July 29th, 2005

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Chris Angel's Mindfreaks show.


if not, how? How is he levitating in the middle of a park?
How does he do the things he does???????????????

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Hello there. I've been a reader for a month or two now, but this is my first post here.

Okay- this is really a question of curiosity. Today a co-worker and I witnessed a man who had hooks for hands, and my co-worker thinks the hooks ran all the way up, like his whole arm was a metal rod. He had two little-pincher?-things on each hand to pick things up. He slid a credit card and signed the slip.

Now we were pondering. How is it, that people who have arms like those, get the metal "fingers" to move?How do those things work?

I'm not trying to offend anyone, and we didn't make a scene of it by staring at him or anything. Just treated him friendly, like we would any other customer. I'm just curious.

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There are entries here in TQC that I KNOW have several comments on them, yet it shows up that they do not have any comments or they have less than they actually do (I'm talking about on the main TQC page where it says # comments | post comment). Is this happening to anyone else? It's been happening to me all day!

Edit: Like right before I posted this, the "what is the meanest thing you've ever done" entry said it had no comments, which was false because I'd already read comments on there earlier; but after I posted this, that entry showed up and said it had however-many comments. Weird!
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Za, I haven't been on here for a while!

Anyway. Most people would ask, "How can I get over my break-up?" - because they have been dumped.

Well, I was the one to leave. And it's hard too. Any tips for getting through it?
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Can anyone explain to me or link me to a page that describes how DNA is extracted in order to perform the analysis? Like on CSI how do they get the DNA from those swabs or other objects?

I've tried google-ing it but I just can't seem to find the right keywords.

Also anyone know some good communities for this kind of sciencey stuff?

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Is Ecstacy also called "E"? ....That little boy in that drug commercial sounds like he's singing "Have you any E?"....or is he suppose to be singing "weed"? I find it strange every time I see it.
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1) If you didn't have to worry about cost, pain, or complications would you get plastic surgery?
2) What would you get done?
3) Is there a celebrity whose body influences your choice?
4) What is stopping you from getting it done now?

5) Do you watch cable news?
6) What channel do you prefer? CNN, MSNBC, Fox News?
7) What are your favorite news (or fake news) shows from any channel?

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Who else loves Degrassi Jr High and Degrassi High? I am still obsessed! What was your favourite episode, who was your favourite character?

And who else is addicted to America's Next Top Model? Faves? :P

I'm bored. Sorry. hehe.


So I was reading something on my city's newspaper's website about a man and one part says: ". . . . .El-Amin has been the imam of the Muslim Community Center. . . . . "

My question being, what's an/the/(sorry I have no clue) imam?

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I just watched the movie "Mind The Gap" and there was a song that played towards the end, I believe right when the girls pace maker goes, and the old people are fighting...etc etc. Its a woman slowly singing its a mellow song and all I remember is something along the lines of "Goodnight Goodnight, I hope the bed bugs bite tonight I hope your dreams are filled with guilt and classrooms your cant find. ...." I strongly suspect its by jill sobule....

Ill love you forever if you can find this song for me

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As an update to my post yesterday regarding boy I dated with weirdo "best friend".
I received this e-mail last night, completely unsolicited.
I have chosen to not respond.

What do you think of this shit?

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1. (Forgive the weird wording.) Did you ever like something, imitate a quirk, or do something different because of a TV/movie/book character?
I have. The only ones I remember are liking orange soda because of a crush on Kel (from Kenan and Kel) and always using the thimble in Monopoly, because Screech used it once on Saved By The Bell.

2. Does anyone still say "go steady/going steady" anymore?
I heard it on Saved By The Bell the other day, not that I still watch that show anymore... *coughs* Anyway, it caught my attention because I haven't heard anyone off of TV say that in years. Last time I remember hearing it was probably... 8 years ago in sixth grade.
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I'm active in several IRC chat channels on several different servers. I have mIRC at home, and I know you can connect via Trillian, as well.

Are there any browser based IRC clients out there that I can use to connect while I'm at work? I'm allowed to browse as much as I like, but I'm not allowed to download anything, so mIRC and Trillian are not options for me.

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Other than the hot dog and hamburger, what are some foods you consider to be really "American"?

Me, I think sweet corn on the cob seems pretty American. Also grilled cheese sandwiches.

little brothers.

If you could teach or show your little brother how to do something what would you teach him? My little half-brother is spending some time with me this summer and I'd like to spend some time showing him a few things; guiding him. He doesn't have an active older brother in his life, our mother died when he was 5 and his biological father isn't in the picture. He lives with my grandmother, my older sister, her four children and her (physically, emotionally and verbally) abusive boyfriend. He's been raised in a highly dysfunctional and traumatizing environment yet still has come out a very imaginative, smart, thoughtful young man. I am endlessly proud of him and he is truly the reason for my ambition and success. I absolutely adore him.

