July 20th, 2005

First post in a long time.

Obviously don't read the comments to this post unless you already read Harry Potter or don't care about apoilers!

I was wondering what people's theories were after having read the book? It seems like there are many very different opinions out there. :)

I'll put my few words in a comment, I guess.

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in a previous entry dedicated to names, someone mentioned a site where you can type in a name and it will tell you of many potential ways to make fun of the said name.

does anyone know of this site??
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Need an opinion of a hispanic girl who's seen Shakira's "Objection" video clip. Do you find her dancer guy sexy? Is that a typical sexy hispanic guy, or some other stereotype?

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Hi there! I'm wondering if anyone out there has used Camilia by Boiron for their teething babies? My son is 5 months old and has been teething since 2 1/2 months old. He's been in more pain than usual this week and I was wondering if the Camilia is actually effective.

Thanks in advance!


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My older brother got two cats not too long ago and he and his fiancee named them Mxyzptlk (I had to look that one up. Superman Villain, I believe.) and Xerxes (A god?)

What are some of the weirdest names you've hear for a pet?

What are your pets' names? Why did you name them that?

My dog's name is George. It wasn't really going to be George. We had just got him and we hadn't thought of a name. I was playing with him and said "I'll love you and hug you and call you 'George." (as said in the abominable snowman episode of Bugs Bunny ) and I think my dad thought that was his name, so he kept calling him as such. It stuck. :P

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A friend of mine wants to know where she can meet people (males or females) in the greater Denver area. I honestly have no clue, since I've only been there a couple of times.
She is 18, so that rules out bars.

Also, she wants to know how to feel 18 again, since she never really did. She has already had a child, and is not getting along with the father. Any ideas?

Thank you!

is this a good workout?

I usualy do water aerobics in the morning then pilates and then light workout with dumbells(chest press, triceps,bicep curls arm extensions-where you extend your arms to the side and slowly bring the weights down) and some back weight pulls(the one where you pull the bar down and pull a weight up).

im trying to tone up.


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If i've been a good employee for the last 18 months of working at a semi-managerial position and quit for personal reasons, at what point can i ask my employer for a letter of recommendation? Can i ask for one at all? If yes, do i do it the day i give my 2 weeks notice? do i wait till the end of the 2 weeks? Or do i call on them in the future if its necessary?

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Has anyone ever had a car leak whenever it rained? It's been raining a bit here.. and the floor of the driver's side is always soaking wet! I've already smelled it. It's not gas or anything. I think it's rain.

UNI Panthers


I think I have a mosquito bite in my ear. It feels more like a bug bite than a pimple. Anyway, it sure hurts like a sonofabitch. Any ideas of what I could put in my ear to relieve the pain? We're talking ear canal, here. *winces*
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im in ur ljz


This is a question for anyone who has suffered insomnia. I've had insomnia many times before. I usually don't go the whole night without sleeping, but manage to get maybe 2 hours of sleep a night. Recently, I find that if I am able to get to sleep at all, I have really terrible nightmares that feel like hallucinations until I wake up. Has anyone else ever had this happen? Did it go away after you could sleep again? (Insomnia was temporarily over).

I don't really get it, since I've only had insomnia for about a week thus far. If anyone is curious, the creature in my dream looks exactly like Dobby from the second HP movie only with black skin and he has a low growling voice. It really shouldn't scare me so much, but it does.
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Confusing song meanings

Are there any songs that surprise you when you find the meaning behind them?

For example, Leann Rimes' latest release "Probably wouldn't be this way". I thought it was about a bad breakup, but after listening to it this morning, and the line about "talking to a stone", I think it's about the death of a loved one.
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Photoshop brush size outline

This is driving me nuts. At home, my Photoshop (7) shows the tool outline when using clone, heal, paint, etc. On my install here at work it has the symbol for the tool (ie, the clone stamp icon) when you go to use it, and it doesn't show how large you brush is, and it isnt very precise. How the F%#@ do I change this?? It's annoying the hell out of me right now.

EDIT: Answered

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If you could go back in time and live your life over from any age you choose, while still knowing everything you know now, would you?

Personally, I would go back to freshman year of high school.
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I cannot take this girl anymore!

How do you get someone to leave you alone without being totally rude about it?

I had this friend...we were great friends, until she got to be completely annoying and self-centered. Now, this might sound really bitchy, but I just cannot stand to be around her anymore. All she does is complain about her life, put other people down, and talk about herself. I just don't want that kind of negativity in my life. If I told her this, she would completely freak out and lose it. She is incredibly sensitive and has low self esteem as it is, so I can't just say to her "You're a self centered bitch, leave me alone."

