July 17th, 2005

Friends: Unagi.
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Does the laughing bother you in sitcoms like Friends, Frasier or Will and Grace?

Do they put signs up to the audience that say "laugh" when the audience laughs?
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1. What do trolls get out of trolling? Evil satisfaction? Pleasure that they've pissed someone off? What?!
2. Does anyone have a good microwave cooking recipe? I'm planning on getting rid of my meal plan at college because our food service fails at life (and I'm allowed to say that because I worked in food service last year, unfortunately).
3. Have you ever gone skydiving or bungee jumping or anything 'extreme' like that?
4. Would you rather eat Cheerios or cornflakes?
5. Blueberry or raspberry?

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Could I get a quick plot synopsis of Order of The Phoenix?
I'm beginning to think i might not have actually read it, and I'm starting on HBP within the day. I'm sure I have, I'm sure we have a giant blue book in the library at my house, but i can't remember what happened.

This may have been the book that my brother and I traded off on, so my excuse is that I probably read it two hours or so at a time in the early morning.

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So, i want to run scandisk on my computer. but, i have windows xp home, and there does not appear to *be* scandisk. not under programs->accessories->system tools, at any rate.
And I was told that the debugging mode option presented when f8 was pressed during startup (or when my computer randomly decides to bring up that option screen) would do it, but i selected it and nothing appears different.

why do i not have this option? or do I- is there something like telling it to run scandisk.exe that would bring it up?
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MOD: Spoilers

On spoilers:

In the future please refrain from posting spoilers for anything that's been recently released. And use caution and mark them anyway for things that are older.

And posts and comments that reasonably seem to serve no purpose aside from spoiling people will go bye-bye.

Yes, ths is related to Harry Potter, but it goes for anything. Books, movies, whatever. (Sorry I didn't catch that sooner.)

For those of you who are done: Did you like the Half-Blood Prince?
For those who are reading: Do you like it so far?
For those who aren't: What are you reading right now?

I finished last night around 9. I loved it. It was depressing, but I loved it. (And I'll probably re-read it when I'm finished re-reading Order of the Phoenix again.)
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Hey guys...

It's our year and a half on August 4th (I'm sooo excited and happy) and I am going to get him a bunch of personalized gifts. Now, here's the thing....

I have some songs picked out for a personalized CD:

"The Luckiest"-Ben Folds
That new "You and Me" song....is that Lifehouse? It's so beautiful...
"Love Song" by 311
"Behind Blue Eyes" (the first song we kissed to)

I need more songs, though....
like about first loves, and young love, especially, and how beautiful it is....I don't know...anybody know any?
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1) I need to number the bottoms of my pages in WordPerfect, but when I insert a footer it won't allow me to number the pages individually. For instance when I change the number on page two to page two (instead of page one) it changes the first page number to two also! Frustration! How do I change fix it so that I can number my pages individually?

2) I need a grammar nazi in order to look over my paper (when I am finished) to make sure everything in grammarically correct. My lack of grammar skills is an insult to public schooling all over the U.S. so I need some help! Would anyone be willing to help me make my paper all that grammarically be?

Hahahah all finished! With lots of time to spare! I rock!! Thanks everyone for your help! :)

(to change the pace a little)

3) Did you do anything fun over the weekend?
4) Anyone think that it's just a little TOOOOOO hott?! Arg I am melting!

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Quick, I need a program that'll allow me to convert PDFs to JPEGs for free. I don't care if it's a 30-day trial or whatever, so long as it doesn't leave a watermark or convert only a certain number of pages.
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I'm thinking of getting some Dansko clogs for work. I've found a pretty good deal on the kind that have the sling that goes around behind your ankle, but I've never worn shoes like this before... Are they comfy? Do they rub? Help!

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For those of you who have had ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery... what is your favorite flavor/creation? I'm about to work there, but I don't know much about their ice cream other than it's kinda expensive and also good! (I'm already hired so I know that we sing silly songs and whatnot.)

