August 5th, 2005

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How do I tell a friend of mine that I like her?

If you want any more info, ask away.

*EDIT* (sorry mindunleashed)
The reason I don't really know what to do is... because she mixes me up. I would say that it is cause I am a guy, but that's playing off a stereotype that I do not really fall into.

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those of you with comment notification: do you ever forget you made a post (here most often for me) and think there must have been soem snarky threadjacking on another one of your posts? Because, why else would i have thirty emails from lj?

How much would a jewelry store charge to fix an earring (not really fix, the stone's in those little claw things and is just loose enough to make me nervous) and tell me if it's real or not? I don't care about an appraisal, but I'm kindof curious whether it's real.

and! I've had this computer for, like, two days and i already managed to type my password into the username box on my email. how do I clear the little drop-down thingy?

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Does anyone know general price ranges for having something framed?

I have a 16x20 that needs to be matted and framed.

Let's assume all products that I pick out are in the mid-range for pricing. How much can I expect to pay? How long will it take?


general pondering

Why do certain websites ask for your postal code when signing up? Like LJ, myspace, and other random things you have to sign up to use.

What is/was your childhood comfort object? Like a blankie or teddy bear. Do you still have it? Did it have a name?

Girls- do you carry a purse, or do you prefer something else? Do you like handbags, purses, or messenger bags? Would you consider yourself a "purse girl" or a "shoe girl"?

Do you have a specific place you put all your loose change, or is it just floating around your house?
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Cat Question

Is there any spray or scent I can spray to detour cat's from a certain spot? Something non toxic, but would definatly keep them from the spot.

I'm housesitting a friend's cats. One of them is very neurotic and doesn't like when I shut my door, so it rips up a little nest of carpet (bad in an apartment) and poops in the middle of it. Rubbing their nose in it doesn't help, because it did it again right after I cleaned it up. My friend says this is very unusual behavior for this cat, and the cats have been here long enough to be used to it. It's fairly recent behavior.
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Relationship and Sex Questions

For those of you in a relationship, did either you or your partner initiate it, or was it somehow a mutual thing? How did it happen? How long have you been together? For those of you who are not in a relationship/have never been in one, think back to your last relationship/ideal scenario.

In your opinion, what is the purpose of marriage?

What methods of birth control do you use right now? In the past? How are/were your experiences with them?

Have you or your partner ever been pregnant? Was it planned?

What are some of your fetishes?

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My native language is English and I studied Spanish for four years. For those of you whose native tongue is English and also speak German, would you say it was an easy or difficult language to acquire?

Also, if anyone here has used those foreign-language-self-study programs on CD or whatever, were they effective? I want to learn German but I can't take classes right now (money and time issues).

quite literally, a major decision

Frame of reference: trying to decide upon a major
Question: is it better to #1. pursue an unrealistic goal (the arts) that you like but that probably won't lead to repayment of student loans or a stable job, or #2. go after a more practical path (environmental sciences) that (while you may indeed care for it) entails less freedom and drudging through things you loathe (Math: evil, cruel, horrible difficult boring insufferable math.)?
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i had been in a two year long relationship since i was 14. i am now sixteen and out of that relationship. a week ago, i met a guy at a party and we basically did everything including sex. this is completely out of character for frigid me, but i was very drunk.

how do i get over this feeling of being used/feeling slutty?

i'm not interested in the boy anymore, i just feel so fucking low about the situation.


abby genius

Temporary/Casual/Contractual Employment Law

In Canada, what are the laws regulating what needs to be provided for temporary workers, that is, workers who have a contract of a specified amount of time with a company (not through a temp agency, directly with a company)? Is vacation pay required? What about CPP/EI payments?