Is there anything you'd recommend I talk to him about? Anything I share or express?

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1. Sexiest song you've ever heard?

2. Green, Black, Red, or Pink - which is the best choice for romantic, non-cliched lingerie color?

3. Would you rather get your leg caught in a bear trap or be kidnapped and held hostage at gunpoint for a week?
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You know those pots&pans that old ladies have, where "not a drop of water has touched these pans in 60 years!"

...so how do they get clean, if not with water? Do you just scrape the stuff off, or what?

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Looking for a place in MA or NH or even CT to go for a bachelorette party. we want to get a hotel, get massages, etc. I know of the Adventure Suites in NH, looking for something along the same lines. Anyone?
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Food Expiry

1. How long does dry pasta keep? I have a bunch from before I went away to Europe two months ago. Should it still be edible now? Would the same go for things like macaroni and cheese and other flavoured packaged pastas (like Sidekicks meals)?

2. Does soy milk's expiry date change after it's been opened? I have a carton of Silk chocolate soy milk in the fridge that has an expiry date of August 25, but it was opened three weeks ago, before I went away for camp. I'm bad with telling if chocolate stuff has expired. Would it still be good to drink?

And on an unrelated note....

3. College/university students living away from home: How much financial support do you get from your parents?
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Where did I put my car keys?

How long before a trip? (Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho It's off to college we go)

How long before a trip do you pack?

What do you think that I need for my new (unfurnished) apartment?

If you wanted to live with a member of the opposite sex (platonic friends) would your parents have let you at 18?
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So I'm wondering what I should do with the rest of my afternoon...

Should I:
1. Go to the gym and work out (and also stop at Walmart quickly on the way)?
2. Rent "A Very Long Engagement" or "The Sea Inside" which I've been wanting to see for a while now (and then get what I need at Rite Aid instead of Walmart)?
3. Go to a coffee shop to read, and then stop at Walmart because it's closeby?

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So I just started Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo, and I am curious. How many of you have been on it?

Ever since the first pill, my head has been hurting and I'm very tired. My stomach's upset like I ate something ew, but I haven't. I just started bleeding today, but I'm still on the normal pills, not the placebo ones. Is this all normal for someone who's never used an oral contraceptive before and is just starting one, or should I call my doc ASAP? I was on Depo for three years but got off of it in January. I'd like to know if these are normal side effects, but the website for the medication isn't helpful.

Also, can I take ibuprofen with the BCP's?
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Help me identify a movie....

The name of this Movie is White Dwarf. the info is here:

thanks to all who helped out. very much appreciated.

this is posted from an inquiry from a friend of mine:

The movie I think was a two part mini-series, or maybe just one night.
The main character was a doctor who journeyed to this strange world to go through some training.
The world was split between light and dark, it rotated so that half the world always faced the sun and half the world faced away. But it wasn't all horrifically hot on the light side. It was actually nice and sunny, but all the time.
The show had a very odd mix of space age, victorian, and medieval style going on, which I absolutely adored.
Of some of the scenes I remember:
There is a scene with the main character and his mentor doctor operating on a man who had gotten some kind of parasite in him. To remove the parasite the mentor uses these red gloves. When putting the gloves on they magnitized to his hand (Basically they filmed him taking off the gloves and then reversed it to make it look like he was putting them on...awesome effect). The gloves let the doctor just meld with the sick guys flesh and remove the parasite.
In another scene the mentor doctor is gone and the main character trys to use the gloves for the same thing but it doesn't work for him.
There was a scene in the jail, which was really odd. This big toad like creature, who lived forever, could give the gift of immortality to others with his tongue. But he only gave it to people as punishment, basically the worst punishment possible on this world was living forever in jail...which would suck balls. But currently there was only one person doing that, some queen. She always seemed to be wearing red I think.
There was a scene with a red ocean that wispered (At least I think it did). Where the Toad creature brought the imprisoned lady for her first day out in like hundreds of years.
The end of the movie was another character, who had done something during the movie (It was a long time ago that I saw it), who was getting this punishment and the toad sticking his tongue down the guys throat to make him live forever.

Anyone know what movie this is?

(edit: now crossposted to whatwasthatone, as well)

BO issues?

How one would go about telling someone in the kindest way possible that they have a MAJOR BO issue and they need to make friends with folks named "Soap", "Showering more than twice per month" and "Deodorant"?