I keep blowing her off and telling her I am busy whenever she wants to "hang out" (Read: bitch and moan to me, the only one who she THINKS will listen, but I won't anymore! Aaaaaah!) but she is not getting the hint. She keeps trying...keeps IMing me and asking me to go to lunch and crap. Now she says that she wants to give me my birthday present that she has had for months, but was "too busy" to give to me in May, when my actual birthday was. I don't even want the damn present, because I do not want to establish the relationship of hanging out or her coming to my house again. How do I get this toxic "friend" out of my life without completely shattering her and being a total bitch? Help!

(I know I sound like I being mean here. Really I'm not...I just cannot deal with her anymore. If you knew half the things she has done...well I could go on and on all day.)

EDIT: I wanted to add that this girl is so self-centered that the first time I saw her after my dad passed away, the first thing she says to me is "Do these earrings go with this necklace?" Ugh. And, every time I invited her along to things with my other friends, she would always "get sick" so all the attention was on her. Then, when she finally made some friends of her own, she would brag about all the stuff she did with them, but never invite me along. Also, she started a business and I came up with the name of it for her...I got zero credit or thanks for it. This is how toxic this girl is. But at the same time, I feel bad for feeling this way about her, because she has also done some really nice things for me.

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Going from a 20 to an 18 - down one or two sizes??

For those of you who've gained significant weight and had trouble taking it back off - did you keep clothes from when you were a smaller size in hopes that you'd fit into them one day again? :o\
The Receptionist Classic

No es mi pepino!

What is your native language?
What other languages do you speak?
How did you learn the other languages? (School, family, etc.)

Bonus Points: Give us a random quote in one of the languages you know...
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Rank the American Holidays

My boyfriend and I were having a debate last night about how big of a holiday that the 4th of July is compared to the other major USA holidays (especially Halloween). So I'd like other people's opinions of how they rank the biggest holidays. Please rank the following holidays in order of how big of a deal they are. Don't worry about the significance of their origin. Just base your list on how much they are celebrated and ackknowledged (either by you, your family, or the nation as a whole).

New Years Eve
Valentine's Day
Independance Day

And one additional question.. Would you place Independance Day and Halloween on the same level or would Independance Day be on a level higher than Halloween?

Catcalls and In-n-Out

1. What is the possible purpose of catcalling at someone? Collapse )

2. Is it true that In-n-Out has a "secret menu"? My sister heard some rumor about that. The only thing I've noticed was that I was at one in some random small town off I-5, and they gave a guy some green chilis (for his burger?).


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OK so we all know (because Oprah keeps telling us) that brown rice is better for us than white rice and that the same goes for flour and pasta and so on. My question is: What about sugar? Is brown sugar "better" than white sugar (not that sugar is ever good for you but still)?
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Two unrelated questions

1. In Louisiana, why do they call them parishes instead of counties?

2. Can you still play Leisure Suit Larry's Casino online and if so, where/how? I keep trying to connect and I keep getting "are you even online?" error messages.

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What is the most painful physical experience you've ever been through?

I just had ACL surgery, and the first few days after that were awful. Plus, they had to do some other things like straighten my kneecap and hollow out a 'notch' for my ACL to fit into. Fun.
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Oil Paintings

I just bought and oil painting from an art student.

I don't know ANYTHING about keeping oil paintings. She said not to put glass over it when it's framed as it has to breathe. But I don't know if I need to worry about it getting hot in my car on the way home, how to store it until I give it as a gift in December, etc.

How do I take care of it? :D
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1. James Doohan, the guy who played Scotty on Star Trek, passed away today. What was your favorite episode? And is anyone else totally crying their eyes out?

2. Overall, what's the best brand of digital camera available today? I grew up in the city where Kodak was born, so that's just what I've always used. I'm in the market for a new camera and I'd like to get something of higher quality. I'd prefer a more "pocket-sized" camera, if that makes a difference.
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I bought this keychain at a garage sale last weekend, because I thought it looked cool, and it's been bugging me ever since. What IS it? Have you seen anything like this before??
I know it is a horrible depiction, my drawing skillz suck.
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Edit - pretty much answered.

New question! What's on your keychain?

My dad has a camping lantern that doesn't light up.
My sister has Anakin Skywalker, and a medallion about abortion
I have on my backup keys a generic Ford Mustang keychain

Is iPod really THAT great?

I really want an MP3 player, and I don't think I need a lot of fancy accessories, just headphones and an iTrip, or the offbrand equivalent of an iTrip (plays your songs in the car.) Is an off-brand/not iPod MP3 player going to give me the same quality of music as an iPod?

Right now it is between a Silver 4 GB iPod Mini (200 in store, 150+25 shipping on eBay) or a Black 5 GB Rio Carbon MP3 Player (190 in store, 105+10ish shipping on eBay) obviously the Rio Carbon is cheaper, but is it as good/user-friendly as an iPod? (For those of you thinking "you should get a big one!", I only have 1.84 GB of music, thus getting a big one would be a foolish waste of my money.)