EDIT: Also for those who have worked there, how easy is it to transfer? I'd ask my boss, but I'm pretty sure it's not a good idea for that to be the first thing I inquire about... haha.
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Sometimes when I am using my laptop, it will just shut off out of nowhere. And when I say shut off, I don't mean hibernate or standby, I mean shut off. Is it possible that it is just overheating? It only happens when I use it on my bed, and I think that the heat can't escape because it is getting trapped in the blanket.

Is this some ridiculous assumption, or am I right? Please help.

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cleaner. .

So I don't have any shower/bath cleaner stuff here at my house and my fiance has the car, what could I used to clean my shower/bath? I have windex, would that clean it good enough until I can get shower cleaner? Any thing else that would work? thanks!

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I just got all four of my wisdom teeth taken out on Thursday. I'm 16, so they hadn't grown in yet, and so the dentist had to cut them out of the gums. I have them all stitched up with the kind of stitches that are supposed to dissolve or fall out or something after some amount of time.

Has anyone had their wisdom teeth taken out or know about how long it takes to heal? I have a prescription of ibuprofen for pain and amoxicillin to prevent infection, so they don't really hurt; I just want to know how long it will take for me to be able to eat solid foods without wincing again.
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I'm computer shopping. :D (Well, not exactly shopping.. you need money for that ^^;) and seeing as I really don't know that much about hardware and all that, I was wondering, what do you all have right now? More specifically, what company made your computer (assuming you didn't make it yourself), when did you purchase it (my current computer is a whopping 6 years old ._.;), is it a desktop or laptop (I'm looking to get another desktop, but any info about laptops is great too) how much ram and HD space does it have, would you recommend it to others, etc. Also, which "big computer companies" should one avoid? My computer's a Gateway, and while I've heard awful things about them, I have had little problems over the past 6 years (I just desperately need an upgrade.) Is Dell's customer service as bad as some say? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just trying to find out as much as I can, because I would love to have a new computer relatively soon. :D

(Feel free to edit my tags if you wish! I tried to put as many as I could think of!)

EDIT: Oops, must have forgotten about the 'tags must already be in the community's list to work' thing. ^^; Nevermind about that, then.)

my bored weary mind wanders

if you could marry any "celebrity" (musician, actor/actress, artist, great mind, world leader, company owner, serial killer etc. anyone with any fame for any reason, alive or dead) based simply on what you know about them (their music/lyrics, their films, their appearance, anything theyve accomplished that you find admirable, anything at all really), who would you make your spouse?
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Have you ever been stung by a yellow jacket? Did anything like this happen to you?

Eleven days ago, I was stung in the leg as I was walking down the sidewalk. After the burning pain went away, all that was left was a tiny red bump. But a week later, it turned into a quarter-sized bruise. Now the bruise has doubled in size and is spreading up my leg. I've never heard of yellow jackets carrying any kind of disease or parasite, but I'm worried that it might be some kind of opportunistic infection.

BCPs and cravings

For you ladies out there that are on Birth Control Pills, do you find that you have more cravings for a certain thing when on the pill than off? And when you do have one, it's an intense craving?
For example, i get more cravings for chocolate now than i did before i was on the pill. It's not one of the ones where you can just say, "Oh, i have a chocolate craving" and forget it. The cravings are so bad that if i don't get any chocolate soon, i'll get extremely cranky and start pacing around the house until i satisfy it.

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I broke my baby toe today.
I can't wear a shoe or sandals on that foot, and I'm hobbling around, trying to keep all my weight off of my foot.
Any suggestions on how to get around more comfortably?

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For all you Starting Line fans:

I downloaded a song called "Emo Song", on LimeWire.
I have tried to search the lyrics for it.
The song either doesn't exist, or has a different name.

Anyone know anything about it?

It's Cheek to Cheek =]


What is the unpopped collar thing?

...I don't get it.

PS- is anyone else totally in love with this song from the Diet Coke commercial?

EDIT - I wasn't even really sure what it meant. I guess that you don't button the top button on your shirt? I don't see why this is such a big thing with college kids, my school has a facebook community for a coalition of unpopped collars...
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Going to North Carolina

What do you always forget to bring on a trip?

