August 2nd, 2005

Goodwill Lamb

Mysteries in media

It seems like everyone has a song, TV show, or movie that's a mystery. We don't remember enough details to be able to find out if it was even real to begin with. It's like these weird flashes of memory that we can't pinpoint. The descriptions are always like, "It's that song that mentions the clown coming to town and we were against the world or something!"

Do you have a mysterious piece of media that you've never been able to name?
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Joe BOxer

What word describes your mood or something involving your day today?

mine would be:

su·per·flu·ous adj.
Being beyond what is required or sufficient.

*My manager's anal retentive attention to details of an unimportant nature is superfluous.
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(no subject)

I was curious on everyone's opinions/views on the Nikon D70?
If you don't suggest the camera, what do YOU, personally prefer?

If you use the D70, I'd appreciate it if you could supply me with a link of pictures taken with the camera.
I'm rather curious.

What to wear!!!!

Today in the mail, I recieved an information packet regarding my senior pictures. In the packet, it said to bring at least two outfits to my photo session (casual and formal) and props. Can anyone suggest a few outfits that would be suitable for my pictures? I looked to the packet for ideas, but all of the girls had on sweaters and I would rather not have a heat stroke while being photographed.

*Also, what should I expect at the photo session? (i.e. how long it will take, the types of poses, ect.)

Thanks a bunch in advance and sorry for asking so many questions (this whole "senior in h.s." thing is so new to me!!)
lead me

double shot

1. I'm in college and this past spring I got my first job ever - teaching piano in a music store. I don't deal with the retail end of anything, I just teach... but today I was asked if I want to get involved with the rest of the guys who work there because school is kicking in and people are going to be renting band instruments and looking for Christmas gifts soon. I have never, ever had any reason to deal with people on a business level or handle business phone calls or anything of that nature, so for those of you who have, what would your words of advice be to somebody like me? I've already made an agreement with myself to ask lots of questions and make sure I understand everything before I do something and I'm sure I'll learn more about the way things work as I go, but I always get awesome help from you guys (I got all of your comments to my ear piercing post and I haven't had the chance to get back to you -- thank you all so much for your help, I had no clue about any of that! you guys are great.)

2. What's something you do that makes you feel absolutely beautiful from the inside out?

Supporting yourself

Has anyone here supported themselves on minimum wage?

I am talking between what I believe to be a low salary ($6-$8/hour) in a decent sized city. I am a college student who lives near a large university, where apartment prices aren't cheap. I think rent varies from $400-$600 per person a month. Of course, depending on what apartment you live in.  I am asking this because I want to move out of my parents house but I make minimum wage, working from 25-35 hours a week.

Feel free to include things besides rent you have to pay for I may not have thought of, and of course how it worked out for you. Thanks.


(no subject)

Have you ever tried, consciously, to get yourself back on schedule. Keep yourself up all day on little sleep until Finally its late enough and you can go to bed. so you do so, only to wake up 4 or 5 hours later WIDE awake. I dont mean, oh I got up and then couldnt fall back asleep. Im talking mind racing wide awake awake. This has happened to me a lot recently and its fucking driving me crazy!
Quinn Twin

Knots and Free Layouts

1) I have a terrible knot in my left shoulder. I am guessing because either I slept on it funny or all the lifting of trays of food at work have finally caught up with me. Short of going to a chiropractor or massuese, which I can't afford, what can I do to ease/fix it? I put some IcyHot on it, but that only works so much. I have a TENS unit, but again - only so much. Help me feel better at home?

2) What are some good/active free layout communities/ljs? I'd like to browse for something uber spiffy but filtering through all the coms/people who list 'layouts,' is like ... something difficult and annoying. Help me be cooler?

Thanks kids!

(no subject)

Anyone know of any songs with nice/good/great saxaphone usage in them? No jazz or ska please. I like those genres a lot, but I think it's obvious to have a sax in those songs (not all the time mind you, but a lot of the time) and I want something a bit... less obvious. :)

Thank you as always! :D

If I were to give my own recommendation... I got this video from Limewire of John Lennon performing "Imagine" on the Mike Douglas show and their's a saxaphonist on this performance and what he brings to the song in this live version is pretty nice :)

(no subject)

Do you think that you are a good leader??

What qualities do you think make a good leader in society?

Are the qualities that you listed ones that make you a good leader?

What are some leadership roles in work/volunteering/clubs that you've had?

(no subject)

i'm going camping this weekend for only the second time in my life. what are some things i should pack? what are your camping must-haves to keep yourself comfortable?
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(no subject)

I pakced my first box this morning for my upcoming move, and realized...I do not know how to pack.

Im not really taking much seeing as Im moving into a dorm. But this box happened to be all the books Im taking...It ended up rather heavy, I ca lift it alone but I couldnt move it great distances, so Im thinking I should go about it a different way.

How does someone pack? Should I spread the heavy stuff out with lighter stuff and then have no real rhyme or reason to where anything is?

I hate moving....

(no subject)

anyone ever heard of the book "Everyday Math for Everyday Life" by Mark Ryan?

if so, what are your experiences with it and does it cover beyond arithmetic?