The person is related to me and I can't afford to make her mad, but I'm tired of people whispering how much that person stinks when we're in public :(

This is not an issue of allergies or personnal preferences either; the person will litterally DOUCHE herself in perfume, so she has that very weird scent (awful BO and cheap perfume) coming out of her.
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Whee! Mom has agreed to let me get a hedgehog. Now I just need to really read up on the little guys and get everything set up. (I got to hold one at the petstore, but I'll save the squealing for elsewhere.)

1. Any suggestions for good 'Basic Hedgehog Care' webpages I can visit?

2. What should I look for in a hedgehog?

3. What should I look for in a good breeder to get a hedgehog from?

4. In a completely different direction: Those 'reality' shows like Miami Ink, American Chopper, Ghosthunters, are they real situations or are the partly/fully scripted? Mom was asking this and used as an example a thing in Miami Ink (I think) where there was this guy trying to buy someone else's shop and they showed all these interviews with the employees and stuff and it went on for ages and finally the guy ended up buying it. Anyway, Mom was wondering how they knew to get all these opinions and such in the very beginning. (I'm not entirely sure, this is just what she was saying.)

5. What silly things did you believe as a child?

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iwas just watching the opening to the x-files on sci fi and it was telling of one of the lone gunmen's recoccuring dream.

a country truly for the people by the people and jfk still alive.

i don't think this could ever be true.

one-because when all of the founding fathers and everyone involved with the constitution and revolution died, the people who lived during englands' powerful hand died and people forgot why america was created in the first place and became more power hungry.

two-if jfk would have lived, he would have certainly be impeached.

and another question:

how do you think the founding fathers would have viewed america as it is today?

i think once they got past the racial changes, they would be so called "liberals" and call for the resignation of bush and ben would have probably become a pimp or something.
same with t.j.
and george would have become this cool old guy who is always giving good advice and people generally respect.

then, they would have been ordered to be assignated by the bush administration.

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Has anyone ever heard of Leader One Financial or Leader One Mortgage? They have a pretty legitimate looking website but has anyone ever heard of or dealt with them?
I was offered a job with them in June, and was told training would begin on July 1st. I never heard anything more about it, called and was told the training was postponed until July 15th. Well I still had no contact from them as to where it was, what time, etc, so I called again and was told it was now August 1st. I STILL heard nothing from them as of today, so I called AGAIN (August 1st being MONDAY and all) and the lady I spoke with said the manager in charge of it wasn't in and she'd find out and call me back. She hasn't called.
I have turned down other job offers and requests for interviews because I believed I had this job. They have a copy of my license and social security card for their payroll, also. What would you do in this situation?
Oh yeah, I looked up this manager online and found that he has convictions for forgery, fraud, and declared bankruptcy last year.
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What are some really good movies to watch? Any genre is fine except horrible cheesy romance stuff and pure action. I especially like movies that really make you think.

Any suggestions?

[edit] Thanks everyone!

made by cherrytinted


Is it just me, or does it seem like most non-documentary indie movies lately are dramatic and depressing? I'm a fan of the indie film industry, however, the only ones I get are ones available at Blockbuster (my boyfriend works there.) He always brings home the popular indie flicks of the month, and I end up losing interest in most of them because the bulk of them always seem to be strictly character development driven, and end up being depressing in nature, even if the end of the movie is uplifting.

That being said, what are some (recent) indie comedies? Or indie action flicks? Comedic action movies are my favorite type, so what do you reccomend?

Edit: I just realized that someone made a post two minutes ago about movie reccomendations, however, I'm looking for indie films only.


Is anyone else here terribly tired of poker? It's on 24 hours a day on one channel or another; I hear people talk about it all the time and the only thing my friends want to do is hold 'em tourny's.
I used to really love poker and loved to play. I'm just tired of it being everywhere.
I just want to know i am not alone.

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have you ever had something really small and unimportant bum you out big time?

when i found out they might be giants didnt write "istanbul (not constantinople)" i was pretty dissapointed. (i have accepted it, though, as the original version is quite enjoyable as well.)
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Do you believe in "gaydar?" Why or why not?

If you feel that you have good gaydar, can you sort of describe what it is about the people who set off your gaydar as opposed to people who don't? Bonus points for not so obvious things, or intuitive things. (But obvious things don't count, for example, you seeing a guy with a rainbow t-shirt with "I AM NOT STRAIGHT" printed on it, and insisting you just know he's gay does not mean you have gaydar)

My answers in the comments

Mate Poaching

1) Would you ever date someone who cheated on their significant other to be with you?
1A) What happened?

2) Have you ever tried to steal someone else's partner?
2A) What methods did you employ?

