August 3rd, 2005

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upgrade, or just get a new one?

I ran a scan on my computer to see what it consists of. It sucks for memory, small hard drive, and no burner. Full specs below...

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If I get a new one, I'm not even sure what or when or where I'd get it. Do you think it's worth it to just get a burner, RAM, and a hard drive, or should I trade up?


Why do men pay for sex?

I already know some of the obvious reasons, like their wife doesn't have sex with them anymore, they're lonely, they're between relationships, etc. I'm mainly referring to the men who are happily married with a wife, but they continue to pay for sex.

EDIT: On account of this post sounding extremely stereotypical, I'd like to clarify and say that not all/most men pay for sex. I'm simply wondering, of the men that DO pay for sex and are also married, why do you suppose they do this?
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Ever eat or drink something that was so weird or indescribable that you just keep eating or drinking till you finish, and still don't know if you like it or not?


Watermellon Smirnoff.


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Are there any inside jokes within your relationship?

I make fun of my boyfriend because he drools randomly. He makes fun of me for being oblivious and easily distracted. In fact, we can both shut the other up by simply waving a shiny or blinking object in the other's face. We have a running joke of calling each other "special". No one else seems to get it, but it still amuses us greatly.
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5AM makes me ramble.

1. Daylights Saving Time... I understand that we do it so that we have more sunlight hours during the workday. But this new thing about moving it back three months so that we have three MORE months with longer daylight hours made me wonder... Why do we set the clocks back in fall anyway? Why don't we just leave it to have longer daylight hours ALL THE TIME?

2. Despite my many attempts to watch TV on DST days to figure it out... I still have no idea what the TV stations do at 2AM when the time changes. For example, in Fall, 2AM happens twice. So the shows that are on at 2AM normally, do they play them twice? Do they play the 3:00 shows at the new 2:00? If so, at what time do they get the schedule back to normal?

3. We have these plastic cups in blue and green. Whenever I have water in one of these cups, my cat goes BERSERK trying to drink from it, like the way a cat responds to catnip. Of course, once his mouth touches it I let him have it... but he just goes nuts over it. The first few times, I brought him to his water dish thinking he was just dehydrated. But he turned up his nose. If I have water in any other container, he doesn't care for it. Only thiose blue and green plastic cups. Tonight, in order to keep him out of MY cup, I brought two cups of water in identical cups. One for me and one for him. He splashed around at his cup but didn't drink it. But then he went berserk again trying to get into MINE; even when it was right in my hand. My cat is insane. Why on Earth might he be doing this? What weird things do your pets do consistently that drive you batty?

4. Relatedly, is it possible to train a cat to not walk on the computer keyboard? I've tried consistently yelling "NO!" and smacking his bum, but that just scares him away for about 3 minutes. I know theoretically I could just "get used to it" but he's managed to hit some key combinations that do funky things that have taken me hours of research to figure out how to un-do. I know, woe is me.

5. My mom bought me a Mocha Frappuccino from Starbuck's yesterday morning, but I woke up too late in the afternoon to want to drink caffeine. Will it still be good today in the fridge, even though there is milk in it and the container is not sealed? I ask because I had a sealed bottle out at room temperature overnight and the next day it had started to thicken. I know milk obviously lasts longer in the fridge....but even if it's not sealed?

6. If you wake up in the afternoon or evening, do you still refer to your wake-up time as "this morning"?

7. How pudgy is your tummy and how deep is your belly button? Do pudgier tummies have deeper belly buttons?

What is a 'bookslut'?

I came across the term in this context:

'She cites Craigslist as an example of the former, also called "freecycling": for booksluts interested in this, I recommend a website called Bookcrossing.'


And it's obviously an ID, the name of a blog and the name of the website. 

But what is a bookslut?  How do you know if you are one?  Am I a bookslut?
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1. at the gym, i often see people going backwards on the elliptical machine. what extra benefit does this provide? which muscles does going backwards specifically target?

2. is it possible to have 2 sets of wisdom teeth? i had mine removed in january, but it's feeling to me like i have a second set of bottom teeth. I don't know if I'm just making things up or what...

3. i have been on break since may, but i started working nights (well, 5-9pm) everyday at the beginning of june. next week is my last week. what should i do during the last 2 weeks of summer to have fun and make up for the fact that i've hated this summer because of work?

thanks guys. if this community wasn't around, i'd be about 10 times more bored than i already am during the day before work.
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Which way is the better way to study?

