July 28th, 2005

Storm + Computer = Broken

We just had a little thunderstorm here, and the lights flickered for just one little second, but now I have this screen showing on my desktop. No matter which option I choose it always brings me back to this screen. After the initial XP screen, but before startup actually begins, there is a brief flash of a blue screen. The only words I can pick out of that blue screen are -- memory dump, may be damaged or corrupt. I know it says more but it doesn't show itself long enough for me to read it.

I don't hear the "whirr" of my hard drive either. That can't be good.

Any suggestions?

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1. how many pounds are equal to one stone? i was looking in a british tabloid and it said that nicole richie weighs 6.5 stone, and it got me wondering.

2. which little debbie snack is your favorite? i'm partial to these.

3. if you were using the restroom (#2) and some sort of emergency occured where you needed to run out of the building ASAP, would you wipe? i don't think i could not wipe, no matter what.

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Who else is an on-line shopping addict? Amazon and EBay have so much of my money, its not even funny. What do you usually buy or browse for on-line and where? How do you keep from spending all your money?
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Strep throat

Does strep throat go away on its own after awhile, or is it absolutely necessary to treat it with medicine to make it go away?

Before I left for summer camp two and a half weeks ago, I had a sore throat and the doctor took a throat swab, and said he'd call my roommates and tell them the results by the following Tuesday, at which point I could call them to get the results (the phone at camp is generally unanswered, so he couldn't have called there).

He never called, but I think it is/was strep throat, since I had (and still have a few) white lines/spots on one of my tonsils.

So hence the question - should I go back and see that doctor, or should I not bother since it's been about three weeks since the problem started?
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It's late.
I'm bored.
I'm looking at the medication my mother has to take. I found some D-Amphetamine 15 MG pills. I thought amphetamines were like speed? What's the difference here? How many of these certain pills (15mg) would actually fuck a person up? Don't worry, I'm not taking them. Good night (or day).
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friends page

I've been gone for a week and want to catch up on my friend's list, but I don't want to go back page-by-page through the 'back-20' option.

Is there a way to display the 'last 50' instead of 'last 20' friends entries?
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Does anyone else wake up in the morning with horrible, throbbing headaches?

I don't understand why, but every morning I have a wicked headache, but it goes away after a couple of hours. It doesn't matter how much (or how little) sleep I get, either. It's always there. Even on the weekends.
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why do the british use stones to measure their weight?

it seems like it would be kinda inaccurate since, as a post further down states, a stone is 14 pounds. does this mean that since Nicole Richie is 6.5 stones that she could be anywhere from 91 pounds up to 97 pounds? Or if she was actually 97 pounds they would have said she is 6.9 stones?

by the way, i'm not disrespecting the stones measurement. i kinda like it.

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does anyone have any estimates on how much it'd cost for 4 people to go to a rangers game at madison square garden, and afterward stay overnight at a hotel? i want to do this for my boyfriend for his birthday in november, but i've never been to a hockey game so i have no idea how much tickets would be (they aren't on sale yet, i tried checking) or the prices of things in nyc (i'm about to do a little research, but thought firsthand experience would be helpful, as well)

thanks! :)

stupid driving mistakes

Remember back when you started driving? What's something you didn't know then, that you know now and seems like it should have been obvious?

I didn't know you were allowed to turn right or left when there were cars behind you, even if you had your turn signal on, if it wasn't a designated turn lane. I was driving down a street today and was freaking out and wanted to switch with my dad, and so he told me to turn into a driveway on my right, but there were cars behind me. I didn't know you were allowed to do that, and so he got mad at me and ... blah blah blah *is getting off topic* ... but yeah. So I didn't know that. I thought there had to be an enormous space between you and the car(s) behind you to legally do that.

I'm highly aware of the fact that I suck at driving. I've only had my permit legally since Tuesday. I'm pissed at my dad for making me drive on the freeway yesterday during rush hour, but that's a whole other matter.

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Firefox Question

I've had this problem with Firefox on two different computers. In both instances, I've been using Firefox without a problem for months - I have many websites bookmarked, etc.

