July 18th, 2005


1.Is it considered rude to show up to a person's house unannounced and expecting to stay for a visit?
2.Is it also considered rude to grab something out of someone's hand without asking permission? Ex: Instead of asking, "May i see that?", they just grab it.
3. Do you know any people that have done this, and if so, how did you react?

My friend has done 1 & 2 many, many times. Oh how i wish she would just go away sometimes.

And a question totally unrelated:
4. How far away do you think the other person has to be for it to be considered a 'long-distance relationship'?

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I'm not very good with computers and was hoping one of you could help me out. I have a laptop that says it accepts DVD±RW. Does that mean I can only play DVD's of that format or can I also copy my DVD's onto empty recordable ones?

For example, if I own a DVD and want to make a copy, can I somehow transfer the files of the DVD to my hard drive and then put them on a recordable DVD?

Also, if that's something I can do, what type of recordable DVD's should I get?

Thanks for your help.

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The dreaded word: Loans

Who here has had an experience with getting a car loan? What was your experience? Any tips? What should I watch out for, and what should I make sure I do? Is there anyway of obtaining one with virtually NO credit history? Ahh! Any help would be appreciated.
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1. Why do people intentionally give their children names that are strange/very uncommon/difficult to spell/difficult to pronounce?
2. Don't they realize that their children will probably be made fun of, or at least be annoyed by the many people who will inevitably ask them, "how do you spell/pronounce that?"
3. Do they think that names like those give their children "individuality?"
4. Why don't people like "normal" names?
5. If you have a normal name, do you feel any less unique/special?
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Resume tips- a generic one?

I check out the local job fairs when I get a chance. While I bring resumes targeted to what I'm most interested in, sometimes some company is there that looks interesting, and I don't have a resume thats in any way optimized for that type of work.

Whats the best solution to this?

Should I build a generic resume? Does anyone have any tips on such a thing?

Should I simply ask for information and send a targeted resume later?

Should I do both? IE, have a basic generic resume to give them at the fair, and then follow up with a resume that is more targeted?

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Yesterday, my home computer died, without any appearent reason. Appearently it cannot find its operating system.

1. I have tried rebooting it several times with no success.

2. I can't run scandisk.

3. I have tried using the reload CDs (which is how I fix this problem in the past), but they are not working either.

Any clues, ideas, something?
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Connection program?

The post about the music/movie connection web website... thing... reminded me of a program I'd seen ages ago. It was a thing where you made notes and they showed up as little dots, and you could link them and name the link and when you hovered over it you could see how they were linked.

Am I insane or is there a program like that out there somewhere? I'd looove to find something like that so I can link all my story characters and see what their little web of interaction looks like.

I know, it's a very long shot.

I have a piece of jewelry I want to sell on eBay, but I no longer have "papers" for it or anything proving its authenticity, and I can't seem to figure out what company made it. It's a reversible heart pendant with rubies and diamonds on one side, and sapphires and diamonds on the other. I know that there were a lot of commercials advertising it around Valentine's Day a couple years back.

Does anyone happen to know what I'm talking about, and where it came from? If I could find a picture of it on a company website, I'm sure I could sell it for quite a bit more. Google has been no help in finding it, I've tried every combination I can think of.


Do you tan? Do people give you flak about it? Do you listen to them?

On the other side of the coin, if you know someone who's starting to tan, do you say anything to them, and why?
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Padme's dress

A woman I work with is desperately looking for pictures of Padme's blue dress from Revenge of the Sith. Can anyone help me on this? She's searched with no avail and I KNOW they have to be out there. I'm hesitant to look right now though because I'm at work and I don't want to accidentally end up on a porn site. *_*
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Care packages. What do you put in them?

I'm doing one up for my boyfriend as a surprise and I'm going to make him cookies and write him a letter complete with pictures and stuff. Maybe get him a phone card so he can actually call ME for once. Some JellyBelly jellybeans (I got a bag and he said I should share... I said no, haha) and maybe a cute video/picture showing him what he's missing back home and stuff, get some of his friends to say hi, and his parents and mine.
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What's a good gift to buy for a guy (20) who loves electronic things? He has two I-Pods, a GPS system in his car, all the new video game systems...? Anybody out there? I feel like he has everything and I kind of want to surprise him with something really cool and different...but I only have a couple of weeks to get it so it can't be RIDICULOUSLY expensive or have to shipped from Japan or something.

