August 9th, 2005

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What book of his most fully details his "eternal return of the same" concept? Are there any other books of his that are crtical to understanding that one?

What commentary on Nietzsche should I read regarding that topic?
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lighten up!

How do you laugh?

Do you snicker or snort? Belly laugh? Chuckle quietly to yourself? Hiss? Giggle? Squeak?

How often do you laugh so hard you cry? Does your best friend's belly laugh sound just like your mom's? (mine does)

Mega bonus points for audio proof of your laugh.
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Birth Control

Ive been on Estrostep fe for 3 months (Im on the third day of placebos now) The past few months Ive been able to almost pinpoint the hour I would start my period and it has always been on the first day of placebos. However, this month Im on day 3 and no period. I feel like Im on my period, but theres nothing.
I havent had any side effects whatsoever with my birth control (except maybe a little weight gain) but now that I think about it this past week Ive been extremely lethargic and had headaches, and now I havent had my period yet. I've also been very stressed lately. I had sex a month ago, on my last period, and even with the other measures taken Im starting to get very anxious.

Could it just be my body reacting to the birth control?

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Why don't people get tattoos on the inside of their wrists? Tattoo-sleeves always seem to stop right there.

I did some looking through several tattoo FAQs and didn't see the reason mentioned anywhere...

EDIT: Classic example. There's wrist tattoos then there's wrist tattoos - why don't they use the bottom half inch there?

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Currently, I have a Dial Up connection. I am looking for something faster. I am cheap. I really don't want to pay $60 per month for internet service because I have a nice, fast connestion at work and I don't use my computer at home much.
I really do need to get something faster than Dial Up though. I'm looking at Bell South DSL. I don't have cable. I have Dish Network.

1) What is the difference between DSL and regular Dial Up anyway? What causes it to be faster? Is it a scam like all the High Speed Dial Up offers?

2) Do you have Bellsouth DSL? Do you like it? Why or why not?

3) Do you know of anything better that won't cost me a fortune?
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A question of motivation

I work out roughly 3 days a week. I have been doing so for the last 4 months. However in the last 2 weeks I've had a problem getting my ass motivated to do it. It's been cold here but that's not really the issue, more the lack of motivation.

So, those of you out there n lj land who work out how do you stay motivated?
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Does anyone know what happen if you take 30, or even 60 pills of prozac?

i've tried like 8 pills at once.

it gave me some headache, weird mood, blurry mind, but wasn't that crazy.

anyone know what could happen?

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ok so i bought this razor last year or the year before and i stopped using it for a while.
however, now I want to start using it again, but it doesn't work.
they said to wash the top part after each shave, but it doesn't come out so it's not the easiest thing to do.

anyone know how to clean it properly or a way to get a new one?



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okay, I know tuesday is world of warcraft maintenance day.
but I went to log in, and it's asking me to choose a realm? I tried my boyfriend's account too, same thing.
I already have a character on Azgalor.

so...asking me to choose a realm. wait till that goes away and instead to something useful with my time? go through the realm selection process?
(I'd ask on the WoW forums, but... I'm sure many people are having this, and the forums are thus pretty much inaccessible for the lag.)
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When a food item lists 260 Calories & 80 Calories from Fat, does that mean that item has 340 Calories total, or 260 Calorie total, of which 80 of those Calories are derived from fat content?

EDIT: Answered, Thanks!
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Lucky Sevens

1) When I say 'molasses,' what color do you think of?

2) I got a venti mocha with three extra shots (making a total of 5) this morning. The barrista at Starbucks flipped out, saying that I was going to be wired. Is five shots really all that much?

3) What kind of hair do you have? (On your head. I don't want to know about your armpit hair, thanks.)

4) Do you believe that things happen in three's?

5) Side salad at Wendy's: Ceaser or garden?

6) If you're wearing a T-Shirt today, what's on it?

7) How many pairs of glasses are in your purse/backpack/etc? (I just realized that I have four pairs in my purse. Regular eyeglasses, reading glasses, dark sunglasses, and the rose-tinted ones I use in the morning. I need help.)

