August 11th, 2005

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When you make a comment on someone's page or your reading the comments of someone's post in a community or on a friend's page do you hit backspace or do you go up to where it says journal and hit the friends... view?
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Soon to be rollin' in my benz-o

Does anyone know about 1983-1985 Mercedes Benz 300D/SD cars

I'm about to buy one and I'd like to know what to look for when I'm checking them out. At about how many miles do the major drivetrain componets go out. What are telltale signs it's going to need major relairs? Are there any parts that I should take a good hard look at, or are there any tests I should get a mehcanic to do? Does anyone know of a web page where all this info is laid out?

Also, I've seen conflicting reports on the transmissions in these cars, some say three speed, some say four, Anyone know if they went to four speeds in '85, and if so, which transmission has proven itself more reliable?

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We bought nacho chips. We've used about 3/4 of the bag already. What left in the bag is all very small, crushed bits of nacho chips. They're too small for dipping or melting cheese over.

What do you do with these? Are there any recipes that call for crushed tortilla chips?
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I've been living in this apartment/hotel for 2 months and I'm leaving soon. The housekeeper comes once a week and changes the bed linens, gives me new bath and kitchen towels, dusts, vacuums, and cleans the sinks and the bathtub. I'm not paying for it so I don't know how much the bill is (it's for work). How much tip should I leave the housekeeper when I leave?
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I have a professor that is moving to Tampa at the end of this session. This man means a lot to me as he was the one that influenced me to change my major. I’m much happier in my new program and I feel that I owe a lot of that to him. I’ve taken 4 classes from him over the past 2 years and I feel as though we have developed a good relationship. He has been under an incredible amount of stress lately with both school and family issues. Due to a complicated situation he is going from living with his wife and two children in Ohio to spending at least a year living alone in Tampa. The toll all of this is taking on him was apparent yesterday as he read us two poems he had written about his children when they were little and had to repeatedly pause to keep from crying. While the poems were relevant to the class (Sociology of the Family), it was heartbreaking to see him so upset. It was then that I decided that I simply couldn’t let him leave with doing something/getting something for him to let him know how much of an impact he’s had on me. The problem is I’m at a loss for ideas. Any suggestions?

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Im starting college in about three weeks and Im going to get some basic stuff this week, pens, notebooks etc.

My schedule is

Acting I
Costume Construction
Astro lab
General Psych
Freshman seminar thingy
and a class thats supposed to teach us how to "use" the library.

Im gonna get a notebook for every class, but is there anything else I should or shouldnt get? or brands. What did you wish you had? or had to go out and buy?

Obviously I expect to be going and getting more once the classes start Im just getting what I can out of the way while the parent will still fund it.
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i just bought a new used car. a 98 Kia Sportage. i researched it and asked around and only heard good things about it. but i was wondering...
what do you guys think/know about this car (good or bad)?
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Do you ever have the thought "oh my god, what if I died today?" and then think of all the possible ways you could die?

In what ways do you imagine yourself dying?
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1. I wash my hands a lot at work and recently I have noticed a rash-like thing going on underneath where my rings sit on my finger. This happened once before, on my other hand, when I was waitressing and washed my hands constantly. I think it is because water gets trapped underneath the rings. Could this be eczema? Or is it more likely some other type of rash I don't know about? It's really itchy and red and flaky. It gets more irritated when my rings are on, so I have been taking them off when I think of it and trying to make sure I dry my hands really well after I wash them, trying to make sure to get all the water out from underneath/between my rings.

2. Yesterday my husband and I were walking our dog. She likes to run out in front of cars, and there was one approaching fast. My husband had the leash and was not reeling it in fast enough, according to me, so I grabbed it and yanked it hard and fast, to get her away from the car. Ever since, my elbow really hurts. Could I have hyper-extended it or something?

3. Why does it seem to be such a widespread marketing strategy or whatever for consumer brands to purposely misspell or alter the spelling of words? Such as "Krispy Kreme", "Lite" instead of "Light", "Scotch Brite", "Krazy Glue", "Kleen" instead of "Clean", etc. What is the appeal of misspelled words?
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Non-Inked only, please.

For those of you who are not tattooed, if you were going to be (or even if you aren't/can't/against your beliefs/not allowed but have thought about it)-

which would be your top three choices and where on your body would you put it?
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How much do you think a 24karat covered rose would sell for in a pawn shop? I'm not sure if it is real gold, but I got it as a gift and that's what it says.

Has anyone ever used Plato's closet or a store like it, where they buy clothes from you? How much did they buy stuff from you? what type of stuff was it?

How can I make some money, fast and easy? I want to get a job, but I can't because I have no one to watch my 4 month old son. I don't trust daycares with my son when he is this young, and my two only friends are busy. ::sigh::

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  • If a frozen confection, a type of candy or a drink would be named in your honor, which would it be, what would it be called and how would it taste?
  • Who is playing you in the movie of someone else's life? Whose life story is it? Who is playing that person?

