July 24th, 2005

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Today is my friend's birthday, and I wanted to send her an e-card. However, I'm having the hardest time finding a site where I can get good e-cards for free. I liked bluemountain.com, but I don't want to have to sign up for anything. If anybody could suggest anything, it would be much appreciated.
Thanks much.

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Ohmyfuck. What's the name of the song that includes a cello and a guitar?

It's from one man, but in the song there's a woman singing with him, and there's a video too. In the video, it's the cello player, the man playing guitar, and the woman singing. THey're sitting in a circle in what I guess is a recording studio, and the camera just goes around in a circle. The song is something about an older man lusting after a younger girl [student?] while the girl actually loves him, and how the old er guy turns her down because he....? o.o

Yeah. Thanks!

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What is the last dream you had?

Last night I had a dream I was in England looking out my window. A police officer was retiring and in order to do so he had to preform this funny song/dance.

Do you get bored reading other people's dreams?

you had me at loveatfirstsight.exe

my male friend: and I heard on the radio that they did a survey of women, and one of the biggest turnoffs was a guy reading Harry Potter in public

um, no. that is incorrect. If I was walking down the street, and I saw a good looking guy on a park bench reading Harry Potter, I would get turned on. If I was walking don the street, and I saw a good looking guy WITH GLASSES on a park bench reading Harry Potter, I would get REALLY turned on.
I think nerd guys are sexy, esp. the one with glasses. what are your ideas on geekchic...oh wise questionclub?
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1. I've been working in this new office for three days, so I don't really know anyone. I'm only going to be here for two more weeks, and then my job is over (yay). My office is holding a small get-together at 4 for one of the people here and I was just casually invited. No one came to collect money from me for the cake, though, so I just assumed I wasn't wanted. Would it be rude not to go? I mean, I didn't pay anyway, and I don't know anyone, I don't want any cake, and I'm only going to be here for nine more days.

2. Does anyone remember the name of the children's book series about the housekeeper that would do things literally. Like, if the family told her to 'hit the road', she'd literally hit the road. Or if they told her to draw a bath or the curtains, she'd literally draw a picture of the bath and the curtains.
by crop-crop-crop

'50's civil defense drills, etc.

One day, I stumbled upon the whole video of "Duck and Cover," the civil defense film in the '50's for schoolchildren. I'm sure you all know the premise of the film, so I'll skip describing it. (But if you can find the whole ten-minute movie, I'd say go for it. It's funny xD)

I always pictured one kid in the back of the class after the movie going "Hey, wait a minute...I don't think that will save me!" or something. Or mean, older kids telling the younger kids that it really doesn't work and they're bound to die, or even a little kid overhearing their parents talking about potential total destruction from the atomic bomb late at night when they get up for some water or whatever.

My question is this - seeing as the country's schoolchildren seemed to eat this up, do you think there were any nay-sayers? Do you think there were any freaked-out kids who knew that a desk wasn't going to save them and, say, told all of their schoolmates or something?

I just find it so hard to believe that every child in America believed this wholeheartedly and that no one spoiled it by telling the truth.
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Library Books

OK, who felt the need to take copious notes and underline stuff in half the library books I checked out for a research project?

Was it YOU?

Um, so, yeah, real question: Who here takes notes in library books? (And for those who do -- WHY, GOD, WHY?)
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Do you wish, when given the opportunity (i.e. birthday candles, at 11:11 o'clock, if someone picks a stray eyelash off your cheek, etc.)? If you wish in such a circumstance, do you wish for something for yourself or for others?
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Where do you get your ringtones for your cell phone? (I FINALLY got a real cell phone. Prepaid sucks.)

I want some cool polyphonic ringtones... free ones.

And maybe getting a little more specific, where can I get a good ringtone of SOAD's B.Y.O.B?
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Have any of you out there gone to college far from home? Or known someone who has?
And did they ever regret it? The college Im considering is in washington state (its digipen, a college that nintendo gets alot of their workers from), and Im in illinois. And Id probably get a job out there, too. So I wouldnt be coming back to my friends and family. But working for nintendo would be my dream job. *nerd*
Do you think it would be worth it?
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1) Do you love others with actions, words, a combination or something else?

