July 15th, 2005


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Is there any getting used to not having braces?

Its been over 12 hours, and Im still not used to it. I looked good in my picture, but I cant look in the mirror. Its just too weird.

How long will it take to look okay?! Lmao :p >.


I was just reminded of my friend, who, when we were in 9th or 10th grade, decided she was going to go on a diet by eating only every other week. As in, she would starve for one week and then eat the next.

So my question is: Have you ever put yourself through such a ridiculous diet? Or do you know anyone that has? What happened?

technical help...

i have been using mozilla firefox for months and months without any problems... until today. when i restarted the computer this morning, the browser stopped loading. in task manager, firefox.exe is listed under processes, but not under applications. i've uninstalled and reinstalled firefox, but it never opens... im stuck with horrible internet explorer now =0(

any idea what might be wrong? i didnt install anything new from this morning, when it worked perfectly fine, to when i restarted the computer and it stopped opening.
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sounds + sleep

Are there any sounds you like for sleeping that are a little unconventional? Or really... any sounds at all?

I don't mind sleeping in silence, but I would prefer noises like a bath faucet running, or a huge thunderstorm, or a greenbar printer (the loud kind that prints checks and stuff). I even like dentist sounds, but I wouldn't choose them if I had a choice! The more low and droning a sound is, the better it is to help me sleep! TV, radio, other people's voices... it wouldn't wake me up, but if I was trying to sleep I'd definitely need to avoid those things.

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I need a new resume done. It's been years since my last one, and there is a lot to add as far as the skills I've acquired and the responsibilties I've held.

There are people who make you new resumes for living aren't there? How do I find someone like that?
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One thing I never quite understood about Harry Potter, is if the wizarding world is hidden from Muggles how do some muggles find out about it? So many of the students were Muggles.

Haha it caught my attention and I wondered.
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Two Questions

1. Today my husband and I have been together 4 years. It's not as big of a celebration as our wedding anniversary, but he still wants to take me out to a nice dinner. I get to choose between my two favorite restaurants: PF Chang's and The Melting Pot. I can't decide! I am torn because I am always craving PF Chang's and it's a bit of a drive, so we don't get to go there very often...but at the same time The Melting Pot is only for special occasions and I haven't been there in about two years. Ack! Where should we go?

2. My laptop has keys that are supposed to control the volume. The volume icons are green, above the Home, Page Up and Page Down buttons. There is a green Fn key that I am assuming corresponds with these keys and should make the other green keys work when I push it, much like the Shift key. However, when I try to use it for the volume keys, nothing happens. Why? Oh wait, now I am seeing that there are actually TWO of the green Fn keys, one on each side of the keyboard. Why? I usually have my system volume set to mute. When it is set to mute, these keys don't let me turn the volume back on....however, when the system volume is not set to mute, the keys will also not let me mute the volume. (Did that make any sense?) Why? I have a Gateway Laptop and I am running Windows XP, if it makes any difference.


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Who here has cable internet?

My problem is that my husband's computer is hooked up to it and I tried installing the drivers onto mine so I could switch out computers while he's at work, but it keeps telling me that it can't find a connection between my computer and the cable modem....?? Yet, it works when connected to his computer.

Do these cable modems some how grab the info from the first computer it's hooked up to? Causing it to not be able to work with another?

I did put in a new Hard Drive yesterday.. could I have possibly forgotten to... put something back onto my computer?

EDIT: I guess I didnt sign up for.. uh.. I forgot what it was called.. .NET Passport? Oh well. Whatever it was, I got it now, and things work :)
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I want to print off a very simple one month calendar, but I'm not sure which program to use, or if I even have a program that will do that. I have Microsoft Office...can anyone tell me how to generate a calendar with it?


So, I have a coworker who is about 62 years old. She is constantly kissing my boss's ass (he's 37, handsome). She changes her opinions to suit his, says things about herself that she thinks he'd want to hear, always seconds everything he says, compliments him on the weirdest things, contradicts things that I say (in what I feel is an effort to scapegoat me), she lies about stuff and embellishes details about herself, disses all the girls who come in to our office and all in all is an obnoxious brow-noser.

When he's not around, she says and does things completely different from how she does things when he's here. Her opinions are completely different and she's like an entirely different person when he's out of the office.

I'm getting to a point of explosion. How do I deal with this? My boss and I get along fine. I'm his right hand lady. I feel like she feels like she's in some kind of competition for his affection and approval with me and I can't stand it. I don't view her that way.

What do I do? How do I stop this? Cause it's coming up inside me and I may end up saying / doing something I really regret.
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Rich Text

What exactly does rich text mode do? I've read about it and it says how when you try to enter HTML it won't work and the tags will all show as their actual symbols instead of what they are supposed to do to the text. So what does rich text do? How do you get the equivalent of HTML effects?


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Hey guys, I'm sort of in the middle of rearranging and reorganizing my bedroom, trying to get rid of junk so that it's easier and stuff. Yesterday I bought my first bookcase ever (is that sad? I've never had a bookcase before..) and I'm pretty happy about it because I have enough books to start my own library. Now I just need to figure out what to do with the rest of my knickknacks and junk. I'm on a pretty limited budget.

