July 21st, 2005


digital camera inquiries

1- For you digital camera users, what brand/size memory card do you have for your camera? I'm thinking I will pay in the 30-50 range for a decent number of decent pictures. I plan on purchasing a canon a95 for my birthday and I'll definately need a card. Which leads me to my second question...

2- I know this camera eats batteries [it runs on 4AAs] and I was wondering if Energizer or Duracell is better in terms of life and rechargeability. I read somewhere online that rechargeables can charge in like 15 mins but I don't remember which brand it was.

Thanks kids.

ps- a fun third question. Is anyone else's birthday on this Friday, July 22? If so, how old are you turning? I will be 19
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(no subject)

So why is it illegal for underage kids to but lottery tickets?
It is gambleing?
What is the difference between that and buying a candy bar in hopes of winning the golden ticket?


If rain is water and water is clear.. why are rain clouds grey? Do you use grey or gray?
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(no subject)

all you clever nerdtastic people out there, i need your help.

i'm virus-scanning at the moment, and it's currently running through C:\found.004. I've never heard of this file before, and I suddenly have over half a million files on my drive - and the virusc scanner hasn't picked this up as a virus.

any help on what the hell it is and how i can delete it (if i can?)?

Thanks in advance, lads and lasses!
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I know this is a weird question....

but, it's for school.

Does anyone here have Hepatitis C and if so would you be willing to talk about it either here, over email, or IM? I am doing an oral presentation on it for Microbiology class and I thought it might be kinda cool to have a segment of personal comments from someone who has it.


computer related...

i'm technologically impaired.. like seriously. my friends in ecuador sent me these cds full of music videos but my computer can't seem to read it and i don't know what program to use to view them. if you have any tips or advice please let me know.

apparently there are these dat files and vcd files and fnt files... what do those all mean???? i'm totally lost... so please save me from my technological misery!
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(no subject)

I need to be awake for a few more hours yet. I need to sleep during the day tomorrow (or, I guess today, really) so that I'll be rested enough to work the 9pm-6am shift... which i just realised is a nine hour shift, that's kindof odd.

anyway. point is, what can i do on the internet for my amusement until such time as I keep thinking i'm seeing things falling and decide I need to go to bed?
I'd play AdventureQuest, but my computer is a bastard and I can't play for more than about 20 minutes at a time.

and: boyfriend is a math/chem/computer/videogame geek. We're college students. what do i get him for our one year anniversary (in a few months)?

anyone have a stomach o' steel?
I'm eating pasta right now. it was made with milk that would be expired by now... and the pasta itself sat in the fridge in a tupperware about 4-5 days. I'm thinking it either smells cheap or it smells off.
this doesn't worry me. I've gotten food poisoning once in my life, despite a habit of putting chocolate powder in milk that doesn't smell 100% okay aaaaand eating third shift school lunch and cooking for myself.
(the once was from a buffet-type restaurant called Shoney's. I told this to a friend and he winced before I even finished saying "shoney's", he knew how crap it was)

More MP3 Player Questions

I decided against an iPod, simply because they cost way more than the other MP3 players out there and it seems like it's only because of the iPod name.

So now I'm wondering, should I get the 5 GB Rio Carbon or the 5 GB Creative Zen Micro?

Can the 5 GB Rio Carbon go through the entire collection in a menu, or do you have to skip through each of your songs to get to a song that is further along in the player?

What does refurbished mean, in the case of MP3 players? I saw that it said "the actual product may have minor cosmetic defects." Have any of you had a refurbished MP3 player and had a problem with it?

(no subject)

This still confuses me, the difference between English and American terms for things, what are these things in the US?

Fill in the ??

UK: Jam - US: Jelly
UK: Jelly - US: Jello
UK: Gelitine/Jello - US: ??
Then what are preservatives in the US?

UK: Biscuit - US: Cookie
UK: Cookie - US: ??

UK: Crisps - US: Chips
UK: Chips - US: Fries
UK: Fries - US: ??

(no subject)

While I was at camp, I had swollen glands and a sore throat, but I wasn't sick. The nurse kept checking on me, looking to see if I had white dots in my throat for strep or some kind of infection or something, but I didn't. So, I never got sicker, and once I got home, I've began to feel a littler bit better, the swelling and pain has decreased, but my mom got worried anyways. She took me to the doctor, and I got my bloodwork done, and voila, I have mono.