2) If someone used acions to express their love for you, but never said the words "I love you" would that be ok with you?

3) What if someone said "I love you" but never did anything "loving" for you?

4) What signs of affection do you think are valid? For example, buying something expensive for you, fixing a hole in your stinky sock, making you a cake?

5) Did you ever not realize until after the person was gone that they loved you?

6) Do you think that everyone expresses love in their own way, or is it universal?
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A little job advice, please? :)

Ok. This will probably be confusing, but I can't help it. I'm recovering from a head injury. ;)

So, I'm currently employed at Subway. However, for the past month, I've been going through the interview/pre-hiring process at a local bank. Throughout the entire process, I've told both companies that if I get the job at the bank, I'd give my two weeks notice at my current job.

Tomorrow (Monday) I have my (hopefully) final interview at the branch I'd be working at. If I get offered the job, I'm assuming training would start the next Monday, although that doesn't really matter in the context of my question.

In the middle of all this going on, something happened. This past Monday, while riding my bike to work, I got hit by a van. I have been unable to return to work since. I am getting better, but it'll probably be another full week or so before I can even consider going back to Subway. (To clarify, I've been plagued with lower back pain and hip pain since the accident. At Subway, I'd have to stand all day. At the bank, I'd be able to sit on a stool/chair.

So, my question is, considering the circumstances, if I'm offered a job at the bank during the interview tomorrow... Or, if it were you, would you call your current job and tell them you won't be returning (They've done well enough without me for a week now.), or would you STILL try to work an extra 2 weeks, therefore making it 3 weeks before you were able to start the new job?

I guess I'm a little scared that if I tell the bank it'd be 3 more weeks before I could start training, they may not hire me.

And this is all assuming I'm even ready to return to work by the end of this coming week.

This accident has totally turned my life upside down. :/

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Whatever happened to the Millennium bridge?

I know that they closed it in 2000 due to excessive swaying (much like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, just not quite as bad). Did they fix it? Tear it down? Leave it up and not fix it?
abby genius


So I just got back from summer camp, which ended its two week run today. It was my fifth year as a counselor.

While there, I rekindled some friendships with people I hadn't seen in several years (but who I've known since we were little), and they happen to live in the same city as me, so we exchanged emails and phone numbers so we can get in touch and hang out back here in the city.

Being as I miss them, I'd like to see them as soon as possible, but I also don't want to be overbearing or anything.

So when would be the most appropriate time to email/call them to hang out and whatnot? I have tentative-but-time-sensitive (that is, "sometime in the next two/three weeks") plans made with one person, and I have digital photos to share with everybody.
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i'm writing this thing on how periodization and canonization is useless.

does this make any sense?

"Every period of history (that contains history which wasn’t documented) has a canon that represents that history (that contains history which wasn’t documented.)"
Moi 10/08

Friend-themed jealousy

How would you feel/react if you found out a friend had invited most of the other people from your "group" to go somewhere for her birthday, but not you?

Would that feeling change if you were going to be at work (or otherwise unavailable) for part of the time of said event?

Along similar lines, how would you go about showing a friend that you are feeling left out without looking all sensitive and insecure and annoying?

EDIT: I guess I should have phrased the second question differently and said something along the lines of "...if said friend knew you were going to be at work/unavailable during the majority if not all of the time frame of the event."

EDIT #2: Nevermind, she just told me "I wish you could have come." hahaha, I feel better. :)
Thanks to those who answered.

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When you stand up after sitting, kneeling, squatting, etc., do your knees crack?

I know a couple of people whose knees do this (besides myself) and I was wondering why and if it’s normal.
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When the Pawn

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Do you think Keira Knightley is beautiful?

I do. However, I think she was more beautiful before she became really big in Hollywood, and was put through the Hollywood glamour machine. If that makes sense.

Also, how old is Patrick Wilson, the Broadway actor who played Raoul in Phantom of the Opera? I think he was in Oklahoma..

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When you see the weather report and it says "partly cloudy" and then the next day it says "partly sunny"; what’s the difference?

How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?

My guilty TV pleasure

I have tried to research this question, but haven't been able to come up with an answer.