Anyways, just wanted some ideas on furniture, organizers/storage, and arrangement.. so would you share a picture of your room?

Preferably a compressed picture, or at least small sized because I'm still on dial-up. *curses SBC for still not receiving DSL stuff*
Thanks :)
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1) If you have/had a roommate, does/did it bother you if they have/had someone over and had sex? Do you have any sort of arrangement for that, like one person leaves the house?

2) Have you ever done cosplay? Do you do it a lot or only for special events?
For those that don't know (and I just learned about this recently) it's when people dress up as fictional characters, like in Sailor Moon or Star Trek.
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If you're driving and you see an old(er)/beat up car in front of you, do you automatically assume that it will be slow? Do you pass the car before driving behind it for a bit of time?

Do you assume that whoever's driving the car is stupid or poor?

Edited to clarify.
Also, please don't assume I hold these prejudices just because I ask if you do. In fact, just the opposite.

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Who else here works staff at Otakon? I recently found out one of my lj friends was going to be working spec ops like myself, and it makes me wonder if perhaps some other members of this community might be interested in meeting up there. Also prompted by the cosplay question.

Ok, last one......

Ok, a young girl is learning to drive, she has *L* (learner) stickers all over her car and everything so as to warn others.

She goes the wrong way up a well labelled 'one way street', and a police car passes her, but she doesn't get into trouble.....

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Okay my cellphone is through Centennial. Does anyone have Centennnial?

Well I don't pay for the text messaging feature on my bill. When I first got the phone I used like 6 text messages.

I called Customer Service to see how much they would charge me for each message. The lady told me that if I didn't pay for texting on my bill, then my phone isn't supposed to let me be sending messages. I told her it did, and she said the system will automatically fix it and you won't be able to send them.

So for a while I couldn't send msgs, but last night a friend of mine sent me a msg and it let me send them to him too. Last night me and him used about 60 messages on my phone.

I was worried about my bill, so I asked another friend bc they have Centennial too. She told me her phone lets her use text messaging and it doesn't charge her for it.

What do you think is going on?

Oh and BTW, when I first got my phone and used those 6 msgs, it didn't charge me anything.
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If you believe in demons and the like (and if not, please speculate for me) which do you think is more intrinsic to calling up or attracting the attention of demons/evil spirits?

A) One's intent, the desire to call the demon.
B) The external devices used in the calling (ie a circle of candles, a pentagram, music, smoke, chanting, blood, etc.)

(I think the intent to summon would be far more important than the instruments involved, but perhaps people need to use the external stimulation of their devices to get them emotionally up to the level of sincerely desiring the presence of a demon)

Also, if you have any links or books to recommend to me on the subject I'd be grateful ("demons through history" or something) :D

harry potter books... again.

my dad works at a local borders, so all i hear about is him talking about the new harry potter book and all the insane people who are in the store waiting for the books to come out. anyway, my dad brought up that he heard that there is a difference between the UK version of the books and the US release of the books. he said the words are changed and the slang is changed to help kids in understanding stuff. i've read all the previous books and was amazed at hearing this. is this true?
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Stuck at my boring work on a friday night, oh yeah!

I need comments! This community is so great for being bored. I can ask any question and get a ton of replies and occupy myself, yay.

So my loaded question for the evening is...

If you've never tried marijuana, why not? If you have tried it and didn't like it, why not?

And, so the rest of us will have something to answer...

If you have used marijuana and you liked it (even if you don't do it often) what do you think is different about you versus the people who don't like it or won't try it?
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There was this guy.

Who was he?

Oh, wait, that's a little vague. Sometime before Darwin, there was this scientist in France whose name started with an L. He had a theory about trait inheritance that suggested that giraffes were horses who stretched to reach higher and higher brances over generations (for example.) Does anyone know the name of this guy?

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I am going to be purchasing a laptop/notebook/ibook sometime in the very near future....which do you prefer and reccomend?
I would be using it for pictures (i have bunches, digi cam comes with me everywhere), school and music.

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I was reading today and it made me think:

1. If you were really horny, but was making out with someone who was just a so-so kisser, would you contine to do so?
2. What do you really enjoy when kissing someone?
3. What can you just not tolerate?
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Promise rings

Please What do you think about promise rings?
How do you feel about them? Do you think they're stupid or a nice thing?
Please leave your age and gender along with answers.

Collapse )
What do you guys think about that whole thing? I need some opinions. Please, dont be nasty about the whole age thing. Just because I'm only sisteen does not mean I'm stupid and it does not mean I dont know what I'm talking about.
Thank you.
:EDIT: How about this, do you believe in love at such a young age?

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What are you plans for tonight?

I'm not 21 yet (6 weeks left!) so my other friend that isn't 21 are going to hang out at her apt and drink there. All our friends that are going to the bars are going to stop by afterwards.
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What is the strangest question anyone has ever asked you?

As a twin, I get a lot of questions that just seem dumb to me (ie. "how do you tell yourself apart from your sister?" "how do you know you are you when you wake up in the morning?")so I was wondering if anyone else had any crazy question stories.
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1.) Have you ever wanted a completely new clique of friends?

2.) Do you have stronger ties with the friends you made in high school or the ones you made in college?
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