July 25th, 2005

The Scholar

1) When you're writing academic papers, how long does it take you to type out one page?
2) Does the topic of the paper make a difference?

3) How fast can you read -- How many minutes a page of a standard paperback?
4) How fast can you read -- How many minutes a page of a textbook or manual?

5) What's the best piece of advice you ever received in regards to school?
6) What's the best piece of advice you ever received in regards to life?


7) What's your favorite thing to shop for? Why?
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Heil Myself.



I Google searched images for Celtic frogs. Most of the pictures were useless, but I came across a really great image.

Although, I'm a little confused about the image. The description next to the picture says it's a bird but, when you put your mouse over the image [on the site] you're prompted with a script that reads "celtic motifs knots unmounted rubber stamps frog animals."

I'm not sure what to believe. I have no faith in Google, because as we all know it just searches for the key words you entered; So it can be a frog or a bird, but as long as it had "frog" in it's filing, Google will pull it up. I think it looks like a frog, but in a certain way it kind of looks like a bird.


Under the cut is the image, I lifted from the site [along with the web address --just incase anyone would like to check it out].

Collapse )

Do any of you think you can help figure out this image?


It looks fairly easy to identify, I feel stupid for asking. But, I don't want to make any mistakes on this. I would really like to just have my mind settle, I feel like I already know the answer but, I need more people in my direction to make me be 100% on it. I have fallen in love with this image; I have searched high and low for images on Celtic frogs. For the longest time I have wanted a Celtic frog tattoo; if this turns out to be it, then this will be my next tattoo.


Thank you all!

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(no subject)

My senior pictures are on tuesday, and I still haven't picked out/bought outfits! What kind of shirts did you wear for your pictures, if you took them?

[edit] ALSO: Should I bring a prop? I can't think of anything other than maybe some sheet music or a book.


When I visit places like Panera Bread that offer free Wi-fi, do I need to do anything special to access the internet or will I just automatically be connected to it?

I have a wireless network card in right now, so will I have to leave that in?
I bite

(no subject)


I went to Cedar Point today and on a water ride and of course got soaked and didn't change afterwards. So concequently I have MASSIVE chafing on the inside of my thighs. . . . . doesn't help that I am a kinda big girl so they do rub on their own also, some. Learned my lesson there!

I am in absolutely misery now though. It burns and stings and oh lord I don't even know what else. I'm walking with my legs as far apart as possible at the moment so they don't touch but still in misery, I put lotion on which felt good for a second but not much longer than that. They are even painful if they're not anywhere near each other or anything else to touch the affected area.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make it feel a little better?
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(no subject)

If you were to tell your friends that you were dying or could die what reaction would you want from them? Would you be upset if they did not change the way they acted towards you, did not ask about it or at least mention it?

Totally random question...

LMAO at myself for even asking this. :-P What prompted it was that the news channel I'm watching right now just had some story about how cats are genetically finicky eaters and they have a gene that causes them to be unable to taste sweets, so that is why they like meat. And that got me thinking...

If you're vegan/vegetarian and you have pets, do you try to feed them vegan/vegetarian diets too? Does it work at all?

EDIT: OK, I think I know more than I ever wanted to know on this subject now lol... thanks guys! By the way, I myself am not vegan/vegetarian in case anyone was wondering :)
Moi 10/08

(no subject)

I want to come up with a mneumonic device in order to memorize a series in which the initials of the words go "P, E, M, CP, VP, GN, F, VWOE, GP, GWLP". You know, like that one for memorizing the order of the planets..

Any ideas?


How many times does a girl need to have sex with others before branded a slut?

For example, myself, I haven't had sex in about 4 years. I've met 3 people to who I am attracted too, and I flirt alot (and they all know I flirt with all 3). So, simply being friends with benefits with them (and they understand that), would this brand me a slut??

Which also got me kinda thinking, even if it does brand me a slut... why does society frown upon it so much? I mean, if you want to have sex with somebody who isn't married, totally safe and single... what's the big deal?
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(no subject)

1. I want to visit a really big, really cool aquarium somewhere near me (I live in NYC). Apparently, there's one in Boston, one is Mystic, CT, and one in Baltimore. Does anyone love one of those, or is there another one I'm missing?

