July 12th, 2005

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What's the cheapest and generally safest way to travel from Willamsburg, VA, to Baltimore, MD?

I'm traveling by myself, and no, I don't drive. It's for a trip in August.

(EDIT: Both Greyhound and Amtrak run about $50 for a one-way ticket,. And I was curious to see if I was missing anything, like a local line.)
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Can you think of a sitcom that the main family does not live in either two story hour or an apartment; and/or does not take place in California, New York, or Chicago?

No reason, other than curiosity. I notice most sitcoms have these consistincies and I can't think of any shows that don't fit the profile.

Body question...

What is right under the bottom of the rib that doesn't have your heart under it?

What if it hurts?

Do I have appendicitis?

Should I tell someone about this hurting or will it go away?


I think it was just me having to pee... I peed a lot when I got home, but it went away before that.

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I'm trying to get into genealogy and I really have no idea where to begin.

So, I'm looking for tips, tricks, websites, eljay communities, etc. Basically anything to help me out.

Thanks in advance!

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Could someone please present to me an example of a straw-man fallacy? I having a lot of trouble trying to grasp the concept of it.

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I just went on a rampage of downloading brushes and things to make graphics. I don't have a program that uses brushes, though...

So how am I supposed to make the images have no white background?

If you get what I'm saying, PLEASE answer.

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Who here has songs they can't seem to get enough of? I mean, some songs you just absolutely love and play all the time?

I've probably listened to "Debaser" by the Pixies ten or fifteen times tonight, and I can't seem to stop playing it. Don't know why, the lyrics are pretty silly, but it just gets me.

And in a couple of days I'll probably be heartily sick of it... that's what usually happens, anyway. Anybody ever do the same?
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How can I handle this situation in the most polite way?

I just started a new job. The majority of the people I work with are Christians. Nothing about them personally at all. I think they are a great bunch of people to work with! Especially this one person who is really nice and helpful and friendly. However, she plays her Christian Gospel at work. I have no problem with them talking about their religion and stuff, but when I am made to listen to it all night is kind of rude on their part. Don't you think?

Maybe they just assume I am Christian too, since I haven't said anything about the music. I just don't want to ruffle feathers since I am new there. They probably have been listening to it every night before I got there and I feel bad to make them stop playing it because I don't want to listen to it.

What should I do? I don't want to go behind their backs, and i can't think of a way to just come out and say I don't want to listen to it. I just started there and I don't want to get on the wrong foot with everyone.
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homosexual questions

1. How did the rainbow come to be the sign of homosexuality?

2. Why do lesbians get their own word and gay men don't?

EDIT: As fascinating as learning where the word lesbian came from, I want to know why gay men don't get their own word? Anyone know?
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cat bite

This is probably a stupid question but I wanted to ask anyway.

Yesterday bad stuff happened and my cat bit me pretty hard a couple times on my thumb. It wasn't the cat's fault, he was scared and hell I was scared for him! I just want to make it clear that he's not a mean cat or anything. (He was being "attacked" by a big dog.)

My mom and the woman I work with both really want me to see a doctor but I want to make sure the doctor isn't going to have to call anyone since my animal bit me. This isn't going to come back on me is it? I don't want ANYTHING to happen to my cat.

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How does one type the symbol for the British pound? On British keyboards, is it where the $ sign is on American keyboards (above the 4)? Or is there a keyboard shortcut one uses?

Are there even different keyboards intended for use in different countries/languages?
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I Love the 80's...

What's the cheesiest love song that came out of the 80's (or early 90's)?

I want to make a cheesy mix for someone but I'm drawing a total blank. I need the cheesiest of the cheese.
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hey guys,

So does anyone have any suggestions for a good, relatively cheap computer??

I know a million people have asked about computers before, but I don't remember who, or when, so I have no way of going to people's journals to find out the answers to what I'm going to ask. So bear with me??

I need a new laptop. Seeing as how my first laptop barely made it a semester and a half (over spring break the screen shattered, and when I sent it in to get it replaced, something got fucked up in the mailing and now it only runs on the external battery--is that the even the right phrase??) my parents are very, very reluctant to buy me another $2000 computer.

I don't need anything fancy, just to be able to e-mail, type up my homework, download/listen to music, watch movies, and take it to class/library. Also, it needs wireless access, but I feel like that's a given with any computer nowadays.

I was browsing through the Dell.com website *which still makes no sense* and it seemed like both the Insipiration 6000 and the Inspiration 1200 were pretty good ( and both under $1000, which makes my parents happy) But then a bunch of people started to recommend the 700m, which is barely over $1000, which would probably still be fine.

Also, when i do finally choose a computer, should I splurge and get more hard drive space (or whatever it's called?)

Sorry for the long entry, but any suggestions would be really, really appreciated.


quick, quick!

I'm being lazy, so we'll have a contest to see who responds the most quickly.

I get paid 10 dollars an hour.

These were my hours for last week:


How much should I be getting paid?

