July 31st, 2005

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What should I read?

So today I tried to compile a list of books I've read so far this year. I'm not sure it's totally complete, but it's a good start.

First time reads
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Books I would still like to read this year
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Based on these books (or based on what you like), recommend some books for me to read, please!

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Have any of you ever been hazed? Like for a greek organization, team, etc?

I joined Phi Theta Kappa in college and they made us wear license plates around our neck for a few days. If one of the members caught you without it, you had to do something very embarassing in front of everyone. Pretty tame, I know.

So, been hazed?

Excuse Me, Please Don't be Rude


Many times I've wanted to say something to my fellow New Yorkers, but I've held my tongue for fear of how they would react or irrationally retaliate.

Better to let them be than to be physically harmed or threatened.

Non-New York friends are often surprised at my restraint.

Do you speak up?  When?  What do you say?

Question inspired by NYT article.

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Treat 'em mean? Not THAT old chestnut...

(copied and pasted from http://scrubs.mopnt.com/scripts/scrubs104.html)

Carla: I like to wait. I like a guy to want it so bad he basically thinks he isn't gonna get it ever.

Elliot smiles.

Carla: [continuing] Then when he's lost the will to live, that's when I jump him.

Elliot: So, how long does that usually---

Carla: A month, maybe two. What about you?

Elliot: I like to use sex as an ice-breaker.

Carla: Ah. And how's that working out for you?

Elliot: I guess I don't have what you would call high self-esteem.

So, having recently been dumped for not "hiding the crazy" by a guy who was more coy than I about going all the way, I'm starting to wonder whether I should use Carla from Scrubs as my relationships coach. But is it realistic - and I don't mean because she's a fictional character but because, for instance, playing hard to get when you're nowhere near as attractive as she is might be counter productive.

Opinions from men particularly useful.
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I have a pretty good Fuji Digital camera. It used to work with PSP7, where I could aquire the images and play to my heart's content.

Now, all of a sudden, it tells me (when the camera is hooked up and powered on, and put in PC mode) that my camera is either "not hooked up to the computer or not powered on". I know damned well it's both.

Any ideas?


I cannot find a babysitter to save my life. The college kids I get who say they "love" children, don't show up. The 12 year olds want $15 an hour. Where do you find your babysitters at?

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acting question for the actors and anyone else who would know:

on a resume, what is the difference between "featured" and "supporting"?
is featured like a noticeable role but not the main role?
i know principal is a main role.


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I think I know the answer but Im curious...

Say I had a student visa and I was visiting England or Australia or somewhere, but Im an american citizen. Could I say go on vacation (or holiday) to Cuba?
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Anyone have any product recommendations for WiFi antennas? I'm looking to boost our signal up to my grandmother's house (about a quarter-mile up the hill, maybe?). Currently, it seems to get a signal about half way up the hill - pretty much once you clear the couple houses in the way of a direct line-of-sight. Would something like the Super Cantenna do the job?

Or, alternate question.... Is it even possible?

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What are the top ten best things that have happened in your life so far?

edit // another question: does anyone know how the game/conundrum Black Magic works? There are two people, while everyone else is just watching; person #1 picks an item in the room and tells the watchers which one it is, while #2 goes away so that they can't hear. #2 is called back, and starts asking "is it ____?" and picks items in the room. After a few tries, #2 picks the right question.
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if i were to go to a hobby/craft supply store, would i be able to find a box of just black (preferably crayola brand or better) colored pencils?
i dont want to make the trip if im not going to find what im looking for (besides, if i browse too long, ill leave with a couple hundred dollars less than what i had going in to the store).

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07:48 pm
Im getting my laptop this week for school and I want to have a list of everything I will need for it, so I can get it all before I move. Im mostly going to be using it in my dorm, basically as a desktop.

I know I need a USB mouse (I hate the stupid lil pad thingies on laptops)
A carrying case...
possibly a usb hub...
A chill mat, I have a tendency to leave computers on and I dont want it to overheat, and suggestions on brands, types etc etc?
Anything else I could possibly need? Or want?

any suggestions on brands etc etc would be appreciated also.
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Where did he drop his axe?

(This is an actual question I need answered. :\ It doesn't specify who we're talking about, so...if you have ever heard of someone dropping an axe...maybe in a book or something?..that would be helpful.)
...there was a FIREFIGHT!

german food

In a couple weeks, I'm going to be traveling in Germany (specifically, Köln/Cologne and Dusseldorf). There are very, very few Germans where I live, though and consequently, I've never tried real German food. I don't even know where I'd find a German restaurant so I really have very little idea of what I should expect.

I've only really heard about schnitzel, knockwurst, bratwurst, and beer. Could you guys tell me a little bit about the food I might find? You know, names, what's in it, how it's prepared, how it tastes, what you'd recommend, etc.

I'm not a picky person at all -- I just want to know what's out there so I'll be ready to look. Thanks!
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Which foreign films have you see which have been remade by Hollywood? Which was better?

My answers?
Nikita was much better than The Assasin.
Taxi was much better than the Queen Latifa version.
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Ripping DVDs

Does anyone know any easy to understand guides to ripping a DVD into a playable movie? (.avi, .wmv, whatever file type.) Or can anyone explain how?

I've tried guides and I've always had to download a 100 programs and convert it 20 different times. I know I'll have to do a good bit of converting one way or another, but the guides I've found are absurdly complicated to understand.


i hope this is allowed. i dont see anything in the info saying its not...

i simply do not understand paypal. i mean, i understand the general concept, but thats about all.
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my question is this: does paypal cost to sign up? is it helpful at all?
if not, what is a good alternative way to make decent amounts of money quickly?

edit: bah, nevermind.
ill actually look around closely at the site next time until i find the "help" section.
sorry to have bothered you folks.
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Has anyone with carpal tunnel symptoms ever gone drinking (to whatever level makes you see stuff start swimming slightly)and woken up the next day with really bad carpal tunnel pain?

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I've been selling my old textbooks on Amazon.com. The shipping for the books is insane. I took the first four books to the post office and it cost me about 30 dollars to ship them. Is there a better/cheaper way to ship them than taking them to the post office?

LJ client help?

I downloaded Semagic the other day, and it all works perfectly-apart from the fact that the 'current mood' options are in Japanese-and no matter how hard I try-I can't change them!
Anyone know how to do this, because it's really annoying me now!