August 7th, 2005

fixed proportional background

I think I may have asked this a loooong time ago, but even if I did I never got an answer because I still don't know. ??

Well, for a new community I made, I want the background to resize itself according to the personal user's resolution settings on their monitor. In other words, I want it to be proportional to their screen no matter what resolution they are using. Is there a code I can use for this??
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Everyone has (or should have!) at least one movie in their collection that they're almost embarassed to own. What's yours? Even if you're not embarassed to own, pick that movie your friends pick up and say "Why the hell do you own this?"

I just bought Drive Me Crazy today because damnit I like that movie.
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(no subject)

Okay, come fall I am interested in tutoring kids, elementary school age, in readin.

The thing is, I have never had a job besides working as a "secretarial assistant" aka filing bitch in a doctor's clinic. My dad worked at the clinic. So that's how I got the job.

However, I'd like to make some type of money without Daddy's help, and I have no idea how to go about advertising for this, or anything. Any ideas? Since I'll have a course load and other things going on, how to go about negotiating hours and such? And pay?

Any help or ideas would be appreciated!
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(no subject)

I workin a pretty stressful job, and hardly have a day off (I work weekends). A friend of mine works at the same place, and we both happen to have Tuesday off, and want to relax and de-stress. Problem is, we have hardly any money.

Any ideas on what we can do to relax and feel maybe even pampered that is free or relatively cheap? I know sometimes you can get free haircuts from a training salon student, but what about massages? Pedi/manicures?
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(no subject)

Does anyone else associate a feeling with a time of their life? Like when your in the moment you could never place it, but years down the road when you remember that time of your life you're overwhlemed with a feeling, not "happiness" or anything along those lines, but its more like...I alays compare it to taste or smell for some reason, Im not smelling the past but its like that, Im not making any sense! but I cant describe it.

Also, When I was really little I always wondered if people saw things differently, like through their eyes their "red" looked like my "purple" but wires were crossed or something so they just say it differently, it was still "red" to them, and they saw things, like stop signs in purple, but it was their "red". Anyway, I dont know why but I always hide this, I didnt think other people thought so then one day I heard a radio DJ talking about it, and I was shocked. Anyone else ever think about that?
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On my own?

In about a month I'll be moving into my own apartment for the first time. Before this I lived with my parents and in a dorm room. What are some things that I should know about living on my own?
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Ghost towns

Does anyone know of any ghost towns, American or otherwise? Bonus if you know of any books I could buy on them. I'm really REALLY interested in the idea of a town just suddenly becoming empty and desolate.

The only one I really know about is Centralia, yes thanks to the Silent Hill movie. ^^

While we're at it, does anyone know of any really great true ghost stories books I could get? I like spooky things... if you can't tell.

[Edit: I do know that Centralia isn't abandoned, just mostly.]
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Cool it

If you are hot and press something cold against your jugular vein, does it help to cool you down? (By cooling your blood?)

Or is that just an old wives' tale?

(no subject)

Is everything you own/keep (a room or business, for example) a represenation of who you are?

Have you ever been to Houston, Texas? (Which is my hometown) If so, your thoughts? If not, what do you think it is? If you live there, what do you think of living here?

Speaking of Houston, anyone like DJ Screw?

How is Dead Like Me's second season?
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(no subject)

Do respond to emails that only say "hi"? or "how r u?"

Do you respond to complete strangers on MSN or other such chat programs? If you do, what would make you continue or stop?
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sending packages

I need to send a book someone ordered from me on I have a box that someone else just sent a book to me in, so I'm planning on putting blank white labels (that you'd print on) over the address labels already there, then put the new address labels on top of them. Except I don't have anything to put these new labels on with (they're just printed out and cut, not on stickers... and if I knew how to make appleworks print on labels, I would... but I don't have that kind of patience today). So.

Would the post office have packing tape I could seal this up with and put the labels under the packing tape? Or should I make a walmart run and go pick up some packing tape since I don't have any?

Also, what about the postage that this box was sent to me with? It's a printout sticker from the USPS -- should I put a sticker over it or black it out or what?
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Does anyone know if there are any sites where you can download books like you can download mp3's and videos? Same subject which sites do you use to download music etc?

Cellular plans

First off, if you like Sprint or want to suggest Sprint, don't, I've had too many issues with them to ever consider using them again.

I found out I can get deals with cellular companies because of where I work. I want to know about people's experiences with the various cell companies. What companies and what plans do you like?

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I have a t-shirt that was given to me and unknowingly it had all these dirt stains. or i got them from helping my sister move.

I've tried generic stain remover spray but it isn't working and the shirt seems to be shrinking and there still is dirt on the shirt.

anyone know how to get rid of the stains?
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(no subject)

What are some good celebrity gossip/fashion/whatever communities?

I kinda remember one that was very active but I can't seem to find it now.

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so let's suppose...

Okay, here's a scenario for you to consider:

Let's say you were married, and then divorced. You were married around five, almost six years, and have been divorced a few months. You divorced because you were too different, but still get along enough to be friends. (personally, I don't see how this is possible, but well, whatever.) No kids...

