you a line or a question that is supposed to spark creativity and help you to start off writing a piece? I think I remember there being a name for those.
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The Dark Side of eBay

Have you ever needed to report someone to eBay's fraud investigators? How long did it take them to get back to you? They say they'll respond within 48 hours, and usually less than 24, but I have sent three requests in the past seven days and received no response whatsoever.

The situation is that I was outbid on an item by a possible shill bidder, who then retracted her winning bid in violation of eBay's bid retraction policy. (And by "possible" shill bidder, I mean "very obvious" shill bidder.) I think my reports have been filed under "ignore it and hope it works itself out," but that's not going to happen, and it's about to get ugly.
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Hungry = Healthy + Happy?

Hey there. I'm getting ready to begin my Life Improvement Crusade, as previously inquired about in this wonderful community, and I'd like to pose a couple of questions.

1. Would the health benefits of eating a breakfast cereal such as Total be overridden by the tablespoon or two of sugar I'd have to scoop onto it to make it palatable? What about mixing it? 1/2 Capn Crunch, 1/2 Total sounds pretty good. Granted half the positivity of breakfast is that you're actually eating it and starting up your body for the day.

2. With the LIC on the horizon, I'll be making some dietary changes. With my existing lack of variety in preferred or even tolerable food choices, I will basically be going with a reduction plan. Calorie reduction, empty carb reduction, salt reduction. I would like to supplement my diet with ... well, supplements. Of course, a multivitamin would be the primary addition. Any favorites?

Anything else I should be onto, such as a fiber supplement, other nutrients, etc?


Don't be a dull, dull boy!

Play before work?  Or work before play?

My argument for play before work --

1) You get the play out of your system so you can focus on your work.

2) Weather is unpredictable.  I'm so glad I played the first half of this week.  The second half wasn't as nice at all!

What do you think??

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Too sick for camp...

My poor kid... he's 9 and today was the day he was to leave for a week-long sleep away camp that he's attended for the last three years. He's been looking forward to it for months! Unfortunately, he's been sick since last Monday with a fever and a slight cough. If the fever were minor (like just a degree above normal) I would consider going ahead and letting him go, but it averages at about 101 (though higher at night), and with ibuprofen only goes down to 99 or so. He saw the doctor on Thursday who ordered blood work to rule out infection... there doesn't appear to be an infection and the doc felt certain that Lucas would be well enough for camp by today, but the fever remains (101.7 as of just a few minutes ago). I'll be taking him back to the doctor for sure tomorrow if there isn't a great deal of improvement. And his dad or I can drive him to camp later in the week, assuming he gets well enough to go.

Obviously, my son is devastated, frustrated and tired of being sick... any thoughts on ways that I can cheer him up? My telling him that we can take him late only made him more upset.
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did anyone go to the Bellydance Live! show last night? at the hollywood ford ampitheater in CA ?

if so, remember that girl taht did those folkloric type dances with the friggin KICKASS costumes? her name was Habib-i cant find anything about her online! :( i tried searching and came up with another habib that i dont think is the one i saw yesterday. i MUST find this woman!! somebody help me please!

Margarita mix

1. How do you make virgin margaritas with bottled margarita mix? I couldn't figure out if you're supposed to blend it with the ice, or if you're supposed to crush the ice and pour the mix over it, or what.

2. What do you think of these shoes? I personally find them absurdly ugly (they look like gardening shoes!) but I've seen lots of people wearing them.
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Frog owners

I am thinking of purchasing a frog, but know absolutely nothing of their care and upkeep. Is it wiser to have more than one or does that encourage a hostile and or breeding atmosphere?

I like tree frogs, but don't know if "keeping one in captivity" would be good for the frog.

Any information would be most welcome.

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I just bought myself a new MP3 player, the RCA 4GB Lyra 2762. It came with a dopey looking little belt holder, but I want something a little less...attatched, like with a clip. I also wouldn't mind a stretchy arm-band thingy for when I work out. Any ideas where I can find anything like these? (I don't care if its official or not)

Oh and google searches only turned up accesories of the USB kind...I have like 20 already.

edit: Second question, almost forgot: how do you feel about men wearing clogs? I had a pair in like 7th grade when I thought my foot was way bigger than it actually was (long story) and have since had an aversion to them.

I bought another pair on Friday..and I still don't know what to make of them.

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If a friend/close friend/acquaintance/etc. showed you a picture of their partner/significant other - and say, that person isn't that attractive (to your standards) - would you still say - "Aww, they're cute" - to the person asking?

On a similar note, has anyone ever told you that they thought your partner/significant other were 'ugly'?

I'm just curious because I'm starting to wonder people say the 'aww, they're cute' thing because it's something nice to say even if you don't believe it. I've been tempted to say it a few times because it seemed like the right thing to say. :)
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Do you think more girls or more guys have a live journal??

I think girls, because girls keep more diaries and journals and such than men.

If you were trying to apologize to someone for something *really* bad that you did and trying to get back together with them at the same time, how would you go about doing this/showing them that you are truly sorry/making them happy again? (Don't list writing a four page letter full of apologies; already did that)
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Questions about something


Isn't electricity from dynamos produced by spinning a magnet around wire on a piece of iron? Or something similar to that at least? My knowledge is pretty much limited to the fact that fuels such as coal and gasoline are most commonly used to cause pistons to turn, much in the same way as a car, causing the magnets to pass by iron, causing electricity to go through wires. Is this even remotely correct?

If so, where could I get instructions on how to build my own dynamo? Wouldn't it be simple enough to hook up a stationary bicycle exercise machine with belts and wheels, connecting it to a dynamo, and produce electricity? I'm not hoping to power an entire house or something, just maybe some small electronics. You know, lower electricity bill, helping the environment, all that jazz.

