August 4th, 2005

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useful skills?

anyone got a particular skill that they find especially useful? um... you know, being able to stand on your head, or speak backwards? weird things are cool,. but also stuff you just find useful in everyday life - mental tricks, throwing your voice? anythign you can do that took you a little practice and you find useful. i'm in the mood to learn something fun and useful.

Side affects ...

Anyone ever heard of Oxycodone (aka Percocet) or Hydrocodone (aka Vicodin) causing odd dreams or nightmares?

I have been taking them off and on for the last couple of weeks (because of a medical condition) and have been getting increasingly vivid and odd dreams. A few times I have even been scared awake when I was on the verge of sleeping because I thought people were in the room with me. It has gotten to the point that I leave the television on when going to sleep so that there is noise and light in the room.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?
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I don't understand how to do riddles like this. I know you're supposed to type the answer in the webaddress, but I don't understand how you're supposed to get an answer from looking at a picture. How do people get good at these things? How do they know what to do or what to look for? Where are the clues often hidden? I tried highlighting the first clue, and I also saw that the word easy was in the background, but that wasn't the answer. I don't know how I'm supposed to figure anything out...

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Do you have any good celebrity sighting stories? They can be obscure celebs to . . .

I have a few: my cousin was in a long-term relationship with Fabrice from Milli Vanilli, so this one time when my family was visiting her in California, we had dinner with him.

Phil Hartman and his wife sat down at a table next to me and my family in a airport restaurant once.

I saw Sam Waterston (the grey-haired D.A. from Lawe and Order) in an airport once. I saw Carl Lewis in The Banana Republic. Plus, I went to college with a guy who looks exactly like Tom Hanks. Not a real celebrity, but good enough for me! There are a bunch of other random ones, but those are a few.
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Hypothetical question (honest)

You're a teenage girl, and you get pregnant.

What would you do?

Although I'm pro-choice, I'd keep the baby - I know my mother would help me support it and raise it, and I don't know if I'm personally in a place where I could have an abortion.

Trying to make this into a poll, but when I copy the code, I get text only, no buttons. Oh well.


My computer's been infected. The incessant pop-up was noted a couple weeks ago, the ones that didn't go away despite spyware scans like spybot and ad-aware. Now it's gotten worse. Last night, my registry keys are being changed. My monitor fading to black, requiring it to be turned off and then turned on again at the pace of every 10 seconds. Is this a virus or a worm or something? Can I download something to get rid of it or is there anything I can do on my own?

Moving questions

I am moving in a house being rented with a friend while I go to college this year.

- I will probably forward my mail and stuff but should I change the address on my license and important papers? My parents are staying in [my old] house for now and I don't know if I'm staying at this house for more than a year since the lease is a year and we may renew it but we don't know yet.

- A friend of ours will be living in our den and helping us out with rent/bills. Should we tell our landlord? My dad said no because she may raise rent and she might not like it because my friend and I signed the lease and not the third guy. It is a 2 bed 1 bath house though.

- My friend is calling today, but if you live in Florida and have Road Runner, how much do they charge to hook up internet and give you the modem box thing? We already have wiring, I know the site says that is $99, but I can't find any sort of standard installation fee. And I don't need instruction on how to use the internet or anything. Der.


EDIT- It's within the same state, just on the other coast of Florida. Our landlord is a lady who owns the house and it's unfurnished. She seems pretty lenient and mentioned we wouldn't see her "unless we wanted to" which I guess means if something happens to the house, and she said that she's mainly concerned about damage to the house and any "problems" i.e. noise, cops. I still don't think we'll tell her though.
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(no subject)

my car got keyed in the parking lot at work last night. its not terrible, but it still sucks--my car is only 6 months old.

anyone know anything that will work well to cover up a thin, long scratch on a dark blue/grey car?

have you found anything that works well without having to take it to a dealer?

and, what on earth would make people key a car when they don't have any idea whose it is? have any of you ever done this? why?
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(no subject)

1. How much is 'too expensive' for an apartment in your area? Where do you live?

2. Do you reuse the same towel to dry off with after the shower? How long do you use it for?

3. Is it possible to become immune to deodorant?

4. If you saw someone with great big white bloches on their body, would you ask them about it? Give them wierd looks? Ignore it?