2. Anyone have optimum online? Do you like it, is it worth the money?
The Receptionist Classic

Music (again)

I'm making a mixed CD for a friend stationed over in Iraq. He hasn't been home in 9 months and they don't get much music where he's at. (Funny thing about military computers, they won't let them download music...)

Here's what I already have:
"Feel Good Inc" - Gorillaz
"Beverly Hills" - Weezer
"Best of You" - Foo Fighters
"Holiday" - Green Day
"Mr Brightside" - The Killers

Sticking to new (within the last 6 months) alternative/rock, what songs would you suggest?

(If it helps, he and I both agree that 90's alternative is hands-down our favorite music of all time.)
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(no subject)

What's the quickest you've ever fallen in love?
At first sight?
Within a weekend?

I met a wonderful guy on Thursday and we've spent almost every moment together since we've met.
I'm being very cautious but I feel like he is falling for me, and falling fast.

How did it work out for you?
Did the relationship last long or was it over as quickly as it began?

I am looking for a website – or bunch, if there are more then one

I was listening to the radio in the car, flicking through channels and came across I guess it was a collage radio station. They were playing audio clips of bloopers, and strange songs like captain Kirk singing rocket man. They said a web address and I forgot it. I have been looking all-day and can’t find anything. If anyone knows of the address please post it

Any help greatly appreciated
Hell's Librarian

(no subject)

I'm looking for an mp3 player for my car. As I have no where that I can put a built in one it has to be a portable one.

Fairly limited list of qualities:

1) Several gigs worth of storage
2) Under 400$ CND before taxes
3) Easy to navigate blind (like I said, for the car)
4) Ability to plug in (doesn't need a car adapter, just a home plug)

I've been looking at iPods, which as it stands seem like the best idea as I can get the most storage (20 gigs) for the least money (370$ CND).

Anyone have suggestions? Like/dislike the iPod?

(no subject)

Do you celebrate 6 month annaversries(sp)? Or does that just seem meaningless since its only 6 months, not an entire year?
If so, how did you celebrate? I mean dating, not being married.

Me--State Fair

oh, I'm fucked...and I need some help.

I got my paycheck today, ($300) and went to deposit it in the bank. I asked the clerk to write the balance on the reciept, and he did, and I looked at it and said, "I don't have $2700 in my account, that can't be right." So he rechecked, and this other teller came to help him, and she VERY rudely came over to me and said, "Well, you DO know that's NEGATIVE, right?"

Apparently, I got a hold/garnishment on my checking account for a debt I've been trying to clear up. They got a little antsy, I see. I called my branch bank, in my hometown, and asked the head teller what the hell was going on. She said the sherriff had been in Friday to do the paperwork and that if I had had any money in there they had taken that. "You didn't get a letter from them today?" she said. No, I got the mail, and if I had gotten ANY notice about this, I WOULDN'T HAVE FUCKING DEPOSITED THE CHECK. So then I had to BEG for some gas money to get home, or at least my check back. They gave me ten bucks. I'm livid.

Firstly, is there anything I can do, since I didn't recieve ANY notice about this whatsoever? It was mortifying to be in the bank and have this happen to me. Secondly, I start school in a few weeks, and I'm supposed to get student loans. Can they legally take those? I live in Iowa, if anyone happens to know.

Thirdly, the money I owe was also rung up by my ex. He has been more than stubborn about paying me back. If they go back to the original records, it shows him on the account. Is there anything I can do to get him to pay me so I can pay these people?

