August 1st, 2005


White lights

What's the difference between warm white light bulbs and natural white light bulbs apart from the colour? Is one better than the other to use (apart from how it looks)?
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I'm currently going through a period of change in my life; starting over completely and trying to figure out what to do next. Since this seems to be a momentous period of my life, I'm looking to get a meaningful tattoo. Possibly something to remind me that starting over is natural, that life has many twists and turns, or something of that sort.

Does anyone know any symbols that stand for change, rebirth, starting over, or the cyclical nature of life? I'm looking for symbols from all different cultures, religions, etc., though I'm partial to Celtic things.

Ideas I have so far include a lotus flower, a labyrinth, or an ouroboros.

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Stupid cell phones.. I am sharing a Sprint plan with my sister and her boyfriend. Does anyone know, under what circumstances would I be charged for Caller ID?

I haven't had the phone for very long and haven't made/received many calls so it boggles me.
I mean, nothing really out of the ordinary happening with the phone.. I received a mysterious call with no name once, and I've used a phone card to make outgoing calls.. but that's all.

I know it's probably best to talk to the stupid phone people themselves. I was just wondering because my sis is going to talk to them (it's their account) when she has time but in the meantime I'm thoroughly confused and curious, and also a bit afraid of using the phone.

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I desperately want to copy Pink Floyd @ Live 8 onto a cd, but I can't seem to figure out how.

I downloaded it on a filesharing client, it's an avi file and everytime I go to copy it, it says the file can't be read or something like that. I've tried it in real player and windows media player.

Any idea on what I should do to it?
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Has anyone else started hearing a lot of stories (not in the news, but from friends) about guys coming back from Iraq all f'ed up in the head?

I'm hearing about guys (friends of friends) turning violent against their families, committing murders and other violent crimes, committing suicide, or turning to heavy drug and alcohol abuse. I myself only have one friend who was over there. The war's effect on him was that he decided not to pursue a career as an officer, and he will probably not re-enlist. He seems a little withdrawn, and he doesn't want to talk about anything but the goofy stuff that happened over there.
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When your cat is sick, what should you do for them and when should you take them to the vet?
I noticed that my kitty Baggie has diaherria (I noticed because he has three legs and tends to mess on his tail now and then, and managed to get himself for the first time since I moved my kitties to my apartment) and he just threw up all over my living room carpet. I felt his ears and they aren't hot, and he seems to be acting normal, aside from being a bit more whiny than usual.

Does this sound like an actual illness or could it be that something he ate just didn't agree with him? Should I wait to see if this continues before getting him into the vet? If so, how long?

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I know you guys are more talented at google than I am because I'm not coming up with what I want, so I come to you.

I want to make a flute ( a C flute ) out of something that's easily carvable (like bamboo), can you help me find a website that will teach me(give me measurements anyway) or find a website where I can buy a book to teach me? Thank you. :)

Is there a doctor in the house?

What does this mean:

Clinical history:
malignant melanoma left axilla

Gross examination:

A. "left axillary contents" unfixed, transferred to formalin is an 11.0 X 9.5 x 4.1 cm fragment of brown-yellow, lobulated fibroadipose tissue with an overlying 6 X 1 cm roughly elliptical fragment of tan skin which is remarkable for a 4.8 cm linear well-healed scar. Directly underlying the skin is a 5.2 X 5 X 1.1 cm biopsy cavity which contains a thin, tan serous fluid and is surrounded by focal fat necrosis. The remainder of the adipose tissue is dissected for apparent lymph nodes, of which 22 are found up to 2.5 cm

B. "Apical axillary tissue", unfixed, transferred to formalin is a 4.5 X 4.5 X 1.5 cm aggregate of brown-yellow lobulated fibroadipose tissue which is dissected for apparent lymph nodes. Five apparent lymph nodes are identified up to 1.7 cm

A. Left Axillary Contents (lymphadenectomy)
metastatic malignant melanoma (largest 0.8 cm) in four of nineteen lymph nodes

B. Apical Axillary tissue (biopsy)
metastatic malignant melanoma (largest 1.5 cm) in two of five lymph nodes
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I Do dot com

Suppose you're getting married and that you and your soon-to-be husband/wife are totally tech savvy. Suppose that most of your family and friends will be unable to attend the small ceremony because they cannot afford to travel there or you're overseas or something like that. Your families and friends are all hooked up to the internet and for the most part, they're all able to use their computers. (With the exception of your grandmother who still calls you long distance to tell you that she's sent you an e-mail.)

Would it be tacky to do a live-feed of the ceremony for the absent friends and family?

(I'm not getting married, it's just a hypothetical situation.)
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What's the oldest thing you've ever held?

For me, it was a vase my history teacher brought in that he "liberated" when he went to Greece a few years ago. He'd probably knock me over the head with it for forgetting how old it is, but I think it dated back to 1500 BC.

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Where you work, do you get Christmas Day off? Does it count as a paid holiday?

