August 8th, 2005

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Do you know how they do the magic trick where an assistant walks into a large (upright) box and it's separated into three parts. And the magician puts a blade into the slots separating the sections and moves the middle section from the others? ( Sorry for the bad description. Not sure if the trick has a name. )

What's your favorite magic trick?

Do you know any? (Tell us about them. =) )
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all grown up

What makes a 19 year old/soon to be 20 something (or someone else in that age range) seem... mature, grown up? What differentiates them behavior-wise from teenagers, especially when you first see them? What would make someone assume a person is older and more mature besides appearance?

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Does anyone know if a blocked contact on MSN Messenger can see your new profile information if you update it AFTER you blocked them?
I tried going to the msn help but that

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I was organizing things around on my desktop and folders and ended up stupidly moving all my iTunes music to a different folder. Now, when I try to play them on iTunes, they say they can't find the songs. I can put them all on there again, but is there a faster way to just get them back to where they were? I don't want to have to spend time renaming a bunch of songs that don't have names. :/ I tried moving the music back to the iTunes folder, but it still says it can't find it. This is very annoying. :(

Easy, affordable travel

My grandma wants to take a trip with me. She is in her 80's and won't be able to do anything too stressful or hard. She likes to go to casinos but I really don't feel like taking a Vegas trip with her. I'm thinking that anywhere outside of the US might not be a good idea, though I'd love to go to Hong Kong or London with her. What do you think would be a good place for us to go? Keep in mind that she lives in CA and I live in WI so we will have to meet up somewhere. TIA
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I went kayaking today for 5 or so hours. Now along with my sunburn the physical pain is setting in. My fingers are killing me from gipping the paddle, along with a few bruises when I clench my fist my bones ache. Why? What can I do to make it stop?


1. What do you wash your face with?
1a. How do you like it?
2. What shampoo & conditioner do you use?
3. What body wash/soap do you use?
4. What lotion do you use?

1. Ivory soap.
1a. Pretty okay. I have extremely sensitive, manageable skin so using just the straight soap works for me and has been for many a year. The only time I have to switch is when it's around that time of the month and my skin is more likely to breakout. In those times, I use Clean & Clear Advantage.
2. I use Pantene Pro-V Full & Thick when I'm going out and need fuller hair. I use Frédéric Fekkai Glossing Shampoo & Conditioner regularly. For a deeper conditioning, I use his Protective Mask.
3. I use Archipelago Botanicals Soy Milk body wash.
4. I use Archipelago Botanicals Soy & Rice Milk lotions. Absolutely phenomenal.

Attention bike nerds!

I tried. Somehow I can't locate the answer to this question. Maybe you'll know.

How many pounds of torque is delivered to the rear hub of a bicycle when the rider pushes the pedals?

I think it's around 400-500 pounds, but I need to find the data that proves it. Long story.

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What's a reasonable price (CAD) to sell an X-box for? It's 100% brand new, the box has never been opened, and it comes with Halo2?

I've heard I could sell it on Ebay for $250, but a friend of mine said $100 tops.
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What are some of your favorite board games? I like playing games, and I'm looking to buy 3-4 more to take to school with me this year...I'm looking for games that are good for at least 3 people to play together (but games for a group are good too).

I already have: Monopoly, Life, Scrabble, Upwords, Taboo, and a really old (like 70s) Trivial Pursuit.

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I'm taking a road trip from Long Beach, CA to Baton Rouge, LA in a few days with some friends. We're gonna be taking I-10 all the way, and I was wondering if anyone knew of some cool (short) stops we could make along the way. I'm looking for some off the wall (not cliche') type of stuff. Something crazy that would be unforgettable and give us something to talk about the rest of the trip maybe. Also, If you have any suggestions for long trips like this let me know.
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Is there a name for those things that are long elastic strips with alligator clips or "suspender clips" on either end? Which are meant to clip to both edges of your bottom bed sheets and go under the mattress, in order to keep the sheets from slipping? I want to find some to buy but a) I don't know what they're called, so I won't know what to search/ask for b) I'm not sure they exist, and I am half convinced I just made that up. The flipside is if they don't exist, I guess I could make my own using my old suspenders. But I'm pretty sure they exist for people like me who can't tuck in a bottom sheet to save her life.

Edit: I found something similar to what I mean:
So, new question... do they make those things to go longways (connecting the top and bottom of the sheet across 6 feet under the mattress) rather than just diagonally on the corners? And is there a generic name for them rather than "sheet keepers...?"

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If you are selling on Ebay, which account would you choose on Paypal? Would you choose the personal account or premier account?

I have the premier account because I'm selling on Ebay, and I was wondering if this was a better choice than the personal?
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Oh God (oy ve)

Is anyone else sick of these e-mails/bulletins/etc that say "If you love Jesus, forward this to all your friends and you'll have a place in heaven"? Especially when they're coming from people that you know are doing it just because it's cute/cool...?
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Does anyone know the name of this's very "emo"-sounding, and one of the lyrics is, "You and me, dancing the night away". Also there's a part where he goes, "I'm in a trance". It's pretty quick-paced..