5. Would you leave a neighborhood that you love - where all your friends live, to move to a cheaper place to live? It probably means that you won't get to see your friends often at all, as they don't have cars and public transportation won't run to the new place you live.

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Specific? Definitely.

A very specific question. I'm not sure to what audience this is directed at, really (the parfum/perfume spray makers, I'd guess?).

In making perfume/parfum sprays from fragrance oils, should I use dipropylene glycol, Isopropyl Myristate, Cyclomethicone, or something else (if so, what?)?

Newb at this I certainly am.
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Ophiuchus, how we miss thee...

Does anyone know of a web-site that gives horoscopes for the 13 zodiac signs? (With Ophiuchus added back in.)

When Ophiuchus is added back in, does your sign change? I go from a Libra to a Virgo, which suits me better anyways.
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Outlook & Zuma

1. I've recently changed from Outlook Express to Outlook at work for email. It took forever, but it has finally started filling in names/addresses as I type. But, in a different situtation, Outlook has started to copy anything new to my Inbox to my Junk E-Mail file. It's still in the inbox, but gets copied. Any ideas why, or if I need to be concerned and/or try to remedy it? My first thought is to leave it alone, it's just an annoyance.

2. Does anyone else play computer games that they don't really like/are tired of, just to kill time? I still play Yahoo's internet Zuma, and it's just dull and annoying... I need a new game.

(no subject)

i know they tell you that eating many small meals a day is better than a couple big meals. but what do you think? how small is small? how do you time eating your meals?

i'm experimenting with this today. for example i had a yogurt at 9, baby carrots at 11 and half a sandwich at 12. i plan on eating the other half in a couple hours and then the sunchips i brought before i leave work around 4. is this really worth it?
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Hammer of Doom


Know of any natural/low-chemical remedies for getting fleas out of the house?

Both cats are infested with fleas and were put on Advantage. We need something to treat the house but we have an 8 month old child so we've got to be careful what we spray/lay down.

(no subject)

Edited because it's against the rules:

1) What's the most horrible nightmare you ever had?

2) Ever did something horrible? I'm talking things like, betraying your best friend's secrets, stepping on a kitten, those kind of stuff.

My answers:

1) my most horrible nightmare involved dismembered limbs and severed joints and a lot of blood. I honestly did not know what inspired it or could have prompted it.

2) Yes, I purposely said some stuff that I knew would cut my friend the deepest, and I felt so bad and guilty after that.

(no subject)

I'm going to the county fair tonight. I don't want to pig out
so I only want to get one maybe two good things to eat. What should I get?

What would you get if you only could get one thing to eat at the fair?
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Does anyone know how to specify the file size you want an animated gif to be in adobe image ready or whether there is a better program to use for this? I'm trying to upload a gif to lj but the file size is 100kb and needs to be less than 40kb.
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Look, it's me bitching about being poor again

I have a habit of clicking on interesting looking links on MSN when I go to check my hotmail (ssh. don't tell anyone i still keep a hotmail account.) Today there was one about the high cost of smoking, and since I am a smoker I skimmed the article. It's all about how car resale values andn insurance costs go up if you are a smoker.

My question is, why do sites like offer articles that consistently assume their readers fit into that kind of income bracket? Why does EVERY SINGLE medical article I read assume I have health insurance? Why does every single car repair article I read assume my car is new, has a warranty and repair plan, and has full insurance coverage? Why does every single article about home decorating assume I own my home and can put holes or paint on the walls? It makes me mad and it makes me feel like MSN and these other big fake news corporate thingies don't even consider their users/readers are poor.
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make money online?