Also, would you recommend buying on eBay for an MP3 player? They say that they were refurbished by the factory or something like that, is that going to affect the quality of my music at all?


If it says that it's still packaged online, there can't be anything wrong with it, right?

And if it says it was factory refurbished, can there be anything wrong with it?
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(no subject)

what's your favorite meal to eat at your favorite sit-down restaurant (not counting fast food or subway type places)?

why do funeral processions have to drive so slow? i am hearing that it is out of respect but i don't see how going slow is respectful in any logical sense.
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A "What the hell is this?" question.

Two photos: One & Two.

Keep in mind that whatever it is, it's on carpet. It was found under a box. The white stuff is mold. Now... what the hell is it? A mushroom? A fungus? My friend and I (we found it while cleaning out a spare room in her house) are confused, because it looks like a mushroom, but mushrooms growing on carpet sounds... wrong.
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leon/stuffed animals/snuggle/cute

Is this the right place?

((I don't know if this is the right place or not, but just say the word and I will take it down.))

Does anyone have a button maker? or access to one?

I want a button that say: "Shut the fuck up emo kid"

and one that has the GOP ensignia on it.

I also want these for icons, but I am more then happy to have just the buttons. Anyone willing I would be happy to pay for shipping/cost to make the buttons.

A good generic question, what's the funniest button/bumper sticker you've ever seen?
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I bite

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If you're happy and you know it clap your hands.
If you're happy and you know it clap your hands.
If you're happy and you know it then your _________________ will really show it,
If you're happy and you know it clap your hands.

So what did you always learn? Face or smile? (or something else?)

I'd never heard anything besides "face" in my 23 years, except for on Full House. And when I mentioned that, my partner said she'd only ever heard "smile" in her 23 years. . . .

*EDIT* Also, where are you from? :-P


What are some good rock songs?
Preferably some from the past 4-5 years. I like ones with more of a melody and ones that aren't complete noise, but feel free to mention any at all.

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I'm looking for some good sci-fi/supernatural thriller movies to watch. Something along the lines of Donnie Darko, The Game, Signs, movies like that. Anyone have any good suggestions? Note that I am a pansy, so I'd like to steer away from any movies that are too scary or fall specifically into the horror genre ;) Thanks.
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The Crow

The Crow: Wicked Prayer came out on DVD yesterday... For those who haven't kept track, this is The Crow #4.
I just watched this..... movie.... And I only have one question:

Why do they keep making these things???
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Another Bruce Question

I know some of you who responded met Bruce Campbell at a book signing in/near your city. Did you have to pay to get in? If so, about how much was it and how far in advance did they go on sale? I keep checking his site, and haven't seen much of anything about these topics. I am asking because someone in another journal said they missed him because it was sold out. I haven't gotten a reply about if this was some other type event or the book signing... I thought book signings were free?! Help!
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ok lets spell it out so no one gets confused. (if anyone still gets confused, stay after class and i will help with any questions)

- i fell in love with J via Livejournal and YahooIM

- i live here in the [sucky] USA and he is in [the beautiful] London, England

- we are debating who should move.

- he went the american embassy in London and they said he would need a pending job in the states to get a work visa if he wanted to move here.

- i dont think st.louis has a UK embassy

(here is the question) if it is me who is moving, do i have to get a visa? if you dont know that, do you know where i can find the info myself? if i do have to get a visa, where would i go to get one?
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Math yet again

Explain how the graph of y = ln x could be used to find the graph of y = e^x. What is similar about the two graphs? What is different?

Okay I've got it down that they're reflections over y=x

Also...One similarity that the two functions share is that they have the same base, e. They also have the same rate of increase. The difference is that they have different asymptotes. y = ln x's asymptote is when X=0, while y = e^x's asymptote is when Y=0

What other similarities and differences am I completely ignoring?


so, I know that most people would classify themselves as straight (i.e. not bi or gay) but...even so...would there e anyone who you would turn gay for?

I'm a straight woman, but given the oppurtunity, I would easily sleep with Natalie Portman, Idina Menzel, or Angelina Jolie.

so...who is on your gay list?
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Me again

1a) Do you ever think of responding to a post but then don't because you see that there's already been a number of posts?
1b) What's the number of comments that said post has when you decide you don't want to post?
2) Do you find it difficult to talk with your friends about sex?
3) Do you ever feel sucked into a book and/or movie? For example, do you ever finish a series just because you've started it?
4) Why is it when two people speak a different language and they can't communicate, people just speak louder and slower?
5) What's the best movie you've seen recently? Not necessairly in theaters, but just something you've seen in the past month or so.

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