1) Make a plan that says from what time until what time you're going to study but not what you're going to study. So, for example, from 9h - 12h and from 14h - 17h and from 19h - 22h.


2) Make a plan that says what you're studying but no times?
So just: monday: chapters 1 - 4, tuesday, chapters 5 - 8 and so on.


3) Something else.
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RSVP card for wedding invitation

You get a wedding invitation and the RSVP card is like this:

Mr. Barry M. and Amanda K

Will ________ attend.

What would you write if you ARE attending?

What would be the correct way to do it -- write nothing in the blank, or write (2) as in 2 guests will be attending? I'm fighting with someone about this and was wondering if I'm completely off. I've seen invitations where it has a spot for the number of guests, but to me "Will 2 Attend" does not make sense.


1 - Are parents right to choose to stay together 'for the sake of the kids'??

2 - Does having 'stay together' parents have an effect on the kids?? negative/positive

3 - Does having a single parent have an effect on the child?? negative/positive

4 - Do you think society un-/intentionally still frowns upon single-parents?? Why??

History Nerd Here

What do you think was the most important historical event/date from the last 100 years?

What about the most important historical events of all time?

Be as fluid as you want with the definition of important. :)
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What is the meaning/purpose/origin of those "something is love" rainbow-themed banners many people have on their info page?

EDIT: I'm not asking about any particular one, I am puzzled by the general idea...

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Do midgets get like a discount at buffets or anything? Casue I don't think they eat as much as a regular grown person.

Also....I have never seen an over weight or fat they exist?

This I am not making fun of midgets..I love little, just so you all know.
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I have a plum tree in my yard that has grown very tall and for the first time is bearing a LOT of fruit. The bottom 2/3 of the tree has branches that are so heavy with plums that they are breaking, but there isn't any fruit at all on the top 1/3. Why?
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My old hoopty's muffler has been sort of coming off for some time now. The exhaust pipe was still attached, but the things that hold it onto the underside of the car had rusted, so a friend of mine used some wire to keep it attached so it wouldn't drag on the ground.

Well, my muffler finally gave up and the exhaust pipe came loose, so no more muffling for me. It was just hanging uselessly by the wires, which had gotten loose by the time I noticed it in a parking lot today. I got on my back on the hot blacktop (ow) and took my knife and cut the wires, took them and the muffler off the car, and shook the rust out of the muffler onto the parking lot (litter!).

Well, I told my friend that I took off my muffler for good and he mentioned he highly recommends against doing that. He had to go before I could ask why. So my question to you car people is, why would it matter? It's been a fact that the muffler has been useless for some time. Even while the exhaust pipe was still connected, the muffling action had long since died and the car's been loud and exhausty as you might expect. Why would he not want me to take it off if it's just a useless thing hanging by some wires? I don't want the wires to break or swing the muffler into my wheels or something while I'm driving, so I took it off. Is that so bad?

P.S. Yes, I know this indicates my car is a piece of shit. Tons more wrong with it but it still runs. Trust me, it is not worth investing money for repair - it's below the minimum blue book value already.
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If you live in a country that is not involved in the Iraq war (in other words, not America or Britain, and not really France either since there are political ties there), did 9/11 effect you? Did it change anything about you personally? About your country? Do you think of it as having a global effect or as something that happened to America? I'm really interested in Non European Answers...
But thats basically everyone on LJ so I doubt Ill get any real responses.
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Is anyone willing to do my logic homework? It's all online, so I can give you the password and everything to do it! Please?

(haha, I'm kidding . . . well not really but. . .heh)

Since I have stopped taking the Depo shot (birth control) I have been really, seriously depressed. For those of you who have stopped with Depo, have you gone through periods of sever depression after you stopped?

What do you do when you are depressed? Feeling really bad about yourself?

For those of you who are psychologically stable:

If you could have one thing (money, physics, logic, reality set aside) what would it be?
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So, I live in Oregon. It's illegal to get emancipated here. What would be the easiest way to get around this law and get emancipated? I'm 15 and will be turning 16 on November 30th. Due to family, yada yada, this needs to happen by my birthday. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A Few Things

1. I am trying to pay for my account here but my debit card has been declined. There ARE funds for it and there are no holds or problems according to the bank. Anyone know what is up?