I tried looking on the government of Canada website, but you know how bureaucracy is - it's almost impossible to find anything. I just want to know if an employer of a temporary worker has to pay EI, CPP, vacation pay or whatnot, or if none of that has to be done. I'm fairly certain it isn't required to include any sort of benefits.
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cubs hat


1. Do you smoke?
1a. Why did you start?
1b. How old were you? How old are you now?

2. Does your city have a no smoking policy in place at bars/restuarants?
2a. Would you support it if they were to try to pass one?
2b. Do you think bars/restaurants would loose money/customers, gain money/customers, or remain about the same?

3. How do you feel about smoking in general?


I need to buy an easel, but I'm clueless about brands and what works best. I need something sturdy, with top and bottom shelf things with twist clamps - not the clips that a lot of the cheap ones come with. I figure the biggest sized canvas I'd use would be about 30" or so. Something that folds up would be nice, but not necessary. This is something I'll be using on and off in a smallish space (my room) till I can build a studio, so I'd be storing it when not in use. I've seen wooden easels with compartments and such that fold up into suitcase-type things, but again, I have no experience shopping for this kind of thing.

Any suggestions or advice?

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Will you recommend something for me to order at the Olive Garden?

I'm looking for a main course, but other suggestions (drinks and such) are also welcome. No dietary restrictions. :)
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1099 - Independent Contractors

I've been looking on IRS websites and other websites but could someone explain to me (in ENGLISH, not law/finance talk ;)) what the ramifications are of working as an independent contractor? How do you pay your taxes? If you wanted to take them out weekly on your own to put aside, how much would you take out? Is there a certain amount of money earned that changes any of this? Thanks.

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I'm looking to change shampoos and get new sneakers, so..

1) What kind of shampoo do you use?

2) And to the ladies: What kind of sneakers do you wear?

thanks in advance! :)
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do you have any experience with anyone who has been heavily into cocaine?
what happened? how did things change, if they did.

i am interested in this for professional and personal reasons. if anyone has anything they are willing to share in a less public forum feel free to email me at
hobbes love

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ok, I apologize because I know this has been asked before, but I have uploaded like 180 pictures onto my computer that I'd love to post on the internet for my friends to see. Normally I have fewer pictures so I resize and compress them individually and then upload them onto photobucket, but I really don't have the time or patience to do that with all 180 of these suckers. So, given that I use a PC and PaintShop Pro, is there a way to automatically shrink them en masse?

Related question: then what site do you recommend to upload them on? Preferably one that doesn't require registration for my friends to see the pics. My friends and family all use different sites to host their albums so I never know which one I should use... Snapfish, ofoto, Kodak Easyshare... What's easiest for me *and* for them? My friend just put some up through some Kodak EasyShare thing that seemed pretty cool, so that's my first thought...

Thanks dolls!

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Does anyone know general price ranges for having something framed?

I have a 16x20 that needs to be matted and framed.

Let's assume all products that I pick out are in the mid-range for pricing. How much can I expect to pay? How long will it take?

*EDIT* I've been calling around and getting estimates. Apparently it will run me between $375-$500 on the low end of the price range. Any extra special 'custom' features will raise the price from there.

Does this seem right???? There must be a more affordable way!!


does anyone know.....?

does anyone know what in the hell Bill Murray whispers to Scarlett Johannsen at the end of Lost in Translation?
i'm way behind, movie wise, so i just watched it. great movie, but that last part is driving me crazy....
are we supposed to know or just use our imaginations? b/c if it's the latter, i am very irritated with Sofia Coppolla.
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My first question post.

Okay, I'd like to get as many people to answer as possible, because the following questions are actually for research purposes. I'm a budding astrologer and I'm attempting to expound upon a theory of mine.

1. What is your birth date?
2. If you know your birthtime and birth, please fill me in so I can take a closer look at your chart.
3. Three words to describe yourself
4. Three words about how other people describe you
5. Any special talents/abilities you have
6. Tell me a bit about your sex life. Active or non? Kinky or vanilla? Give me an idea of how you feel about sex in general.
7. How do you relate to your parents?
8. How do you relate to the same sex?
9. How do you relate to the opposite sex?
10. What is your ideal career?

