August 6th, 2005

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Do you have any strange (or normal, whatever) ONLINE habits?

For example...if I'm listening to a song with words, and talking to someone on MSN or AIM, I might start "singing"...that is, typing out the lyrics to whatever I'm listening to at the moment. LOL XD Yeah, I'm surprised anyone talks to me after that. :(

It's actually great if you're listening to a fast song, and you want to work on your typing skills. =P

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i had this discussion with friends earlier today.

if you eat mcdonalds fries, do you prefer the crunchy ones, the squishy ones, or the ones in between? or, do you have no preference?

Serious Question about Tarantulas

I'm going on a 2 week trip.

My host has a giant, hairy tarantula on the loose in his house -- It escaped its cage.

I don't want to wake up with it in bed with me -- Refer to the Brady Bunch episode in Hawaii. You know the one.

My host insists that it's dead. Right... Like he'd tell me otherwise.

My other friend emails me, "they're tenacious little beasties. they can live through a lot."

So, spiders like dark spaces... Can I just sleep with a BRIGHT light shining on me all night??

What else can I do to keep it away from me? Especially when I'm sleeping!

The host lives in a house with lots of nooks & crannies. & keeps the place dim overall.

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How do you get Realplayer without buying the damn thing? They changed their ways, leaving me without an often used media player. Poo. Any help? I have the damn thing on my computer, but it refuses to open.
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Covering black paint.

Have any of you ever painted over a black wall (or anything black, I guess?)? Is it really going to be as hard as everybody keeps telling me it's going to be? I mean, that's what primer is for, right...? Especially tinted primer?

Also, I'm planning on changing it to a dark royal purple... so it's not like I'm trying to put lemon yellow over it or anything. Does that make a difference?

Any idea how many coats of primer and paint I need need to cover the black?

x-posted cause I don't expect to get many responses... but anything is helfpful =)
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I heard a song that i liked on the radio recently, but I didn't catch who the artist was. It's called "Home" and the only line I can remember was "I wanna go home". I know this may be vague, but does anyone recognize this song?

EDIT: Answered. Thanks everyone!

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Where are my fingernail clippers? I know i have, like, three of them. there is no reason I should be doing my nails with a pocket knife.

I keep my taskbar to the side, pulled open about an inch wide, locked, with auto-hide on. Why does it get progressively smaller each time I start up? this morning it was only wide enough to show the icons of programs, and I had to unlock it, fix itm and lock it again.
It did this with my laptop but I can't remember what made it stop.
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Have you ever purchased a Carmax car? (Sorry, screwed up the first time.)

On their website, they list "no-haggle" prices, but will they also come down from these? (A lot of them are well above the KBB or Edmunds retail value.) Should we attempt to go below the retail value?

Rap song

Alright, what is the name of that rap song where at certain parts in the song, the music goes quiet and a guy with a really deep voice says something that sounds like three words and he draws them out a little bit. I don't know how else to go about looking for this song, I don't remember any of the lyrics. Thanks!
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ipod question

so i have my ipod and now i'm one of the cool kids... but i'm so out of touch with reality that i have no idea how to download songs to it (other than paying .99c for them on itunes and that just seems silly).

so my question is: is there a cheap (ie, free) way to get music to my ipod quickly and easily?

also i have a ton of cds and want to put them on the ipod. is there a quick and easy way to do that? (and have them show up on the ipod with the name/album/artist info? i have put a few cds on the ipod, but they show up with 'track 01, no artist' on there... very frustrating when i'm trying to find something to listen to and want something specific...

also, because i've downloaded those cds with no names, is there a way to go back and add their info?

thanks in advance...
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Has anyone used the home microdermabrasion kits or even the new at home acid peel-esque products ?

I know L'Oreal make the microdermabrasion ones and Biotherm do a peel. It looks interesting and I'm slightly curious. However I'm unsure as I wouldn't like to use a product and have it screw up. If they're selling it to the general public it can't be too harmful but still I'm wary.

I'm sure there are things that are to be left to professionals. I wasn't sure if this was one of them.

So any sucess stories? Any horror stories?

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What is the best way to clear up space on your hard drive?

What exactly is defragmenting? Why is it important?

My computer has been running so slow lately and it's driving me insane. What can I do to speed it up? Would buying additional memory speed it up?

It's a new'ish (January 2005) HP Pavillion a700y with a Pentium 4 processor operation with Windows XP Home Edition. 505mb. It freezes and glitches constantly. Everytime I restart or shut down an "End Now" for a random program always pops up.

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Very quick question...I have a cigarette burn from my night out last night, it is currently I big blister - what is the best thing to do with it?

I am doing to try to get a dry dressing (although not sure how to put it on properly), I just don't know whether it leave it or try to pop it, it hurts and is in a really bas position.

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I was reading a post in another community and I started wondering...
1. What is your first reaction when a friend has feelings for you, but you don't feel the same?
2. Would you rather find out by them suddenly kissing you out of nowhere, or by just telling you that they like you?
3. Do you think women or men are more expected to/should do one of the above options more than the other?
4. Would you rather suddenly kiss someone you like out of nowhere, or just tell that person that you like them?

5. If your friend invited you along to someone's party -- the party of someone you don't know -- would you still go, knowing that you won't know anyone else there?
6. If yes, would you still go if that friend cancelled at the last minute?

7. When you die, do you think you'd want any of your diaries/journals, letters, etc. read during your funeral? Why or why not?
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Skinny teenage boys?

