July 23rd, 2005

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1. What is the highest level of math you've studied (so far, if you're still in school)?

2. In what area(s) are you the most knowledgeable? Be as specific as you like. (e.g., You might say science, chemistry, or organic chemistry. Or literature, Russian literature, or the works of Dostoevsky.)

3a. In what area(s) are you the least knowledgeable?
3b. Would you want to (or are going to) learn more about your answer to 3a or are you fine without this extra knowledge for whatever reason (you find it uninteresting or useless, don't need it for what you plan to do with your life, etc)?

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Me and my cousin were having some discussions about what guys and girls find attractive or see as a turn on to certain things that women wear. So I have some questions for you lovely people:

1. What colour nail polish on the fingers and/or the toes turns you on the most? Or do you prefer natural or a clear polish?
2. Do you prefer your women to wear a lot of make-up, a small amount (natural looking), or none at all?

For everyone:
3. What's your biggest turn on and off of the oppoiste/same sex?
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This is probably going to sound weird, but what level of difficulty would you say the following question is? (Would the average person know that it's 20% and not 4%?)

To increase your weekly productivity by 20%, how much would you need to increase your productivity each day (given you work 5 days a week)?

Bartending question...

Okay so I have limited supplies here, but I want something soon. My soft drink choices are Fufu Berry Jones Soda, Sprite, and Dr. Pepper, and my liquor choices are UV Blue Vodka, Captain Morgan, and... I think we have some tequila. Any ideas of what I should do with my choices?

Any Justice League fans?

I'm looking to get the complete Justice League 10" figure set for my husband. I was told by one person that there were seven in this set, which I'm guessing are these because the boxes are the same.

title or descriptiontitle or descriptiontitle or descriptiontitle or descriptiontitle or descriptiontitle or descriptiontitle or description

But if you look on the box, the seven characters are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern and Hawk Girl. So, would THOSE characters be in this series? I'm confused, because the box for Hawk Girl (see below) is in a different box.

title or description

How many is in this series? All 8? If it's 7, then which seven?

To tell or not to tell?

So my brother who's 17 was working at camp for the summer. He got caught with weed, fired and is now at home. My parents are about 5 hours away (they just left today) visiting relatives. They had planned to leave the two younger brothers (15 and 14) alone for the night but they would NEVER leave the three of them alone. My parents don't know my oldest younger brother is home and he hasn't called them to tell them. Should I call them and let them know?

The second drawback to me calling them is that they may ask me to stay at home for the night when I have other plans. I feel guilty knowing this information though. Should I call them and tell them or just wait and see how it plays out? I've pressured my brother as much as I can via instant messenger (I'm at work) to call them and tell them as soon as possible but I have know idea what exactly soon is to him.

I'm curious

I was reading the responses to sexherup's post and it seems that most people prefer no makeup or a little bit of makeup. That's all fine and dandy if someone has flawless skin, but does this still apply if the person has some acne?

sounds weird but

am I the only opne who allows myself to get really close to the most inappropriate people, and then worry either they or someone else will think I fancy them, despite the fact they're the same sex as me, I'm straight and I don't?

I know the following is long, but it explains what i mean, it's cut though so you don't have to read it Collapse )

Question 2, should I send a note to these two nurses to reinstate how grateful I am, and thank them again.
2b) If I do should I mention to nurse B about her being upset (bear in mind she brought it up) tell her I care about her and give her some general words of comfort
2c) If I do write to them should I say something along the lines of "if you are allowed and want to keep in touch, please feel free to do so, but if you don't/aren't that's cool too?)


Pet Obessions

Alright, I recently bought a new cat toy for one of my cats (well, it was open to all of them but only one was really interested). Her name is Mystery, anyway...

She's OBESSED with it. She NEVER leaves its side... and everytime you walk by her (she stays in the main hall so I walk by her alot) she keeps mewoing, wanting me to play with her. Usually I stop and play...(for HOURS) and when I tire out I stop...but then she starts complaining again. Even at 3AM in the morning she'll ask to me to play with her. She drags the toy around where ever she goes. Even into the litter box, and when she eats, she continually brings her head up to check on it.

It's getting a little disturbing.... I don't know if she just really likes to toy, and maybe she thinks its her kitten. I'd feel badly if I had to take it away from her. She was perfectly normal before this toy came along.

Does anyone else have anything similar that happens(ed) to them?
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gold trance lives in fear of gabby, gold trance

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Would you rather be hot or cold?

And how is it possible for something to disappear off of the internet? I looked up lyrics for a song a while ago, found 'em, and promptly forgot them. I was looking for them again and, I swear, they are nowhere to be found. How on earth does that happen?
MISC: Go Ask Alice


Any recommendations for a free ringtone sight?

The kind where you just type in your phone number and they send you the file in a message?

I've done it a zillion times before...only I lost all of my bookmarks. And now there are new phone holders in the house who want cool ringtones...

Thanks in advance!
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lead me

Eating out. You pick.

