August 10th, 2005


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You know when you get your pants wet or moist and then rub on that spot the material starts to clump up. Is there anyway to prevent that (aside from not getting your pants wet and then rubbing em) or atleast something to put on it so it doesnt get any worse?

Plumbing (?) Question, or something.

The weirdest thing ever is occurring. I moved into this house about a week ago. There are two (well, 1 and three quarters) bathrooms, one upstairs and 3/4 (because there is a shower but no tub) downstairs. I reside in the downstairs and primarily use the downstairs bathroom and shower.

About three days ago, I found the floor of the shower was inexplicably covered with a bunch of dark specks. Collapse )
The question:

What in the world is going on with my shower? The specks aren't somehow shitty toilet ickiness, are they? (please say no!) Do toilet and shower drain somehow connect? What do I need to do to rectify this problem? Should I notify the landlord? Anyhow had a similar weird problem before?

EDIT: We do not have a septic tank; We use the city's sewer system. The toilet is not bubbling with the icky specks, just bubbling.
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Prompted by a question down a few:

For those of you that would NOT sleep naked, why not?

And so that everyone can have some question-answering fun:

How would you think to pronounce my new last name - McNelis ?

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Im getting a new computer and my brother is taking this one. After I transfer over all my stuff I want to completely wipe the hard drive. Ive sorta done it before, but everytime in the past theres a folder that has a bunch of my stuff Ive never lost my music, old pictures, documents etc. What do I do to make sure everything is off? a clean slate? Oh, Im running Windows xp too.

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My mother in-law is driving me insane. What are your in-law horror stories?

My husband's mom gets on his case constantly because he is always putting me first. I think she's jealous of me because I take her baby's time and attention. Then she threatens him with, "Well, I'm writing you out of the will. And if you ever need anything from me, don't even bother to ask."

Work/Boss Question

I need advice on how to respond to my boss on the following:

On Monday morning i requested this upcoming friday off for a 1/2 day. ( i have two bosses so i emailed them both with the request ) one of them (who ALWAYS responds right away) emailed me back and said that was fine, now the other one (NEVER) responds to my emails, it's just always ok with him, like on the day i'm supposed to leave i send a reminder and they are fine w/ that. that it's ok...

so today, now wednesday i get an email from him saying this friday is too soon to request off. (lately they have been trying to be more strict on vacation, sick any time off. now, maybe it was wrong to assume that it was ok, but i already made plans to go out of town friday afternoon (booked a flight) how can i respond to him asking for the time off but being professional about making sure in the future that i get the "ok" from them....??? help!
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Taking back 2 months notice

Is it possible to "take back" two months notice for moving out of a place, and remain in the spot you're living in? If it matters, that two weeks notice was just given two weeks ago, so there's still a month and a half before it runs out. If it is, what would be the reprocussions of such?

I've been really umotivated to do anything but play computer games. Any recommendations to get me motivated to do other things, such as art or even reading?
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On one of my parent's computer's, IE is not allowing me to change the homepage. Instead, it's stuck on one which allows a bunch of pop-ups. It wont allow you to certain webpages either (

By REinstalling Windows, will this take care of this stupid problem?
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Brakedy Breaks

My car, god bless it, is 16 years old. But I love her. Seriously, I think I'd cry if anything happened to her, and not just because the car I was driving was damaged/ruined. She's beautiful and still goes strong. She's my mechanical baby! Anyways, I digress...

A few weeks ago, I noticed the brakes making noises. I figure I need new ones, which my husband will get to eventually (she still stops very well). Then I noticed, sometimes when I am driving and not using the brakes, it sounds like something is grinding. I seems very similar to the brake sounds, but I'm not using the brakes when I hear it. It's not all the time, and sometimes pushing in the clutch seems to alleviate it (but not always). Any ideas what this could be? I'd hate to take her in and have to pay for labour if it's something husband can do. On the other hand, I'm not familiar with what it could be, so I am not sure if it's something he can tackle or not. Please advise.

Bonus Question! You know that little light that illuminates your tag in the back bumber? Whatever held mine up rusted through and now it's hanging there (my car, like myself, is a northerner who transplanted to the dirty south, so she has some rust on the under carriage). Tips on how to fix that without giving her a whole new bottom? I plan on restoring her, but not until I have the moolah.

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Can you guys suggest some songs for me?

1. Love songs. (No matter how sappy, quirky, hardcore, etc.)
2. Songs about friends.
3. Songs about a sweet/nice/down to earth/etc. girl.
4. Songs about a crazy person.
5. Songs with a haunting feel to them.
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Hey Q club,

I just gave someone that complained of delayed soreness after working out to take motrin 30 minutes before hitting the gym and working through the soreness.

He heard that was a bad idea. It's what I heard you should do.

So, who's right?

Should you let your muscles rest or work through the soreness the next day?
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Do you ever get nervous when meeting people from the internet?

