July 11th, 2005

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Star Wars question

I know this may seem like a shocker to most of you, but I have never seen any of the Star Wars movies. I am a Trekkie, though. :) Anyway, I have Netflix now, and I was wondering if I should wait until the latest Star Wars movie comes out on DVD, and then watch all of them in order from the first prequel on. Can those of you who have seen all 6 movies tell me if I should see them this way, or should I see them starting from the first movie chronologically made (the 1977 one)?

It's 4 a.m. I hope I've made myself understandable.
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Gimme Some Sugar, Baby!

Alright, kiddies, here's the deal: I LOVE BRUCE CAMPBELL. Seriously, if there's something I'm fangirlish about, it's Ash. So I hear tale Brucey is going round the country to promote his newest book, Make Love!* the Bruce Campbell Way and he's making a stop in little old Atlanta GA. Of course, I will be asking demanding the day off from work to go molest meet him. Now, he certainly seems like a groovy guy, but I noticed on my director's cut edition of Army of Darkness that it's 'signed' "Bruce 'Don't Call Me Ash' Campbell." This got me worrying about marching up to him with an Ash figure and begging him to sign it. Now, aside from already being the definition of awesome, it occured to me that we probably wouldn't even know him as an aurthor if he hadn't starred in Sam Raimi's B flicks all those years ago - which is another reason I don't think he should get upset. However, I dunno, because until then, I've never met the guy.

Has anyone here met him before and had any experiances related to this to share???

PS - When he graced Dragon*Con years ago (and I wasn't there *pout*), apparently he submitted a sheet to larp in Deadlands that was the stats for Brisco County, Jr and my friend (having not looked up yet to see who was handing him the sheet to be processed) was all 'no way, kid.' Then Bruce said, 'aww, please?' and when my friend saw who it was, burst into laughter and let him (of course!). I find that really funny/cool, especially since BC,J was way over by then. Just thought I'd share! :D

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Is it weird to wear jewelry that a previous boyfriend purchased for you? What about if you are going to an outing at which said boyfriend will be in attendance?

Guys, would you think it was weird if your girlfriend wore jewelry that a previous boyfriend bought for her?
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I'll miss you!

What is the longest amount of time you've gone without using the internet? (Since you've been hooked up to it, I mean.) Why did you have to go without?

What did you miss most about not being able to go online?

I don't have internet at home, but I have it at work. I'm gearing up to have some surgery that will require me to be home for two weeks. It dawned on me this morning that my e-mail boxes are going to be loaded when I get back to work. That's a scary thought.

sadako memorial pictures?

Does anyone happen to live in Hiroshima, that would be willing to take a few good, high-resolution pictures of the Sadako memorial? Or do you happen to have any?

The only pictures I can find online are quite small, and far away.

I'd love to see the figure itself in detail, and a good outline shot against the sky might be helpful for a peace project I'm working on.

Some people have helped me out now.

Thanks for reading, either way :)
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If you pull a muscle in your back, will you know it right away?

The middle of my husband's back is killing him today, but he didn't do any sort of heavy lifting or athletic exertion yesterday. He was rough-housing with his brother's dog for a bit last night, but his back didn't start hurting until later that night.

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Do you think 4 wheelers are dangerous?

Have you ever been 4 wheeling?

How come some vehicles have governors on them?

How come on many of said vehicles, its fairly easy to bypass them if you know what you are doing?

What is one thing that you regret doing?
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Has anyone ever had any experience in the Peace Corps or in Americorps? I am thinking about participating in one of the two when I finish college and I'm curious to see some personal opinions about either program. I'm more interested in the Peace Corps, and I hadn't even heard of Americorps until about twenty minutes ago, but I'm looking at both. Are there any other similar programs, both domestic or international, that are out there?

Going to sleep early

How can I fall asleep eight hours earlier than I usually do?

Well, I'm not sure if I want to do this. trillian421979 isn't the only one who will be gone for two weeks. I'm going on vacation to Mexico tomorrow to visit my family.

The plane leaves at 08

I have to wake up, get ready, drive an hour to get there (my dad's driving), and get there two hours early. That makes my waking-up time a lovely 04:30.

However, I'm wide awake at that time, since I usually go to sleep at around 06. What should I do? Not sleep at all and try to make it up on the car and plane rides? Or try to sleep early? If I do this, I have no idea how I'd fall asleep. I wouldn't be tired at all. Any tips for doing this?
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I was talking to a friend today and she told me about how she bought some perfume with pheromones in it. She said that she noticed a increase in the attention that she got from men while wearing this perfume.
So I was wondering if anyone else has tried perfume with pheromones in it. And if you have then what's the name of the perfume?

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Have any travel horror stories you care to tell about?

I'm looking into trips to take this year and got to thinking about past trips I've made and some of the crap I had to put up with along the way.

Here's mine.

While I was living in Portland, ME, I went home for xmas vacation one year. The trip down was pleasant enought, but the trip back was absolutely ridiculous. First, we flew from New Orleans to Detroit, spent 45 minutes circling Detroit because of fog, finally landed and barely made our flight to Cleveland. Then, we couldn't leave Detroit for another 45 minutes because many flights had been rerouted to Cleveland due to the weather in Detroit, so we had to wait for the Cleveland airport to clear the extra traffic. Once we got to Cleveland, we had obviously missed our flight to Boston, so we were sent BACK TO DETROIT. Once we got there, we ran like a mile down the terminal only to find we'd missed THAT Boston flight by like 2 minutes and were informed there was another flight headed to Boston on the other side of the terminal that was due to leave in about 10 minutes. We hiked down there and arrived as the last person was boarding, they gave us shit because we didn't have tickets for that flight, but ended up letting us on anyway. There were no snacks/beverages available on the flight because that particular crew was running on overtime and it would soon be illegal for them to keep working so we couldn't wait for the snacks and beverages to arrive. We made it to Boston just as our train was leaving for Portland, so we missed our train as well. Then, we realized our luggage was missing and had to file reports on it. We ended up sleeping in Logan International Airport that night (next to that incredibly loud, annoying thing that dings constantly) and catching the 9:30 (or so) train out of Boston the next morning.
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How do you get rid of incessant pop-ups?

