July 13th, 2005


So about that entry that was here for 3 seconds and then it got deleted...

Is anyone else sad that the entry about Catch 27 was gone before we could tag it as "mindless link propagation?" *eg* ::gives mods 2 thumbs up:: Oh yeah and what happened to the "I'm too stupid to follow the rules" tag? I liked that one!

Is anyone actually on Catch 27? I am but once I found out you have to pay for other people's cards I stopped using it... that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of in my life!

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

(Sorry for the triple post!)

Who else finds this to be the most addicting game ever?

Is there any reason for me to keep the game after getting 72 crests? Is there any reason to keep the bongos? (I know about Donkey Konga, but I already have DDR and I hear both Donkey Kongas have a small selection of songs.) More specifically, will there be a Donkey Kong Jungle Beat 2, or any other games that use the bongo controllers coming out in the future?

Math nerd question

(I am using this a lot tonight...)

How many possible different games of Solitaire are there?

How many of those games are actually winnable?

I don't know what compelled me to think about this, but now my head hurts so I am going to bed, so hopefully someone will have an answer for me in the morning.


Is it just 52! different game possibilities?

In which case, this is a very stupid question...

back pains?

I have this sharp pinchy feeling in my lower, lower back - almost like my tail bone or so it feels. I don't feel it until I move or step the wrong way. I am a cashier, so I'm on my feet all day but I've been doing that for a year and never experienced this problem.

Has anyone else ever had a back pain like that, and how did you get it to go away?

I took some Bayer earlier, but that wore off fast. And last night I slept on the floor. It's been bothering me for a few days, and it's getting annoying.

I can deal with it, it's just a pain in the ass.
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Sleep Wimp!

What's your crappiest but-dammit-I-want-to-sleep story?

Mine is going on right now! :P I know plenty of people have it a lot worse and all but I'm a wimp when it comes to sleep. I like my 7-8 hours. So I have an appointment in the next town at 9:30, which as far as I'm concerned is obscenely early (I have trouble making it on time to my 12:45ish piano lesson some weeks :P). I know, wimp wimp wimp. So I set my alarm for 8:00 and manage to do well and fall asleep at 12:30. So everything's fine.

Until I wake up at 3:30 and can't get back to sleep. At all. Bah.

And yes, the main reason I'm making this post is to fix this tag.

For even more fun: Are you as much of a sleep wimp as I am?
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Hair gel

If you use hair gel/mousse/oil which one do you use?
Are there any specific ones you would recommend NOT to use?

Yeah, I'm pretty hair gel ignorant. The last time I used it was a few years ago and I don't even remember what it was called. I think it came free with some shampoo purchase once or something, heh. For some reason I mentioned I was going to just pick up anything at the store and my friend said "NO! Don't. Some can really ruin your hair." But she had no idea which one I should get. Would you recommend the one you use to me? I just want something subtle to smooth it out a bit and maybe add a little shine. Nothing that'll make it really greasy/wet looking. Thanks to anyone who responds to this.

(no subject)

Ive been wanting to upgrade to a new cell phone for awhile now. but I refuse to pay $200 for a new sprint. So Ive been tempted to break mine. =D I didnt though, because...I love my cell phone. Anyway, recently its started acting weird. When set to vibrate, it'll ring. And it doesnt flash when I have a message waiting. Could this be a good enough malfunction for me to get a new phone out of? Or would it have to be something like my Antennae is gone etc....??

It's a Sprint Samsung A660 by the way.

(no subject)

I'm upgrading my mobile today. I presently have a Nokia 7250i, and I am upgrading to a Nokia 6822.

The problem is.....

I have downloaded qite a few games/ringtones on to my present phone, and to download them again to the new one would cost a small fortune, so is there anyway I can transfer them over??

The woman I spoke to on the upgrade line said she thought there was a possibility of doing it via the infared/bluetooth, but I don't know anything about them. New phone has bluetooth, old one doesn't, but it has infared I think.

Thanx x
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Ramen poll! (Because why not?)

Poll #531587 Ramen

How do you eat your ramen?

With chopsticks
With a fork
With a spoon
With a spork
Other (do share!)

What's your favorite kind of ramen?

Other (do share!)

I realize I left out a LOT of flavors but I wanted to cover the basics. I can only eat Oriental so I don't know what all the newer flavors are.


How do movies make money? When stars are being paid millions and special effects and budgets run into excess?

