August 12th, 2005

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In Episode 509 - Life in the Past Lane.

Jane falls for a guy named Nathan, I've looked everywhere but couldn't find it!

Who's the voice of Nathan?!


Edit In the show DARIA! hahah sorry :(
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What are some famous paintings that are night, sleep, or dream themed?

I have VanGogh's Starry Night. That's all I can think of at the moment.
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this is serious question.

again, this is very serious question.

I tried many jobs, but it seems like I get bored of something as soon as I get hang of it.
So i need something crazy, something unique.

So i was considering either becoming a professional fencer or a bounty hunter.
i'm doing some searchs right now and i wanted to ask u guys.

what are your thoughts on this? (no jokes)

i'm 19 yrs old, i just started fencing last year, but i really like it and i've done pretty good job.
is being bounty hunter still possbile?
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Sorry 2 LJ questions

1) Is there a way to change the chronological order of your old journals so the posts go forwards in time rather than backwards?

2) How do I use semagic to tag my old entries to posts?

Thanks in advance, and sorry i hate it when people ask really obvious questions too!
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I love the tube!

Does anyone else get The Tube on their cable system, or digital tv? I just found it and I fuckin' love it, man. They've played Maroon 5, Moby, Bee Gees, Steve Winwood, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, and ZZ Top in this hour alone! Oh man! I think I'm in love! Music videos! aaahhhhh!
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Windows Update

What was in the latest release for Windows Update for Windows XP? My computer felt like installing all the updates and asking me to restart my computer without even letting me pick and choose from the updates to choose to install. It's never done that before. Last time I installed updates would've been a month ago, before I left for camp.

Is there anything toxic in it? You know how Microsoft is sometimes. I saw a bunch of new things appear in my Task Manager while it was installing without my permission. I wondered why my computer slowed down, looked there and then saw a bunch of Windows installing things. Most of them are gone now, but we'll see what happens after I restart this machine.

WindowsUpdate websites would probably tell me what was in the install, but they of course wouldn't tell me if it is bad for my system, hence I come to you.

And lastly, has anyone else had this happen to them lately? I've had this computer for three years and it's never installed updates without my permission before, and no one accesses my computer but me.
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personal upkeep

a. do you always do as instructed? do you soap your face and moisturize twice a day? do you brush and floss 3x everyday? do you follow up shampooing with a conditioner of the same brand? do you wash your makeup off every night before you sleep? do you throw away your makeup when it gets too old?
do you read/follow beauty magazines?
do you read/follow the backs of bottles religiously?

b. what types of products do you swear by, or use daily?

c. how long could you go between hair washing?
how long could you go between plain showering?

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Am i the only person having problems with gmail right now?
Earlier it was telling me something else, now an IE pop-up is telling me "Oops.. The system was unable to perform your operation. Please try again in a few seconds."
I'VE BEEN TRYING, I WANT TO CHECK MY MAIL! haha.. Well, it is sort of pissing me off, which is why I'm asking.. Anyone? Anyone?
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Captain Undies

Why do most super heros wear their underpants (or something awfully similar looking) on the outside? And why all the form fitting lycra/spandex?

Extra Credit : If you could pick one super power, what would it be and why?

I'd take telekinesis because than you can pretty much do anything - fly/hover, read minds, and most importantly telekinetic kill! *turns up Imperial March*
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Can someone explain how to work a wireless router?
This was bought for me:
...and hooked up by someone else. I never saw a manual or installation CD or anything else. It's plugged into my mother's computer right now (I think it steals some internet from her and transmits it wirelessly to me? /shrug)
Anyway, said person who hooked it up for me seems to have diverted it from it's original main purpose - to supply my computer with an internet connection. He's done this by plugging a my router into a little router under the TV, which leads to his bedroom and is plugged into two other computers in there (via lan)

So, can you explain how I can reclaim my internet connection by moving the router to my bedroom? Would that work or does it need to be hooked to my mother's computer?

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So, I'm moving out today. From a frat house- thus, communal bathrooms. The second floor bathroom (designated for the girls) was consistently exploding throughout the summer, because girls flush things they're told not to.
Might I be denied my security deposit back?