All of a sudden, when I try to open it, it will ask me which user I want to use - and when I click "default" (since that's the only option) it's says it's currently in use - so I end up having to make a new one. But I'm NEVER able to access the "default" user again, so I've lost all my bookmarks in both cases.

Does anyone know why this happens, or how it can be fixed? I've looked in their Help Contents, but couldn't find out much from there.
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(no subject)

This may be a stupid question, but...oh well, mock me.

Do you think it would be okay if I read HP6, having not read any of the other books? I've seen all three movies, and I just feel left out, having not read the book, since I work in a bookstore and it's been a major part of my life for the past couple of months, haha. I'm going on a trip this weekend and I was going to pick up a book for light reading anyways, and thought it might be enjoyable, but I don't want to be completely in the dark/confused. I also don't want to start with the first book, because I begin school in a couple weeks and I'll have absolutely no time to get through the series.

So, if you didn't read all that:
Should I read HP6, having not read any of the previous installments in the series?
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girl meets boy
girl finds out boy has a female best friend
boy and female best friend used to date
girl goes out with boy on a few dates, has a good time
each time boy and girl are out the female best friend calls for one reason or another
boy always runs when female best friend calls (not runs from date, but after and/or before)

what do you do?

edit: follow up.

told the boy that although i have no issues with the fact that he is best friends with a female, i find it a little odd that he runs to her all the time, and that i don't really understand the friendship they have .. he defended her and finally i said "i am uncomfortable dating someone who is somebody else's bitch" (blunt and rude, i know), and i sorta questioned why she can't do things for herself. he completely freaked out, said it wasn't my place to judge her (it's not, i agree, but that's not the point here) and said he couldn't talk to me again .. i said "you're fucking kidding me", i couldn't belive this dude was so messed.

i am a very blunt person, and even though i don't think i should have said anything yet, i knew that i coudn't have stuck around and gotten into an actual relationship with this dude. you should have seen it, it was like from a movie the way those two carried on, she calls him twice a day and they see each other almost everyday. it was ridiculous. he at the end said that i need to get my cds from him although "he wasn't going to forgive me" (dude, ive known you for 2 weeks, not even, easy there).. i said i wasn't in need of the cds and he could dispose of them. god.

i am just asking the question because i found this the most ridiculous situation ever. what do you think?

this is meant to be funny!

so i have noticed from living in and visiting different countries that people always have stereotypical assumptions about foreigners. much like the other day, on thequestionclub, someone said that obviously French women are hairy.
i am french and i've heard it a million times! that one and the one where its common for french people to have lovers even married and no one cares there. hum, not so. anyway, none of it bothers me since its easily corrected by simply rejecting the claim -*look at me, i aint hairy!*.

so here we go. and this is meant to be a FUNNY post, ok? no offenses, and nothing really rude, please!

what are common stereotypes you've heard or that people have assumed about you when you told them where you were from? the more ridiculous the better, ex. dutch people have 3 ears and are cheap.
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(no subject)

1) Do you call your partner(s) when you're at work?

2) How often?

3) At the same time each day, like lunch time, or just random times?

4) Only for emergencies or just to say "I love you" or "pick up some milk"?

5) Do you call a cell phone, a direct line, or do you have to go through a receptionist?

6) If you're the one being called, do you mind getting personal calls at work?

My answers and an embarrassing story of calling my hubby at work: Collapse )
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1. Question about Harry Potter (not spoilerish). Dark wizards put a lot of emphasis on "blood purity" - but how exactly is that calculated? How far back do they go? We all know that Hermione is Muggle-born, since both of her parents are Muggles, and that Ron is pure-blood, since he doesn't seem to have any non-wizards anywhere in his family. But Harry is the question - is Harry a pure-blood, since both of his parents are wizards, or do they take into account grandparents as well, and therefore only count Harry as half-blood since his mother was Muggle-born?

2. Say you run a one-person Internet business - that is, you sell handmade (by you) products on the Internet to a worldwide buyer base. The business is registered in and pays taxes in your country of citizenship, and all of the financial transactions happen through a bank in your country of citizenship. If you take up short or long-term residency (with permission to work there) in another country (but not citizenship - just living there for a year or two), and continue to operate this business, should all the financial runnings of things (registration, taxes, etc.) be switched to the country of residency? Is self-employment in this fashion (running an Internet business) an acceptable form of work when living somewhere on a work visa?
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I need help with two things, LJ kids...