(Taxes are not taken out)

Doesn't this post make you feel like you're in grade school math again?
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Are Saturdays considered "business days"? Like when you order something, sometimes they say it should arrive in x amount of business days, or will be shipped in x amount of business days. Does that include Saturdays?


Where does the name "pound" come from in reference to the number (#) sign? Do we call the number sign the pound sign because it's in the same spot at the British pound sign on American keyboards?

Mix CD

I'm having a party in a few days, and I'm working on mix CDs. What would you reccommend as good pop/rock/dance music that would be tolerable for a wide spectrum of people? (The kind of songs that everyone "knows"..)

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Do you remember on Ally McBeal, how the law firm had a unisex bathroom? It had stalls and a mirror and was to be used by all. Now, on that show, there were lots of attractive people in the office of both genders and people came barging into the bathroom all the time. What would be your relationship with the coed bathroom?

I would use the unisex bathroom _____

only for #1
for all bathroom purposes. It's not like it's something they don't do
only for emergencies

Does the presence of members of the opposite sex around affect how you use the bathroom? What concerns do you have that you wouldn't have if the bathrooms were gendered?

by crop-crop-crop

Regarding a subscription

I got something in the mail asking for my payment on a magazine subscription. I guess it's like, an angry notice letter. They said they made several attempts to contact me previously, but I haven't received anything in the mail or any phone calls in the past months.

My question is this - I'm sending them the $38 and everything's all cool, but will they cancel my subscription or just call me and ask me if I want to renew? Because I really want to cancel it, and I don't want them to keep sending issues.

Stupid question. Bored.

What's your favourite song about drinking? I ask because I've noticed a lot of punk/ska bands (as well as a few others, but it seems predominant in these two genres) I listen to seem to have a token song about booze.

Flogging Molly - Irish Drinking Song
Mad Caddies - Drinking for 11
Reel Big Fish - Drinkin'
Mybe - Absynthe make the heart grow fonder
Dropkick Murphys - Too many to mention!
Southern Culture on the Skids - Liquored up and Lacqeured Down
The Atomic Fireballs - Drink Drank Drunk
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i don't have air conditioning and i am trying to eat healthier. what can i eat in the summer that i don't have to cook, won't make me fat, and isn't salad?

im in ur ljz

A new cell phone.

I just moved across the country from Washington to South Carolina, and I have been using Sprint, but it has horrible reception in the city where I live. The two that do get good reception here are apparently Cingular and T-Mobile. Which one should I get?
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Was anyone in the U.S. Navy?
If you were, did you dive?
If you were a diver, were you a Second Class Diver, First Class Diver, Master Diver, Diving Officer, Diving Medical Officer, Medical Technician, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Diver, Salvage Construction Demolition Diver, Underwater Construction Teams (UCT) Seabee Diver, Saturation Diver, Helium Oxygen Diver, or a Scuba Diver?
Which one would be most help for someone wanting to be a marine biologist?
Would it be any help at all?
If not, what job should an aspiring marine biologist look to do in the Navy?

Thanks :)
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Does anyone have experience with laser scar removal? Specifically, I have acne scars on my chin that I'm thinking about dealing with in the next few years. Obviously my first step will be to talk with a dermatologist, but since my problem isn't just acne but also the scars, I'm pretty sure that laser treatment will have to be involved at some point.

Any stories would be appreciated!
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The Vodkamelon

Is there any sort of 'instruction' for doing the vodka watermelon besides "Cut a hole, pour in some booze" ?

Does anyone have any 'tested and true' tips so it doesn't turn out gross? How long should the vodka sit in there?

I'm going camping this weekend coming up, and watermelons are on sale at the local grocery store..
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What should I get my boyfriend for his birthday?
He has all the money he wants and I'm poor, so anything he wants that I could buy, he'd already buy it if he really wanted it... I need ideas to make or do something.
He likes model airplanes, building things, computers, and food. I make him dinner every day anyway so I dunno if a homemade meal would do it... I am so out of ideas.

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My sister has no life. She is 16 years old, and spends at least 12 hours a day on the computer. The worst part is - my mother thinks there is nothing wrong with this! It's summer, for crying out loud! When I was 16, I was hanging out with friends, going to the movies, I had a job, I was involved in life!
She isn't horribly unpopular or unfashionable, or anything else I can think of that would make her an outcast from society. I've asked her to go out and do things with me but she'd rather be online.
I've asked my mother why she thinks this is ok, and she said that my sister "has nothing else going for her in her life and it keeps her occupied".
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Why is it that 95% of all the lyrics sites I go to have an insane amount of pop-up ads or end up trying to plant trojans on my computer? Are there any sites with lyrics for popular music that don't do this?
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this friday and saturday im going to cleveland, ohio, with three friends (we are ages 18, 19, 19, and 22). we're going to a they might be giants concert friday night, and one saturday morning. we're also going to the rock and roll hall of fame. we're staying in independence, ohio. what are some fun things to do saturday in the cleveland/independence area?


Two acquaintances of mine died over the past couple of weeks. The wife hung herself. Her husband died a week after she did from falling off of a balcony in their home. I just found out today. I'm having a hard time dealing with it. It's so surreal.