Could I get an example of a split infinitive, and the same sentence corrected? I can't remember what they are.
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really wierd question

this is actually more of a request than a question, and if it's deleted so be it.

if any of you are religious/spiritual/etc. could you please pray for my sister's friend Danny. He just went into the hopital because he's having major trouble breathing. like he stopped for a while. he's already got several other medical issues, and i just want that whatever is best for him happnds.
thnx very much

edit: he's going to be ok. it turn out he's go pnumonia.
thns for all of the support.
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slight student loan questions

Does anyone know if the Entrance Counseling Form would be the same as a "Borrowing Rights and Responsibilites" form? I got a card from my university and I resubmitted it online (transfer student) and far my refund is $500, but it should be about $5000...

I'm panicking. If someone could set my mind at ease, I'd appreciate it.

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When would you say that generation x starts and generation y begins?

I was born in 1981 and assumed I was part of gen-y...then I saw some 19 year old on some LJ community talking about what it's like being part of generation x.

I know it's really subjective, since it's not a fact or a science or anything...but what do you consider to be gen-x and y?

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Where are these pharmacies that let you buy Ritalin and stuff without a prescription? I saw a show last night about how people get addicted to it and order it online with no prescription. Is that true? I went looking and couldn't find anywhere online like that!
It just doesn't seem true that places could do that...

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was anyone listening to howrd stern this morning and hear what happened between him and jerry seinfeld. i was late 20 minutes to work cause i was sitting in my car listening, but i never got the end of it. anyone?

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Have you ever house-sat?
Do tell about your experience(s).

How do I get the smell of stinky cat out of my apartment?

What are some foods that I should get that would allow me to have a varied, balanced diet?

Two really unusual and totally unrelated questions

1. If you want to make an "International ___ Day" (like International Women's Day or National Hug-your-neighbor day (I don't think that exists, but some silly things like that do)), is there a legal process you'd have to go through to make it official, or would you just announce it to everyone and let them "celebrate" it as they wish?

2. In the U.S., if a woman has a baby and the father doesn't know about it, and they move miles apart from each other, and she decides to give it up, is it realistic for the government track down the father and contact him to see if he'll take custody? What organizations would be responsible for that, so I can research them more?

Also: before I make anyone upset, I'm not talking about me or anyone related to me.

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On Funniest Home Videos, does anyone remember the video of the little girl crying about having to eat her green beans?


When I saw this flash video for the first time, it reminded me of that FHV clip! Hilarious...

Now I wish to find that stupid clip. The videos on the FHV ABC site are mainly newer ones. Anyone have an idea where to find older FHV clips? Especially lil Miss Green Beams?

And before anyone says it, yes, I know this show is being rerun like mad.. but there are toooo many damn episodes to watch before catching this one.

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So I'm going to college soon and I want to buy a bed-in-a-bag online which would have twin XL sheets that fit dorm beds... I've looked around but can't seem to find any online stores that sell XL sizes, or if they do they're outrageously expensive.

Does anyone know where I can buy an XL Twin Bed set online for a reasonable price (reasonable being less than $70)?
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S'cuse me, I have a question..

How can I take pictures from winamp tv? When I print screen I get a black square. How do I get round this? The screenies were going to be used as avatars due to the obscure nature of the cartoons, and insufficient avatars in existence :(

**edit** - just wanted to say thanks :)

I need sleep!

This is going to sound really weird but I have to ask.

I have a degu and I just keep him by himself because he gets lots of love. But anyways, I think I've warped him because I used to stay up really late at night (like he does since he's nocturnal) and sleep in during the day and he used to do the same. It never really bugged me when he was running in his wheel late at night because I was up late too.

Now however, he goes all night. His wheels get old really fast so even if I buy him a new one every two weeks they'll still squeak within three days. I'm not sleeping and I'm going out of my mind with him.

Last night I was finally at the end of my rope and I took the wheel away (it's on a little stand so I just took it off) and told him he'd get it back in the morning and that he should go to sleep.

Heh, ya right. He went all squirrel on speed on me and started charging from one side of the cage to the other (I have him in a split level chinchilla cage), chewing on all of the metal and clanging everything!

Finally, I went to put the wheel back in and he escaped through the open door of the cage and I was chasing him around at two in the morning.

My question is, what can I do to FIX this? Is there any way I can try and train the natural nocturnal instinct out of him? If I can't then is there anything I can give him that's going to keep his smart little ass busy all night so I can sleep? I love the little bastard but I swear at this rate I'm gonna kill him.
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Random questions.