My dad's been visiting us for the past week and tonight we're going out to eat. As always, where we eat has been shrugged off onto me. No matter how much I tell my parents to pick for themselves and LET ME KNOW, they insist that I choose. *sigh*

So would somebody convince me where we should go? I've narrowed it down to three places I've never been, which is what I'd rather choose from:

*Johnny Carino's

and two places I have been, if all else fails:


I'm not a big fan of Mexican, I'm even less a fan of Italian, and I'm not a huge meat eater (I know Outback has a lot of meat meals). I'm also mildly autistic so if you have any idea what the atmosphere at the top three are like, my senses would really appreciate it.
Detroit Rock City

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I want to be able to post up music in my journal, but I'm not quite sure how. i've tried yousendit.com but that never seeems to work. Is there some way of directly linking the song to the page and eliminating the middleman entirely?
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Has anybody else noticed that the majority of the posters/commenters here are female? Or is that just me....

Also - if anyone does find this to be true - why do you think it's mainly females?

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with what kind of paint, if any, can i paint on a colored pencil drawing?

i ask because, while im a horrid painter, im pretty good with colored pencil. i just need a few messy painted words in the piece, which i could handle, and the paint would have a better effect than drawing/coloring the painted words. its not a big drawing (roughly 8.5x11 inches), but the painted part is still the focus of the piece (regardless, it will come down to the paint being applied with a paint brush).
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Give Peace A Chance

Dead ant

So today as I got out of the shower, I smacked a big black ant off the bathroom wall, and it fell onto the floor by the tub. I meant to pick it up after I was done toweling off, but I forgot about it; went about my business, dried off, and laid down to take a nap.

When I got up from my nap about 2 hours later and went in to use the toilet, I saw that the ant, all broken and bent up, had crawled or moved somehow about 2.5 feet across the bathroom floor. Of course I scooped it right up in some tissue, crushed it and threw it away.

It may sound silly, but I feel bad. Do you think the ant was in pain as it crawled across the floor? How would you feel if you'd done this?
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Flogging Molly

Looking for the name of the restaurant...

I was telling my friends about this one restaurant chain which I had heard about online where it is expected that the wait staff be rude and obnixious to the customers. I can't remember the name but I remember hearing about it and had visited the website some time ago. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

shooting star

hey, does anyone recognize a song with these lyrics?

"i was thinking maybe somewhere later down the road
after all our stories have been told
i'd sit and think of you, a dear friend i once knew
shot through my life like a shooting star"

if so, do you know who sings it?

i tried googling it, but i couldn't find out who the artist is.

Online Life

1. How much time do you spend on the internet?
2. How much of those hours are on LJ?
3. What are you doing on the internet when you're not on LJ?
4. Do you feel you spend too much time on the internet?
5. What are your favorite non-LJ sites?
6. What are your favorite LJ communities?
7. What would you do without the internet? (Besides die)
8. What if the internet just disappeared tomorrow?
9. For those old enough, what did you do before the internet?
10. What do you think you -should- be doing instead of spending time online?

- - - Bonus:

11. Do you use your real name online? Why / why not?

- - - Random:

12. Why do people drink (alcohol) outdoors when it's already unbearably hot?
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Filter question

Bleh. Sorry for multiple posts in one day ...

I know how to convert all entries to a certain filter (friends only, a custom group, etc.) but is it possible to convert all entries in my "Some Friends" filter to my "Semi-Protected" filter? I have entries under each filter and I decided I wanted to consolidate them all into one group.

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Inspired off a previous post.

What happened to your friends from high school/middle school?
Do you still hang out with them?
Are they married? Have kids?

For those of you graduated from college, what about those ones?
How many of them are married?

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EDIT: Another quick question (please answer ASAP)

I realize that I made a mistake with a female friend of mine. I have apologized, and am trying to make things better. How do I do this?
Actually, she asked me what I plan on doing about my mistake. (ie how to fix it)

Sexuality Poll

Some friends and I got into a huge discussion about sexuality the other day, some religion was interspersed throughout the convo by some other people. I explained that I feel that many people define their sexuality by what people do around them. I worked in the nightclub industry, where my friends were hooking up 4-5 days a week. My church friend is near 30 and believes most of the people in his church to have had very few partners. It brought up the question of..."What is average?", and how we wish we could run a poll.

I cant make this poll anonymous, but please, if you do answer, please answer honestly and candidly. It will be interesting to see where people stand. Feel free to skip any questions that make you uncomfortable.

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Edit:Sigh. The form didnt like me putting 0 in the choices, so it NULL'd it out on the first question.

First post, woo.

So today, My parents got me a camera for a gift, and Ive got 18 days to return it.
I already have a digital camera (by I, I mean my mom), and this one isnt too much better, and I dont really go anywhere interesting to take pictures. Should I return it for something else or make an effort to use it often?
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I have an antivirus choice issue.

My new Windows XP came with Norton Internet Security. Not knowing that, I have bought McAfee Internet security Suite.

Should I:

a) Use Norton, and return McAfee to the store?

b) Forget Norton and use McAfee?

EDIT: Norton won by a very large margin. Thank you so much guys! XOXOXO
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So is there a client out there that sets LJ tags as you update? Or do you have to go to the website and add one after the fact? I've been using Semagic for years and love it, but was wondering if there's a client that lets you add tags at the same time as you post. This two-step process is driving me nuts. :)

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I am moving out of state around the 25th of August.
I have been on my birth control for 3 months and am currently a week into the last "trial" pack I got. I have the Rx for the next 9 months. I like my BC. anyway, my question is, should I, or can I take it to the pharmacy here and get all 9 months? (Would the ex. date even go that far?) or should I just take it to one when I move? Would it be set up as a monthly pickup thing? or....what?