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If a cruise ship were to sink today, would the rule "Women and children first" still be enforced? (I'm interested in seeing whether the women would be let go first, not the children :P)


Do you think that they should be allowed to go first? Why?

If you are a woman, would being allowed to go first make you feel safe or guilty?

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My parents recently found out their router went bad when the internet connection kept dying out. My dad was wondering about recommendations for a good, new router.

Toss them my way! :)

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what type of fish should i get as pets for college?
i want a tank that isnt too large and three fish (if this is possible. i know fish need adequate space). something fairly low-maintenance would be nice, too.
(as of now, goldfish appear to be the most logical and basic).


okay, my brain will not allow me to acces information which would normally be common knowledge to me.

i have some old webspace on a friend's server, and i can neither remember my password nor contact the friend to get the password - thus i am unable to sign in to my ftp.

all i want is to send a picture that's saved to my ftp to someone, but i can't remember the file name. how can i access the list of directory links so that i can see what i have in there? i know this is a simple thing, but...i can't for the life of me remember how to do it.

does this happen to you?

once i forgot how to make the %, i felt like an imbecile when i had to ask a friend. kind of how i feel right now, actually.

would you??

So a friend of mine is washing her car right now...and it's a hot summer's day.

Would you dare find some water balloons, drive over to her house and then start a random water balloon fight?

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Have you ever dated anyone a LOT younger than you? Say, 7 or more years difference? What were the ages you were at the time, and did it work out?

I just ended my relationship with someone 9 years younger, and I'm 27. Curious of other people's experiences.
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Foccacia Bread

I got a loaf of beautiful foccacia bread with cheddar cheese on top, but don't know what to do with it. It says to add olive oil, spices, veggies and meat, but do I split it first? I think I'd prefer it toasted/broiled, but can't quite seem to figure out how to do it.

Help, please?


Is the term "goth" primarily used to describe a person's lifestyle or a person's fashion?

I started looking up goth stuff, and I got all these pages about rules and "I am this kind of goth because of this and this, but I want to be this kind of goth," and became very confused, because if this applies to their life and personality then that's very hypocritical and no wonder everyone hates them O.o

BUT. If goth is supposed to be mostly about/nothing more than fashion, then that makes WAY MORE sense. Because fashions have rules.


Similar to explain_things's post, what pronunciations of words irritate you?

Personally, I dislike when people say kyoo-pon instead of koo-pon (coupon), or see-ment instead of ... *not sure how to write this out phonetically* ... suh-ment (cement). IMO kyoo-pon is just irritating and pretentious, and see-ment sounds stupid ... no offense intended to the people who use those pronunciations.

Also, where did you grow up and where do you live now? Pronunciations differ across the world.

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Has anyone ever thought about what we would find if we passed all of the planets, stars, galaxies, and went to the very edge of the universe? Do you think we would find empty space? Is there anything past that and if so, what?
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Are there any words or phrases you just don't like or completely refuse to say? If so, is there any reason why?

I don't like the word "spinal" something about it disgusts me. I can't stand the phrases "snot rocket" and "jumped the shark" I refuse to say them. I don't really have a reason why.
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Wierd noises in the ladies room.

So I go to the bathroom at work on a pretty regular schedule. And every day during my 2pm bathroom trip, there is someone else in the bathroom using the handicapped stall. Obviously I can't see who it is or what they are doing in the stall, but that person is using some sort of device or contraption or something that makes a wierd noise.

It goes like "vrrrr-oop! vrrr-oop! vrrr-oop!" over and over again. Sounds like it is operated by a servo motor if that makes any sense.

