July 27th, 2005

Ahh! Babies!

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OK thanks to all the users who posted the name of Boys in the Hood by Dynamite Hack. So, now I've been listening to it and i wanted to know if anyone else noticed the same thing as I noticed:

At the end of the song, they play the same guitar riff as in the end of Blackbird by the Beatles and they sing Punk ass trippin in the dead of night homies scored a key is gonna fly, punk ass fly instead of blackbird singing in the dead of night....
Its exactly the same as the Beatles' Black bird. So anyone else notice this? Is there a significance to why they make allusions to the Beatles? Anyone know?

Men and crying

One for the men: When was the last time you cried? What were you crying about?

Ladies: Pick a man in your life (so those without a husband/boyfriend can answer for their dad or brother etc). When was the last time you saw him cry? What was he crying about?

For everyone: What's your opinion of a man that cries? Does it make you feel uncomfortable?

corona & limes!

what's the point of a lime in a corona?

are you supposed to squeeze the lime before you put it in? or are you just supposed to shove it in the bottle? i'm so confused.

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kinda random questions.

Thanks to all who tried to help me in my panicked state the other day. I don't have it quite worked out yet, but I feel better...a little better, anyway.

Anyway, random questions.

1. Who is better--Three Dog Night or America?

2. Can you go to the bathroom at work? I couldn't poop there for the longest time until last night. It was a relief.

3. If your blood aunt marries a man who becomes your uncle, and then divorces him, is he still your uncle?

(this question is especially important.)
4. If you found out a family member failed to claim assets on a bankrupcy, and you KNOW that this person still has those assets, and got them on a credit card that was charged off, so essentially getting them for free...would you rat them out or try to blackmail them? Would you do anything?
ETA: it's my dad, who has failed to help me out with anything when time after time my mom has. He got two Harleys and a Camaro after the bankrupcy while my mom, brother and I have all struggled. What do you think I should do?
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i can't decide where i should go for lunch. the choices are quizno's, sonic, chipotle, kfc or a little locally owned italian deli. where should i go? and what are your favorite things to get at said places?
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i've always wanted to go on a road trip but i've also always wanted to go on a roadtrip alone so i can do everything i want to do and not worry about what others want to do.

1. has anyone gone on a road trip by themselves?
2. if so, where did you go and did you enjoy going by yourself as opposed to if you'd gone with other people?
3. did you have a destination in mind or did you just wing it?
4. where are some places you've gone?
5. if you had to convince your parents about going alone, how did you do it?
6. what are some ways you saved money?
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Is there a site/service to locate a GPS-enabled phone? (Assuming it's set for "GPS always" instead of just 911 calls).

Also: Any PalmOS apps for a SmartPhone (Kyocera 7135 in this case) that could take advantage of it to make my phone a mini-GPS display?


You know sometimes you have a picture of a blank tee-shirt, and you have this text layer, and you want to merge these layers so that it appears as if the words are printed on the shirt?

Is possible to fit the text to the contours and texture of the shirt in Photoshop, and does anyone has any link to any relevant tutorial?
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Rock Star: INXS

I watched it for the first time last night and was pleasantly surprised. It was pretty good. Some of those people can really sing. For those of you that watch it, who do you think will get booted off tonight? I am hoping to get home from work in time to watch it.

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There used to be a tool out there that would allow people to change all of their entries in their journal to private entries, or friends-only entries. I've been unable to google it.

Can anyone link me to such a tool? Bonus points if it can filter them all to a custom setting. :)

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I know this is going to make me sound stupid but I haven't heard a person pronounce livejournal before. So I was wondering if it's pronounced livejournal as in live at a concert, or if it's livejournal as in living your life?

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I'm writing a novella. I have the first part done. It's about four pages. I'd REALLY appreciate it if someone would read it and tell me how they'd like it to connect... AIM malheureuse5. I have my away message on because I have Trillian but it doesn't mean anything; IM me anyway for (and here's the question)

Anyone desire to help me connect-the-dots (so to speak) with 4 pages of my novella?
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where oh where can i find star trek uniforms for the sims2? been looking all day and all i get are results for the sims 1. or, i have to pay to search certain sites. :(
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So I'm reading Harry Potter... Order of the Phoenix, I think. I looked it up and got the definition for it, but I'm not satisfied with the brief answer given...

What is a prefect?
Do American private/boarding schools have prefects or is this a European thing?
Did your school have prefects? Were you one?

Pied en bouche

Aaargh - social skills help needed

One of my colleagues' dad is very ill. I don't know her that well, so I've never felt comfortable asking her directly how he was doing because I didn't know whether or not she wanted to talk about it.

Today she asked me how my week-end went (I told her last week it was going to be a special one), so I felt I should show some interest back and asked her how her dad was. Turns out he's not great. Completely stumped for anything useful to say, and since I had just told her my week end had not ended well, I said: "well, there are worse things than one-week relationships", meaning "I bow down to your greater suffering" and sounding like "you make me talk about my pain, here's a taste of your own medicine, beeatch".

I don't know what I can do/say now to fix this. This is like something out of Scubs...

