July 26th, 2005

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So, speaking generally, are guys more attracted to girls who are submissive, quiet, and demure than girls who are more aggressive and outspoken? I've always thought the answer to be "yes". And what are your thoughts on guys who "get whipped" by their female significant others and this phenomenon?

I like how this community is largely a place where most of the questions are solicitations for opinions.

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I got an email invitation to attend a focus group for a major company. They are trying to develop/improve their website. The thing pays $100 for an hour. At first I was really excited about it, because that's good money, but now I'm not sure I want to go. I mean, how do I know it's really from that company? They gave me directions and a phone number to call if I have questions, I'm just wondering if it's legit, anyway that I could find out?

Also, I have a job in market research, which disqualifies me from most surveys, but they didn't ask about that. Do you think I should mention it?
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Some questions for girls and some for boys. Skip those that don't apply.

1) Do you shave or wax?

2) How often do you shave/wax your legs?

3) What's the longest you've gone without shaving/waxing? Does it depend on the season?

4) If you saw a girl with hairy legs what would you think of her? Would you have a different opinion if she shaved?

5) For those of you interested in women, would you date a girl who didn't shave her legs all the time or? What about never?

6) For girls: Why do you shave? or If you don't shave, Why?

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Is there a term for countries that were founded primarily from the UK (the US, Canada, and Australia, as well as the UK)? "Anglicized" doesn't really work, as that would include to some extent decolonized countries, and that's not what I'm talking about...I guess I want an anthropological sort of term.

What does "&c." mean? I've inferred from context that it's something like "et cetera" or "and [known to the reader] included stuff", but what exactly does it stand for/come from?

EDIT: Further clarification on question one in the comments. Also. Does anyone know where I could get a nice, but not incredibly expensive kilt? Most of what I'm finding is upwards of $150...under $100 would be great.
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What should I do today? I don't have a job, but I do have access to a car all day. I live in a very small town, but there is a mall and a strip of commercial madness very closeby.

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Okay, this is really cheesy, but has anyone read, or watched, "The Dive from Clausen's Pier"? Would anyone mind ruining the ending for me? Was there really an ending...or was it one of those, "I don't know where like will take me and so on and so forth, etc., etc." things? Who does Carrie end up with???
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Is there some site where I can shop for a watch by selecting the features I want?
ie digital, waterproof, alarm capabilities, etc.

Wireless routers

I'm trying to do some research into wireless routers before I buy one. It seems that 802.11g is the way to go... any other advice? In general, or on specific brands? What exactly does a four-port network switch do? Does that just make the router more flexible in a sense, so you have better connectivity overall? I'm trying not to be an idiot, so thanks :D

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A friend is getting married, and she and her fiancé are trying to think of a neat (and inexpensive!) centerpiece for the tables. She does NOT want flowers. Any ideas? Thanks. :)

Edit: The place doesn't allow more than a couple candles per table, and we already know the fish idea.
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Quote issues.

There's a quote that someone said in something... book, movie, tv show I don't know where though. It's something like "don't take life too seriously or you'll never make it out alive" SOMETHING along those lines.

Can anyone tell me the exact quote and where I got it from?
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Non-Traditional Wedding

For those people who want a completely non-traditional wedding, what will your wedding be like? (Or what was it like, if it already happened?)

Women: What did your dress look like? What about your ring?

If you have pictures (from the wedding, or for your plans) share them!

Edit: For those who have looked for non-traditional wedding rings, share your favorite site links?

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Has anyone tried the Nair razorless hair removal thing yet??? I'm a real sucker for commercials and I'm very tempted to buy the kit, but I hate getting ripped off.

Have you ever bought something from a tv infomercial? And I mean the big, well-known things like magic bullets or miracle blades or something. Did they work? Was it worth it? And if you haven't, why don't you buy things?


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I'm in need of some good website links, does anyone have any to offer?

Unique (but not too expensive) jewelry, preferably silver or beaded
Wedding favors / bridesmaid gifts
Good wedding links in general, especially those with a DIY flavor

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A penny for your thoughts?