Now, I'm one of the lucky people who have mono but don't get suuuuper sick. He says it looks like I've had it for a long time, and if I'm getting better, thats great. But here is my question: If I'm not being medicated, and I'm getting better, when I wake up one morning and feel fine, does that mean I'm cured? How do I know? Do I have to go back for more blood tests??? I'm just curious (as is my boyfriend...)
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(no subject)

Where would you rather be right now:

Jul 21 Sunny
91°/70° 20% percip.


Jul 21 Mostly Sunny
101°/76° 20% percip


Jul 27 Scattered T-Storms
85°/65° 40% percip


Jul 27 Partly Cloudy
87°/64° 20% percip.
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Computer question - Please Help!

Yesterday my computer started saying that I HAD only a critical amount of disk space left on my C drive. I figure that I can just burn off some cds and delete a program or two and everything will be fine. I don't even have the space to burn a cd and I deleted a bunch of programs. Do I have a virus invading my computer? I'm running my virus scan plus Spybot Search and Destroy. I hope somebody can help me. Thanks!

Computer questions.......

How often do you run a defragment program??

How often do you run your anti-virus sofware??

How often do you run your spyware software??

How often do you clear your cookies??

Is there anything else you do to make your computer run smoothly/quicker??
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(no subject)

1. I have a pine tree air freshener hanging on my rear view mirror and my friend said I had the most cliché car ever. She was speaking in hyperbole, of course, but I was inspired to collect more typical crap for my ride. Yep, you guessed it, I have way too much free time. Now that we've established that, what else should I search for that would make my car "the most cliché ever"? Difficulty: no 'Support the Troops' ribbon magnets.

2. You know how in Windows XP when you click "Shut Down" and you get the little dialogue box with more options, everything else on the desktop fades to black and white? Is there any way to make it like that all the time? I realize it would probably become irritating almost immediately, but humor me. I have XP Professional on an Alienware laptop, if either of those would make a difference.

3. I've lived in New York my whole life and I'm moving to Indiana next month. When I went out there to visit recently, I noticed three very odd things: you can ride a motorcycle without a helmet, you can buy/use fireworks, and not only can you smoke inside restaurants and public places, but there aren't necessarily special smoking sections. So my question is, what's the strangest thing you've encountered while traveling, that you would never have thought of before you left home?

(no subject)

does anyone remember eureka's castle, more specifically the names of the little brother and sister (i think) monsters who lived either in a moat or the basement or something and really liked peanut butter? one was named quagmire i think....

what childhood shows do you wish would make a comeback?

(no subject)

does anybody elses bathroom seem to collect a lot of hair, including on the floor and sink?

is "weekends at the dl" worth watching?

and now, a dilemma

i'm a 17 year old guy with friends, a social life, and a fairly healthy family life...except for the fact that my family cannot maintain our house by cleaning or doing anything otherwise. honestly, i am the only one that cleans the house and trys to keep it clean. my parents and sister, for example, will make sandwiches or something and they'll leave all of the materials out on the counter for me to clean up later. how would you suggest trying to fix this annoyance?
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My old soccer ball popped (no, you cannot shove lit firecrackers into a soccer ball and expect it to survive) and so I've gone and bought a new one - finally. But now I've realized that no one will go and kick the ball with me. And I've got this shiney green ball just waiting to go outside and play.

So, besides dribbling (and tripping, which I am damn good at, by the way) what kind of things can I do with the ball when I'm solo?
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LJ-specific Question

Using the Flexible Squares layout, is it possible to have it so that you don't see your own icon on every post, but you see your friends' icons on your Friends page? It's either letting me have all icons or no icons, and was just wondering if it was possible to just do icons on the Friends page, and not my own page.
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(no subject)

Ever since last April, I've been having these dreams that have a common theme: the boy I had a crush on from fourth grade through sixth is in them. He didn't like me the way that I liked him, but he was pretty much always nice to me. He always looks older; like the way I'd picture him now. His voice is always different. And in about 75% of them, someone says that we would be good together.

When I had the first one, I thought it was because of my anxiety over prom. But they keep coming back, and it's intriguing me and frightening me at the same time. I haven't seen the guy in five years, and none of my friends from back then know what happened to him. It's making me worry. What could these dreams mean?
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(no subject)

I am asking this here because none of the abuse related communities seem active enough. Maybe you can recommend one.