1-I'm on a Mac at work. It's OS9. The bar at the top of the screen where all the menus are suddenly has this little icon on it for a messenger service. I guess maybe I installed some program that is bundled with this thing. How do I get rid of the icon? I thought I'd already deleted all of the files associated with this messenger thing, but the icon in the top bar remains. I'd rather not have my boss think that I've installed an IM program on my work computer...

2-My browser has stopped displaying comments for me in LJ. What happens is, I'll look at my friends page, and the entries are perfectly legible, but when I click on the comments to read them, the comments page will start to load, and then stop, and the browser acts as though everything's loaded and just fine. Yesterday, it worked just fine for me, and there were no changes to the computer that I can think of that would have caused this. I know I could just use another browser, but that option isn't really feasible for me for a variety of reasons. The browser that's affected by this is IE5 for Macs.

(And, I'll be able to read the comments on this entry, because they'll be emailed to me, and I have no problems reading my email. But I might not be able to thank you if you give good advice. So thanks in advance!)
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(no subject)

if someone asks a question and you find it amusing and or interesting do you go to their journal and read a few entries to see if you want to add them to your friends list?

if someone asks a question that you find stupid do you go to their user info and check their age?

why do people still stare at me open mouthed?
Heil Myself.

(no subject)

Quick question: What's the html code, to center the text in my journal entries?

*Yeah, lame for not knowing. It's been driving me crazy trying to figure it out.

Thanks to all that helped me out. Very much appreciate!

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Change of E-mail

OK, please help me decide...

My brother recently purchased our family's last name as a domain, and offered up email addresses to us all if we wanted them. His main concern is that he never wants his email address to change, and so he will be maintaining this domain inevitably.

I've had the same e-mail address for quite some time now too, and so I'm undecided about changing my email to this new one. I currently already have a few that I use for different things, and don't really want yet another one...

What would you do?

(no subject)

So let's say you open a smoothie bar. Can you legally use recipes from a published cookbook to make the smoothies in your bar? Would you have to pay the publisher/author every time? How does that work? :o)

(no subject)

1. I play Yahoo! Spades. Or, I did, before some of my computer settings and software were changed. Now, when I try to launch the window for Yahoo! Spades, the window pops up, but none of the graphics are displayed-- it's just a blank window. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? There's a link that reads, "click here if the applet fails to load", and I click it, but that never does anything. Anyone know what my problems could be? Is it my internet settings? My McAfee anti-virus stuff? Let me know if you know any way to fix this problem. I loves me some spades. :)

2. I'm sure this gets asked a lot here, but what was the happiest moment in your life so far?
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I was thinking of this in my car today...

In "Cell Block Tango", you know how there's that refrain throughout the song:

Pop, six, swish, uh-uh, Cicero, Lipschitz...

Every murderess has a word, except for the "ten times" woman. How come she's left out?

Duh, I'm a dumbass...I always thought it was "swish" for the drink, but I realize now that it's six for the drink!
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(no subject)

1. What is the whole thing with picking colors when you add someone to your friends list? What exactly does it do?

2. What are you wearing? (50,000 bonus points for pictures!)

My answer:
2. Big Dog PJ pants and my husband's Ohio State Buckeyes T-shirt

EDIT: Thanks for all the answers everyone! Would anyone who uses the colors on their friends page be willing to do a screencap so I can see what it's all about?
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(no subject)

I was just away from Friday until today. I was supposed to come back yesterday night, but that didn't happen. Anywho, my fiance was here by himself.. well his mom was here, but she doesn't matter. I went to look into the history today for a website that I had found some time last week, but when I opened up the history, everything was gone. There were a few sites from wednesday night, when his mother was on. So he cleared th history beofre I came back. .

So my question: Do you think he is hiding something?

I don't want to believe that he is, but why would he want to? I'm open with him about a lot of things. I will admit I don't tell him what I'm feeling right away, but I do usually end up telling him. I'm cool with him looking at porn and what not, so I don't think it could be that. =/.