2. Why do people make fun of overweight people at the gym? Don't they realize that the big person probably knows they are big and are at the gym for that very reason?

3. I have been STRAVING lately. I eat a meal, then half an hour later my stomach is growling with hunger. Ravenous I tell you. I'm not pregnant or on any medication or anything out of the ordinary. Why do I have a bottomless pit? It's not stress since things are going very well for me right now....

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inspired by the question of things you can't decide whether you like.
I went to this chinese buffet last week, a critical part of Operation Abomination, as I needed to get duck to take with me to the duck pond. Before the covert op, when we were just eating, I ate about three of these things I eat every time I'm there. They're a little larger than dice, bright red, have sesame seeds on them, are squishy, but not gummy- you can tear them apart- and... I can't remember how they taste... and I don't know what they are. at all.
1. What are they?

2. Mention of feeding duck to ducks in above paragraph: Bother you, make you curious, or evilly amuse you?

3. Better than Ezra, Lifetime: "That REM song was playing in my mind..." What song?

Today walking to the bus stop from work, I saw a weird bit o' fur on the ground. kick it. it's appears to be a solid wad of fur, but all one direction-not like a hairball. I bravely pick it up. and, as near as I can figure, and what my boyfriend thinks too, it's a rabbit tail.
4. How did it get separated from the rabbit?
5. What should I do with it?

6. something you find mindbogglingly stupid that people do on a regular basis?
people I know keep getting tattoos with under a week's thought put into them(record time: leaving to go to the place and not decided yet). I know you might be going in saying "I'm getting something from the flash", but surely you're going in with an idea like "I want a bird of somesort" or "I want this symbol, let's see if they have it"?

7+7.5.Rosaries, Catholic or otherwise: Would it be considered offensive to use it like an anklet? More or less so if the person doing it is not (religion with rosaries)?

nervous breakdown?

Are there any psychology majors in here? What exactly is a nervous breakdown? What's the science behind it?I tried doing some online investigation, a lot of confusing and conflicting descriptions. Is it just some expression or is it an actual medical term?
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Been travelling around Australia?

Where are you from?
How long did you stay in Australia?
Did you enjoy it?
Do you have any tips for someone who is planning to spend a month over there? The travel itenarary is already pretty much planned, but anything that is essential to bring, etc?
I'm particularly interested to hear from anyone who travelled over there alone. Was it scary being so far from home alone? Or were you glad you went alone?
Did you bring your cell phone, and what kind of reception did you get if you did?
Any Australian anecdotes/advice welcomed.
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I've been looking for a decent Japanese font but keep running into the same problem.

The font that came with the Microsoft Japanese Word Pack (which is only katakana, as far as I can figure) I downloaded and all the other ones I've found online don't correspond to an English keyboard.

For example, if I type in "SAYONARA," it writes out "MOCHIRUMUHOCHIMECHI" in katakana. The keys don't correspond to characters that are vaguely related to them.

Where can I find a font that's decipherable?
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Dance Dance Revolution!

First of all, for the record, I love DDR. However, I've only played it on the PS2. I don't have a PS2, but I do have an XBox. But I don't have DDR. However, I've heard that the cheaper pads you can buy are way better for the PS2 than the cheap ones for XBox. So...

1. Have you played/do you like DDR?

2. Do you own it on PS2 or XBox?

3. Are the pads/game worse on Xbox than they are on the PS2?
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Kitty Sneezes

Do cats get allergies?

My cat Rascal has been sneezing, and forcefully blowing air out of his nose for the past few days, kind of like a human would do to blow their nose.

I'm wondering if he's got allergies, or if he's got a mosquito bite in his nose or something?
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AIM Question

does anyone else use aim? well, I don't know if this is for everyone with it, but on the top of my buddy list is an incredibly..obnoxiously changing ad that turns on randomly. and as my speakers are broken and I only use headphones, this is started to kill my ears. You can shut it off, but it keeps turning itself back on. Is there a way to get rid of it?
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Seeking bad puns.

I read, a while back, a joke. It was one of those stories that end in a stupid pun on a common saying, and the punchline was 'Absinthe makes the hearth grow flounder'. I've since tried to find it on google, but that phrase pulls up nothing.

Can anyone tell me how the windup goes for that joke or, failing that, give me a good 'pun story' type joke that isn't very well known?