July 30th, 2005

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My 'to read' pile is empty. What should I buy next?

I love Pratchett, Holt and KJ Parker. I hate Robert Rankin, Tom Clancy, Andy McNab and Anne McCaffery.
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Does anyone know anywhere to buy rare or hard to get a hold of books?

I am looking for somewhere cheap that is either UK based or will ship cheap to the UK that will take electron or paypal.
Yes I am looking for one book in particular, I have only really been able to find it one place but it needs a credit card, which I do not have.

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okay, i need a crash course in fixing a toilet.
push the handle, no resistance. Look in, there's no water in the tank. Why not?

alternately: there are two doors to the bathroom on opposite ends of the bathroom. In the morning I usually go in the one side and come out on the other. the 'other' door was taped shut- so apparently management knew the toilets were broken but only taped one door. Does that make this not my problem?

both toilets in the girls' bathroom are now non-operational.

pc with windows xp

what do i need to check on my computer now?

here's the story:
i went to that silver jewelry club website that someone posted and i've been visiting it often to look at what is being offered - but i never bought anything or gave any information, yet, i got an e-mail from them. so, i take it that site runs something when viewed that gets information off my computer and it found my hotmail account!
also, one time when shutting down, i had everything closed and as it ran it's processes, a box popped up saying it was having a hard time shutting down silver jewelry club (end now). it didn't say iexplorer or anything! so, i feel like there is something that has been put on my computer.
i've run the microsoft anti-spyware beta and virus scan doesn't show anything, i don't see any foreign things in my add/remove programs.

i'm afraid that it is also tracking key strokes - how else could it get a hotmail account? or else, my msn messenger does auto-login for me, would it read that?

thank you.
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Breakfast time.... Kelloggs All-bran- Bran-Flakes....YUM!!!!

I did try the 'own-store' brands of bran flakes, but they just didn't kick it. I'm all for saving money and stuff, but some things just taste better if they are branded :o)

Which foods would you rather do without, than buy the cheaper brands??

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So...say I wanted to catch myself up on the whole Degrassi thing....Ive seen maybe a total of 8 episodes, always really liked em but could never find the time to follow the show. But I have a whole month off right now, I figure why not. But, Im confused, generations and jr. high etc etc. Where does one start?

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Why is Buffalo Wild Wings referred to as BW 3's?

If you have a BWW, what's your favorite sauce? Mine's the new Honey BBQ, followed closely by the Sweet BBQ.

If you don't have a BWW, what's your favorite wing sauce?

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My big toe has been numb for about 2 weeks now. When I touch it really hard it just sort of tingly. What could this be? Will I feel it again?

I'm a cashier and I stand all day. My mom thinks it is because of that.


How do you ship something internationally?

I have to send two small packages to Aus. and Germany but I don't know if I have to take them to the PO for customs or what. Is it mandatory that I take them to the PO or can I affix a bunch of stamps and send them that way?
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This is probably a really lame question - just a warning.. but to be fair, I've only had my license for 10 days and my parents have left me home alone, and they've just confused me on this matter anyway.

How on earth am I supposed to back up? I can't for the life of me figure it out. If I want the back of my car to swing left or right when I'm in reverse, which way do I turn the steering wheel?

I've been the only person at my house since Wednesday and still I'm parking on the street rather than the driveway because I don't know how to drive backwards. =|

coffee habits

If you drink coffee...

1. Are you one of those people who pull the pot out of the coffeemaker while it's brewing so you can have a cup right away?

2. Do you like flavored coffee, like beans that are hazelnut or chocolate or something?

3. Did you drink coffee before the Starbucks craze? Or, do you drink coffee anywhere and not exclusively at Starbucks?

Erf. I had another question but I forgot what it was. Drats.

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1. In general, how much do ambulance rides cost? Right now we have some supplemental insurance that will pay for it, but my current insurance already pays 90%. So, I'm trying to figure out if this supplemental insurance is worth keeping for that 10%.

2. Why is it that now that I have Firefox all of the images are distorted? What can I do to fix it?

green me

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Something is not right here. I am sitting at my parents because Joe ( my boyfriend of over 4 years) has a friend from work over and he doesn't want the friend to see me because Joe is embarrassed of me. I'm overweight.I'm not a creature from the Black Lagoon. That's me, in my icon. I'm not like 400 pounds or anything. Should I just go home and embarrass him?

How is your day going?

Today's question of the day inspired by my cramps --

Is there one (or more) things that almost never fails to ruin your day?

Girls like #2, for instance:

Overheard in New York

Girl #1: Oh my god there's too many people in this elevator! There's only supposed to be 10 people!
Girl #2: It's OK, I'm skinny. In my own reality I'm actually only half a person.

-- Hotel Gansevoort, 9th Avenue

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I know this may seem like a stupid question, but how do I back my journal up onto my computer? Is there a simple easy way to do it, other than copying and pasting every single individual entry into a word document? Please be specific. Does anyone else here back up their journals? How do you do it?
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My brother had an Emachines computer (t2885) that got trojanized. I reformatted the HD for him and reinstalled WinXP Pro, but for some reason it can't find drivers for the ethernet, audio, PCI communications, SM Bus, Universal serial bus or video controllers.