If you have a faith other than Christianity, do you take off of work for religious holidays? Do they count as paid holidays? Do you believe they should?

What if you are agnostic or atheist and do not celebrate religious holidays? Do you believe that agnostics and atheists should be able to take paid holidays without a religious reason?
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dead animals

A opossum died under our porch...and we were alerted by the smell of his rotting body.  Is there any way to neutralize the odor.  I know it will eventually go away, but in the meantime, it is creeping into our house.  The last time we found a dead animal, we wrapped it up and put it in the trash.  Then I just had to spray out the can and drop in a couple of room deodorizers.  But this is outside....any ideas? 
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Someone please help me. :(

My mouse stopped responding after I came back this morning. I've tried everything, getting rid of dust, restarting, using a different mouse, but nothing has worked. :(

Can someone please help me? I'm getting easily annoyed with having to press tab 05769576947645 times!

Edit: Problem solved! Thank you!
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Money and World Perceptions

1. How well-off is your family, and you yourself separately if you live away from your parents/guardians? Use one of these phrases: about to be homeless, barely getting by, struggling somewhat, stable, comfortable, quite a few perks, well-off.

2. What do you think are the major contributing factors to your and your family's financial position?

3. Would you say your economic views are more capitalistic or communistic? Being as these are really wide-ranging philosophies, for the purposes of this question, they're being narrowed down to strictly economic organization - capitalistic meaning privately-owned capital, involving owners, managers and workers; communistic meaning collectively-owned capital where all are workers.

4. Do you think your answers to 1 and 2 affect your answer to 3?

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So there's a guy at work who's interested in me. He's a really nice guy, and we exchanged numbers so we could maybe hang out sometime. He's been calling a lot lately, and I'm suddenly rather wary. He's 17 years my senior. (I'm 18 years old, do the math.)

Lots of people think this is creepy, and I'm not sure what I think. He's REALLY nice, but he's just so much older than I am.

My question is as follows:

How should I handle this? Should I go somewhere with him and tell him that, even though he's nice, it seems kind of wrong (or something to that effect)? What if he's NOT really interested, but it's just coming off like he is?

Opinions are loved, guys and girls ♥

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Ever dump someone (that you still cared about) that really loved you, "soooo much"?
Only to have them get a new boyfriend/girlfriend VERY quickly afterwards (say, oh, FIVE DAYS).

Did it bother you, even though you're the one who left?
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What exactly is pork "soft bone"?

A Chinese friend of mine made some for me. Seemed like some part of the ribs or something - probably cartilage - but I'm really curious what part of the anatomy it comes from. He said he didn't know, but that it's a relatively common dish in China (he's from just west of the Nanjing area and went to school in Shanghai before coming to America if that is relevant to an answer).

Looking online, it appears it's not just a Chinese cut, but I can't find what it is exactly and I'm deathly curious.
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all about the GRE

I've recently entered the frenetic period of studying for the GRE, and I thought I'd ask some questions about it...
1. Have you taken the GRE recently? What did you think of it?
2. What were your scores? Percentile?
3. Did you take a class to prepare? Was it worth it?
4. Did you use any study guides? Which ones?
5. What is your area of interest?
6. Did you end up going to graduate school and getting a degree?

Burning DVDs

Does anyone know a good and easy to use dvd burining program. I use Dvd shrink and then nero but they never play on my dvd player unless its my PC. If anyone know please leave me the name or a link. Thanks..
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So I was in a mall on the outskirts of San Francisco, I believe it was the Stonestown (?) mall, yesterday. I was walking past the John Robert Powers booth and one of the women working there jumped at me and rambled off a long shpiel about auditions and talent searching, and handed me a flier, and I ended up writing down my cell phone number and name on a list. She said they'd call me within the next two days.

What this is, apparently, is that they call you and tell you what auditions for things like commercials and TV shows are going on in the San Francisco/Marin area (or the Sacramento area, in my case). She said they won't charge you money upfront. I told her that I had almost been scammed at a model search before, and she said that had happened to her once too, that she had  been scammed $600, and so she wouldn't work for a company that scammed people. I told her I had never acted before, that all I had done was drama in 7th grade and I was really bad at it. She said that stage drama was completely different than television or commercials, and that it didn't matter.

Is this legit? Is there any harm in going if they won't be charging you money?

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(no subject)

1. Old Chicago restaurant: price range? worth it?

2. If I have folders on Cd-rom marked "Name of program", where I copied the entire contents of the original program file onto CD.... do I need to run setup, or will it run if I just drag it into my computer's program files?
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(no subject)

How come whenever I tell someone online that I'm from New Jersey, they ask, "What exit?" and then laugh? Are NJ exits funny to the rest of the world or something? If so, how are exits off the highway handled in other parts of the country/world? I don't travel much. :(
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MySpace Etiquette

I'm new to MySpace. On it, can you add people just because they seem interesting (like some people do on LJ) or is it better to try to talk to them first?