So on what planet is it okay for your ex to invite you on vacation with her? AND her parents, no less?

He said he didn't think he'd go, but still...that's really crazy, isn't it?

And wouldn't you take it as a convluded sign that she's trying to get him back in the sack? She also fell asleep in his bed for HOURS when he kindly let her use his shower when her bathroom was being worked on.

ETA: my side of this is that this is also MY friend, and we've been more than friends for months now, but I think it's because of HER that he won't step over the line. I'm about to get tough.

ETA the second: I called him, we discussed it. Gah, I hate having irrational feelings.

And no, it's not this whole "oh, I'm worried he'll cheat!" I just didn't know if we had any level of commitment. We do. Phew. Crisis over.
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Two totally unrelated questions.

1. Which version of "Hallelujah" do you prefer? Lenoard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, or Rufus Wainwright? (I'm sure there are others out there, but these are the only ones i know of) Right now, I really like the Lenoard Cohen version, but for months I swore by Jeff Buckley's.......

2. How would one go about cleaning a Longchamp bag? They're made of a vinyl/canvasy material.....

For those who don't know what a Longchamp bag is, they're these guys:
Image hosted by

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thanks again in advance!
anyway, any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
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(no subject)

I'm looking to buy tickets to see a Broadway show sometime during my trip to NYC between Christmas and the New Year. I've seen Rent already, and I'd love to see Avenue Q or Wicked but I know those are two really popular (expensive?) ones right now. I'd be interested in Fiddler on the Roof, anything really...

So I'm wondering: Where is the best place to get tickets online? I'm pretty much on a student's budget, and even if my mom pays for the show over Christmas, I'm still hopefully going to make it to Manhattan at least once more this school year.

If you've seen anything recently, would you recommend what you saw? Where did you get your tickets and how much were they?

**EDIT: Another random question...could someone explain Podcasts to me? What are they? Do you have to pay for them?

(no subject)

Do other people go nuts when someone deletes them from LJ/Facebook/MySpace friends lists, or is it just me?

I'm not in them for the numbers, but I do notice when I have 1 less and the reason I go nuts is because I want to know who did it!!!

ETA (and also completely copy-and-pasted cuz I'm lazy): LJ is much easier for me to figure out because I only have like 40 friends on there and plus the whole "mutual friends" thing, but I included it for the non-users of Facebook and MySpace :D

Also ETA: Stop telling me about the joule thing and read the other comments before you post! Gah, sorry to like yell at everyone but that's one of my pet peeves. I was really asking more about FB and MySpace anyway, it's just that not everyone has those!!!

(no subject)

ive decided to go vegan and:
1.would like some quick and easy meal plans. and suggestions? exactly do you cook your tofu and with what? i have a package of it in my fridge and im not exactly sure as how to use it.
thank you and have a lovely evening.


Hmm. Stargate Season 9 has changed a lot, huh?

Any thoughts on it? Prefer it? Hate it?

Personally, I think it makes a nice change, and I'll be interested to see where it goes, since the whole Buddhism/Enlightenment thing in Stargate interests me. Seems to be getting a bit off that track and going into dark stuff though, which worries me about who's in charge of the plot direction now, etc.

What about Atlantis Season 2?

Also... have the Stargate movie folks said what they think of how the series developed their original ideas?
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(no subject)

We're going to Green Bay (Wisconsin, USA) for my sister's bachelorette party this month, and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for restaurants and bars to go to? Thanks!
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(no subject)

1. Do you find it rude when other people correct the original poster's grammar or spelling?

2. Do you like SpaghettiO's?

3. Are there any other foods that are meant for (geared towards) children that you enjoy? (e.g. SpaghettiO's, cookie crisp, etc.)

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Is there such a thing as...

Is there such a thing as heart cancer? Some friends and I were talking tonight and came upon the realization that the term was unheard least to our knowledge. Is it classified as something else, or why isn't that as publicized a cancer as others?

Thanks in advance! :)
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(no subject)

I just found out that my hair dryer died, and I'll be needing a new one before going back to school and needing to look nice again... anyway, i have really thick, wavy hair and a lot of it. the one that died was 1875 watts (or volts, or whichever it is supposed to be). Any recommendations? Should I get an ionic hair dryer? Brands?

And a question from a friend. Her mom works at a bar called "The Chowder House" and they are looking for nautical themed names for drinks. One we have come up with is "fuzzy naval" (as opposed to navel) and a few other lame ones. Any ideas?

Thanks, guys :)

ISO: Good Manga Sites


My mentor needs recommendations for good manga sites.  Anyone?  Anyone?

Related: We're looking to hire people with comic book inking skills => The person should be really good at the technical, not so much on the creative.

Would be wonderful if they have ray tracing &  Autocad modeling skills (Using Alias Maya, preferably) -- Can be a totally separate person from the inking person.

Resumes or leads should be sent to me: EBunny  NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE!!!

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So say that...

Your fwb has lost a bet to you, the prize being that you can ask him/her for any sexual favor.

1. What would you ask?
2. Are you a guy or girl? preferred partner's gender?
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