1. My camera that I just got was a demo at Best Buy. So, whenever I turn the camera on to veiw pictures, theres this picture of a man with a tatoo. But its not on my memory card. Any clue how to get rid of it? Besides hitting it with a large, heavy object?
2. I pick the raisins out of my raisin toast. And I eat syrup on my tuna fish. Do you have any odd eating habits?
3. Doesnt it seem weird that sex is such a big part of society, and that there buisnesses and crimes commited for the sake of it, and its only supposed to be used for procreation? Edit: I didnt really mean only. More like, its original purpose?
4. Does anyone know how I can make this bruise on my leg go away?
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Seeking a ghost story.

Hey, I just remembered that I've been trying to find this ghost story I read a while back...

It was supposedly true, and it was basically 'Guy drives down road at night, sees horrors and hallucinations, horrors and hallucinations stop when he gets off the road (or at daylight), he never drives that road again (or at least not at night)'

I actually recall there being two or three similar stories, all on different sites. One was set in Hawaii.
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Wedding Question

My boyfriend and I are having a debate. We're not getting married anytime soon or anything, but he says that the groom picks the guys, and the bride picks the girls. I've always said my brother Chris will be in my wedding, and Craig is saying that no, he won't be. That's the way it works, case closed. Craig says that he wouldn't have my brother in the wedding because he's not close to Chris.

I've said that a wedding is our 2 lives coming together, and I can have my brother in the wedding. Likewise, if Craig had a sister I'd have her in the wedding party if that's what he wanted. I personally think Craig's just going by the 1920's standard for weddings, and he needs to jump into the current times.

So, the question, is it true that I can't have my brother in the wedding since Craig picks the ushers/groomsmen/whatever they're called?
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Okay, so I'm trying to plan this road trip from Michigan to Oregon for next month and I'm at a loss. I know that we're most likely going to take 90 all the way across b/c I want to go through South Dakota and stop at Mt. Rushmore, but otherwise I have no idea what else is along that highway.

Has anyone else here taken this trip? What else is there to see/do along highway 90? Keep in mind that our stops will be relatively short b/c I'll have a nervous kitty in the car, but I still wanna have fun and see some sights :)

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Did anyone else just have something really weird happen to their friends list?

Somehow, I just had about 500 users and communities mysteriously added to my flist. I changed my password just in case it's the work of a hacker, but it's left me unsettled.

Edit: Mystery solved. Some jackass named any2butbush started spamming a bunch of communities with what looked like an lj-cut link, but when you clicked it, it would add everyone on HIS list to your list. Bloody hell, what an ass.
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so i have this pain on the back of my left hand. if i bend my wrist forward, the back of my hand hurts (in the center, almost along the bone that connects to my middle finger). if i bend it backward the pain is still there but milder. if i put pressure along that part of my hand i can't feel it. so it must be wrist related, but i don't see why my wrist itself doens't hurt... just the back of my hand, kind of "inside" the back of my hand (not on my skin)

what could this be? i don't really do much aside from typing with my hands.
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edit: One more unrelated... is it really a state law in Michigan that tenants have to give their landlord a 30-day notice when moving out, even if it's not in the lease? We had a one-year lease, beginning August 1st of 2004, so we should be fine to move out at the end of the month, but the landlord is claiming it's a state law for the tenants to give a 30-day notice when moving out... I thought that was for month-to-month, but now I'm unsure. Thanks!
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Two related questions and an update

The update on my cat problem: the Grey Ghost is still with us, we still have no idea who she belongs go. She sleeps on our doorstep all night O_o


1. Fullscreen or widescreen?
2. If you like fullscreen but the DVD you want to buy is only available in widescreen (or the reverse: you like widescreen, the DVD's fullscreen), will you still buy it, or will you search as much as you have to to get the format you desire?

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diesel cars

Do you have any experience with diesel cars?
My current car is slowly dying, and I'm rather committed to the idea that my first new car will be diesel.
I'm also currently obsessed with Biodiesel*, and once the process is perfected, I want to have a diesel car so I'm all ready to convert.

*biodiesel= fuel made from recycled cooking oil (obtained for free from restaurants) or soybean oil, creates 0 emissions, exhaust smells like french fries. Already used in Europe.
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Harmless annoyances

What do you do that drives your partner/significant other/spouse insane?

What do they do (I know that's not proper grammar) that drives you insane?

