July 16th, 2005

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Yes, another Harry Potter question. Shove it.

I went to the movies tonight and saw the preview for the fourth Harry Potter movie. To those of you who have also seen the preview:

The girl who they cast as Fleur Delcour...what the hell? Out of all the girls who must have auditioned, and what Fleur is supposed to be like...HER??

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When you see a couple (married, dating, etc - I guess it's slightly more geared toward male/female relationships) - do you think that the guy should be physically 'bigger' than the girl? I guess in cruder terms - do they get more stares if the girl's bigger/fatter/taller than the guy?

- I don't really care, but sometimes I feel self-conscious because my bf is really really thin. Besides that though, I've heard ppl make remarks like - oh yeah, your cousin's bf's so tiny in contrast to her, etc etc etc.
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Anime question

For those of you are really into anime, I have a question. Where do you get it from? It's not on TV, is it? I have never seen it, but a lot of people in my fan fic groups and icon making groups seem to reference it a lot. It's in Japanese, right? So is it subtitled or dubbed? I really need it to be subtitled since I am deaf, so which anime shows have that? Where can I get them?

Any anime recommendations would be welcome as well. :)
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Has anyone used weight loss pills to help them lose weight? Or energy pills to give them the energy to start losing weight. etc?... I saw a commercial for the One a day weight smart pills. They are supposed to help boost your metabolism to help you lose weight with diet and exercise, has anyone ever used these?

I'm looking for something that will help me get energy/boost my metabolism so that way I can get on my way to losing all this baby fat.

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I'm kind of a loser and haven't been exposed to many movies until recently. The nearest movie theater was 64 miles away and had three screens. Wasn't worth the drive. (Actually there is a one screen closer but it only plays G rated movies.) Anyway, I saw a few movies via friends, but not many. My boyfriend has been trying to remedy that situation, so he's taken me to a bunch recently.

Will you recommend some movies (new and old) that I should see?

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If someone is acting stupid on purpose, should they or should they not be called stupid and treatedd stupid?

If you had a 12 hour drive, would you do it in one day, or two?

Why are siblings frustrating?


hmmmm ...

there used to be this show--it may or may not have been on PBS.
it had a guy (i think a black guy) who was the host.
he'd stand infront of the camera, only there was glass or something b/t him and the camera,
and he'd draw on the glass with markers--i think.
i don't know.

i vaguely remember watching this; does anyone know what i'm talking about?
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Carn Horn Buttons and Pay to get into Bday Parties

It's the twofer!

1) I have an older car and recently the little button that goes over the horn (the part you press) has broken and come off. Does anyone know where (aside from calling every junk yard in a 50 mile range) know where I could possibly get another? It's from an 89 Acura Legend, so I'm not sure how helpful a dealer would be. I've just never seen anything like this while browsing my local Advance/Western/O'Reily's, but I was never really looking, either.

2) I have an aqaintance who I see sometimes around town. We're friendly and always chat for a few minutes whenever we see each other. A few days ago, I was getting gas and he was there, too. He came up to me and gave me a flyer for his birthday bash in a few weeks. His party has several elements I've never encountered and need some help with :

You have to pay to get in - does this typically mean the drinks are included, or do I need to bring extra money to buy drinks once I'm in/bring my own? Should I still bring a gift for him? He's going to have 'live go go dancers' and it says to 'be sure to tip the girls' - I am assuming this only applies if I enjoy their dancing (ie - if I make a point to go over and oogle the pretty ladies, which I more than likely will just enjoy them in passing)? I really think this guys is great and think this party will rival anything I've ever seen in movies, so I am excited and want to go. I just don't want to make a faux pas and would rather not seem cheap by calling him to ask - that's my last resort if you guys can't help me with a basic guideline.

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How many communities do you belong to??

Which one is the most active??

Which one do you comment the most on??

Which one would you say is your favourite??(apart from this one :P)

Are there any you visit, but wouldn't want on your friends list for others to see??

weird convention ;_;

I'm just curious...can a few people who have been to Wizard World Chicago share their experiences? I've never been there and I have no idea what to expect (well ok...I have an IDEA because I've been to other cons before, but not this one...).

I'm especially curious about the dealers' room. I'm going with some friends with whom I'm working on a comic anthology, and this is going to be the first time I try selling my artwork to people in this area of interest.

I really don't have a traditional comic-book-style AT ALL to any of my artwork or my comic pages, so I guess I'm also wondering how non-traditional art sells there. (My friends have been emphasizing OMG MARVEL DC IMAGE ARE -IT- and I've been like...*ulp* you mean everyone is going to compare me to them?? ;_; )
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this is kind of the backwards version of "13 Going on 30".