Anyway, how would I recognize verbal or emotional abuse from my significant other? What kinds of things does he have to say or do?

The reason I ask is because I have gone over a few emotional/verbal abuse victim checklists and some things apply, and some don't. The things that do apply don't apply very often, but it's still often enough that I feel like there is a problem, but what is the nature of the problem? Am I a victim? I don't have the skills to be able to tell whether I am being victimized by him or I am at fault, just thinking of myself as a victim and shouldn't be so upset about it. Because everytime I do something that he doesn't immediately find fault with, I find myself looking for a mistake or something I overlooked that could piss him off later so I can fix it before an argument happens, and worrying about it.

(no subject)

My friend andi's mother was explaining diabetes to his little brother. She showed the prick-blood-sugar-test thing, and hers came up a fairly high number since she's diabetic. She tested the little brother's blood to show him what a normal reading was, and it was a fairly low number. She tested Andi to show another example, and andi got to go to the doctor and get his very own medical alert bracelet: diabetic. His number had been right up there with his mother's.

IIRC, anyway. it's been a while since the day I flipped over his bracelet and said "I didn't know you were diabetic" and he said "yeah, I didn't know either" and explained.

Point: With diabetes getting more and more common... why isn't it tested for whenever you have your physical? really, why isn't your blood sugar one of those things they check no matter what, like your temperature and blood pressure?

(no subject)

one of the prereqs for a class i'm in is something about a placement exam. this is a first year math class, so it's not like they could make you take it the semester before.... and the last class I had with a test prereq, i had to go early in the morning to the schedule people and prove that i was good to go. I couldn't register for that class myself, it could only be added in the schedule people office.

so, then, would the placement exam be on the first day of the class, or what?

and: I do fairly okay in math. and I got a damn good score in math on the acts.
I just don't understand it at all. solid shapes in geometry, i can do just fine. Anything else it's like... I can do it, but I can't explain what I did. My reasoning tends to be a lot like when some kid in wayside stories asked if he could use pencil/paper for 5x12, and proceeded to write 5 on the paper very large, tear it into 12 pieces, and come up with 60: he did it, it was correct, but gods only know how he got it.
Could I be ejected from the class for having a too high score on the placement test? this class is nearly remedial but i don't think I could do much higher.
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A thank you, and a question to keep it legal.

First of all, I want to thank all of you who gave me suggestions for what movies to watch. I have made a list of 268 movies that you, as well as my friends and family, have suggested. I used IMDB to put them in order by user rating and am starting in the middle of the list to watch progressively worse and better movies as time goes on. I started a community if you are interested in watching my progress through the movies - I want to get as much discussion about the movies as possible so feel free to join weekly_movies. I thought I'd tell you since it is mostly because of you guys that this is happening.

And now a question to keep it legal!

Will you tell me about your first love? Do you still think of them? Did they reciprocate the love?
Collapse )
Feel free to respond anonymously if you don't want to be that personal...
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Security vs. Liberty

As of this morning The Mayor of NYC has annoucned there will be random bag searches in the cites subway system. This has met a predictable reaction from all sides. My question to all of you

Is there an acceptable level of security measures that the government can take or would you view pretty much anything as a infringment of liberty?
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Me = new.

opinion: if your house was on fire and you had time to run back in, after saving your family and beloved pets, and grab one thing, what would you get?

if you could have one superpower what would it be?

should i be slapped because i've never heard of Bac-os?


I think size matters. There. I said it.
I'm a woman, I am 20 years old, and I notice a different. So it turns out the old adage 'its not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean' is completely false, and was made up by men to help their self esteem. So ladies (and men, I don't care who comments) what are your thoughts on size? what conclusions have you come to through experience?
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(no subject)

When I set up Windows XP regional preferences to allow me to use Chinese (Simplified), it offered me the option to enable input for all applications. This works great.

But when I set up Windows 2000 to use Chinese (Simplified), it offered no such option and I can't input Chinese characters in any program except MS products.

Is this normal?
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(no subject)

I babysit 3 girls (ages 9-11) 3 days a week from 10 am to 4 pm and I am paid $130 a week. So, that's roughly $7.22 an hour (sometimes 1-3 of the girls go to a recreation program at a local park from 10am - noon).