How do I go on from this point? I can't stop thinking about it. I didn't know her that well at all and funeral services have already taken place.
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stupid breakouts.

How do you clear up a pre-period breakout in... three days? Would cleaning my face well twice a day, washing makeup off as soon as I can, and going swimming help, as well as not touching my face at all?

Help. :/
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I use to have something by msn used for checking mail. It comes up it has little pictures that represent each person's email account and you log in and check your email. I can't find it. I think I had like msn 4.0 or something it was the old version that was free. Does anyone know where I can find this or what it is called and what version it may be???
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I've got a bit of a problem that hopefully y'all can help with.

I do cross-stitching, and I bought the most spiffy stand that holds the stitching. It's wonderful. Only thing is, the clamp that holds the hoop/scroll up has split.

It looks like Collapse ) and it split right Collapse ) on both sides. And that's just me kind of pulling it apart with my fingers, so you can imagine how bad it is when it's actually trying to hold something.

So, my question is: Is there any way I can sorta fuse the splits back together and generally strengthen the whole thing? I've tried super-glue, as you may be able to see. Didn't work.

Secondary question, if there's no way to fix it: Where the heck can I get another one? I went to a hardware store and they didn't have anything even vaguely like it. The guy I asked said it was a specialty item and they didn't know if anyone nearby carried it. Am I going to have to dredge up the box it came in and call the manufacturer?

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do you picture any thequestionclub user in a certain way?

i know i have preconcieved ideas of what people on here look like. (for example, in my mind shippo looks either like a fox or timon because of his icon themes, and loanwords has snow white hair. ha i dont know).

likewise, take a picture of yourself right now (or just upload a recent one) and comment with it. ive got myself curious now. =/
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This is a question for any Yanni fans out there (are there any?!).

Thanks to my mom, I absolutely love his music and I am looking to buy another of his cds. My only problem is that he has SO MANY that I don't know which one! I already own Live at the Acropolis (my favorite one), Snowfall, and Tribute (well I have the case, I dunno what happened to the cd :|).

So does anyone own any of his other cds and have a comment about them?
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Skinny Sushi?

How healthy is sushi? I am assuming since it is just rice, seafood, and vegetables (is seaweed a vegetable? I am assuming so since it's a plant, but I dunno...), that it is pretty low in fat and calories. Is this correct?
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I have a LG VX6000 Verizon Cellphone and just found out one of the Get It Now Applications for downloading ringtones has a free demo until tomorrow. I don't know much, but can I use this demo to download ringtones for free? Or do I have to pay up for downloading the ringtones even if the demo is free?

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so you call the bf and say you would be stopping by with a movie after work, and that you are going to also pick up something from the grocery store on the way. you ask him to call you and let you know what time he will be home, you have the key. he calls and says a time and you reply "ok, im just going to the grocery store right now, see you when you get home". he gets home, you have decided to wait before you eat, because you figure you would eat together, you ask him if he is hungry and he says he ate on the way home from work..

are you annoyed, yes or no? do you say anything?

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Would one find manga (manga published in the USA that is, by companies such as Tokyopop and VIZ) in the library of congress?

What's the greatest library in the country? I'm thinking it's probably the library of congress, but on the other hand the seattle central library is pretty frickin' rad.
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My cat just spent the last ten minutes rolling around on my windowsill, trying desperately to kill her tail. She finally gave up on this endeavor when she rolled a little too far, and fell off.

What's the weirdest thing your cat has done?

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What is the origin of the phrase "the world is your oyster"? Is it to do with pearls?

I am going on 3 consecutive 7 hour flights to Australia in a fortnight. I've been before, but not for a few years. What book/magazine/puzzle/thing do you think I should take on the plane with me?

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can you ever really be happy?? i have a job that i love. its pretty much exactly what i wanted. well, that was at least until i found and ad for the EXACT job i wanted. now what do i do?? i mean, this place is great. i love the horses, the people, everything. but, its not really the "environment" i wanted. it has a few more horses then id have liked... also the wrong discipline. im at a big hunter/jumper barn with 22 horses, about 4 other workers, and the barn goes to shows every week. they provide housing and benefits are a possibility. all of which is fine and dandy. but what i wanted, was a small dressage barn, with no more than 10 horses, riding lessons each week, benefits, housing, and to be the only worker... and ill be dammed, i found it... and even better... only 7 horses. now what the fuck do i do...
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Does anyone have any good ideas of what I can make for my friends for lunch? I want something simple and fairly easy.

And nothing that has to be grilled, because I don't know how to use it and would really rather not burn the house down.

I'm 17, and my friends are 17 and 18, if it makes any difference. It's probably just going to be the three of us.
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I was watching this tv show tonight where they had rock singers trying to win the spot of lead singer in a rock band. I dont know the name but one of the people sang this song I really liked tohugh I dont know the name of the song. It was bt the Black Crows. I've been looking for quite a while to find the lyrics but still havnt had any luck since I dont remember the name and they have a lot of songs. My mom said it was one of the more popular songs, it that helps any. Could someone please help me find the lyrics?