::edit:: price range between 50-150 dollars.

P.S., thanks for all your comments on the post in which I asked about love songs, many of the songs you listed are wonderful and beautiful ♥
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The Receptionist Classic

I want to see the demon spawn!

My aunt sent me a picture of my cousin and her 5 demon spawn [children, but they really are hellions]. But she sent it in a .JP2 format. I've never even heard of a .JP2... I tried opening it in PhotoShop, but it can't recognize the format.

Does anyone know how one would open a .JP2 formated picture?
Bonus points if you can tell me what the heck a .JP2 file IS.

Edit: Got it! This is why I love thequestionclub.
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Another helping of randomness for you lovely folks:

1. Coming from someone who'd hold a grudge until the end of time if her physical constraints permitted it, what are good ways to forgive and forget (and also, to quench the thirst for vengeance)?
2. Is there anyone else on the face of the internet that still has dial-up? I feel very alone.
3. What do you do when your'e bored? (Preferably that doesn't cost much)
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Water Pump Question

The jet pump we bought and installed just last year just suddenly stopped working Saturday night and customer service has no idea what could be wrong with it. I checked the contacts: all clean. Wiring? All installed properly. There was no sign of smoke, no acrid smell. No melted PVC pipes. All signs point to a faulty motor and the lady I talked to wondered if we had any sort of storm that night that might have caused a short somewhere, but no, no storm. So now I have to get a whole new pump and just replace the whole damn thing. So I'm wondering:

1) Could an air leak in the pipes have caused the pump to overheat and short out the motor?

2) Has anyone had any problems with this brand? The jet pump is a Flotec, .5 horse power, factory wired for a 230 volt motor which I had to modify for 115 volts.

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I've been full of questions lately... don't worry, this one has nothing to do with ice cream ;)

How do you find out what songs were in a movie that doesn't have a soundtrack, short of re-watching the end credits? I don't have the movie, I can't find it by Googling, and it's not on imdb. AHHH! The thing is they're Russian rap songs lol and I don't speak Russian at all to make out the lyrics or know how to even spell them in that writing they use.

Edit: I had made a typo before ("on on" when I meant "not on") so sorry if anyone got confused :)

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I know this is a long shot but are there any programs similar to Photoshop (with most of the basics: contrast, color, layers stuff) that I can download for free or at least for a trial period? I can't afford the $600 (!?!) Photoshop but really need a photo editing program.

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"You know how a man would treat you by watching how he treats his mother."

My husband is a gem. He treats me like a princess... and I love watching him interact with his grandmother. He is amazing...

Have any of you been with or knew a man who treated his mother like a queen... but treated you horribly?
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Alcoholic Beverages

I am going out tonight and I plan on drinking, however, I am on a diet of sorts. I know I can't drink creamy drinks or beer, but I never really drink either one.

So, what mixed drinks would you all get if you were watching calories?
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Ahh! Babies!

(no subject)

Which is worse? Your Boy/Girl friend cheating on you and not telling you OR calling you up right before they are about to cheat and saying " I can't date you anymore" with no explanation and then quickly turning off their cell phone?

Forgot to add..

1. Do you think Gastric Bypass (stomach stapling) surgery for the obese is a cop-out? Is it the easy way out?

2. Do you think people who do this are lazy?

3. Do you think heavy people in general are lazy?

4. Why is it that being overweight if your a woman negates every other positive quality you have? You can be fun, smary, witty, caring, successful (even rich), but if you're overweight it's like "ohhhh". That one thing completley erases everything else about you! WHY?

My answers are:
1. No
2. No
3. No
4. I don't know, so I asked!
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(no subject)

What do you think of hearing fake accents in movies or on tv?

Like when actors/actresses put on fake British, French or German accents?

I not only find it insulting but annoying. Why can't they just hire the required people instead of mangling it?