I'm nervous because I'm meeting a fellow LJ-er this evening, and it's not for a date or anything! I guess it's that deep seeded fear of people thinking I'm weird or something.

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So...I know that to block your phone number so that the person receiving your call doesn't see it is *67, but does it cost? And I know that *82 is to unblock it. Does that cost? Basically I wanna know if either of those services will mess with my phone bill. I think I remember reading somewhere that the FCC requires phone companies to give people those services for free, but I want to be sure.
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Here's the scenario:

I worked as Night Auditor for a hotel chain that I adored for 2.5 years. I got paid well, loved my job, was loved by my bosses, and basically was blissful in work, except for the jackass guests.

Unfortunately, several of the hotels in the chain were bought out by another company, and my position was downsized. Basically, I was fired. So, I took a night audit job at a Red Lion hotel and it's ASSTASTIC. My boss would rather yell at people (including other managers in the hotel, swearing and all) than get any work done; talking to the GM has done nothing. Because the hotel is run HORRIBLY, and being lazy is of higher priority to the employees than helping people or doing anything useful, the guests are always pissed, and almost always yelling. I'm essentially soured on the hotel industry.

So, I would like to know what you all would recommend for a mid-20s woman who doesn't like people, doesn't like working days, and has no actual college education. I'm not so good at math, but if you stick me in a room alone with a computer and stack of papers and tell me to have at it, I'm happy. I do have what amounts to 2.5 years of clerical type experience, and most of my night audit job was accountingish stuff, so I have that sort of going for me.

Anyone have any job ideas that I could pursue?
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the book Prep and when it took place

During what decade/time period does the novel Prep take place? At first, I thought it was during the mid-to late '80s because of the few descriptions of clothes that I saw, and the fact that the kids got calls from home over pay phones in their dorms. But at the same time, later on in the book the main character mentions working on her college applications on her roommate's computer, so I thought that could maybe mean it took place in the early '90s.
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REturn to flight of the Shuttle

Well, its grounded again, but I still have a question about it.

Is there any reason, other than Discovery being next in normal flight rotation, for her to be chosen to be the return to flight orbiter both times? IE, is she fitted with equipment that the other orbiters dont' have, equipment specifically useful in a return to flight scenario?

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Does Maury Povich (or do his producers/show creators/whatever) actually think we're stupid enough to believe that his lie detector can detect how many times someone's had sex? I can understand it detecting if you lied at all (and having a degree in psychology I even have my questions about that), but how the heck would it ever come up with anything that specific? My point is that this is reason #359135 that the MP show is a bunch of crap :D

Edit: OK, so ramen_buddha has enlightened me (no pun intended =P) and so did whoever commented after her, I forget your name, so now I have another question...

Has anyone else asked a question on here and then the answer was so completely DUH that you felt like a moron? (Me: yes, this one! Haha.)
Does anyone feel that this happens to them on a regular basis? (Again, yes for me. It's kinda funny though.)

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What are some good classes for a 2nd semester freshman in college to take?

I don't have a major yet but I'm leaning towards some sort of art or teaching.

Keep in mind I'm clueless about college and I work a lot while attempting full time school.

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What would you do if you were babysitting your two younger brothers, 12 and 9, and they would not stop screaming and throwing things at each other?

I have separated them, taken away the computer and tv, sent them to their rooms and I don't know what else to do. They still continue to scream and throw things from the doors of their rooms. There is nothing provoking them...they are just doing it to bother each other.
Oh, they keep on screaming for me to tell the other one to stop. I'm tired of it and just want to scream.

Edit: I don't want to hit them because I know there are other ways around it.
Friends: Unagi.
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1) Do you have Audioscrobbler?
2) Do you like the new look?
3) Will you add me as a friend? I'm Apestaartje there as well.
4) What are your favourite bands/artists?

My answers:
1) I wouldn't be asking if I didn't have it.
2) It looks quite nice but I don't like what they've done with the Neighbours feature. People who were at 75% now only seem to be at 17% or less.
3) Yes, I'll add you.
4) Rilo Kiley, Rufus Wainwright, Sufjan Stevens, Andrew Bird, The postal service, Belle and Sebastian.
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Comcast sucks, so I need help.

Ok, need some help here. Comcast just moved the Sci Fi channel to 160 for my area (at least us in the Chicago-Schaumburg areaas far as I know) from channel 72. Not sure if it's a permenent move or what, but it's rather annoying to just find out. My questions are all dealing with TiVo.

We have several shows on Season Pass, but I'm not sure how to make it work correctly as I can't go to the channel by just punching in 1-6-0. We have a digital cable box, but it isn't a DVR. Is there a way to make the TiVo accept triple digits? Would we have to some how rig the digital box and the TiVo together?

*EDIT* No, I do not know where the manual is, I am not the person that maintains the account for the TiVo or the cable so calling anyone wouldn't really be quite possible. I am asking for assistance to walk me through it, not where to find assistance that might not be able to help. Thanks.
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More Questions About Blocked Calls

Is there a way to trace a blocked number? Say someone called you and blocked the number is there any way possible to find out where the call was made from? Could you get a court order to do it. Is the FBI capable of doing it? Has anyone had any experience with it?

job title

I'd like some help jazzing up my job title please.