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For years, my cat has refused to ever use her waterbowl, prefering instead to drink out of human glasses of water around the house. She can't just be satisfied with one glass either; if there are four glasses of water lying around in different rooms, she'll get all four of them. I always thought this was an odd quirk.

I recently got a kitten and, lo and behold, same thing! She seeks out glasses of water and has to drink from all of them (she will also use both her and my other cat's waterbowls as well, however).

Did she pick this up from my other cat? Or is this just really something a lot of cats do for whatever reason? It's weird, and a bit annoying. ;)
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this might be a stupid question, but..has there ever been any animal similar to a dragon? i just find it odd that both eastern and western cultures' mythologies feature dragons that share similar features and characteristics, even though these cultures developed independently. was there ever an animal like that, or were animals like crocodiles and komodo dragons just exaggerated?
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Fantasylands and Moving

1. Am I the only who, upon reading fantasy/futuristic/speculative fiction/etc., often finds the settings and created worlds/times to be a lot more interesting than the stories themselves? Current example is Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash - the setting fascinates me, and I find it to be extremely cool, but I'm finding the story not that exciting.

2. Leases expire on the last day of the month (let's say here, August 31st). New leases start on the 1st of the month. How do you coordinate moving logistics in such a scenario, where you don't have both places at the same time?

3. Somewhat related to #1: What's your favourite book of the futuristic libertarian/cyberpunk type of genre? That is, akin to either the book mentioned above, or the Shadowrun or SLA Industries RPG settings? I need recommendations.

4. Can anybody identify the song described here? Looking for a song that I heard while dancing one night. I don't have any lyrics or an artist name, but I'll describe everything I remember. I think the title of it had a lot of "B"s in it. It's not the song "I like big butts and I cannot lie", but it's along the same theme as that song. Somewhat of a rap/dance song.
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Has anyone ever put off their school loan payments? For example, say I don't have the money right now to do a monthly payment, but in a few months when I get a job, I can. Is there anyway that I could put payments off until I get a job? It's not much, but it's a pain in the butt right now and I want to put it off.

I am going to call the company that I have to send the money too and see if I can. But I just wanted to ask people on here to find out their experiences.

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I have two denim skirts that I bought for this summer, and I want to continue wearing them this fall. Right now I just wear them with polo shirts and flip flops, so how can I "autumn-ize" them? I was thinking that maybe wearing them with dark tights and boots, and obviously with sweaters and long-sleeve shirts would work, but I don't want them to look out of place.

Both skirts are a medium denim--one falls at the knee and flares out just slightly; the other has pink piping on the pockets and falls about two inches above the knee.

Any tips or suggestions for taking my skirts into fall?
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One medical, and one dealing with food!

There is something odd with my left eye, I was wondering if anyone in this community has had experience with this.

It first started when I would stand up quickly my left eye would have a hard time focusing. When I would wake up and stand up there would be black spots over my left eye (you know when you rub your eyes and in the darkness there are bursts of light you can kinda see? Yeah it was like that).
Just today I was rubbing my eye in class and when I opened it, it was as if I was watching a really artsy movie where the camera continues to move in and out of focus and totally blurry. It's really weird - and i plan on going to the doctor on the 26th but I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else!

And now a fun question because, blurry eyes are not everyones cup of tea!

I am eating vicariously through you guys tonight!

So whats your favorite food? (this can be anything, desert, main-dish, side-dish, appetizer, anything.)
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I fear Im getting an ear infection, however it may just be an irritation. I am not positive. I have some amoxicillin left over from my last ear infection. Wouls I be ok taking that, as a precautinary measure?
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little creepy crawly things

okay heres my question. i have these plastic stackable drawers in my room that i keep all sorts of papers and crap in. i went to clean them the other day and throw all the crap out and when i was finished, at the bottom of my drawers, were these different color larvae wormy things. kinda like what you'd get in a box of spaghetti after a while. now my question is, what the hell are these things, and how (and WHY) are they chillin out in my plastic drawers (and macaroni, at that)?
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I was just reading a post in too_much_info about someone with dreads and it reminded me of a question that I've always wondered. Do people with dreads ever wash their hair? If they do, how? If they don't, why? I think dreads are cool, don't think I would ever get them though. Anyone have any interesting dread stories?
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EDIT: Quick! Is there a nice free program that I can download and use to help me design/layout some brochures or flyers?? PSP is a little tricky for this because it doesn't show me the margins or a print preview and MS word isn't doing to well for this either! Help!!

What's your favorite Chinese food? I really really really like Mongolian beef (even the red peppers! btw, what are those evil things called??) but I'm too scared to try much else. Can you recommend anything for me? Please nothing with eggs though...


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I'm so tired all the time. I'm getting enough iron, so I don't think it's that.

It's quite possible that I'm not exercising enough, because I basically just sit at work all day long. But, when I get home, I'm just too tired to exercise.

