July 10th, 2005


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So, yeah.
now pretty much every time I start up my computer, It asks me if I want to start it normally, safe mode, safe mode with this thingy, safe mode with this other thingy, reset to the last time the computer was working, things like that.
Hand defintely not near f8.
aaaaand when I bring it out of hibernation, it always says restarting was paused- do I want to keep going, or (some other option)? And today when I told it to keep going, it actually paused a second time.
about two weeks ago, it bluescreened and died- and the "report this problem to microsoft" thing said "critical hardware failure."

Should I assume here that my computer is on its last legs?
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An additional four today ;-)

1. Why do so many people assume that if a guy likes musical theater, opera, classical music, etc, he must be gay?
2. Are there any specific stereotypes that really, really irk you?
3. Are there any work-friendly websites to waste time on that do not require any sort of flash media?
4. Girly-ish question: Is 19 a too early of an age to begin moisturizing one's face, specifically to avoid wrinkles?
5. Has anyone ever purposefully spoiled a book or a movie for you?
6. If you drink bottled water, what 'brand' do you drink?
7. Do you prefer wearing tennis shoes or sandals?
8. What was your worst subject/class in school (any level of education)?
9. Has anyone ever told you that one or any number of your questions was stupid?
10. Do you have an odd fear of something (i.e. getting your hair cut, swallowing pills, etc.)?
11. Is there anything that you can't eat during a certain time of the day because it will make you feel sick?
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I'm turning 21 on Tuesday and of course going out and drinking.

What is your favorite drink?

Do you tend to like fruity drinks, beers, wines or hard liquor?

Can you recommend a few fruity drinks for me? (Or even something random-but please keep in mind I'm lactose intolerant so any Bailey's or drinks with milk will get me sick and drunk 3 times faster lol!)

What's the worst combination you've drank? (Like 2 different drinks in a row/a shot and a gross chaser)

What did you do on your 21st birthday?(if you're not 21 what would you like to do?)

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My sociology professor from last semester predicted I would change my major to sociology.
He knew my name in a 200-person class, we spent a few hours on a few days talking about education, modernism/postmodernism, fun times.

Think he'd remember me if I sent him an email to say that he sort-of wins, that I'm going to be picking up a second major in Soc?
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Crazy sheep and Netflix

Ok, question #1: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/turkey_sheep_suicide;_ylt=AnQy0TWl9qhjjXICkU_9aJ.s0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3ODdxdHBhBHNlYwM5NjQ

What the hell is up with 1,500 sheep jumping over the same cliff to their deaths???
Is this normal sheep behavior? What would cause them to do this?

Question #2
Of those of you who have Netflix, I'm curious to see how many problem discs you've had to report?
I've had the service for just under 6 months, and I've had to report 7 discs. There were a few more that I had issues with, but was able to get them to play, either after cleaning them or fast-forwarding and missing a minute or two of the movie. So there's been more than 7 problems, I'd say about 2 per month. That's a 10-15% chance that the disc I get will have a problem. But everyone else I know that has Netflix either has never had an issue, or maybe 1 or 2 the entire time they've had the service, even ones with the same service center as I. SO I thought I'd come here to see if I am alone in this matter. I'm beginning to think it's my local post office that might be damaging the discs.


1. Which is worse: to lose all your relatives that you're really close to or to never be close to your relatives?
[Edit: I don't mean "or to lose relatives you're not close to" I mean if you have a lot of relatives but never be close with any of them. Kinda like the "better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all" or whatever.]

2. If you eat Eggo Waffles, how many do you eat at a time?

3. My family's financial advisor is coming over this afternoon to meet with me; is it rude if I stay in my pajamas?

4. More name questions: What are your favorite names for each a boy and a girl? And least favorite?

5. If a person has had a number of friendships that have ended because the friends seemed to be untrustworthy or taking advantage... do you think that says anything about the first person?


1. What happens if you take too many vitamins? Not like OD to be dramatic but if you take two different supplements that have similiar ingredients taken for different reasons.

2. What is an example of blind devotion?

3. Any tried and true tips for speeding hair growth? I have the haircut from hell and never until now have I been so eager to get my hair to grow back fast.

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somewhat inspired by an earlier post...

do you have pet names for your pets?
we have a dog named cookie and im always calling her "cookie-butt" and "booger". another dog, elsie, is always "elsie-baby", similar to our cat molly, who i refer to as "molly-baby". the third dog, biskett, is "biskett-boy" or "biskett-bubby".

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Thanks to all those comments on my cell-phone-water-death post. I really appreciated the quick feedback.