I'm a secretary, but my job involves a lot more than typing letters, answering the phone and making coffee (which no doubt is all most people think a secretary does).

Aside from being a 'big picture' person (I work for the big cheeses of a university project and often join dots for them when they're too involved in their own particular bits to do it themselves), I'm also the webmistress and will be involved in storyboarding, directing, shooting and editing teaching videos. I've done a lot of merchandising type stuff too (getting bits and bobs made with the project logo on, which was my idea to start with), events organising, collecting press cutting and putting together material for the departmental newsletter. In fact I may be producing a project newsletter at some point too.

Soooo any ideas? I figured the words "media" and "marketing" might come into it. I expect silly suggestions (that's all I got on my own LJ) but I would really appreciate serious ones!

Gimme some ideas

I have no car, no one available right now to talk to on the phone or through instant messaging, I'm home alone, and I'm a little down and lonely.
What are some things that I could do to distract myself from the day's problems and to kill time?

And I can't cook, so don't list that as one.
Besides that, I'm open to anything.
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I am a soon-to-be college student and recently I've been spending a lot of time thinking about what I will end up doing with my life. I finally settled with double majoring in Psychology and Political Science with the intent to get a masters in Psychology after I graduate. However, I'm trying to look at all my options here, and so I got to thinking about Law... Now I'm completely clueless so I was hoping some of you would be able to enlighten me.

If I want to get into a pretty good law school after I graduate (I'm attending Northwestern right now, if that's important), would having the two majors I stated above be a good idea?

Is there anything else I absolutely need to focus on? How does one get to be a lawyer in general? ANY pertinent info would be really helpful, and yes I have read the Department of Labor stats about it. Personal experience would be especially helpful..

Thanks a bunch.
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Odd request.

Okay. This is going to sound so completely bizarre, but this is the best place I've got right now, being as none of my roommates are home.

Could any of you with a digital camera/webcam please take a picture of the toes on your right foot? Straight on from the top, so it's possible to see the relative sizes of the toes from the top without any sort of distortion from perspective views.

I think I may have broken some of the toes on my right foot, but being as I just did the same thing to my left foot last week, my left foot can't be a base for comparison for swelling and whatnot.

And please also make sure to tell me your gender and size (that is: skinny, average, slightly overweight, etc.). If you can't post pictures here, email them to

And further for people who know something about toes: I stubbed the same toe (but on the other foot) on the same thing (suitcase wheel) last week, it hurt and got purple, but this time it hurts a whole lot more. It's only the "ring finger" toe, the toes on either side don't particularly hurt, except at the joints where they join the foot. The entire area feels stiff, and walking up stairs it feels like it's being completely stretched out of shape. This didn't happen last week. Any ideas on what else it could be, and what I could do about it?
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Do you have lucid dreams? How lucid are they - can you control them and do whatever you want and wake up when you want, or are you just kind of aware you're in a dream and can analyze little details but not do much with the main plot of the dream, or what? I have experiences such as the latter, but I don't know if you'd call that lucid or not.
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I need some, er, professional-looking paper for a project I'm working on. I was hoping to find some sort of paper that has a glossy finish like you see in magazines and flyers and advertisements that you get in the mail, that I can print graphics and text on. Where can I find this sort of thing, (or what is it really called so I can look hahah) where I don't have to buy a whole ream of it preferably?

Or if I go to a place like FedEx Kinko's can they print my file for me on this special paper (because I don't actually have a printer)?

If you think they can print it for me, what format should I have my file in before I take it over there? I have it in PSP format and I'm afraid to make it a .gif or .jpg because it would lose SO much quality...

:) ty
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What does it mean if I was trimming nose hair and it came out silver? (Not gray, but silver... bright and shiny...)

Nope, sorry, no good questions today. Which makes me think of another... What should I ask? :)
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The Name Game

What should I name my new girl ferret?

* Meeko - cause she's shy and has a raccoon mask
* Dilemma (Emma for short) - cause she came to us because her owner couldn't keep her/and cause I think it's cute
* Bella - I dunno why
* Molly - cause she's supposed to be Stinky Pete's (my boy ferret) sexxxxxxxxxxy giiiiiiiiiiiiiirlfriend

I want something that denotes how sweet she is without being like Princess or Baby. Also, I don't normally like people names for animals (the exception being Molly or Bella - Pete is named after the seal in Sealab, so that doesn't count!) Oh, and if you're wondering, her name from her other owner is Sage, but I don't feel like it fits her. Plus, she doesn't know her name, so it's not like I will be confusing her.
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1. Have you ever had a hallucination? What/under what circumstances?

2. Do you ever have dreams where you wake up and it takes a while to grasp that it didn't actually happen?

3. What were your favorite dreams?

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