You always see adverts for make such and such an amount online with your website. But is this really possible and how do you do it? I have a website which i'd like to make money from but everything seems far too good to be true so probably is. Any suggestions or good stories?

(no subject)

How possible is it to get pregnant from pre-ejaculate and having the sex right after you finish your period?
How soon can you take a pregnancy test to find out if your pregnant?

EDIT - I'm getting cramps, would I be getting cramps if I were pregnant?
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Hi all

All of you always provide a very good range of view points so....

With the recent nomination of Judge Roberts to the Supreme Court, combined with the loss of Justice O'Conner, do you feel that women's issues will now be placed in any sort of jepordy?

What would you cite as an example of "Women's issues"?

(no subject)

when i registered for my college classes, we were given a list of things we must bring, things we may want to bring, and things we cannot bring with us to our dorms. im going shopping saturday to furnish my dorm room (im moving in in a couple of weeks) and ive made up my list of things i want and need specifically. however i am afraid ill forget something or not get something that i didnt think id need to begin with.

for you college kids (current or former), what are things you didnt think to take to college with you that you ended up having to run out and buy last minute? what are some obvious things that slipped your mind?

(no subject)

I'm looking to buy a digital SLR camera. I'd rather not spend more than $300. What should I look for?

EDIT: To clarify, I'm looking for a used one. I know they're fucking expensive. I just want to know which brands/models to look for.

Location, location, location

You're a consumer. You frequent many places of business during the course of your week.

Where would you prefer to find a basket or bookcase with free books for your enjoyment? You would be encouraged to take the book home, then return at another time to choose another/drop off a book for others to enjoy.
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Fill in the Blank Fun Time

Think of someone you love(d) - friend, mentor, teacher, parent, (ex)S.O... whatever. You don't have to udentify who you're thinking of if you don't want to. Now fill in the blank!

When I am/was with you, you make/made me feel ________________________________.

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Microsoft Hates Freeness?

So get this:

I'm sitting here, right now, at Atlanta Bread Company (free wi-fi + free refills = woo) and I've loaded Trillian, right? Well, as soon as it connects to MSN, the wi-fi freaks out. Well, I "repair" the wireless connection and reconnect. Trillian hooks up to AIM just fine. Then, when I reconnect to MSN, wi-fi freaks out. Thinking it's just my imagination, I rinse and repeat, same deal.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? Any idea what it is and how to fix it?
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"Demure" women

Do you ever notice that a lot of females tend to be super-feminine, speak in a soft whispery voice, have "demure" mannerisms and don't seem to have much of a mind of their own? Do you think this is because of how they were brought up? That they're fulfilling their societal roles? Or is it just their personality? I see a lot of women who behave this way and I find it rather annoying. I especially saw a lot of it in high school.

Note: I don't consider this the same thing as simply being shy. I am very shy and can be pretty quiet, but I'm not like the people described above.
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Laptop question

My sister has an Averatec 3200 laptop computer. Everything is working fine except the keyboard - it won't type, and none of the keys work. The scroll pad and mouse buttons work fine. I'm thinking she somehow locked the keyboard. How do you unlock it?

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misc - not a weapon

What's in a name?

What do you think when a woman is addressed as "Mrs. Robert Smith?" Robert Smith being her husband, of course.
Do your thoughts change if a woman addresses herself that way?
If you're female, how would you feel about being addressed that way?

My answers below.
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What Not to Wear?

1) Are there clothes that people shouldn't wear after a certain age? What & what age?
For example: baby doll dresses, fishnet stockings, etc.

2) Are there clothes that people should never ever wear, regardless of age?
For example: Polyester leisure suits, etc.

Or silly socks (I have a huge collection!) -- 

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Been there, done that, now what to do with the t-shirt?

I've been clearing out some cupboards, and I have a few questions...

1. Can anyone think of anything at all productive I can do with old magazines, apart from recycle them? It seems a shame, because they're in really good nick. Mostly women's/teen girl stuff, if that matters, and several years old.