My answers: My husband works in retail (spec., manages a grocery store), so it drives him insane when I purchase things from the impulse-buy displays at the check-out lane. Gum, tissues, magazines, whatever--it makes him nuts. So now, if we're shopping together and he's dragging butt, I threaten to start taking stuff out of the displays--works every time.

You know the Comfort Suites commercials that have Johnny Cash's "Everywhere Man" song playing? I can't stand it when my husband sings along. Why? Cuz he only sings along for the word "man" and not the rest of it. Much violence can be done if he starts that sort of thing too early in the morning. ;)
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Sex and Death

If one day your significant other said they never wanted to have sex again, how would you react? Would it make a difference if, say, they had a reason such as it always hurt them, and they had seen a doctor about it? What if they just didn't have any more desire, but it wasn't because they were any less attracted to you?

What would you do if you woke up and your significant other was dead? Would it make a difference if they'd killed themselves/just dyed natually?
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What color are your bedroom walls?

When were they last painted?

If you were to pick out new colors today, what would you pick?

What color do you wear most frequently?

What's your favorite color?

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"If you..." questions. :)

01: If you had a whole day to yourself, what would you do?
02: If you could learn any dance and do it perfectly, which dance would you pick?
03: If you had to leave your present life and choose to rewind to your past (a couple of years) or skip to your future (about 10 years), which would you choose?
04: If you could do one thing (anything at all) and not have any negative consequences, what would you do?
05: If you could change the color of one object, what would it be and what would you change it to? (ex: make trees' leaves turn purple in autumn instead of orangey)
06: If you had to write an autobiography, what would the title of the book be?
07: If you have some form of the Midas touch, what would everything you touch be turned into?
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I'm trying to download this song, I think its called boys in the hood. But, there are fifty thousand songs apparently called boys in the hood. So, can you help me figure out what its called and who sings it?
Its a cover of a nasty hard core rap song done in a light alternative guitar style with a pretty melody.
The words I can remember go something like
-come talking trash and well steal your car
-dont quote me boy I aint said shit.
-so I something and I slapped the ho, her father pulled up and he started to shout... something something....
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Where could I find a list of techno or trance or dance songs that played on Tuesday, July 18th from XM radio between the hours of 8 -9:30 am?
Really specific and wierd question I know..

The xmradio.com site didn't help.

I'm looking for a techno song that has given no name...
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I'm looking to do a rent-to-own deal for furniture for my apartment. My questions are thus:

Have you rented furniture before? Did you rent-to-own or just return it once you were done? What company/store did you use?

How much does it normally cost to rent a couch? I wouldn't do anything fancy like leather, just something practical.

Do rental places deliver? I live on the third floor of an apartment complex and don't have many people who could help me move heavy furniture up three flights of stairs.

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Take this scenario: I'm driving through a Wendy's parking lot, and stop in a gap of pavement between the sidewalk and a parked car (this car is in a designated parking line). There's a Chevy Avalanche driving past me, perpendicular and it seems as if he's going to exit through the driveway in front of him to get on the road, so I wait in the gap to let him pass by so I can pull forward. Instead, the Chevy turns toward me and tries to pass by, squeezing next to me and scraping the side of my car.

1. Do I call the police to report him? Someone told me the cops can't do anything since the parking lot's private property.

2. Am I at fault for pausing in the gap? Or is the Chevy driver at fault for thinking he can squeeze by?

3. Assuming the Chevy driver ran away, is he able to get away scot-free since his car had no license plates, only those flimsy paper ones that come with new cars? Or is there a way for the cops to track this bastard?
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I'm trying to find my first job. What was your first job? When did you get it? Have any tips on doing applications or going in to ask for one?

I'm running out of ideas for silly, poorly drawn, little pictures to draw on MSpaint. Any (preferably clean) suggestions? :D (I'll even post the picture here, eventually. If you want. )
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The Crying Game, part II

I was very interested in this post about men crying. It made me wonder...

What do you think of people - male or female - who don't cry, either because they're "tough" or simply aren't outwardly emotional?

What about people who can't cry, even if they need to and have something to cry about?

What if they were told not to cry as a child, or browbeaten into not showing emotion or something like that? I think there are probably a LOT of people in that situation, and can't have the comfort or relief of shedding tears even when it is "appropriate."
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