Sorry in advance because I know this has totally been asked before either here or at little_details, but I couldn't find it at either place and google-fu failed me. :(

I'm applying for a game where they want the height and weight of my character. I suck at this sort of thing. He's a 15 year old boy, I expect around average height for his age (at least, he's neither very short nor ridiculously tall), and fairly thin -- he's described as looking fragile and bird-like in canon. I picture him as being fairly bony and/or lanky, kinda emo-kid. Anyone know what I should be putting down for height and weight?
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I heard a song on the radio the other day.. I think it was a classic rock-type station. I've heard the song many times before, the male singer has almost a scratchy sounding voice, back with a guitar and a drum and maybe some other stuff. I tried googling this already, but the only lyrics I can remember mention "silhouette" and what sounds like "my heart is going boom boom boom."

Anyone have any idea of what I'm talking about?

EDIT: Thanks to everyone that responded, it was Peter Gabriel, and I feel like an idiot for not realizing it. But this is why I love TQC.

Relationship problem

This is my first real relationship so I am clueless as to how these things are supposed to be. I don't have anyone to talk to because I don't want to admit how I feel to anyone I know. So I was hoping someone here could be a friend for a second and give me some advice/an opinion?

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lead me

live 8

Does anybody else want the quicktime file of Pink Floyd's Live 8 performance?

And does anybody have The Who's Live 8 performance in some kind of computer file?


Right now my tongue hurts. It feels like one or two of my taste buds on the end of my tongue are inflamed or something. They swelled up a little bit, look like tiny whitish bubbles, and are very sensitive. Kinda like a miniature canker sore/cold sore on my tongue. I've gotten these before but they seem to pop up randomly.

What are these? What causes them? Do you get them? What can I do to help it heal faster?

And randomly... on the other side of a recent post... what's the meanest thing YOU'VE ever done to someone?
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England, Halloween

Is halloween celebrated in England? What do you do for it? Is it a party day like it is in the US?

What do people in England really think of Americans? We might be transfered there and I would like to know what I will encounter.
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"I feel pretty, oh so pretty / I feel pretty and witty and wise!"

1. How would you define each of the following terms:: 'pretty', 'witty', and 'wise'?

2. Which would you rather be perceived as by others?

3. Which do you think you ARE perceived as by others?

4. Which do you perceive yourself as?

5. If you could be only one of the three, for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

6. Why?

P.S. It's helpful if you include the questions in your answers so we don't have to play the match-up game.

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i got waxed a while ago--my brows and my lip. now i've broken out everywhere that i got waxed and it's horrible. and i NEVER break out. has this ever happened to you?
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Best fortune cookie ever

I just got back from a nice Chinese restaurant. I got the best fortune cookie ever. This is what my fortune cookie said:

You always have the right answers; they just sometimes ask the wrong questions.


Just thought I'd share that with you all here :P

What's the most interesting fortune cookie you've ever gotten?
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On downloading music off the internet:

What are the laws in the US? Is it a general rule of "any time you download music off the internet without paying for it you're breaking the law", or is it a case of "downloading without paying for it is illegal in some circumstances, but not others"?

I know Napster got shut down and came back as a paid program, but what exactly are the US laws governing music downloads via the internet, as a whole?
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Alright, so I'm going to Europe, and I got a phone card and everything, and have the access codes for the countries I'll be in and such.
But how do they work? I call the number on the back of the card, and then what?

Thanks very much.

EDIT: Answered, thank you!
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military compensation for families

When a US service person is killed in military action (such as Iraq), does our government compensate their families in any way? And if they do, how much is it and how do they decide who to give the money to? Does it go to the spouse and children? Or if they were single, does it go to the parents?

I don't have any family members in Iraq, so this question isn't for me. But a lot of people I know do, and I wonder how they will support their families if their loved one dies.

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for those of you who know a lot about dog behavior...

for the past three or four hours my pekingese (barely over a year old) has been completely on edge.
earlier she apparently saw something that spooked her and since then shes been constantly looking down the hallway, barking at random inanimate objects, running backwards from everything, hiding, and generally being timid. just minutes ago she went crazy barking at and running away from my sisters backpack that was sitting on the floor. shes done quirky things like this before when the cat has startled her in the past, but not for hours on end.
anyone know what could have happened?
also, what can we do to calm her nerves a bit? we've tried to play with her, but it doesnt last long, she just goes back to fretting.
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Have you ever been pulled over by a cop? What for? Did you get a ticket?

I've been pulled over twice. The first time was completely idiotic - I had just gotten gas and hadn't turned my lights back on. I went all of ten feet before I got pulled over, and I didn't get a ticket. The second time the cop had counted cars wrong because one turned off the road and hadn't actually meant to pull me over, so no ticket there either.
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I haven't been following The Real World this season, but I did see a preview...wasn't one of the cast members supposed to get bad news over the phone in the most recent episode? What was the news?

Have you ever received terrible, life-altering news over the phone? Would you have preferred to (if location and time alotted) hear the news in person?

Have you ever received terrible, life-altering news in person? Do you wish you could have heard it over the phone, or are you glad you weren't on the phone?

Have you ever delivered terrible, life-altering news? Did you do it over the phone or in person?

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Anyone have experience buying NFL tickets? Is it cheaper to get them early on eBay or from people outside of the event itself? I've already poured over eBay and I have a general idea what it will cost right now to get a pair for the Jets game at the Chiefs. (I'm glad I'm not looking for Jets home game tickets... every seat is a season ticket and they have a 10,000 person wait list...)
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A friend of mine is looking to sell an original oil painting by a somewhat famous artist. Its authenticity is well-documented, and it might be worth close to $10,000. Obviously, eBay is not an option.

Have you ever bought or sold a valuable piece of art? How do you identify a reputable dealer or auction house?