(no subject)

First off, a joke from bash.org

mrm: i hate realplayer
lummie: its good for cartoons
mrm: yeah
mrm: but it crawls deep into the anus of my computer
mrm: and hides there eternally
mrm: until i least expect it
JtHM: your computer has an anus?!
Fesh: realplayer installs it

On to my question. I have some .rm videos that I'd like to take a look at. Nothing important; just porn. Is there any other media player besides RealPlayer that can play .rm vids? Is there any way I can view them without installing that stupid goddamn no-good friggin' fraggin' *BUFFERING....BUFFERING....BUFFERING*

(no subject)

This shouldnt be that difficult, but my friend and I saw a music video yesterday with this god-awful horrible song, maybe it was trying to be hip hop, I'm not sure. But this guy is at a party and there is a girl and she is dancing (terribly) and he is dancing with her and yadda yadda, I know it sounds like any other hip hop video, but I'd assume it was new-ish. The way I guess its different is that it REALLY sounds like the guy is just talking to a beat, not rapping, but not singing... Is this making any sense? Shes wearing a one piece denim... thing, and he looks 17.

What music video was I watching?

Anyways, we want to put this on a gangsta mix tape, so any help would be superb. Thanks. ♥

legal advice.

i am having some trouble with my ex-landlord. i know that i'm right in the situation, but i want to write her a letter in a way that will not make me sound liable for anything she's trying to pin on me. i want to see a lawyer for assistance writing the letter, just to cover my ass.

so, how much does it usually cost to visit with a lawyer for a little bit of legal assistance?

(no subject)

Which movie does the quote "I hope this letter find you, and finds you well." come from? I saw it on someone's signature and I can hear a female voice saying this in my head but I can't place the movie or the actress!

I've tried Google and Imdb but found nothing. Please help as it is driving me crazy!

EDIT: Found the answer, it was The Shawshank Redemption. Thanks to those who made suggestions.

(no subject)

hi everyone, if someone is moving to the US, do they get a work visa before or after they get here? the websites i have read mostly say the same thing and i am still confused.

thanks :)

wierd song on the radio

I just heard this song on the radio and I NEED to know what it is. I've tried calling the request line, but no one is answering.

I had this super familiar 80s synth riff playing continuously. Basically if you had an electric keyboard as a kid in the 80s you wish you knew how to play this tune. I remember being super jealous of a friend of mine who could. I wish I could hum it for you because you would know it immediately, but unfortuantely google is not yet able to read the notes out of my brian and find it for me.

Then over this it had cuts of a little boy making car noises. There used to be a german website that had this same noise playing on it. My friends and I used to send it to each other constantly in college (about 3 years ago).

Any suggestions on the name of this new mix, of the original, or of a site that still has this little boy making car noises would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: The 80s song is Axel F, Harold Faltermyer

And the actual song is on this page! http://www.nnm.ru/filez/crazy-frog.swf

The original we loved back in the day is here: http://www.leech.dk/dengdeng.swf

Too funny!
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(no subject)

Ok, I can't seem to find a song. It's a newer song(within the last month or so it's come out), alternative. It sounds kind of light and not quite alternative. It has a guy and a girl singing. I can't for the life of me remember lyrics to it, or I'd be able to find it easier. I've heard it on Q101 (local Chicago radio station) I heard part of it today on some commercial or something (maybe a part coming back into the Mancow Show), but it wasn't the full thing to be able to find it listed in the currently playing section. I'd wait and just keep listening, but I swear they play it when I'm at work and so miss out, and it's driving me batty trying to find it. For some reason, I'm thinking something from Billy Corgan, but at the same time I'm thinking that's not quite right and there are already 2 singles out from The Future Embrace.

Anyone have any clue of new songs that might fall into a classification like this?

Edit - found it... Death Cab for Cutie - Soul Meets Body
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I'm currently dating a boy for 4 months now. He is sweet, and nice, and very good to me.

Although, my ex has been trying to contact me. Today is my birthday and I answered when he called. My boyfriend told me I couldn't talk to him or see him. Or even text him. But I answered the phone because I wanted him to call on my birthday.