In Gilmore Girls, in the previous season, in Rory's dorm room, she has a poster on her wall. It's of the profile (I think) of a woman and is a black and white photograph. Does anyone know who is pictured in that poster? I have an inkling that she might be a feminist writer or maybe a film star. I really want to know!
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A few more questions...

1. What's up with file sharing programs today? Has some new legislation been passed in the last two weeks that renders most file transfers garbage and dead air?

2. While trying to upload camp pictures from my digital camera onto my computer, my virus scanner popped up for two pictures, refusing to load them, saying they had the virus Bloodhound.Exploit.13. How could my digital memory card have a virus, when the only files I've ever had on it are pictures? I think I remember reading something about this supposed virus, that it isn't a real one and just a program glitch, so what can people tell me about it? I read Symantec's bit on it, and it says it has something to do with corrupted JPG files, but how could pictures be corrupted when they've been taken without problems?

3. I'm looking for the name of a Chinese (I think?) philosopher. This is way vague, but they had two main principles, which I can't quite remember, but I think one of them had something to say about it being bad to talk about others behind their backs. Anybody know who I'm talking about here? I don't think it was a name I'd heard before, so it wouldn't have been Confucius, and I don't think it was Lao Tzu either.
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I'll show you overflow!

Alright, I asked my math teacher this question last week, and she had no idea. No one in the class had any idea either. It was only a few problems that I couldn't answer so I didn't bother. However, the problem has cropped up again and the exam is tomorrow and I don't want to go through it only to find out that my calculator won't let me compute the problem.

I think it only happens when I'm raising something to a high power. The problem that I can't do right now is:

The error that the TI-89 calculator gives me is: "Error: Overflow"

I have no idea how to get rid of that and no one else seems to have this problem. Can anyone help me?

Edit: Solved!

Need help with finding these songs.. *FOUND!*


Thanks so much you guys! The first one is "21 Questions" by 50 cent and the second one was Punjabi MC. Thanks!!! =)

Hey.. I've had these two songs stuck in my head for days ever since I heard them at the club I went to, but I have absolutely no idea who sang them or the titles.. so can someone help me out?

They are both hip hop/rap/clubbing dance type songs, as I heard them at a club.

Song #1
It is a sort of slower song but you can still dance to it and in the chorus, it goes something like "baby girl..." and then "the way you love me now..." and then I *think* there is something about "when I'm down and out" but I'm not sure.

Sorry this is so vague but I really just have no idea about the rest of the lyrics at all! If you could point me in the right direction at all.. that'd be great.

Song #2
Okay this song is a little harder, because I don't remember the lyrics at all. Actually as far as I could tell, the lyrics were pretty unintelligible. But anyway, this song had a very Indian-music vibe to it. The song starts out with a very Indian sounding tune and it continues through the whole song. Remember this is also a hip hop song, so some kind of Indian-hip hop fusion? If you know of ANY current or recent hip hop hits that fit this description could you tell me it and I'll just go download all of them. Haha.

Sorry these are so vague.. I've tried looking for them in google and other search lyrics engines but to no avail. If you even have a hunch that you know one of the songs (or maybe even know the lyrics to them so I can search that!) please tell me!!


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what's a good site to search for internships?

ETA: I'm not looking for a typical summer research internship. The time I have open is in the spring, from March to April, where people don't usually take in interns.
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Where did my CD player go? It used to be in my studio and now I have no clue where it is. It's not in my room and it's not in my music bookcase. Is it buried in my studio closet?

My cd rom drive is making funny noises, otherwise I'd use it. :/

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Anyone ever been to a fortune or tarot card reader? What was your experience?

I want to go to one, Ive been once and he was really close, Im not sure if I believe it or not, but just for curiositys sake.

Also, where could I go about finding one? and around how much would/should it cost?

*edit* I live in Michigan..near detroit by the way
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For those of you in Britain:

How do you pronounce Worcester?

Edit: Thanks everyone! I was sure it was pronounced that way, but my boyfriend insists it's wrong. Now I have proof. Hooray for silly, meaningless arguements.
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I watched the episode of South Park the other night that deals with Mormonism, and I'm wondering, the parts that deal with the story of Joseph Smith, how accurate are they? I know certain parts are, but, specifically, I'm wondering about if he used a special hat and special stones for translating...
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