WHY? It shows a big ? in the device manager next to all those components, and I have no idea what drivers to download to make them work.

Any ideas how I can figure out which drivers to download?
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Have you ever made an egg explode? Have you ever made any food explode unintentionally?

Explanation: I was making egg salad for dinner. I was going to boil two eggs, and I added a lot of salt to the water. It took longer to boil, but it will take a shorter amount of time to cook. when it came to a boil, I dropped in the first egg. Immediately it exploded. Nothing major, it just popped in the water and the white was leaking. Of course, I put the pot in the sink and ran the cold water. It was just so weird, yet cool at the same time.

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What kind of car do you drive, if any?

What is your dream car?

What is your REALISTIC dream car (one you might be able to get in 5 years or less)?

I drive a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am, my dream car is a BMW M3 and a late 70s Trans Am, and my realistic dream car is a new Monte Carlo SS.

Garlic Festival

I'm going to Half Moon Bay tomorrow, so I will be in the extremely vague area (well, more in the area than Sacramento is in the area) of the Gilroy Garlic Festival. Is it worth going to?

For those who are going - psst, the Panera Bread in Gilroy has free Wi-Fi. : ) Or at least they did when I was there a few weeks ago ...
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Fantasy artist?

I'm looking for this really great website that I happened upon once...

It was an artist's website, but I can't remember the name (that's why I'm here!)
I remember it was a women artist, and she did paintings or drawings, in the fantasy genre. She had stories that she wrote about each one, and catergorized them by colors and tones.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

EDIT: Answered, www.furiae.com

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I was talking about camp the other day to my bf, and I remembered this game called " Concentration" where you pound on someone's back while they have their head down and are concentrating.

you sing this song:
" concentrate concentrate concentrate on what i am saying, people are dying, children are crying, concentrate concentrate.
Crack an egg on your head like the yoke drip down
orange on your shoulder
knife in your back
box on your back pull the ring out
tie a rope around your neck and PULL"

Does anyone have any idea what i am talking about? or this game? or have any idea where it came from? or anything at all?

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Where can I buy a good, durable black messenger bag that can hold a computer and a book or two?
I'm in Michigan, if that matters.
Edit: I should have mentioned that I don't want to buy it online.

What television character would you say is most like yourself?
roll into my life

random questions. .

1)Why do I get so freakin itchy in the summer!??!?! Meh. . . Does this happen to anyone else? sometimes even when I'm cold I itch. I haven't changed detergents or anything. I haven't gotten any new clothes, nothing is new in my environment. . .=/

2)I hate thinking of passwords because I always forget them . . any ideas on how I cna remember them? or come up with an easy to type password?. all mine suck.lol

3)Has anyone tried the Taco Bell crunch Wrap? Are you addicted to it? I am. . I think they put coke or something in them.

4)I recently got my first tattoo on tuesday, I guess it is normal for some ink to still be coming off/out of it. For people that have tattoo's or know about them, How long is this supposed to last?

5)Since I'm trying to lose weight in my tummy/thigh area, are sit up/crunches and stair steppers the best things to do for exercise? OR are there other types of exercise I can do to help lose the weight and tone up in those two areas. I want to swimm but I have to wait a little bit as said in above question, I recently got a tattoo.
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So, last night I had this horrible dream that a tattoo artist strayed completely from the flash, gave me candles instead of kanji.
much panicking in dream.

1. what is it with "pinch me, I must be dreaming"? I pinched myself in-dream. no effect. more panicking.

2. after a tattoo is removed, what kindof scarring remains?

3. if you knew immediately after getting a tattoo that you were getting it removed, would it be better to say 'fuck off' with the aftercare?

4. What kind of legal-ness would there be against this tattoo artist? I imagine that in real life you could sue like fuck... medical expesnes of getting it removed? emotional dmages? getting them closed down?
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1.What, in your opinion, counts as cheating?

I know some relationships have different rules- that it's ok if the partner is there, if it's just kissing... how do they bring up these topics of conversation?
b)And, if the topic never arises, what is it fair to assume cheating is?

3a)What I really want to know, due to recent revelations about a former relationsip, is.. is kissing (as in making out) with someone else cheating? b)or am I childish to think so?

4. A friend who facilitates your ex cheating on you(edit: by allowing themselves to be madeout with), and doesn't tell you for months.. what would you think about this? I honestly don't know how to respond to it. I know my ex is an asshole who has played more of my friends, since breaking up with me, than I thought the bounds of huuman decency could stretch to, and he probably feels no guilt at all. The friend is wracked with guilt, and it's made her relationship with me very awkward- I did not know until recently it was because she thought if I knew I'd hate her. She did the wrong thing, and it kind of makes trusting her hard.. but I guess, at least, in the end, she told me? what are your opinions on the matter? what would you do?

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I'm interested in organizing some pictures on my computer into a slidshow/movie set to music. I'm running Windows XP...what programs might I already have that I don't know about/which programs should I get/use to do this?