This weekend I am babysitting 2 of these girls plus 2 more girls (ages 3 and 5) from about 6 pm Saturday until 2 pm Sunday.

How much should I charge? Their mother has left it up to me to decide mostly and I'm never any good at this. Keep in mind that the younger girls will probably be sleeping from around 8pm until 6 , 7 or 8 am and the older girls from around 930pm until about the same time and I will be sleeping somewhere in between there.

If it matters any, I have to drive a half an hour to get there.


(no subject)

Can anyone refer me to a website that sells historic-looking dresses? Like something you would see at a late 1880s masquerade or even a Marie Antoinette style dress? I'm talking hoop skirts, corsets, anything that looks like it might belong in the past. Emphasis on masquerade.

Thanks a bunch!
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(no subject)

For some reason the stupid bagger at the grocery store put my cream cheese in a bag where everything else in the bag was canned. I thought the entire bag had cans in it, so I left the bag out overnight ... I was tired and didn't really feel like doing it.

This morning I got up to find the cream cheese in the bag. I immediately put it in the fridge.

Do you think it is safe to use on my bagel? Do you think I should just throw it out and drive back to the store to get more?

(no subject)

Do you ever wake up and think "Wow. I really just don't want to be alive anymore" but then consider your thought silly and continue on being as normal as you can?

I do.
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(no subject)

Can the symptoms of narcolepsy also be confused with the symptoms of sleep deprivation?

Because I was checking out the Wiki for narcolepsy and some of them seemed a lot like me (dreaming immediately after falling asleep, sleep paralysis, hallucinogenic dreams, sleeping during the daytime, irresistible urges to sleep, etc.) - but I only get about six hours of sleep a night.


(no subject)

I know AIM says there is no way to see who views your away messages, that they would have to click on a link inside of it. but is there a way? I wish there was if there isnt. any tricks that work that you know of?
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(no subject)

Would you rather have a designer bedroom, straight from TV or a magazine, or something more cluttered/lived in, which might not be fancy but has everything you need?

My answer: I love love love the looks of designer rooms, however I know they aren't for me. They seem so perfect that I wouldn't want to mess them up. It also would feel weird without clutter and whatnot. And designer rooms usually have beds with 98454 pillows, which would totally overwhelm me. I was curious about this question since I've been watching a lot of the Home and Garden network lately. o:
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(no subject)

So, I have two odd questions.

1. Is there any word in any language for the feeling you get right after you realize your M&Ms taste really wrong but right before you realize they're actually Skittles? (M&Ms and Skittles are just examples.)

2. How come if you know what the food is, or even aren't expecting any food at all, you can identify it within seconds, but if you're expecting, say, chocolate and get roast beef the immediate reaction is 'AUGH WTF WHAT IS THIS SHIT?'?
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(no subject)

From the list below, which book should I read next?

"Sister Carrie" by Theodore Dreiser
"Death Comes for the Archbishop" by Willa Cather (one of my favorite authors)
"Ship of Fools" by Katherine Anne Porter
"The Waves" by Virginia Woolf
"The Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck
another title that you recommend to me

I'm going to be at a swim meet this weekend, so there will be a fair amount of distractions...I just finished Harry Potter and I hate not having a book going.
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(no subject)

am I an alchoholic?

Every day after work, I have a drink. Its usually a mixed drink. I like to look up new drink recipes and make them. I usually have only one or two, occasionally more. I drink because I feel upset and stressed and anxious and it makes all those feelings go away/lessen. I can't wait to have a drink when I get home. The first thing I do is have a drink and I instantly feel better like I'm more able to cope with the anxiety. I get a little more relaxed than normal when I've had a couple drinks. I really love drinking. Usually, I drink by myself. When I go out with my friends, I like to drink a lot.

On the other hand, I've never gone to work drunk, driven drunk, missed work or had any relationships suffer ebcause of alchohol. In fact, most of my friends would not think I have any sort of alchohol problem. But they also don't know how much i drink by myself. I've never passed out or thrown up from being drunk or done anything I'd regret.

So, am I an alcholic? I mean I drink to make problems go away and I drink by myself and I drink often, but it does not invade any parts of my life and most people have no idea.
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(no subject)

Anyone know much about cars?