I want advice...please don't lecture me on being irresponsible or whatnot...I've learned THAT lesson. I am TRYING to move ahead and get out of debt. I need advice, please and thank you. I don't know what to do. I really don't want them to take my student loans...everything was going so well, I was about to move, have a job I like, and school is starting...and now this.
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i work through a temp agency for a large manufacturing company. i have been doing my job for about ten months, and love it there. i finally had my interview to get hired on at the company, after about four months of them putting it off. i have had a lot of shit going on in my life recently (and on top of that i just started on birth control again,) so i've been really super-emotional.

so, i found out about my interview at the end of last week, and ever since i have been really anxious about it. due to the nature of my position, i had a panel interview - my boss, his boss, and another important boss - all of these people make me uncomfortable on their own...i've never had to deal with them all in a group before. this morning, i thought about it so much i started making myself sick. so, when i finally got to the interview, i was a nervous wreck. in the middle of a couple questions, it was obviously that i was almost going to cry. i did a terrible job at answering the questions, and now i feel like i've fucked the whole thing up.

what can i say to my boss tomorrow to make this better? how can i fix i so that i still get my job? since it's company policy that they have to post a job bid in a situation like this, there are a couple of other people that applied and had to interview today and tomorrow. i don't want to lose out.

help me fix it, please?
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(no subject)

Is there a site where I could put in a word and have some images that correspond to that word?
Like, if I were to type in peace, or love, or care, or something like that, stuff like kanji, animals, traditional symbols, stuff like that would all show up.
I've tried various google searches, and I'm not getting any luck. =(


What's on your dream pizza? What kind of crust? Any red pepper?

Mine is probably a super doughy crust - NOT pan - with lots of cheese, bell pepper, mushroom, pineapple and crushed red pepper.

(no subject)

if there is such a thing, is there a place online where i can create a map where i can put markers on multiple cities? and perhaps save it? i want to have a visual of all the different places andrew is going to visit.
thank you.
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i don't want to be friends

(no subject)

Does anyone have an image of David Hasslehoff (it might be someone else) with him just standing in his underwear, it zoom to his penis are and then repeats itself all over again?

Found it. I can go torture a friend now. Thanks!

(no subject)

what do you say to people who repeat the phrase "god made adam and eve not adam and steve?"

i just had this conversation with my dad and I said that there couldn't be anything other than straight people in the begining(if there was only two people in the begining..which is very interesting b/c then everyone would look arabian early on) b/c they needed to populate the world.
then as generations progressed and moved to different lands, different types of people begun to exist and different types of lifestyles came along with those different types of people.

thats what makes the world such a great place.
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(no subject)

I went into Petland today for kicks. There was a parrot (I think) at the front of the store standing at the top on the edge of a large square glass playpen. He was pretty friendly and hopped on my hand. He tried to chew my buttons though. Never been that close to a bird before. Anyway, as my eyes glazed over the $1500 price tag, I wondered:

If you had a parrot (or any other speech-capable fowl), what would you teach it to say?

(no subject)

So......I am not necesarily following a calorie controlled diet, but I am keeping an eye on the things I am eating, and at the end of the day I am adding them up out of curiosity to see how much I am actually eating.....

So tonight, I added them up....and I arrived at 889 caloires, and I'm not hungry.......

Do I....

- Munch something before bed, because 889 is too low??

or Congratulate myself on a 'good day'??

(no subject)

Does anybody have Comcast DVR? I just got it a week ago so it's still foreign to me....

Sometimes when I'm watching a recorded show, my play/pause/ff buttons don't work at all. It happened last night and I turned the box off then back on and it worked. At first I thought that it was just "lagging" and would take a second to register the FF command, but the other buttons work, like I can check the guide and stuff, even after just pressing the FF button that didn't work. The "My DVR" button takes me to my DVR, without lag, but the FF/pause/play does nothing.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there something you need to do in order to use those buttons? (I've used them before but haven't paid enough attention to notice a pattern in when it works or when it doesn't).

Is there possibly something wrong with my remote or my DVR box?

(no subject)

I work at mcdonalds. A few days ago i was in drivethrough and I took money from/gave change to this guy. random guy. but the palms of his hands were weird.

like... if you went to a waterpark, with no socks on, so your feet were immersed in water inside your shoes all day. and they'd not only get pruny, but turn white- and you'd be able to kinda tell that the whiteness went a ways down. That's what his palm/fingers looked like... but from my limited contact with them, I'd say they weren't wet/hard/mushy or whatever. they felt normal, they just looked weird. the skin was raised and white.

You could also compare it to that big white spot that deveolps on the bottom of a bar of soap on the edge of the sink.

What was up with his hands?