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I have a leather chair that I use for my computer. It's not anything really fancy; rolls, goes up and down with the lever under the seat, and has a knob for the lumbar. Now normally it reclines, but once in a while it just stops reclining for no apparent reason at all. It's the most annoying thing. Then after a while it just reclines again. Any have a similar problem with home/office computer chairs?

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So, there's this song that samples a song about going to San Francisco. It sounds like it is from the 80's. Almost Pet Shop Boy'ish. I cannot get it out of my head or figure out who sings it.

Do you know what song I'm talking about? if yes, who sings it and what is it called?
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(no subject)

1) is handwriting hereditary? if so, can it just be partly? when i write in all capital letters, my handwriting is the same as my mom's and also my grandmother on that side (i think my aunts all write that way too)

2) is it possible for my car to find extra gas? one minute my empty gas light will come on, and like 10 minutes later, i have a quarter of a tank again...

3) i got a dell dj mp3 player, but am waiting for it to arrive at my house. will i be able to put songs that are in the iTunes format (*.m4a) on the player without converting them somehow? if i need to convert them, how will i do that?

4) how many people here have been watching the Tour de France? who do you want to win? were you psyched that hincapie won the stage the other day?

and i don't really understand tags, so, sorry...

thanks, guys! :)
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(no subject)

Ok. A friend of mine is utilizing his creative side and writing a video game. He has decided to incorporate a mini-game in it, much like archery target shooting in Zelda, Blitzball in Final Fantasy X, Spheda (golf) in Dark Cloud, and etcetera. Anyhow, he's incorporating a dodgeball-type game into his, and was looking to get some input on what he should call it. So I decided to put a poll in the question club since you're all very awesome at expressing your opinions. :-D

Which name sounds best?

Pummel Ball
Bludgeon Ball
Pummel Sphere
Bludgeon Sphere

Or, give me a different one that you think is good.

Thanks very much to everyone who participates. :-D
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question for the ladies

I cannot find a straight answer for this anywhere, it's just all over the board so I figured I'd ask here, it's about birth control:

With birth control there is a risk of blood clots. It seems to me that its the estrogen that's the factor in the increased risk of blood clots. I've googled it to hell and asked doctors but I keep getting different answers. Basically the question is: If you use a progestin only birth control does that decrease your chances of blood clots as opposed to taking combination methods with estrogen?

If that doesn't make sense I am sorry. I can be awful at wording shit.
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A while back, I was on this CRAZY evangelistical(sp?) website that had a lamb mascot, Lambuel. It was hilarious but scary, you couldn't exactly tell if it was real.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?
Any info on the whereabouts of Lambuel?
Me--State Fair


So do those strawberry cigarallos and cigars REALLY taste like strawberry?

Does Stacey's mom really have (sic) it going on?

I'm sorry, I could ask a million musical themed questions...it's never ending.

(no subject)

So something really awful happens to you. A horrible violent event that you would never wish on anybody. Yet you make the best of it. You learn several important lessons, make positive changes to your life, your attitude changes for the better, and you're just really happy to be alive.

Do you regret that it happened?

Poker Question

Hey, I was wondering whether there was a specific saying/line someone says when they win a game of poker o_O kinda like "checkmate" in chess or "hu le" in mahjong (at least, the Mandarin kind I've played). TIA!
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1. Do you prefer 40 degree (F) weater or 100 degree (F) weather?

2. There's nothing to drink at my house except OJ, do you think it's bad if I drink a half gallon in the next 2 or 3 hours?

3. What are some things I might not think of to take to my dorm room? What are some things that I might take that I won't need?
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(no subject)

1. I work at a Truck Stop, distributing shower keys to dirty truckers. Whose job sucks more?

2. Have you ever left a job you loved for one that sucked because the new one offered better pay / better hours?

3. When you put something in your cart at [Wal-mart|Target|Costco|etc], but later, on the other side of the store, decide you don't want to buy it after all, do you take it back to where you got it? Do you stick it randomly on a nearby shelf? Are you more creative than that?

4. Do you belong to any peculiar organizations?

5. Peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and bananas?

6. Everyone always asks what you would do if you won a million dollars, but what if you went on, say, Jeopardy, and only won around $4628?

7. Pikangle, jimjamdroo, or sintasaltoo?