You could just refer me the websites if it's too difficult/troublesome to explain. =)
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(no subject)

Some random questions:

1. If you go into a bathroom and there are two stalls, one is a handicap stall and the other isn't. No one else is in the bathroom, which would you prefer to use?

2. How much milk do you put on your cereal? Do you like it when there is milk left in the bowl?

3. Which do you prefer: Mike & Ikes or Runts?

4. Are you more excited for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or the next Harry Potter to come out in theatres?

5. Have you ever had a root canal? How many have you had? How old are you? I'm 18 and I just had my third one done. Is that normal or do I just have really bad teeth?

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cubs hat

trashy TV

What trashy TV shows do you watch?

1. I just flicked on the TV and Judge Joe Brown was on. This woman swears that an accident wasen't her fault even though she didn't check her blind spot and has never had a drivers licence. And she still thought she was right!

2. I don't often get to watch Maury, but always joke about it at school. When my students are absent, I ask them if the same girl was on with her 47th guy being tested for her baby-daddy. They always laugh because the girls are like, "He's the only one it can be! They have the same earlobes!" My students love saying, "He is NOT the father!"

(no subject)

Can anyone recommend any good news source websites? I already check the BBC and the Guardian newspaper website but is there anything else out there?

Fox and other pathetic attempts at reporting need not apply :-)

(no subject)

Okay umm... I set up a weight loss ticker on tickerfactory.com and now I can't figure out how to update the damn thing. When I click on the ticker, it just goes to the homepage, which only allows you to create a new ticker. Help?

Edit: Okay, evidently you're just supposed to make a new one and paste it where you want it to go, every time you need to update it. Anyone know of any ticker sites that will just save your info and allow you to do this in an easier fashion?

(no subject)

Do you know the difference between nationality and ethnicity? Do you think most people do?

I was amazed at how many people in a previous question answered a question about nationality with their ethnicity. ;)

(no subject)

was this asked before (not long ago?), i dont remember. if so, i'll delete.
but otherwise, i'd like to know...

what nationality are you and where do you live? is where you live home and why?

-- my answers in the comments.
confused//2-D "???"


For those folks who have been proposed to did you know it was coming or was it a surprise?

For those folks that did the proposing did you go to any lengths to make sure they didn't know it was coming?

And does anyone have any sweet/funny/cute proposal stories to share?

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(no subject)

What's the most disturbing dream you've had about a friend or a family member?

A year ago, I had this dream that a male friend of mine raped me. And earlier today, I had a dream that my dad (who is a completely upstanding citizen) was a serial killer.
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(no subject)

Has anyone here not read the Harry Potter books and just watched the movies and feels left out of the MANIA for Saturday?

Don't you think with all the hype from the books, that there's no possible way J.K. Rowling can live up to fans' expectations?

Which author would you be excited for a new release from?


If you lost your entire hand (up to the wrist) in an unfortunate accident and the severed extremity couldn't be saved, what would you replace it with? Would you replace it?

Prosthetic hand; expensive, articulate, could pass for normal hand somewhat
Hook; very cheap, impossible to pass off as a normal hand
Robotic hand; expensive, articulate, impossible to pass off as a normal hand but it looks very cool
Rubber hand; cheap, inarticulate, could pass for normal hand only in bad lighting
Nothing. Stumps are cool
Cell phone
Swiss army knife
Medieval mace; for bludgeoning purposes
Mechanical claw

AP courses, college credits, and cell phones

1. Can you take an AP test without taking the AP class? I know it's not recommended but is it allowed? Yes!
    1a. Have you done this, or do you know anyone who has? How did it go?

2. My school requires two years of math to graduate. Most colleges that I am looking at require three years. My school won't accept math credits from online high school programs, but most of the colleges I'm looking at will. So...if I take two years of math at my school, and then take a third year of math online, that would work, right? (If anyone's curious, it would be at Brigham Young University's online high school program)
    2a. Has anyone taken a class at BYU's online high school, or a similar program?

3. Edit: new question! How do you go about converting an mp3 song to a cell phone ringtone, and then transferring it onto a cell phone for use? I have Verizon and an LG VX6000. I don't currently have WAP (I think that's what it's called?) Internet browsing capability enabled, because then I'd have to pay about $7 extra a month.

Thank you! : ) Oh, and feel free to edit the tags if you'd like.
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Does anyone have Aetna as insurance? I think this is the insurance my fiance's job gives him, I can't remember, But is it any good? Can anyone tell me some details about it? Is it a good insurance or bad?