3) Has anyone ever tried to steal your partner?
3A) How did you find out?

Questions inspired by this article.

- - -

Funny story: (At least I thought so!)

The boy [I was dating at the time] was chatting with another guy in the Peninsula spa's waiting room.
I walk in to join them.  The guy is pretty unfriendly to me. 
After a little while, I start to think he's hitting on my boy, [maybe] not realizing we're a couple.

* After boy & I get massages, we leave the hotel*

Boy: Was that guy hitting on me?
Lisa: I think so.  Too bad you're not gay, the man had bank!  (I could tell by the conversation, & the way he was dressed.)  He wasn't bad looking, either.
Boy: Maybe I can still catch up with him!  ;D
Lisa: Ah, you missed out!  Tsk, tsk.  You're stuck with poor me.
Boy: You know, in the locker room, he asked me about my banana.
Lisa: WHAT??  No way!  & that didn't tip you off that he was gay??
Boy: Well, I actually was holding a banana...  (The Peninsula provides fruit & water in their waiting room.)

*Lisa cracks up*

People, I am not making up this story!!  I promise!

That's what I get for dating metrosexuals.

More than one of my exes has been mistaken for being a homosexual.

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Which is more forgivable? A man who impregnates another woman while his wife is pregnant with their second child, or a girl who takes out a credit card in her mother in laws name? You have to pick one!

DVD writer?

Ok, my ex has recently bought a DVD writer for his computer. He can create data dvd's or dvd's that can be played on his computer-but can't find a program that will enable him to create a DVD he can watch on a tv/dvd player.

We've Googled it but to no effect.

Anyone got any ideas where we can download a cheap (preferably free) program which will allow him to do this?
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I'm hungry for some new music, and I want to check out some bands I've been hearing about.

What songs or whole albums would you recommend from:

Death Cab for Cutie
Modest Mouse (I have and love "Good News...")
The Postal Service
Belle and Sebastian

What other bands/artists should I check out? I mostly like alternative stuff (I really like 90s alternative), some pop. My favorite bands/artists at the moment are Ben Folds, Coldplay and Maroon 5. No Doubt, Alanis Morrisette, and Ani DiFranco are always favorites.

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1. When going to visit a friend who is 4 hours away and can't let you stay at their place for a good reason, would you rather stay at a cheap (pay by the hour, wink wink )and possibly scary place overnight, or drive an extra 20-30 miles and pay an extra $20-$30 for the night to be at a "regular" hotel?

2. What do you do when a potential employer wants references and the last two employers you worked for screwed you, so you didn't leave on good terms, and the ones before them were YEARS and YEARS ago?

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ok, i wrote an email which i will NOT send
a couple of you suggested doing that
so i will post it here
to make myself feel better

what do you think?

Listen Amanda, I do not know you, I do not wish to know you. In the future please refrain yourself from e-mailing me or contacting me ever again. I do know what harassment entails. I find it amusing that you would send me a threatening e-mail and then question my knowledge on harassment. I guess they do not provide wanna-be cops with adquate training afterall. I did not e-mail you, your e-mail was completely unsolicited. If anything, you could be the one charged with harassment, if that's what you feel you need to threaten me with. I did NOT call any of Brian's telephone numbers after he had politely asked me not to do so, I e-mailed Jim to let him know that I would not need my cds returned, and I e-mailed him only in the event that Brian would not have wanted to listen to the voice message I left him regarding this. For your information I had Brian's permission to make that telephone call.

I went on a couple of dates with Brian, not you, I do not have to answer to you. I did not call you a bitch, ever. You said yourself you have read all my e-mails, the word bitch did not appear in any of them.

As for your dislike for guacamole, I don't understand why that was even brought up.

I do not want to participate in any of this any longer, I want no part of this, you guys live in some other dimension that I have never been exposed to. All of you make me extremely uncomfortable. Please do not contact me ever again, it's amusing that you would question my stability and then come out with the e-mail that you had sent to me. And yes, I do have access to counselling, if either of you require some of this information, I would be glad to help.

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(no subject)

1. How much would you pay/charge for babysitting on average?
2. What do warm colors represent to you?
3. How about cool colors?
4. I need a new shaver. What type do you like to use?
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My boyfriend signed up to a website, realizing a bit too late that it is probably a scam.
What would be the quickest way to fix the problem without getting dinged too badly money wise? He's freaking out about it, for good reason, and I'm at a total loss as to how to help. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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Okay, it's obviously possible to develop an allergy over time.

Is it possible to un-develop on allergy? how? how far?

(because, I didn't used to be allergic to cats, and it's really hard to not let the kitten sleep in my lap...)