Thanks for your time!
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:-( miss my babies.

I really miss having animals around. We just moved into a different apartment and I had to get rid of my cats.

I want to get another pet... but I'm not sure what. I need something that can be kept in a cage (at least most of the time), something that's not TOO high-maintenance, and not smelly.

I don't want any bugs or arachnids... reptiles are cool, birds are cool... can't think of anything else at the moment.

So what kind of pet should I get?

Also... I didn't make this icon that I have and I don't really have much icon-making skills... so could someone do me a favor and make it so the corner of it doesn't blink anymore? So that the corner is the pink frame. I'm getting tired of the blinky. Much thanks!
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Your best friend tells you, "Your boyfriend is nice, but I just don't think he is the one for you."

Does your best friend's opinion matter to you? Does it make you think twice about your relationship with your boyfriend?
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I'm sure these have been asked in one form or another, but, meh, it's a slow day.

1.) Who's a singer/band that you just know is awful, but you like 'em anyway?

2.) What album has your favorite cover art? (Bonus points for pictures)

3.) Do you know anyone who died in a bizarre gardening accident? (Bonus points for pictures)

My answers are below the fold.

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I have a neighbor who is about 23 years old. He lives with his girlfriend. Last night around 11, I heard him screaming and yelling at her (the screaming and yelling is frequent though) but then I heard a loud, slapping noise about 5 times. I could see through shadows in their windows that someone was being roughed up.

I was tempted to go over there but I didn't know what kind of situation could have resulted from my bold yet ignorant move, seeing as how they are habitual meth users. I've also been taught not to play the hero. However, I'm extremely concerned. Should I call the police next time this happens or should I call them regardless? I'm not sure how to handle domestic abuse. It's not something I encountered growing up and I've always believed that if a person wanted to leave a dangerous relationship, they'd find a way and that it isn't my place to intervene.

What do you suggest I do?
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Fucking hell.

Have you ever been good friends with someone for a long time, and they've done a lot of shit to stress your patience (which you thought you were perfectly fine with since you were such close friends with them), and finally they call to apologize for it on their own realization, and while you accept it and remain close friends, all that stress and shit just comes pouring out because the apology uncapped it all?

I hate that.
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Linksys routers

Does anyone here know how to get to the router setting page for a Linksys router (not wireless)? I can't think of the IP address.


I remembered. It's

Now we'll see if I can figure out what the heck I'm doing. XD

-edit #2-

-edit #3-
Okay so who knows how to foward ports on a Linksys router? ^^;;

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I know some people that are going surfing in a few days. They need some board shorts, but the problem is that they think that the ones at PacSun and Zumies are too expensive (even the ones on sale). They are also shopping on a very low budget, so they need the rest of their money to buy other beach supplies.

So my question is: where can you buy board shorts (offline) for less than $26?
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Are there banks (US based, preferably) that exists more or less solely online? I just need an account, a debit card and few checks.
Something that I could sign up for directly online would be great.
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I'm studying for my accuplacer test and I signed up with this math class on barnes and and I need to read the assigned book and the author has come to the conclusion that the majority of math that is taught is inherently useless.

I'm thinking that they should totally overhaul the educational code and assign high school schedules according to the students'career needs.

if the students are not certain of their career, at least offer a generalized schedule of classes that touches on every subject. and have teachers that actually enjoy teaching so that students won't get bored.

also, math should be taught with stuff you can actually use(i.e. prime,irrational and rational numbers-not useful)

my question is do you think this could ever happen?

the book is called "everyday math for everyday life" by mark ryan.

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Are there any people you just act really weird around, by coincidence?

Like, you get along fine in life but when you do something especially clumsy, said person just so HAPPENS to be there every time, and might have seen you, even if you weren't even worried about it before it happened.

Or you just get scatterbrained around certain people, or you just show a certain trait around certain people and they have come to know you for that trait, although you swear on your life you're not like that normally!!

And why does this happen? Ugh.
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What is that weird squishy feeling you get in your stomach when someone's being really sweet?

You know what I mean right? That funny, yet pleasant sensation in your stomach?

What makes that happen?

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I got pulled over speeding today and the cop gave me a "sudden acceleration" instead of a speeding ticket. He said this wont go on my record, and its basically just a fine. I just have to call in and see how much it is and mail it in. question he being honest? Is there some website where I can go see exactly what the hell a sudden acceleration ticket/fine is?

I live in MI by the way.....
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is anyone here familiar with adoption? I want to know the process and the costs that are involved.

here is the situation: i know a married couple that cannot get pregnant and they are wanting to adopt. They have already found a woman who is pregnant and is due to give birth in the next month. I am just curious what the average cost is, or what is involved in the process.

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Okay, story time.
A friend and I are thinking up a plot for a story.

We need something evil. She's decided blowing up the world is too overdone, and it has to be something we at least know about enough to bs our way though.
So... what's something that the bad guys can do?

What would you do, if you were a "bad guy?"
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Bad eyes?

For those of you with extremely poor vision:

1.) How bad are your eyes(prescription?)? When did they stop changing(if they have)?

2.) Best contact brand?

I've switch around to try and see how different brands worked. So far I've had a basic, almost generic, Lenscrafters version, ProClear, Freshlook, and the new O2 Optix.
-I liked ProClear, but they seemed to tear REALLY easily.
-The new O2's seem to dry out too fast
-I don't really remember the basic ones..
-Overall, I like Freshlook. I have really crisp vision with them.

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1. Which night(s) of the week do you think have/has the better shows?
2. Which do you think are the popular nights with viewers?

3. If you could ask your Deity one question, what would it be? If you don't have one, sa'll good.