Thanks :)
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my lawn needs this more than you do.

In the past 30 days we've had record high temperatures almost every day. Extreme high heat alerts and warnings and all that. It's rained only once, several weeks ago. We're being asked to keep electricity use to a minimum, and to conserve water as much as possible, avoid excessive washing machine use and dishwasher use and etc.
Why are so many of my neighbors still watering their lawns??

Can i throw bricks at them?
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Pictures. . .

Does anyone know of a program where i can re-size a bunch of photos all at once??? I'm sick of going to each photo and re-sizing it. So I never get pictures out to my family and friends when i want to. . If there isn't a program, does anyone have any suggestions???
FLCL - Eh?

(no subject)

1. What do you think about the West Memphis Three? I was watching Fuse today, and it was mentioned that an Alkaline Trio song was about them so I checked out the site. Seems pretty sad to me.

2. What can I do to stay awake? I've been really tired lately, and not sleeping very well because of the heat.

3. What are you looking forward to in August? For me it's the local Waterfront festival and going to college. x:
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(no subject)

Maybe you can help, maybe not.

Recently all the music on this computer was moved from the C drive to the D drive to open up space. Now when I go into Windows Media all the songs are doubled. It even has a path to where they used to be but sure enough, they aren't there. They are only in one spot. If I right click on open containing folder it goes to C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Music, a VERY empty folder. All the music is in D:\My Documents\My Music.

How can I make the doubles go away or convince the computer that they really aren't there?

(no subject)

Can someone good with layouts and stuff help me figure out how to put a picture on my background? I used to have one, but my friend did it for me, and it recently just stopped showing up.
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(no subject)

When you were about 10 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up? How true was that dream, or if you haven't quite grown up yet, does it look like it will be true?

I wanted to be a construction worker, heh. I'm studying to teach high school theatre... I still get to build stuff in theatre, which is fun generally speaking... I had NO idea whatsoever that I'd become interested in theatre, and that wasn't even 10 years ago for me.


is it totally unheard of for a person with a bachelor's in philosophy to go onto a master's program in ecology?
what would such a person need to do? take a year off in between to maybe take some bio 101 classes at a community college or something?

(no subject)

Our local news (GWR FM) reported this morning that 4 of the 'London bombers' have been named. One was married with an 8 month baby, and another had parents who run a fish and chip shop in Leeds. One had been reported missing by their worried parents. These people appeared to be 'normal, law abiding citizens'.

If it was your Son/Daughter named, would you grieve the loss of your kin, or disown them for what they have done?? It's a hard situation to judge, huh??
Friends: Unagi.

(no subject)

Why must some people change the font colour and size when posting in communities? The font colour doesn't bother so much; I can highlight if need be but why change the size to teeny weeny? Really why? I don't understand why anybody would want to go to the bother of doing something to the text to make it harder to read. Why would they do that? Why?
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(no subject)

Men vs. Women:

Who fails more at 'clean'? Edit: the question is "who secretes grosser things, and makes a grosser time of it?"

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Also: boyfriend's ex's mother worked at planned parenthood, and she had coathangers with paper sleeves on them, declaring "this is not a surgical tool."
Where could I get some of those? :D

(no subject)

Okay I know someone posted earlier tonight about taking AP tests without taking the class.

I thought it was a pretty cool idea, and decided that I should try it.

So my question is -- how would I go about registering for the AP test if I didn't take the class?

(no subject)

so... christianity has "denominations"- lutheran, baptist, "non-denominational"....
Wicca (at least when my friends and i discuss, there might be a different word) has "traditions" or "trads"- Gardnerian, dianic, solitary...

Would Judaism have a collective word for orthodox, reform, other options...

Like, an actual Judaism-specific word, that if someone used you could probably guess they were Jewish?

Edit: something you can use like "Well, i converted, but i havent really found a ________ yet."

(And, could we get a "religion" tag, maybe a "non-english language" tag?)

(no subject)

I'm looking for a utility that will grab the id3v2.x tag from a mp3, back it up somewhere, completely wipe the id3v1/id3v2 tags from the file, and then re-write the id3v2 tag back to the file. I don't particularly care what OS this runs on (as long as it's not something that nobody uses like BeOS), and I'd prefer it to be command-line, or otherwise scriptable. Somehow, something in my id3 tags got munged up, and iTunes is no longer able to properly sort songs by album/track.

What is the font that's used on the cover of Cat Stevens' Tea for the Tillerman? There's an image of the album cover below the cut.
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