One morning you wake up, and you're back in your childhood bedroom. When you look into a mirror, you're met with the reflection of your twelve year old self. You have gone back in time, but you remember everything that you know at whatever age you are now. So:

What is your first reaction?
How do you treat your family and friends?
What do you do differently with your life?
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waiting for book 7

so, I started and finished book six today- dont worry, I wont say any spoilers...just, i sort of miss books 1-3 now. I appreciate the rest but, its almost too deep now, i feel like i'm over my head. and its not like I can't deal with anything heavy- or that I havent dealt with a lot myself- its just that kids books are an escape for me. I read a lot of pompous 'if i read this...then I'll be smart!" ooks in high school, but recently Ive been finding that books written for kids 10 and under. and I think of all the kids I saw dressed up at the party I went to last night- eating lightning olt shaped cookies and carrying wands....and I wonder what they are thinking/ I wonder if they are still smiling....I wonder if they understand. I know that this book was just a transition to book 7, and I know that I usually reread HP books the second after I complete them. but not this time. Im going to do my physics and then reread 1-3. I'm not saying I don't love Harry Potter, I love it to death, but i wonder if kids are reading this stuff too young. I wonder if they will be able to get the message of this book, because its somewhat scary- and somewhat unexpected.

for those of you who feel the same way, here are my suggestions:

-Rats of NIMH (and...for those of you who dont know....they arent magical rats! they are lab rats! NIMH is the national institute of mental health!)
-The Giver by Lois Lowry (also fun, because you look at it differently as a kid then you do as an adult)
-Stargirl, by Jerry spinelli
-The series of unfortuante events by limoney snicket (this and harry poter are the greatest childrens series ever written)
-Holes, by Louis Sacher
-Maniac Magee-All i need to know in life I learned in kindergarden by robert fulghum.....or anything else written by robert fulghum....
-The princess bride, by william goldmen,
-sideways stories from wayside shool -Louis Sacher

1. does anyone else feel the same way that I do?
2. have you read any of these books?
3. can you recomend any more?

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I recall a question here a while back having to do with a homemade pregnancy test that involved peeing into a cup of baking soda. I tried searching the archives a bit and googling with no luck. Does anyone remember this or has anyone heard of this before? Does this actually have any weight to it?
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Six questions & four answers.

1. To what length will grass grow if it is never cut?

2. Do you believe that your handwriting is depictive of your personality? Have you ever had yours analyzed? If not, what personality traits do you think might be linked to what features of your handwriting?

3. Why is "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" not called "Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory"?
Edit: Why was the first movie called "Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory"?

4. How many bedrooms have you lived in throughout your life? Which was your favorite and why?

5. If you've read any of them, which is your favorite of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books?

6. What was the most recent song you've heard for the first time and REALLY LIKED?

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Don't laugh, please. I honestly do not know the answer to this. What is a "troll"? How do you know if you are one? Is it just someone who likes to start drama in communities?

Book question

I have a friend who is having a birthday soon. He talked about a book he received when he was a child, but doesn't remember the name of it. I have looked online a bit, but to no avail. He says the main characters are a moose and a bear named Horace and Boris. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

EDIT: He says he believes the cover was green and it took place the forest.

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So I posted earlier asking what people thought of the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as I saw it just this morning.
Now what is your fav quote from that movie? Some of the things Johnny Depp said were so amazing.
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Another quiestion. I just got the new Harry Potter book this morning.
How many people are actually done reading the book? my brother is already half way through along with his girlfriend. I dont understand why people feel the need to read it so fast. Its not like you dont have a year or so till the next one comes out, right?
Is anyone actually not planning on not reading the new book? Everyone I know has already bought a copy and...
:EDIT: Sorry... I just realized I did not finnish my sentance earlier. I dont think it was much anything important any more as I do not remember what I was about to say. Probably something about how everyone I know already has their copy and has already started reading it. All my freinds are pretty obsessed with the book
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How do you know...

When a relationship is over? When it's just too unhealthy? When you just won't be able to make it work, no matter how much you want it, or how hard you try?

Is there a litmus test?
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According to Wayside School Is Falling Down, there are 29 students in Mrs. Jewls's class. How come I can only come up with 28 after flipping through the whole book? I tried Googling to see if there was an official list somewhere. Is there one that was mentioned in Sideways Stories... (which I didn't read) but not in ...Falling Down?

EDIT: Totally unrelated question.... there used to be a place called Tony's Ice Cream in Ft. Lauderdale/the Ft. Lauderdale area. Can anyone tell me exactly where it was? I'd look it up but it doesn't exist anymore. Apparently they did more than just serve ice cream.

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1. I'm home from camp and I'm already bored. Everything here seems so blah and yuck compared to the magical place I just returned from... What can I do to perk up my summer now that I feel like it's already over?

2. Is it really THAT awful that I HATE my grandmother?

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I remember a long time ago coming across a website that was kind of like IMDB but I think had many different keywords that you could search through to find movies that were similar to the one you were looking at at a particular time. There were also descriptions of mood, themes, and a list of similar movies.

If you think you know what I'm talking about, could you give me a link. Can't find it for some reason.

Thanks a bunch.

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anybody else have a serious fear of getting close to someone because they have been betrayed and abandoned so many times?

can someone get over something like that? how?