My '03 Kia Rio started squeaking a bit on and off a few days ago. At first I thought it was one of those okay the brakes are wet squeaks, 'cause it happened like 2ce right after I started driving after a big storm and most stuff had dried up but not everything. But since then, even when everything's completely dry it still squeaks a bit (almost like when you're trying to turn a crank or something and it needs to be oiled or lubed up). Totally random . . . a squeak here, a squeak there, I was thinking it seemed like it was just when I stopped a little harder than I ideally like to (not really hard, just a bit. . . happened 2ce). And then I hadn't heard the squeak the entire drive and then heard it when I turned the corner - okay, are my tires low on air? But then I noticed it was when I brake AND when I am turning the corner while braking so then I think back to maybe it's something w/ the brakes. But then today I was going around a corner, totally dry outside and not even touching my brake and I hear the little squeak again. It's not very loud, but I can hear it over the radio (when the radio's at a moderate volume. . . a bit loud, but you can talk over it with no problem at all).

I just had my car in for scheduled maintainance about amonth ago, and the car got a clean bill of health. I mean, they said the tread of the tires wasn't 100% there, but it was still pretty good/deep/whatever and it was fine. (don't know if that has anything to do with this or not. . . )

So um. . . . any ideas anyone?

'cause I mean, I REALLY don't have the money to take my car in right now (I do have warranty still covering it, would brakes be covered by the Kia warranty?). . . . . like as in I have $18 in the bank, have a car payment was due this past 16th, and well, I've probably already been sent to collections on the previous months car payment (yes, I can't find a job. I am *that* close to having a college degree and can't find work anywhere. How pathetic is that?). And I would feel like a moron wasting money and taking it in if it were something like "Duh, that's just the tire pressure!" or something. But if it's "Duh, your brakes are about to go out!" then I obviously don't have a choice.
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Background: I work at a Subway, one of several that these people own. I've been there four weeks and been to two other stores besides my own. I also have a friend/quasi boyfriend/whatever he is that is in Minneapolis (three hours away from here) from today through Saturday, or Friday.

I got called in, asked to work on my day off tomorrow--8 to 4. I grudgingly agreed because I didn't have anything better to do, being that he was gone. He called tonight--he is thinking of me and wishes I was there, and I could do it--I could drive up tomorrow morning and be there through the weekend. I would have to miss a few days of work, but I've asked for three days off, in advance even, and gotten turned down on all of them.

I feel like this is a very "now or never" sort of situation, and this seems really big for the scope of potential relationship. I know it's a good sign that he wants me there, I knew he'd miss me, but not enough to suggest that I drive up. He's going to pay me for gas, the gas to go (borrowed from Mom) and food and everything...

I know what I'm going to do--go--but I just wanted to know: I'm not that crazy, am I? I mean, I can just sense that this could be a big deal, yanno? I've kept very low key on this whole trip of his thing, and this was SO NOT what I was expecting.

I'm flustered, can you tell? As for work tomorrow, I guess I'll just say I'm sick or that my grandma is or something. At the heart of it, I feel bad, but it's like (a) it was supposed to be my day off, and (b) life is short. Ah, I'm babbling. There's hardly any questions in this. Just the "am I nuts?" one, I guess...

Oh, and also: I'm supposed to close 5-11 Sat. night. He was going to come home, but he's feeling the pressure to stay. I'd like to stay as well, but Mom only wants to lend me the money if I come back for work that day. And I'm scheduled 11-8 on Sunday...how much should I fudge on this one? Ahhhh, life is insane.

I'd appreciate feedback, but I'm leaving at six am and it's quarter to midnight, so make it quick please and thank you! :-D
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(no subject)

Based off of a previous post:
( Gay People, please reverse the terminology)

So, the question was asked before, which member of the same sex do you find so attractuve that you would go gay for. Well, I am curious, which member of the OPPOSITE SEX ( or whatever sex you are attracted to) would make you go gay? In other words, if you had the choice of being gay or spending the rest of your life with this person, you would choose being gay.

For me, it would be The Rock.
Flaming Sikozu

A question about software...

I was wondering if there was some free software, or a sample, of a program that would let me cut our a chunk of a music file. It's a 25 minute long file but there's about 10 minutes of silence on the middle and I'd like to just be able to cut that out and leave the rest of the tracks.
Anybody have any suggestions?
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