My ex is my first love, and the first person I truly cared for deeply. We ended our relationship due to him being afraid and he told me on the phone today he took everything for granted that we had. He said if he could go back in time he would realize things because we would still be together to this day.

Now, this wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have feelings for my ex. Although I still do. And I haven't forgotton about him.

I'm going to meet him on Saturday in Chicago.

I need to know, for myself, and I need to take a chance.

Can anyone please give me advice?

(no subject)

1. What is Dr. Pepper/Mr. Pibb's flavor (like how 7-Up/Sprite is lemon lime)?

2. When you were younger (or if you're young now), did your parents have strict dating/boyfriend/girlfriend rules?
If you're parents told you that you can't date until you're finished with school, would you still date/be in a relationship anyway?
And if you would, would you keep it a secret from them, or if they ask you about it, would you admit that you're dating?

3. Did your parents ever expect you to follow their footsteps and study/major in the same fields as them? If you wanted to pursue a different career, one that your parents highly disapproved of, would you still go along with it or do what they want you to do?

4. What if that career in question #3 doesn't make as much money as your parents' job, and would probably be enough money for just basic needs -- maybe not the prettiest house/car/etc., and not the best electronics and furniture. Would loving your job be more satisfying than having lots of material possessions?

5. What's the meanest thing you've ever done?
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(no subject)

arent there certaain days to buy fish at a restaurant? i think i heard they all get their shipments on a certain day of the week but i dont quite remember.


and i need more friends so check me out and if you think im the bees knees, drop me a comment.


(no subject)

two unrelated questions:

1• this morning i woke up and i had no voice. my right ear also feels like it does on an airplane (muffled and like it has a bubble in it). the ear thing doesn't bother me so much, but i have important things that i need my voice for. i can't even answer my phone. will this go away? in how long? is there any treatment you guys know of that speeds the process or helps at all?

2• i received a money order for an ebay item today and not only did the person not include the item# (though i was able to figure it out), but they also endorsed the back of their own money order. how do i deal with this? i can't cash it, as the names are completely legibly different, but if i ask the person to send me another one, they will have paid twice. what should i do? this person is a new teenaged ebay member.

thank you!
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Weird Vegetables

Does anyone else ever eat tomatos just like you would eat an apple? Do you think that is weird? Do you ever eat any other vegetables in a weird way?

I ask because everyone in my family does it, but at work today everyone stared at me like I was crazy.
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1. What do you think "judging people" really means?

2. Do you ever judge people you don't know based on little things they say about their lives? What things do you find yourself most judgemental about? Money, family, religion, education....?

3. Do you ever judge people you do know fairly well? What things do you find yourself most judgemental about?

(no subject)

1. This is KIND OF a religious question..
Alrighty. Say you have a spouse, and they die rather young. Later on, you remarry. Both were true love. Who do you end up in heaven with?

2. Anyone heard of Joanna Newsom?

3. What was the worst day of your life?

(no subject)

All right, say you have two hypothetical couples, both considering spending the rest of their lives together. They've both been together roughly the same amount of time. Couple A has a really bad fight every few months, but they always make up and feel more secure in their relationship after a fight. Couple B has never fought at all. Would you say that they both have a good chance of happily spending the rest of their lives together? Which couple would you expect to have a happier marriage?

And yes, these actually are based on people I know, but not on me.
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(no subject)

This fall, I'll begin my sophomore year of college. There is a very huge possibility that I will have to transfer somewhere else (AKA my parents will make me transfer) for my spring semester. I am apprehensive.

Has anyone been in this specific situation? Starting at a new university in the middle of your sophomore year? If so, please tell me anything of your experiences. Was it hard to make new friends, etc? Because everyone will have their settled "groups" by then...in the middle of the year..

You may laugh at the medically clueless!

I just took some Aspirin because of a toothache and I'm wondering: How do painkillers work? Do they somehow "find" the pain and "kill" is or do they just numb me overall or do they do something to my brain so I don't feel pain? The tooth hurt pretty bad and it's all gone now but I can still feel pain everywhere else in my body... I'm confused.