I usually overpack, so I bring tons of things I just don't use. I currently have a list of 42 things that I need to do or pack before I head off for the airport. That may be a little excessive, but... :-P
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Unexpected guests

Have you ever had to refuse hospitality to unexpected guests?

I'm referring in a case where you don't expect anyone and the door bell rings.

In case you had, what was the reason?
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I have dialup. It's typically ok, but recently everytime I connect it disconnects after a minute or less.

I've run a virus scan and an ad-aware scan, but there isn't anything.

Any ideas as to what could be the problem?

hey all

Hey guys, a few questions.

1. Anyone else completely in love with the movie orange county? I cant get enough of it!

2. What other movies has Colin Hanks been in? Any good ones?

3. What is the song played in the opening credits of orange county, im assuming its called say it all, cause it repeats that a lot.

4. Towards the end of 10 things i hate about you, theres a song that has a part "didnt i, didnt i, didnt i see you crying" anyone else know what im talking about? I cant think of what its called/who its by to save my life.

Thanks much!

*****EDIT********Answered all, thanks!
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Can you think of any good road trip songs? My friend is going to Minnesota this week, and I'd like to make him a CD for the trip up AND one for the trip back.

On that note, can you think of any songs about Minnesota/Minneapolis, or about Iowa? Or that mention them?
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good eats

What's one thing (be it food or drink) you pretty much cannot have a meal? I'm mostly referring to lunch/dinner type meals, but breakfast is fine too.

For me, dinner just isn't dinner without the tangy zip of miracle whip white rice as a side. Like if the meal is done cooking, but the rice isn't, I'll wait for the rice to finish. It used to not matter, but now dinner is like.. weird/"missing something" if I don't have white rice with it.

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after a 20 minute discussion about it with my band, i decided to post this
do zombies breath?
one might argue that because the brain is the only functioning part, the brain needs oxygen to live, and also the groaning noises would require lungs and such, but then they can go underwater as in land of the dead.


which gorillaz album do you prefer?
which movie gives you the most (good) goosebumps?
have you been shot? what did it feel like?
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Another question prompted me to ask: is there such thing as a uniformly colored green eye?

It seems like most of the pictures I googled that didn't look like contact lenses (very dark rims) were blue eyes with golden brown to some varying degree. Perhaps the most uniformly green eyes have very small golden brown flecks dispersed throughout the blue, with very little iris muscle distortion?

What about violet? I kind of think that violet eyes are bullshit, but I'd love to know if I'm wrong.
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So what has brightened your life recently?

I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Four, and Batman Begins, all in one day yesterday. That made me quite happy.

Or, on the opposite, what has darkened your life recently?

I got oddly broken up with. (To spare you, my recent entried have the gory details.)

And as a side note, have you promoted the Question Club recently in your own journal? We've got 2023 members as of this post, I bet if every single one of them (at least, those that are active), posted about us in their own, we could get to 2500 by August! Come on Gang! Let's come together, right now! Kumbahya! *slaps self*

(no subject)

a recent post by averypenguin got me thinking (oh no!)...
has anyone ever made any promotional 'banners', so-to-speak, advertising thequestionclub? i whipped up a couple, but ive no talent or skill in regards to anything technology-related.*
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also, an unrelated question:
what is/was your college major? did you keep the same major all through college or switch? did you pick up a second major?
ive been getting very little support as of late it seems. everyone keeps "reassuring" me that i wont graduate with a degree in photography. its really kind of irritating.

*ill delete the top half of this post if its deemed to be in violation of the rules or anything.
my apologies in advance if that turns out to be the case.
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Cigarette allergies...

When people say they are allergic to cigarette smoke, are they for real? I mean, is there such a thing, or are they just sensitive to it, or just irritated by it, or...?

I think what I mean is could someone die from an "allergy to cigarettes" in the same way that someone could die from a bee sting if they are allergic to bees? And if they are allergic, what exactly are they allergic to? Tobacco being burned? Nicotine? Toxins?

'Cus alot of the times when I hear people say they are allergic to smoke, I kind of just think its their way of saying they don't like it, not that they are actually allergic. That's fine and dandy, but I'd prefer they just say they don't like it instead of making up medical excuses.