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I'm working on selecting classes for my first semester as a graduate student, and I came across one labelled merely "Practicum," what does this mean? There's no description given, no professor, no time, but it's offered.

Also, as a graduate student, can I take undergraduate classes? Have any of you done that?
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-What exactly is 'Emo'? Is it like 'New Wave' or 'Grunge' just regurgitated again? Does it mean 'Emotional'?
-In the new song by Kanye West (Gold Digger I think) is he sampling a Ray Charles song? Is that why Jamie Foxx is in the video? If it's not a Ray Charles song, what is it?
-Is there a full length trailer out for 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' or is it just the teaser trailer that's out?


Computer question

I know little to nothing about computer hardware. I just bought a laptop and I want to make it be able to do wireless internet with my boyfriend's cable modem. What do I need to buy to do this (be specific, recommend brand names if you can) and approximately how much would it cost?
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Anyone know what the conversion would be from Women's Sizing to Men's Sizing? (US Sizing)
Women's Size 22 or 24
Men's Size...?

Edit: This is for pants. Forgot to mention that.

I've Googled for the last hour and my head is about to explode.
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How many people are on your friends list, and how many of those do you actually interact with on a daily basis?

I would probably only consider myself "e-friends" with a tenth of my flist. I read the others silently. I am a shy person.

Yay shinies!

I want to get my best friend, a fencer and avid Kill Bill fan, a replica of the Bride's Hanzo sword. Have any of you purchased a similar item and could you recommend a trustworthy site to buy from? Or any good sword stores in general?
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Pistol advice?

I'm looking to get a pistol permit, and then a pistol in the next few months.

Primary purpose would be casual target shooting, also somewhat just to have one(I like weapons). Secondary would be self defense, though it would be very uncommonly carried- generally if I'd feel the need to be armed, I just wouldn't go to that place in the first place. But, just in case I need to go to an especially risky area, I'd like to have the option as an absolute last resort.

Need advice on choosing a pistol though(I don't like revolvers). First priority is safety- I don't want accidental discharges. Handling is most important to avoiding that, but a poorly made gun can make that a significant risk even when handled properly. Cost is the second priority- I won't be able to afford much. Accuracy, beyond being accurate enough for safety, the sort of shooting I'll do doesn't require any better accuracy potential than a soupcan at 50 feet(about 16 meters).

I'm thinking something in the 9mm range? That should be more than powerful enough for target shooting, and adequate for self defense if the shit hits the fan(don't worry about me going rambo, I'd much prefer to run like hell to opening fire or even drawing my weapon, as I said, it's a last resort when it comes to self defense).

Any advice on specific guns I should look at?

I've already looked up CT laws on CCW permits, thats not going to be an issue.

Power Rangers

Ok. I'm trying to remember. So the Power Rangers (I'm talking about the original Power Rangers here) each had a weapon. They would combine all 5 of their weapons into one great big weapon that would knock the bad guy off its ass in a shower of low budget pyrotechnics.

But first they combined the weapons with a dramatic cutscene.

red: Power sword!
pink: power bow!
yellow: power daggers!
blue: power lance!
black:power ..... uh

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How is T Mobile as a cell phone provider? Specifically their coverage. Im moving to a sorta out of the way town in Utah, mountains, major cities near by. I know for a fact that sprint works there but my father is looking into switching everything over to T mobile. Good choice? Bad choice?

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My friend took some online quiz and got this image for part of the result.
Is it just me/my screen, or is it, like, fluctuating some? near the gauzy gown bit is most noticeable. I checked it on different parts of my screen, I checked other images... this is the only one doing it, anywhere on my screen.

and if it's the image... why?

(I do have an LCD screen, but I *just* got it. under a month ago.)

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I have a traveler's cheque that I received as a gift and I keep forgetting to use it. Can I deposit it into my bank account, as if it were a normal check? Obviously, I'd have to sign it and everything... but is that allowed?
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I bought a shirt today and the cashier left the security tag on it. It's one of those clear ones that you can actually *see* the ink inside just waiting to get on my new shirt. It has a purple and a yellow capsule & it's being held on by a metal pin. It's a pink dress shirt, so it will show up if it leaks out... though it is down at the bottom.

I'd rather not return the shirt to the store if I can help it because a) it's over an hour away and b) it looks like I stole it.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get this thing off myself without harming my shirt?

Edit: I got it off. :D
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Grammar question

Is the word 'underwear' plural or singular?

Example sentences:

Where is my underwear?


Where are my underwear?

Also, I know the word scissors can be singular or plural, but how would you put it in a sentence?

Example sentences:

Where is my scissors?


Where are are scissors?