Now, another question... I currently have a '93 Grand Prix. I want to get a new (new as in new-to-me) USED car that is slightly more reliable than a 12-year-old car like mine. The only problem is that I don't have a lot of money and I don't want to get ripped off.

1. Can anyone suggest any ways to go about finding a good, decent car for under $5,000?

2. Also, more importantly, can you suggest the best KIND of "reliable" car for a commuter college student such as myself? Reliable meaning not prone to breaking down, things going wrong, certain parts going bad...

3. Do you have any success stories with website listing sites online?

Merci beaucoup, mon amies... and have a great day.
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A hair question:

What type of product should you put in your dry hair before straightening it with a flatiron? I have a ceramic flatiron. I usually just put gel in it before I do it, but I read somewhere that you're not supposed to because it "burns" the gel into your hair...but what else would you put? Are there certain types of serums that would work?


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I need some advice.

I had a party and two separate things happened that I don’t know what to do about.

(1) My friend Ashley couldn’t come. Her boyfriend, Jake, just broke up with her because his parents made him. And he was supposed to be grounded but he came to my party. My friend Erin immediately called Ashley to tell her. She apparently likes to create drama. After Erin left, Jake was all over me. And he wouldn’t stop even after I told him it wasn’t a good idea.

Should I tell Ashley that Jake was all over me?

(2) My best friend Erin got in a fight and broke up with her boyfriend Jon. Erin left. Later, Jon left with another one of my good friends (a "lesbian" named Jessica) and they had sex. Jon and Erin will most likely get back together, as they always do.

Should I tell Erin that Jon had sex with someone that night?
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Inspired by this post today, I realized I hadn't ever tried any alchololic drinks on purpose. For the sake of "been there, done that" I went to the liquor store around the corner and bought a Strawberry Daiquiri. It was the first thing I recognized. Eventually I'll work my way up to grog. Arr. Anyway.

Other things you may have to know:

- Bacardi Breezer
- Rum Beverage
- 330 mL (11 oz)
- 5% alc.

So, my question is - for someone who has had less than a drop of alcohol in her life, how much of this would I have to drink to feel the effects? I don't want to get drunk... just buzzed? Is that right? I really don't know anything at all.

Feel free to point and laugh, as long as you're being helpful while you mock. :)
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Hey guys, I have a big problem. I need to throw a surprise baby shower for my friends and I was wondering if any of you had some fun ideas. A theme and game ideas is what i really need!! I'm looking for things that arent too... hows the best way to put this- ahh LAME. I come up with great ideas but they are mostly things she would think are lame.

So ideas... PLEASE. I seriously would love your ideas even if you think they might be lame as well.. ALL ideas are welcome!
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i adopted puppies!!!

there are two terrier mixes, of which one as been named Charles/Charlie by my mom and sister. what can we name the other smaller pup?

(i'm thinking of Henry, but ehhh...)
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Cry Me a River

So, last night/early this morning I caught SLC Punk! again on IFC and of course, watched it and loved it as much as I always do. I've thought about it before, but it always strikes me so hard that I think about it everytime I see it. The scene where Steve-O finds Bob dead always makes me weepy and feel like someone's punched me in the gut. I think it's because if I found one of my friends dead, it's pretty much exactly how I'd act. Hell, I was pretty close to that when my friend died and I already knew that he was a goner, so I can only imagine how much more intense it would be if I found them (especially if they were my best friend)! I mean, yeah, it's a death scene but I don't cry at every on film death I see.

So here it is - which scenes in movies are so close to your heart that no matter how much you see them, it still strikes you like a fresh wound every time?

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My eyes burn

For anyone and everyone that knows computers.

Where oh where is the shading effects part?

I go to the Display Properties and click on settings. I click the advanced and there is absolutely nothing that I can see that talks about shading. Is it under a different place or a different word? I'm so confused but I think that's my problem.

The tabs that I am given in advanced are: General, Adapter, Monitor, Troubleshoot, Color Management, Displays, Color, Options, Rotation, Overlay, 3D, VPU Recover.

If anyone can help, you are a God(dess) in my eyes.

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Every time I eat something, my stomach hurts. I also have really runny poo. What do you think might be wrong with me? Any of you experience these symptoms before? I don't have a fever, my throat feels fine, I'm not sore, my head doesn't hurt and my nose/eyes aren't watery. I'm not expecting a doctor's opinion here, just curious if you guys have had similar problems before and what happened. :o)

What did your job teach you?

Besides the obvious job skills, what did your job actually teach you?

For example, I no longer gripe when I can't get into Hotmail or Messenger because I have people calling me and bitching at me EVERY DAY. I'm also a lot nicer when I have to call to get a billing problem or something fixed in relation to my phone service.