1. Do you have any family members on LJ? If so, do they know about your journal?
2. What about real life friends -- do any of them read your journal?
3. Do you go out of your way NOT to tell people in your life that you keep a journal online?
4. Do you write in it at work? IF so, would you get in trouble if you got caught?

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So I have a job interview at SuperTarget (and I really need a job, so I'm going to try hard to get it) But they drug test you on the spot. The last time I smoked was last night. I know I'm going to quit once I get a job, but what are some things I can do to clense my body so it doesn't come up on the drug test? I have 5 days to clense myself. I've heard drinking water, and I'm doing that already. Anything else? I know you can buy things from GNC but I don't have too much money to buy anything like that.

Grey's Anatomy - Boys Are Stupid


Does anyone know where I could find out what kind of postage is required to send a standard letter from Tampa, FLA to America Somao? I've tried Google with no luck.

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i am going to color my hair next week, but I was curious--does it matter if you cut your hair and then color it, or should you color it and then cut it?
I'm just curious because the last time I had anything color related done to my hair, my hairdresser colored it and then cut it (and it was long going to short) I guess I just wondered why waste all that hair dye?
Just looking for thoughts....:)
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Imaginary poll-like thing, since I don't have a paid account:

1. A tattoo of a rosary on one's ankle, with the cross landing on the foot
Would be offensive
Would not be offensive

2. If I saw a person with said tattoo I would think ________

3. I would probably say something to this person about the tattoo (person is not large or threatening in any way).

4. If you were offended and chose to question them about it, would "But it's not a real rosary anyway, and so I don't think it denotes the authority of an actual rosary" be an acceptable excuse?

I'm trying to explain to him why I think this is a stupid, stupid idea. And that msot people who see it and recognise it will likely think he's stupid/be offended. and that, just like if he got a tattoo of that prosperity/luck/whatever symbol the swastika was based on, he'd have to explain it to any person who asked and some that didn't if he didn't want them to think "god, what a jackass/idiot." and that they might anyway, because he doesn't have an enlightening response like "actually, the nazis perverted this symbol- turned flat like this, it means happy things."

Semi related: Did anything further of interest happen with that girl who said she *meant* for her tattoo to say "and you bleed just to know your alive," who locked her livejournal and said we'd be too stupid to understand it? edit: and does anyone have a link/picture for those who didn't get to see it?

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Two questions for you, that have nothing whatsoever to do with each other.

1. Theres this corner in the middle of cornfields somewhere in indiana/illinois that always is full of shoes. And I see shoes on wires all the time. Does this mean something? Why are they there?

2. Would you rather be lied to and be happy or have truth and be hurt? What if the lie would hurt someone? What if it wouldn't?
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MP3 player question.

I have this MP3 player. It has 128k of memory, but you can add a memory card. I have a 128k memory card, and when I use that with the player, I can get between 10 to 13 MP3s on there (all approximately 3:30). So I have two questions:

1. What's the biggest memory card I could buy, and
2. About how many more songs would I be able to add after buying this card?
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I trust you guys won't mock me for this. Please.

I feel so naive. My 15 year old friend just made me realize I have no idea what a bikini wax is. I thought it was getting rid of the hair between your... hips and your thighs. Except I'm really chubby down there, so I don't have hair there and therefore have no reason to have what I thought was a bikini wax. Man, was I wrong.

So... could somebody give me a good explanation of what a bikini wax really is? Is it a good thing? Is it purely cosmetic? Is it possible to do by yourself?

I've been wondering if it's possible to do anything about that hair down there... maybe it is.... *raises eyebrows*
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When I was at the cell phone store today, a salesperson told me about a website for free ring tones. If you accessed it on your home computer, the ringtones cost money, but if you accessed it with the internet on your cell phone, they were free. Can anybody tell me what website this is, or where else I can find some free ring tones?

Anybody have some cures for excessive sweating? My armpits sweat profusely, regardless of how hot it is or if I am nervous. I've tried every brand of deodorant/antiperspirant at my local drug store, and it's becoming very frustrating. I know that there are some things doctors can do, but I'm looking for more of a home-remedy.

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You know when you go to the beach (if you have ever been to a beach where they do this) and those people come up to you and ask to take your pictures? Then you go get your pictures later that night? Like they put them in those scope things, or you can get the picture printed?

Does anybody know what I'm talking about?

And do they have a website?