2. Is there any DIY way to tell if a bag is leather or not? My aunt gave me a few handbags, which was a bit daft when I was twelve, but would be handy now. However, I've since gone veggie and don't like carrying leather around. I can't, although I don't imagine she would have been able to remember anyway, ask the aunt, and there don't seem to be any labels.

3. Souvenir t-shirts. Gotta love 'em, particularly if you wear that sort of big baggy thing anyway. Except I don't any more, but I still like the t-shirts. Can anyone think of anything interesting I could do with them? They mostly live in my cupboard until I have someone to stay, when one gets an airing as nightwear.

Suggestions about other places to ask this would also be appreciated. Thank you!
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(no subject)

Is it just me, or are those Kidz Bop commercials incredibly annoying?

What was the first thing you learned to cook? Mine was canned mushroom soup, which I totally count. I wanted to eat it for weeks afterwards, just so my foster mom might ask me to help. o: Now, I can't stand the stuff.

What time period would you like to live in? For me, it would be like... the time of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I can't remember what the time period is called. (I want to say the Prairie days, but that's too obvious, right?) Or maybe the Victiorian era, or the medieval period... Probably the former though; I've always been interested in that time.

Kind of related to the above question: what world from a book/movie/etc would you want to live in? I myself would pick either: Little House on the Prairie, Harry Potter, or the His Dark Materials trilogy. Ooh, or Mists of Avalon. (Books, not the movie/tv adaptions.)

Why is it when I mean to post one question, I end up having more? x:
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1. What can I do to get rid of frizz in my hair? (It's long and quite thick.)
1a. Are there any home remedies for frizz?

2. Can anyone point me to a website with guides to simple hairstyles one can do at home for long hair?

3. I'm not very stylish, so I dunno. I've recently bought a very low-cut shirt (cut low in the front and the back) with very thin straps. When I put on the shirt with a bra, you can see it sticking out of the shirt in the front and the back, as well as the straps. Wearing a strapless won't work, since you can see the bra in the front and back.

Is it normal for girls to go bra-less in these kinds of shirts? I don't think it'd look very good with an undershirt. (It's not so low it's inappropriate or anything.) Or do some kind of backless/strapless bras exist that I don't know about?

(no subject)

Has anyone ever bought anything off of How was your experience with them? If the item was refurbished electronics, was it as good as it would have been new?

Sorry for the lame wording of the original post--I was being far too lazy. :)
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(no subject)

For the women out there.

When a guy calls you a woman, what do you call them back in retort?

******EDIT******: I mean in either a flirty or derogatory term. What do you usually say back.
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Solvent advice

Ok, I've got some records that are extremely dirty. Repeated cleanings, and the stylus *still* drags dirt out of the grooves.

A record cleaning machine with a good cleaning solution would work well, but be extremely expensive.

So, does anyone know of a solvent that:

1) Does not damage vinyl(absolute requirement- if it does more damage than gruv glide, its so far away from consideration it might as well not exist at all)
2) Will clean better than Gruv Glide(if not, must be significantly cheaper)
3) Does not leave a residue(somewhat negotiable, if the residue is easier to clean off than the crap it gets off the record, or if it leaves a helpful residue like gruv glide does)

I'm willing to pay a bit more than Gruv Glide would cost me, but I can't afford heavy duty solutions. I'm hoping for something I could pick up in the average hardware store. Safety is obviously a concern, but anything that doesn't require full environmental suits, I probably have the equipment and spaces available to safely handle it.

I don't care if its normally a cleaning product or not- so long as it meets the listed requirements.

(no subject)

I moved house about 3 months ago, but due to my college and the kids schooling, I haven't had time to do any decorating. I need to decorate the whole house except the kids bedrooms, and now the summer hols are here, I'm going to get going.....

- My bedroom
- Bathroom
- Landing/Stairs/Hallway
- Dining room
- Living room
- Kitchen

I need some artistic imagination......any ideas??

What colours are the rooms in your house??