If someone has not friended you after a friend request, but has gotten online since then, does that mean they probably denied your friending request?

Also, what's the funniest movie you've ever seen? For me, it's probably There's Something About Mary.
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I've been listening to this song a lot and there is a bit in the song where it goes all cutesy. I am sure I have heard it before but have no idea what the title of the cute tune is. I think I've possibly heard it on a telus cell phone commercial or something. Perhaps a faithful question club reader recognizes the tune and knows the title or where it's from?

link to the song: it's only good for a limited number of downloads. (virus/adware/spyware free or else may I be struck down dead by Zeus' bolt)
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(no subject)

I've been thinking a lot about my favorite TV shows from when I was younger, namely sitcoms and cartoons that were loosely based on real life (not a fantasy world or superheroes or anything). Everything from Daria to Saved by the Bell to Full House to... you name it.

I realized that now, they bother the fuck out of me. I am or was jealous of the lives the characters got to live. For instance, I was watching some Daria re-runs and since I'm no longer entertained by the characters (I know them too well) I paid attention to the environment in the cartoon. All the kids live in these HUGE rich-looking houses, and their parents are all lawyers and junk. Are we supposed to assume it's a show about rich teenagers? Or is that what the writers/producers thought would appeal to the average American MTV-watching outcast teenager?

And like in Saved By the Bell and Full House and the live-action (not cartoon) shows... everyone had perfect hair and clothed and no one was fat. (Shut up about the episode where DJ Tanner goes on a crash diet. Candace Cameron is a good example of a nonskinny girl who was still very pretty and perfect.) I realize that they're actors and actresses selected on the basis of their looks and that it's an idealized version of reality, but still. Their lives and environments seemed so unrealistic and perfect and yet, now, at age 25 I am still bitter about it all.

Anyway, the question is: Anyone feel me? Or am I just a bitter weird person?

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I know this question gets asked all the time, but I'm curious now. :)

What is the gas price where you live? ( and where is that? )

Here, Ukiah, CA, it's $2.69/gallon for the cheap stuff and nearly $3.00 for the premium.
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(no subject)

What are some of the benefits of becoming a paid member? I'm not very computer savvy, and I doubt I could customize a layout with HTML...beyond that, what's worth trying it out for five bucks?

(no subject)

Anyone have a commission only job? I just got a new job and will be paid a meager hourly wage plus commission for the first 60 days, then just commission. Should I be scared?? It's a mortgage originator position...
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So, a moral dillemna for you all:

My parents have this problem: My dad's second cousin, who has cerebral palsy (a muscular disorder, not a mental disorder) has been calling them up to four times a week and he talks for at least for forty five minutes, sometimes more than an hour. He has no job, he's extremely lonely, he's had a lot of problems with his family and I guess my parents have been kind and understanding, but they have reached their limit (as is understandable). When he calls, he doesn't really ask about them, he just talks and talks, mostly complaints about how sad and lonely he is and all of his problems. If they decide not to answer the phone, he calls over and over repeatedly until they finally pick up. When they try saying "we have to go now", he doesn't really listen, he just keeps talking. They have a hell of a lot more patience with this than I do, but if it were me, I'd be soooo annoyed. They really care about him and want to help him but they work full time and have things to do. When they say this, he just doesn't seem to get it. What can they do to solve this problem without making him feel even more isolated and hurt and lonely?


I wish there was an easy way to add an interest to my profile.  Scrolling through 'Edit Personal Information' is tedious.  Or maybe I'm just tired?
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possibly stupid questions about cars and pads.

I've been mulling over these questions for many years now, perhaps you fine people can put them to rest.


1)After spending a weekend sanding, priming, and re-painting a dent in my car, i just have to ask- Why do we put paint on cars, and why is it so delicate? If i didn't touch up the area I'd be left with a rusted hole im my car's frame, and i see that as a major design flaw. Just a stupid idea to begin with, letting a car be able to rust. Shouldn't they be JUST bare metal? Non-rusting metal? Stainless steel maybe?

2)Speeding is a big problem on roads, kills many many people each year. Why do they keep making commercial cars that can go that fast? There is no use for it outside of police and emergency vehicles. All regular cars could have a speed cap of, say, 130km/h, something sane like that. Just over the regular speed limit but nothing crazy.
I know they are able to do this, i know it's technically easy. Why don't they?


3)Every public bathroom I've ever been in has the same sign on the door- "Please do not flush pads or tampons". I can understand the tampon thing, since so many brands now are flushable, but who is flushing maxi pads??? Has this ever really happened? Does that mean they're flushing pads in their homes as well? How does that work, who are these people?

(no subject)

Does anyone know of any haunted places my friends and I can explore in and around the New London, Connecticut area? Or do you know of better communities where I could ask this question?


where are the files for aim stored (by default) on my computer, so that i can back up my away messages and preferences?

thank you.

EDIT: i use a pc
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