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What do you think gets a band well known and noticed? Do you think it has entirely to do with being signed to a bigger label?

For example, I'm trying to convince my drummer than we don't have to be signed to a label other than one we make up (mainly because labels can take your rights to your music and fuck you moneywise) over trying to get signed to some bigger labels.

What bigger labels can do for you are mainly promotion, printing (making CDs), and distributing. We've found a site that can take care of the printing part and just give us the royalties from each CD, and we can promote and distribute on our own.

All a band needs is a good sound and promotion along the way, right?


What do you think?

Me - T-Virus

Who the hell sings that?

Does anyone have any idea who sings the song at the beginning and end of the Northern Exposure episode "Spring Break" where they have the running of the bulls? Something to the effect of "We all go insane..."

I've googled the heck out of it and tried some lyric sites and come up bupkiss. Some of them say it is Lindsey Buckingham but that is not it at all.

Any ideas?
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Ladies, or guys - but I think it applies better to women.

Do you ever have an overwhelming urge to start a family (marriage, children) with your current partner, even though you know it wouldn't be the best idea finacially, or emotionally (hell even physically)?

How do you deal with these feelings?
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1. To those who have been/are currently employed at Starbucks: what should a prospective employee wear to an interview, particularly in such hot weather? I'm going to try to go back into coffee. :)

2. Where do women who are somewhere between a size 12 and 16 (more or less) go to buy clothes? I've found I can't really do Lane Bryant, but the regular stores also tend to be difficult.
Ahh! Babies!

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Ok, whenever I type a journal entry, I constantly copy all of the things I've been typing as a way to save in case LJ fucks up or something. However, I just typed like a fifty page journal entry and Internet explorer randomly quit in the middle. No problem I had just copied everything I wrote right? wrong when I opened it again and clicked paste, there was nothing there. the entire entry that I had been writing for an HOUR AND A HALF was completely gone. I looked on my clipboard, wordpad, Microsoft word, everywhere for where it might have copied to and nothing. I am so angry about it. Anyways, my question is, when you copy something while using internet explorer, where the fuck does it copy to? I always thought to the clipboard, but it wasn't there? So where is it saving it? Is it not saving it on my computer but somewhere randomly on the internet? wtf? I think from now on, I write all my entries in word and then copy them to lj because this was way to frustrating for me.
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Four Restaurant Questions and Four Miscellaneous Questions

1. If you saw a couple sitting together at a restaurant, would you assume they are romantically involved? Would your opinion change if the couple consisted of someone older and someone younger, or two people of the same sex?
2. Have you ever ordered something at a restaurant not eaten it? Why not?
3. What's your favourite restaurant?
4. What is one food you wish you could make just like they do in restaurants?

5. Have you ever seen someone propose to someone else?
6. Have you ever put your foot in your mouth? Not literally. Although, if you have literally put your foot in your mouth tell me about that, too.
7. Have you ever feared for your life?
8. Would you rather have a purebred pet (such as a cat or a dog) or a mixed-breed pet? Why?

My answers are in the comments.

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So my friend at work gets really sweaty. She doesn't smell but she gets pit stains a lot, so she always wears black. My question to you all is - does the fabric of the shirt make a difference? Would a polyester shirt show pit stains less than a cotton one, or something like that? The poor girl can't wear colors at all because of the pit stains. She wears deoderant and everything - is there anything else she can do?

LOL, and no, this isn't one of those typical "So I have this friend..." dilemmas in which it's really me. If it were me, I'd have asked this question long ago!

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Hi, first time questioner, but I've been answering for a couple weeks. 

Anyway, my question has to do with acne.  What are the best ways to get rid of it?  I've tried a lot of the OTC stuff with benzoyl peroxide and the like, but have seen limited results... I was wondering if anyone has tried any home remedies like any of the ones on this website (or any others) and if they have seen any improvement.

I'm sick of having bad skin and being insecure about things and any and all help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

I'm just bored.

1. Can you feel which compass direction you are facing, even without looking at the sun? I always can but I think it's more of feeling the earth as a grid system and I can always feel how many times we've turned and how many degrees were turned...so I always know which way is North. If I completely forget to pay attention then I'll be SO OFF.

2. Do you eat Toaster Strudels? What about Poptarts? Which do you prefer? And flavor?

3. Do you notice when someone has posted more than one or two entries a day in TQC, even if they are hours apart, and on separate pages... or not even when they are two entries away from each other? Do you CARE?

4. Does it trip you out when you get anonymous comments in your journal? Do you wonder who the hell it was?

5. Do you have life insurance?