Anyway, this person must be self conscious about it because when I go in there and the other lady is already in there running her device, they will stay in the stall even after it has been turned off and the noise stops, and they will not start to leave until I have finished and started to leave myself. (I usually hear her flushing and packing up her purse and stuff as soon as she hears me finish washing my hands)

I just want to know what it is she could possibly have in there. Some kind of medical device? What kind of device would someone have to take to the bathroom and use in private and be all concealed about it? It's un-pc to ask of course, but oh well. I know it is not a wheelchair or anything large and obvious, because no one who works in this office uses anything like that at least not that I have seen, but it's a small office. I thought about waiting outside the bathroom door to see who it is but that struck me as stupid, so I haven't.

Just three.

1. If someone says "I need caffeine to help me stay awake when I start work early in the morning, but I don't really drink it on my days off, nor when I go in to later in the day," does that make them a caffeine addict?

My coworker says that the "I need it" constitutes "addicted" but I think that if you were addicted, you would need it regardless of circumstance... and not only when you need to wake up early.

2. Do you think it's weird when non-mac-users have iPods? Are you a non-mac-user with an iPod? Do you think that owning an MP3 Player is completely unrelated to which computer platform you use?

3. If you write a reminder on your hand, do you write it on the palm or on the back? Why?

alizee, moi lolita

Ok, second post today...

Anyone know the song "Moi...Lolita" by Alizée?? I totally love that song. Is there a video for it?? How about an English translation somewhere? I can't find either one. Or maybe one of you knows French....

It's so funny...I just discovered this lady Myléne Farmer yesterday and fell in love with her songs...and I just found out she is responsible for Alizée's Moi Lolita o_o! Have you ever done that, liked two separate artists, and then found out they were somehow related? This is not the first time it's happened to me, haha....
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Diabetes, Hogwarts Houses, etc.

1. I remember when I was a kid, I read the Babysitter's Club series, and there, one of the characters (Stacey) is diabetic (type 1), and always makes it clear there that she can't eat sweets or candy or whatnot. This summer at summer camp, one of my fellow counselors was also a type 1 diabetic, took blood sugar readings multiple times daily, insulin shots, the whole nine yards, but was able to eat whatever he wanted without problems. I wanted to ask him, but didn't get around to it. A younger girl I know who was also diagnosed with type 1 diabetes couldn't eat sweet things either last time I saw her a few years ago. Why is this, when it's the same kind? Is it because of recent medical advances that allow closer monitoring or something? Because they all have the same levels of severity of the condition as far as I've seen....

2. If you know Harry Potter: What Hogwarts House would you place your head of state/government in (please specify said leader as well)? And please, if you think your leader is evil, don't automatically place them in Slytherin, because, need I remind you, not all Slytherins are evil, nor are all non-Slytherins always good. Look at personality characteristics, not your opinion of them.

As my answer to 2, I'd place Canadian Prime Minster Paul Martin as a Gryffindor.

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What things have gone right for you recently?

What do you think about gun control?

Do you think that people should go to an instate school or out of state?

Ask me a question that you want answered.

First time posting here

Hello, I'm sixteen, and I was on a Zoloft for a few months. I had been seeing a psychologist who strongly recommended I take anti-depressants. My mother is highly against teenagers taking anti-depressants. She says that there was never an official study on zoloft with teens; she said it's meant for adults.
And that it has bad effects.

Does anyone have any information on how good of an idea it is for teenagers to take anti-depressants? (assuming a licensed psychologist strongly recommended it)
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Too many avenues....

I'm 23 and currently live at home with my parents. The only time I've lived elsewhere was in dorms at a small college where everyone had to live on campus so, it's not like I had a lot of choices to make. My parents haven't rented anything since the mid70's and I don't really want to let them know that I'm thinking about such things.

Not that I'm planning on moving out anytime soon and I'd have to go over my budget to see what I could afford but...

How does one go about searching for an apartment? There seems to be too many options. Do you look on the "apartments for rent" websites? Do you look in the local paper? Do you pick up a special guide? Do you ask friends? All of the above? If you decide you can't bear to live in something that is within your budget for living on your own, how do you go about looking for a roommate? My head kinda goes all swimmy when I try to think about it.