(no subject)

I'm writing the design for an announcement, and the delegator of the assignment wants to put in something 'clever'. The example he gave me was 'how do you compete with free?', which I don't know is that clever. Can you think of something better? The subject of the announcement is a breakfast buffet where a trade discussion/seminar type thing will be held, and the 'free' thing mentioned above was in reference to the fact that the meal was on the house.

So, can you think of something better than 'how do you compete with free?'

(no subject)

I'm 17. I live with my parents, and I drive a family car.
I was recently in a small car accident.
The car had about 3500$ worth of damage on it.
Since I was in the accident, the insurance peoples having been talking to me, and sent the check to me.
I am listed as a driver, under my father's insurance, Travelers.

So is it FAIR my parents are taking the money, which should be going towards a new car, or something else of my benefit, like for college....and depositing it, in their bank account?


They plan on giving the car to my sister, at the end of my senior year, so she can learn to drive...leaving me carless, when I leave for college?

(no subject)

So I'm packing up and moving across town, and in so doing I'm purging a lot of my possessions. I don't need all this stuff. :o)

However, there are things I'm reluctant to throw out/donate, b/c I'm sure that as soon as I get rid of it, I'll need it. But I know I'll hold on to it and really, never need it.

Have you ever thrown something away and then needed it very soon afterwards?
at seven

(no subject)

Awww man I have a plane to catch in two hours, and my iPod is acting like a cranky little bitch. The screen just went blank, basically. The backlight still comes on but I can't read the words, unless I tilt it a certain way and squint and hope really hard. I was thinking maybe somehow I just messed with the contrast settings, or I should at least play with those before I declare it broked, but I can't find them because I can't see the screen! Otherwise it seems to be working fine.

For reference, my iPod is a one and a half year old third generation. It was totally out of batteries before I plugged it in this time.

Here's some questions to get you going on helping me, but jump in with whatever :)

Has this happened to anyone before? Did you fix it and how?
How do I find the Contrast settings if I can't see it?
What would you do if this were your iPod?
I can't even remember how to try to reset it... help?

Thanks you guys!


I was reading a journal that I kept in the early 90s, and I would say "NOT!" a "I love Tommy. NOT! I hate him!"

I had forgotten about how people used to say that...was that a Wayne's World thing?

Can you think of any other funny expressions that people don't really use anymore?

Unrelated Questions

1) I've had two Air Conditioning Leaks so far --

Details here:

Part I, July 19th: 

Part II, yesterday:

The carpet (Photo below) was soaked.  It now smells TERRIBLE. 

1A) How do I get rid of the smell? 

1B) How do I prevent mildew, mold etc. from forming?

The A/C is still leaking!  X(

- - -

2) Do you like dressing up? 

2A) What is your favorite dress up outfit?

2B) What is your favorite dress up accessory?

2C) Where/when have you worn this outfit?  Collapse )

regina [lupinskitty]

(no subject)

1. Are you registered to vote?

2. Do you vote in every election? Like, will you vote for state/county/local offices or just in the presidential elections? (For non-Americans, please insert your appropriate government offices here, i.e. local/national/etc)

3. How old are you?

[Note: I don't want to know WHO you vote for, I just want to know IF you vote]
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New Bopp
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Days of the week.

Back in elementary school, we had a name/silly saying for every day of the week, that mostly had to do with playground activities. Did you do this? If so, what were the days?

Mine were (let's see if I can remember them):
Tuesday Toe-day (stamp on your friends feet)
Wednesday Wedding-day (pretend marrying your crush, or trying to)
Thursday Throw Up-day ( I never really understood this one....)

Hm... guess I can't remember them all. haha. Maybe I will if some of yours ring any bells.
Or maybe no one else did this and my school was just weird.... which is altogether possible.

It's just strange because this randomly popped into my head sitting here at work when someone asked "What day is it?" and I said to myself "It's Tuesday Toe-Day!"

*boggles at the weird innerworkings of the mind*

EDIT: Friday was Flip-Up Day (skirt-wearers beware!)

(no subject)

The Backstreet Boys are currently only their Never Gone tour, hehe, and being a dorks that w are, my friends and I are going tonight. If anyone has been to this tour, do they play more old stuff or new stuff? Dear god, I hope its the old stuff, but... any idea? And who is opening?

What band of your past would you love to see in concert? (And I don't mean Pink Floyd or the Beatles, because we'd all love that. I mean, the embarrasing ones who you never got to see)

(no subject)

ever want something really bad on ebay, become the highest bidder and then kinda wish someone would outbid you?

edit: Bidding has ended for this item at US $22.49. You were outbid.

that's $7.50 more than my highest bid. which i felt guilty about spending. yay!
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(no subject)

Do you think you and your significant other are "right" for each other?

What makes a couple right for each other?

If you felt that you weren't right for your other part, would you end it immediately or continue on?

I am incredibly ambitious, motivated, incessantly busy and hardworking while my boyfriend just isn't. He's aimless and day by day whereas I plan things into the ground. Lately I've been wondering how this whole thing is going to work.

many a question!