Bonus Points if you use your favorite icon when you reply!
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ways of preparing non-microwaveable foods in the microwave?

Like, the chicken pot pies. 2 and a half dollars for one microwaveable, 90 cents for one that's not. pop out one that's not, put it in a microwaveable bowl- plastic or corelware have the same results. not perfect, but definitely edible.

Any other ideas?
(like... kraft mac and cheese? because i have like 5 boxes of it and I move into a stove-less dorm in 4 days... but other foods are good as well.)

another question:
Give me bumper sticker combinations that do not go together/go together wrong. (Inspired by seeing a pride sticker and 'it's a child not a choice' on the same car. I know there's no *reason* they couldn't be on the same car, but I had never seen it before and it made my boyfriend and my both stop for a second in puzzlement.)

Other than that I can only think of "My border collie is smarter than your honour student" and "My child is an honour student at xyz school."
Or an NRA "guns don't kill people, people kill people" with "Don't piss me off, I'm running out of places to hide the bodies."
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Gas prices

OK, enough. Here in li'l old Omaha, NE, where we normally have precious little to bitch about, gas has risen $.12 cents overnight to $2.35 a gallon. I can't imagine what it's like in more expensive places in the country, or around the world.

It seems to me that this doesn't even make the news anymore, that complacency is standard and we're just going to let this become a way of life. A coworker said she "heard on the radio" that "they" have profitted mightily from these high prices; but too much longer of this and it's going to permanently damage the economy.

If there's a legitimate problem then I'll swallow it and learn to deal... but what *I* heard on the radio, in late spring, is that a shortage was anticipated and so the prices were being raised to curb consumption; I heard on the radio about 2 weeks ago that the "crisis"/shortage is over, actually never materialized... so how about lowering those prices back to something that Joe or Jane Q. Public can live with?

So, my questions: Does anyone know who to contact to complain? Or ask for an explanation? We need to speak up!
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Lasting eyeliner

Does anyone know any "tricks" to keeping eyeliner from smudging and wearing off during the day?
I know that hairspray is effective for drawn-on eyebrows, but I don't think it'd be good to put hairspray in my eyelids. :)
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1. What was your most favourite vacation ever?

2. Worst vacation?

3. Has anyone been to the Bahia Principe in Puerto Plata? Thoughts on it?

My favourite spot was the Barcelo Maya in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico. I went through a class at my college with all the people in my course. What a GREAT time. The resort was amazing, the weather was awesome, and I was with friends, so it was even better.

My worst was last year when I went to the Hacienda Garden Club in Puerto Plata. Half the resort was shut down, even though I emailed the resort, the tour operator, and our travel agent and everyone assured me that every single feature of the resort was open. I also got the traveller's bug and had an upset stomach all week, and for 3 weeks after. The rooms were clean, thankfully, and the animation team was the best part of the resort.

carbs don't matter?! Ha!!!

did you know that carbs don't matter?! So all this "no carb" shit is a total joke! Ha


I posted this cause I was in the store the other day and bout a no carb candy bar I took it home and my brother tells me that carbs don't matter.. I then look it up and realize that he is right, carbs don't matter.

Some questions

Is there any actual evidence (i.e. ancient documents) that the phrase "worth his salt" actually came from Roman soldiers only getting a ration of salt if they did a good enough job?

Who came up with the myth that eating Pop Rocks and Coke at the same time would kill you, and what was the ridiculous "reasoning" behind it, beyond the carbonation in soda?

Speaking of soda, will it actually rob your bones of calcium? (I'm not terribly concerned, just curious.)

Have you ever heard of The New Cactus Band? I've got the record (on actual vinyl!) "Son of Cactus". I like it.
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hey, um i was thinking about buying a REFURBISHED laptop from, i was wondering if anyone had done this or with a smiliar website? i dont wanna be jipped
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Mattress Suggestions?

What kind of mattress do you have? Do you like it? What kind is the best/most comfortable for a reasonable price?

My husband and I are going to purchase a new mattress soon. We want something that will be good for our backs and necks. The mattress we have been sleeping on for the past four years is horrible and we wake up stiff and sore every day. He is thinking the Tempurpedic/memory foam mattress (or a less expensive similar substitute) and I am liking the idea of that mattress where you can remove the whole top of it and put it in the washing machine (I hate the idea of dust mites and this type helps to reduce them a bit).