Any thoughts?
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Random questions

1. Have you ever (apparently) made plans that you have no recollection of?

2. Do you forget things that you do when you're sleepy or when someone wakes you up?

3. What is your tolerance level for spicy foods?

4. What's your current favorite song(s)? How did you discover it/them?

5. Question for the girls - What age were you when you had your first period? How long did it take for you to get regular periods?

6. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

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when i shut my computer down, it either goes to a brown screen and has all these flashing symbols on it then goes to windows exit sign or completely freezes on the windows exit sign and i have to just turn it off and hope it doesn't mess it up.

why does this happen?
and how can i fix it?

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What kind of sickness could I possibly have?

I have an intensely sore throat (hurts to swallow, woke up in the middle of the night because of the pain, etc.) and that's it really, besides an occasional odd ear feeling (as in plugged-ish / slight pain at times). I am feeling perfectly normal otherwise. I checked my temperature and I don't have a fever and I'm not any more tired than usual or anything.

Could I possibly have strep throat? I thought this was a possibility, but I always thought other symptoms occured as well.

Could I have swimmer's ear? My step-mom said it's a possibility because I swim often with the girls I babysit (3+ times a week), my ears are effected and ears and throat are connected by the eustachian tube.

What do you think?

Also, what do you do to calm a sore throat? So far advil has been working a bit and tea and popsicles as well.

Thanks in advance!

ps. I'm going to the doctor's tomorrow. I just wanted to post to see what you guys think. :)

*edited for grammar and spelling*
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1. Were you one of the ones in high school who got tons of balloons and/or flowers on your birthday to walk around with all day? Did you like the attention you got from this or were you embarrassed/hated it? Along the same lines, did a teacher ever make the class sing happy birthday to you (because of whatever you were walking around with or they just knew/found out it was your bday, and yes in high school)?

2. How often did you/do you have birthday parties?

I'll answer in the comments.

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My brother is saying some really mean things to a Hispanic guy he's playing a game with online. What is a wetback? I don't get this...
Secondly, should I tell him to shut up or mind my own business?

Battery & Body Mysteries

Battery Mystery:

My 3 month old laptop battery meter used to be able to fill up to 100%.

3 days ago, it was at 100%.  I never unplugged it.  Yesterday it only went to 99%, & today 98%.  ???

I've never had problems getting it charged to 100% until the last two days.

Body Mystery:

How does body image get formed in our society?

How would you feel if images of fat(ter) women became the norm in our cultural media?

So, instead of Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston & Angelina Jolie, you'd get size 10 women:

Image + lots of comments here.

Last I heard, the average American woman wears a size 14.

smelly book

I got a book from Amazon and it smells bad! I don't know if it's from mold or what, but it smells like a bad cardboard box. How can I eliminate the odor?

I tried to spray Ozium and flip the pages underneath it. It helps a little bit but it doesn't last.

Oh, and who is Joseph Campbell and why is he so great? (I know I can Google him, but I really want people's opinion.)

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isn't there a line of mens'dress shirts from mervyns' that aren't too dressy?

I usted to have one, but I brought it to a student film set at school and I let this guy borrow it and I never saw it again.
the bastard.

i have vanhuesen and its too dressy.
so dressy that i don't need a tie.

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I had a bout of stupidity

Can mosquitoes carry and transfer diseases? I'm thinking HIV or some other horribly bad disease found in the blood. Thanks

I live in TX and since it's hot and muggy currently, I have become a wonderfully tasty treat for mosquitoes. Actually, I've always been one of their favorite victims. I wondered this question as I was itching them and saw them swell up to the size of quarters.
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For those of you who have Dashboard or Konfabulator, which "widgets" do you use?

Why do some places like Bangalore, India (and the Newfoundlanders too, I think) have a timezone that's offset by some multiple of thirty minutes, instead of a full hour? (e.g Bangalore is GMT+5:30, whereas San Francisco is currently GMT-7:00)
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Quick etiquette question

I'm 22 and I've received an e-mail from a dog breeder (an elderly lady). She referred to me by my first name in her e-mail, but I feel odd calling her by her first. She's an acquaintance; I went to her house a few weeks ago trying to locate a new puppy (since she shows/breeds spaniels). Is it okay for me to call her by her name, or do I need to use "Ms. (surname)" out of respect?
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My friend and I went out and got fake nails a while back, my first time, and um, its been weird cause I use my hands constantly and bang them and yah, now, my nail looks like such:
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So um, what do I do? How do I take it off, or do I just clip it? Whats the, uh, fake nail story?
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ear piercings

I told myself I'd get another ear piercing done when I went to my next concert, which was... two weeks ago. I was so busy that I forgot to decide on what I wanted, so I decided to wait until my next concert in November to get it done.

First of all, is it a good idea to get an ear piercing while on vacation? Is there some risk of a horrible reaction or infection? I've already got one hole in each ear that I had done when I was 6, but I just wanna cover my bases.

Second question: What should I get done? I'm thinking a cartilage piercing, but I'm not sure. Do those hurt a lot?
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i have waay too much time on my hands.

so the movie "Sky High"-I am watching an interview with kelly preston and she said there are cliques and bullies in the movie- just like high school.

but wouldn't superheroes teach their kids to be good to other people,etc?
so the whole theory of this movie having the same social trappings of high school is wrong?
and that would only happen with like a villian high school?

also, theres a fat kid who has super speed.
isn't that impossible for the person with super speed to be fat?