Does anyone have advice on how to get some energy??

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I'm watching Top 50 Awesomely Bad Songs so what are your top 5 worst songs?

Also what is the key on the keyboard to press when you're typing in between words and it takes off the letters next to it? I cannot explain it so hopefully someone knows what I mean. Answered- it was the insert key.


I have lived in Lee County Florida my entire life and now I am 19 and wanting to venture out. I have the chance to move to Chicago in January and live with some friends that used to live here and we grew up together. We get along just fine, we all have very different personality types and that works for us. I say January because that gives me time to save up and pays off some bills. And it is going to be winter so it is cheaper for apartments.
My question(s) is/are:
1. Would you move?
2. What is your opinion on me moving to Chicago?
Also, I have only seen snow once and that was for a week while I was in Chicago this past winter helping one of my firends move up there. Do you think that the snow is a HUGE factor?

Thank you all.

Peter Jennings Quote

There is something that I heard Peter Jennings say in a clip from a few years back. He said something along the lines of "Over the years I've learned that what is objective truth for one man is not for the other. And so, whenever I have a coin in my hand, I always turn it over to see the other side."

Does anyone know what the exact quote is?

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Those of you living with a SO:
How long were you living together before one of you did something that had the other person angry/trying not to be angry?

It's been about a week and a half. (he's only staying with me until his new lease opens up)
I do laundry, he does dishes. He was supposed to do the dishes today, but he's gone at work now until late tonight and we still have no clean dishes.

second question: how can you stand it? I can handle a roommate in the dorms just fine- we were on good terms when we moved in (she asked me if she could move in with me because she hated her roommate. I answered that I sure hoped she could, because they were trying to move gross entitlement white trash in with me), we're great friends, we're going to be roommates again in about 2 weeks. But I've always said i don't think I'd be able to stand living with a lover. I think I'd have gone crazy by now if we didn't both work alot/ occasionally go hang out in friends apartment with better computer and AC.

third: I got in on a deal with my university- In exchange for 10+ hours of moving in new people, telling them where their room is, etc, I get to move in about 4 days early, and not pay the usual $50/day early move in fee.
If my roommate wanted to move in early, what would there be stopping her from just not checking in, but living in the room (since I'll have it and it'll be open) until it's her assigned move in day?
(other than not having her own room/building key)

fourth: Can I blame my suddenly rather sucky typing skills on my new keyboard? (went from laptop to desktop)

This may seem stupid but I find it a legit question...

Do any of you think it is as cool as I do that we in a way "know" each other through the internet? When otherwise we would have never had this opportunity. Especially through a community that revolves around helping each other with daily problems that sometimes might cost money to find the answer to...
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I need to meet more dancers...

So I have a thing where my third toe and fourth toe cross over each other, shoe, sock, or nothing. It makes them rub against each other and any shoes that I wear, which can hurt a bit when playing sports for a while. So someone suggested putting something in between them to hold them apart when wearing shoes or socks, but anything obvious didn't work. Eventually I was given a suggestion of pointe shoe gels, and they actually work really well.

And this gave me the idea to ask here so we can all use the super secret techniques... anyone have any great suggestions for treating various causes of pain or disorders or anything at all from dancing, sports, or anywhere that might come up with a solution people wouldn't ordinarly think of?

I'm fairly resilient and never needed much in the way of these, so my only contribution to the question is not to underestimate the power of Icy Hot or other menthol-based muscle pain relievers. (Biofreeze is great if you don't mind a roll-on, which makes it hard to apply to some places on yourself evenly without borrowing another person.)

Handicapped dogs?

I would like to know if anyone knows of online websites about handicapped dogs?

Or, do you have an handicapped dog?

My mother's bitch gave birth to a puppie 2 weeks ago and while we were sure he was going to be handicapped in one of its front leg, we found out tonight that in fact both his front legs are not working. My mom wanted to put him to sleep but I would really like to adopt him and take him with me at my house (as soon as he's old enough) but I want to gather as much information as possible on the subject.
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So, do to my freezer being overful(at least, that's the theory), some foods in the TV-dinner vein of things, instead of being frozen, were instead held at an unknown temperature- somewhere where frost formed on the boxes, but the ice cubes in the freezer melted.

What temperature range would do that? the making frost on the box but not in the tray bit.

Is everything still safe to eat?
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Do you have a song that just lifts your spirits no matter how bad you feel?

For me it's a song called "Lillie Charlotte" by a Japanese band called Lareine. I can't really put my finger on why, I just love this song so much and it always makes me feel great listening to it.

Two questions

So, my high school decided to go prisionesque and make us wear our ID's around our neck on a lanyard.
It looks a little something like what is behind the cut

Collapse )

How should I decorate it? I am really having a creativity block here. Sequins? Witty Buttons? All suggestions welcome.


If you were in Belize (or pretty much any Central American country for that matter) would you spend your time inland - Doing things like exploring the jungle or would you spend most your time on the beach?
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