I've tried pop-up blockers, ad aware, forbidding cookies, deleting programs and such things as that.
Just today I tried reinstalling Windows and while it said it reinstalled/ repaired everything, my computer works and looks exactly the way it did before I reinstalled Windows and from what I've heard, I thought that all of one's files were supposed to be gone and the computer was essentially supposed to work like "new" (that's why I saved everything to disks first, but as of now, I haven't had to use a single one of the disks).

more info: It's so annoying that when I'm not even connected to the internet, I still get pop ups. They mostly consist of "your computer is infected with spyware" pop-ups, "critical error on your pc," really annoying ones that talk aka an infomercial, "find love here" ones, SearchSail, "better websites," etc etc etc
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drinking stupids

What is the dumbest thing that you've said/did while being drunk?

I was told that I professed love to an ex-boyfriend while *weeping*. Didn't remember a moment of it, but I guess it was very awkard for all those watching.
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Is there a way to tell how many computers you are sharing your wireless internet connection with?

I kind of feel I asked this a while ago but since I'm not sure, indulge me? How do I stop cutting/biting my cuticles? :( It's a nightmare. They are rough and uneven and dry and snag on things, or rip, so I whack/nip them off, and they hurt, and look terrible, and grow back exactly the same way. I've heard its a horrible thing to start doing, and I agree, because now there doesn't seem to be any way to stop since they snag on things most painfully unless kept trimmed away.

Also I was thinking, I didn't want to ruffle any feathers by omg posting twice in one day, but I didn't want to combine the questions (I feel people tend to ignore posts that have too many questions in the, or don't take the time write good answers). Would it have been fair/okay to use my private journal to post these...? Why or why not?

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so i was thinking..

is it just me or are yellow m&m's more of a neonish yellow than they used to be?

oh, and regarding my current situation..

have you ever had to shit so badly that you almost threw up?
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Can you guys see the tag "what" on the entry just before this one?

I clicked the edit tags icon and added that to her entry. Even after I logged out of LJ, I could still see it.

I'm so confused. How can we edit other people's entry tags, and how come nobody ever does it?

And sorry kxo for making you my test subject without your permission.

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1) if you were unemployed and needed a job, would you turn down an offer if it was a job that you really don't want? or would you just take the crap job b/c you need one?

2) if you were waiting for word on another (much cooler) job, would you tell the crap job before you commit to them? i.e."i'd love to work for you, but i want to be honest and tell you that i'm waiting to hear from another possible employer before i make any decisions..." or something?

3) what is your favorite kind of donut, and where do you buy it?
(i love shipley's donuts: plain cake!)

Drivers wanted....

I am getting my license within the next 6 weeks. After that, I'm going to visit my boyfriend in Colorado. I know that each state has it's own restrictions on licenses and minors and such (I'm 17). After a long google with no real answer, I was wondering if anyone knew if my license would be valid in any other state?

Would I be able to (legally) drive his car by myself in Colorado?
What about with him?
Are there any major restrictions?

Edit: I live in Washington State. We have a drivers permit, an intermediate license, and a regular license when you turn 18.
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I work on my feet (at Subway) and I am looking for a really comfy pair of shoes. I have flat feet, so that is a consideration--it needs to have good arch support. I've been wearing my Docs with my inserts in them, but it doesn't seem to be cutting it. Any suggestions? I'm thinking tennis shoe, just because of the nature of the job, and black is a plus, but I'm not too picky. Purple is a BIG plus, but not necessary.

Also, does anyone else have flat feet or any other weird feet things?
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what do you guys think of rock star:inxs?
personally, i think its kind of crappy and useful.

crappy because inxs are sellouts and horrible people to begin with.
i read in article in my local paper that they asked themselves "does anybody remember michael?" now, anyone who names their group "INXS" is going to be a trashy anyhow,it still is unsettling.

useful because the group's "new" music will probably suck as a whole(the fact that they are singing vaired legendary songs is slightly ironic) and least the lead will get good exposure.

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I have a CD-Burner/DVD Player as my E drive. I just tried to make a copy of a DVD (onto a DVD-RW) but it said "recording device does not support copying DVD media". Do I have to DL some software or get a whole new burner to copy DVDs.

hair cuts?

1. Where do you get your hair cut? Do you cut it yourself, do you go to an expensive salon or to one of those chains like Best Cuts?

2. If you go to a less expensive chain like Best Cuts, do you still leave a tip? How much?

3. How do you know how you want your hair to look? How do you know what kind of cut looks good on you? Do you try alot of new things or just stick to the same old?

4. I'm never really sure what kind of cut to get, so I would like to go somewhere and have them pick a style for me, like they do on those makeover shows on TV. Have you ever asked for this? How did they stylist respond? Did you like the style they gave you?

5. Girls: when getting your hair cut, where do you put your purse? I don't mind leaving my coat in the seating area, but I don't want to leave my wallet behind. What else could I do with it (besides locking it in the car each time)?
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Dog or cat?

Do you have either as a pet?

Will you share pictures?

When I logged into photobucket, it had this message at the top of the page: Broadcast Message: System Upgrade from 11:30-1:00 AM MST. Some albums will be effected. Is it supposed to be affected? If not, could someone help me figure out the difference between when you use effect and affect?

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