1. Why would my parents have an appraiser come to our house if we aren't moving or anything?

2. Why would you refinance your house and what exactly is refinancing?

3. I have a best friend who is constantly trying to make MY music tastes her own. She listens to that wannabe 80's new wave shit like Von Bondies and The Bravery and now she's all like 'MEMemCLASSIC ROCK!" which is all I listen to. I don't ever do that to her. Can anyone relate? What should I do about it? Is it stupid that it bothers me?

yeah ok, so it's like 23498 questions. I apologize :) Thanks for the help.


i just ordered a three year magazine subscription from a door-to-door salesman for LSS Inc., a magazine subscription sales company.
he provided me with clear company information, receipts, identification, and seemed reputable.

did he just rob me of $38 or can i expect my subscription?
misc - cemetery

4 completely unrelated topics

1. Why does periwinkle paint peel off Dodge Neons? All the more 'normal' colors that I've seen don't seem to peel, but every single periwinkle one does! Why would people buy that color if it peels so much?

2. The other day I was discussing oral sex with a friend, and he said that his girlfriend tastes really gross, and he got really weirded out when I said I think I taste pretty good. Is it really that strange that I know this about myself? Do you know how you taste?

3. Why are some staples curved/crowned (such as Swingline S8)? What difference does this make in your stapling power?

4. Are you a hat person? What type of hat do you like? I'm thinking of venturing into the world of hats (not baseball caps) for the fall, but I'm not sure where to start ;p

(no subject)

So, I heard something about if a minor is married for someone above the age of 21, they, too, can enter a bar by both of them showing their ID and show the matching last names. Anyone care to give me the details on this? Or actually just give me all the details about a minor marrying an adult?
cartoon cat

(no subject)

Is there a community for hardcore misanthropes, where you can bitch about anybody and any group of people for any reason, and not worry about being called un-PC, derogatory, and whatnot?
ciel fave :3

(no subject)

Does anyone know of any good websites that have some good at home exercises that don't require any fancy weights or anything?

Any tips for losing weight other than "eat healthy and exercise"?

I really want to lose 10 pounds. :x
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My Spoon is Too Big

(no subject)

1. i am tall. 5'10'' to be exact. and, being female, i am having trouble finding pants that are long enough. does anyone else have a similar problem and a solution?

2. i have this weird chapped area around my mouth and it isn't going away, even though i continue to use lotion on it. could you recommend a product that could help.

3. should i get a Myspace? why or why not?

thanks in advance!!
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(no subject)

So remind me again,

What is the purpose of "thread-count" in sheets and whatnot, and does it really make a difference?

EDIT: Thanks for all the answers I've gotten so far. I'm definitely going high thread count. But here's the more important question of them all: I need to find a certain color of sheet. I've searched several different online retailers, but for the life of me, I can't locate this color. So, I thought I'd give some of you the task of finding it for me, to relieve your boredom!

I'm essentially looking for the hexadecimal color known as blue, 0000FF. When you click "blue" in a color menu, the color of sheet that I want comes up. Colors close enough that I want are the blue you get in t-shirt packs that's a bright blue, and the really powerful, slightly darker, but still beautiful blue they use in common blue cars, such as the Neon and VW Beetle, but not dark blue or navy, and not greenish-blues or aquas.

Can you help me? Please???? First prize for the winner: You get to sleep over with my 400 thread count blue sheets! (with or without me, your pic, mwaha). Optional prize: you get to have the pride of knowing that you made my dorm room a much happier place.
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(no subject)

I have this horrible, loud hacking cough. I went to a doc-in-a-box that gave me guaifenesin + phenylephrine HCl. It's not doing shit.

It's gotten so bad that I'm having fits and gasping for air. And it's tiring me out, a lot. Cough drops only help a little. Any advice on something to alleviate these?
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(no subject)

Do any of you know anyone who has had their ride "pimped"?

Or do you know anyone who has been on any sort of reality show, or talk show? And if we would know them from TV, then who?

P.S., who is the artist of this song? And what is the name of it?

"Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find
You and I collide"
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Meeting the parents!

Yep, I think it's finally time I brought the boy home and introduced him to my mum and dad!

1. How long were you and your SO 'together' before they met your parents?

2. How did you go about it? (Did you all have a meal together or was it a quick, "Bob meet mum, mum this is Bob" at the front door when he came to take you out one night?... etc)

3. Did it go well? Do your parents like your SO?

4. Any tips on how to make the whole scenario relaxing and drama-free for all involved?

I really want this to go well, because I already think my parents are going to dislike him because he is considerably older than me. I'm nervous. Hold me.

(no subject)

1. I am visiting Dallas this weekend. Normally I stick to the Galleria, but does anyone have restaurant/shopping reccomendations?

2. What are some good, cheap skin exfoliation products?

3. What is your bedroom color? Do you like it? If not, what would you like it to be? (Mine is a teal dark blue. I love it.)

4. Is there a way to tell that you have stopped growing? I am still a "youngin" but I've never had growth spurts, my jeans still fit, and my mom is a wee gal which leads me to believe that I'm going to be 5'1 and a half for the rest of forever.

thanks thanks thanks.