Any ideas? Help!
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Do you know what the lines and spaces on the treble clef are?

Do you know what a quarter note is? A half note? An eighth note?

Did you graduate from college?
How old are you?

If you don't know, were you required to take music in school? How much music did they require you to take? Was it general music class or band or something else?

i've been saving up.

1. why do i always wind up dating guys that i am constantly bickering with over stupid shit?
1a. why do i let myself fall in love with them, when it seems like 50% of the time i am with them is spent wanting to break their jaws?
1b. why do i waste my time with monogamous relationships, to begin with?

2. have you ever heard of disco fries?
2a. have you ever had disco fries at the sunset diner in bound brook, new jersey?
2b. if no, do you have any idea what you're missing out on?!

3. i have about 30 small, red/green apples from the tree in our yard. what should i make with them?

4. what is the best type of birth control? i have tried the pill, the patch, and nuvaring - all of which did not go over well, for various reasons. what do you recommend?

5. why do the wasps that get into my house always seem to fly like they're drunk?

6. what's the best webcomic EVER?

7. how much money do flight attendants make? i'm considering a career change.

8. i just finished reading "the fountainhead" by ayn rand, and loved it. my favourite authors also include vonnegut, pratchett, tom wolfe, and douglas adams. based on this, what should i read next? (i'm actually now reading "invisible monsters" by chuck palahniuk, but i mean after that. =D )

9. if you could afford any car ever made for your every day transport, what would you get?

10. what's your favourite song right this second?

11. i don't have another question, but aren't you glad that this one goes to eleven?!
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If you wanted to keep an eye on the goings on of a particular company what is the best way of doing it?

I'm looking to keep an eye on normal stuff like profits and take-overs (which I assume would be found on places like their web pages), but also things they probably would not publicise such as questionable behaviour - where could I find this sort of thing?
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I need to get a friend of mine hooked on Terry Pratchett's Discworld. Which books should I make them read first?

I was thinking about the Color of Magic and the Light Fantastic because they're the first discworld books, and while I absolutelylove Rincewind and Twoflower, those two aren't my favorites. I think his writing has gotten a lot better since those books, but I'm not sure what else would be a good starting point in the series. I was also thinking Wee Free Men but I don't think that one doesn't take place on discworld.
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How do you pronounce this name?



Ok, apparently I pronounce it really differently than everyone else. o.O

I ask because my parish is St. Maurice. Everyone who belongs to our parish pronounces it Maur-is, and everyone who doesn't says it like you guys.

Why do you think that is? (I'm going to chalk it up to the typical Pittsburgh ability to butcher most French words. ;D)
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(no subject)

Two unrelated questions:

1. How do you choose which icon you use when you make a post? Is it mood related? Topic related? Random? Another way I haven't thought of? I have icons for many different topics, and am getting more and more since I got a 50 icon account from a friend. I use this cat icon when I don't have an icon to match the topic, which is often at the moment.

2. Do you, or does someone you know, have an internet radio station? I'm considering starting one and writing the software and whatnot as my senior project, but I'd like to know what sort of laws and things apply to this. I don't want to get myself into legal trouble for playing the wrong song or something... do you know anything about this? I've tried Google, but I mostly get news articles and don't really understand much of it.

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I have a small Plantar wart on my right foot, which I am getting treated next Tuesday. It's right in the middle of my foot and hits my shoe every time I step. Is it likely that I will be comfortable enough to drive afterwards, or should I convince somebody else to take me just in case?

Security Cameras

I am an officer for my school's Theatre Department, and last year we had real problems with people coming through the theatre hall when they're not supposed to, messing with our call boards, tearing stuff off walls, things like that. We (the team of six officers and a few more people) have spent a good 12 hours of work on refreshing the face of everything in our hall.

I had the idea of installing some kind of security device to watch over all of our hard work.

Any suggestions on the cheapest, easiest way to be able to install a security camera to watch over the hall?
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