July 9th, 2005


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If you found yourself in love with a friend who was your absolute equal, yet you couldn't be with for some reason that could never be reversed (they don't feel the same, they're happily married, they're gay, etc) would you:

A) Continue to be friends with that person while every day being repeatedly stung with the painful knowledge that your great love was just ever so slightly out of your grasp?
B) Rejoyce in the knowledge that you could love that deeply, and perhaps be loved that deeply in return?

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Have you ever had really dumb questions on a test? (Or what was the silliest?)

I'm taking some classes over the summer and one of my teachers has a quiz during every session and she keeps asking stupid things on each one like "True/False: The WhateverDepartment office is Room 1223" and "This class is *class letter/number code*"... I don't think those are fair to count because some of us may never have been to the office or know it by sight or something. And the other one, well it could be easy points but not everyone memorizes the codes for all their classes.

By the way, for the room number question, she put the room that the office USED to be in and it JUST moved. WTF at trick questions? haha.

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A multi-part question:

If someone who lived three time zones away called you at 5am and left a voicemail that was nothing but bitching at you about something you have zero control over, which was then followed up by 3 more equally annoying and more threatening voicemails throughout the day, does that make it okay to return the calls at 5am their time?

What if that person was your mother?

Is your mother crazy too?

What hobbies should I suggest she take up?

Do any of you other 20-somethings have parents who still consider every part of your very real life to be a phase and/or hobby?
Right now I'm finishing up my bachelor's degree, working full time managing a media group and am partner in a venue. Every day of the week I'm gone anywhere between 12 and 16 hours working to finish school and keep two businesses alive. Why don't they get that and why do they treat it all like afterschool projects?
Any advice on how to make them realize that I'm an adult making a living on my own and not merely away at summer camp?
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OK, since it's officially less than a week away now, OH MY FUCKING GOD

Fans and non-fans alike please answer, I'm just curious for answers across the board. ;)

1. On a scale from 1-10, how excited are you for the new Harry Potter book?
2. Have you preordered it, reserved it, or otherwise already made plans to buy it?
3. Where/how do you plan to get it?
4. When? (Midnight party, in the mail the next day, in a few weeks after all the fuss has died down, whatever....)
4a. (ETA) How long do you expect to take to read it?

Random questions

1. What are some weird cravings you've had?
2. Have you ever voluntarily lived on one specific type of food for an extended time? (Not because of budget, but just because you really wanted it.)
3. If you come across something on Livejournal that offends you, are you more likely to post a very angry comment, post a gently-worded comment that expresses your distaste, or just ignore it?
4. What's your favorite kind of cookie?
5. What's your favorite late night show?
5a. What's your favorite recurring bit on said show?
6. Why don't they make diet, caffeine-free vanilla cola? Because I totally want some.

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Are there any benefits to taking prenatal vitamins after conception for the prevention of brain stem defects? Or can you only take them prior to conception for prevention of brain stem defects?

How long should one take prenatals before trying to concieve?

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What would you do if an old man jumped out from behind a tree and went "BLEHHHHHH!" and tried to scare you?

I have no idea what I would do in that situation.
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Oh yes, another Harry Potter-related question...

1. Have you ever lied or exaggerated in response to a thequestionclub question (for whatever reason)? (You don't have to elaborate on what you lied about or why...I'm just curious if anyone has ever done this).

2. Would I be going overboard with the geekiness if I used a Harry Potter layout in celebration of the 6th book being released soon?

3. Were you ever/are you a bully? Did you ever have the habit of picking on someone? Were you yourself ever bullied/picked on?
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What is your opinion on going commando, if you're a guy? Is it worth the freedom? Is there too much chafing? Any stories of a really good or really bad day because you went commando?

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i have a nokia cell phone. does anybody know what the flashing letter/envelope in the upper left hand corner means? when it doesnt flash, it means theres a text message in your inbox. but its flashing. and there is no text message in my inbox

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Is it possible to take the so-called "Kinsey Test" online. Is it even really an actual test, or is it just an interview that has to be conducted with someone from the Institute. Do they even still conduct tests??

Sorry for all the questions, haha. I just saw Kinsey and now I'm really really curious....

Washing the dishes

1- How often do you wash the dishes? (assuming you are in charge of it)
2- Is there any tips you could give me to make the experience more enjoyable? (besides loud music playing).

I feel like the world laziest gal when I look at the state of my kitchen's counters :(

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I know that some of you are old enough... does anyone remember Halley's comet? I was alive in 1986 but too young to remember. I'm definitely trying to live to 2062 (when it comes back)! Some people probably think it's just a comet but I want to see the dang thing! =P So was it like really really cool, or was it just some flying thing in the sky?

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Do you take chances on "once in a lifetime" opportunities? If so, which type?

If not, do you feel it is simply a catchphrase and life doesn't hang on impulsive choices?

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If a parent of yours has three of your younger siblings in a small house with 5 drunk, stoned, chainsmoking guys (4 supposably gay or bisexual with the 5th straight) would you want to leave your siblings there?

Would you label someone as homophobic if a person verbally berated a person for blowing smoke in their face?

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This is related to a question that was asked earlier.

How exactly, does one manage to drop a cellular telephone into a toilet? To me, it seems like using a cell phone and using the restroom are two activities that are mutually exclusive.

Edit: Ignore all the tags attached to this post. This is just so all the available tags actually show up when others want to tag posts.

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OMG...stupid me. I just dropped my Motorola V220 into our pool. I frantically rushed in the pool to get it but it was probably underwater for about 12-15 seconds.

When I first got it out of the water, I turned it on and it said "Check Sim." Then screen went blank. So I took it apart, dried off the parts, and turned it on again. All I got was a black (lit) screen that lasted 5 seconds and then shut off.

Has this happened to anyone? Is there any chance of it coming back to life? HELP!!!


P.S. Ever have those "if i could only go back 10 seconds in time" kind of moments? GRRRR :(

'Baby' is too tacky.

What pet names do you use?

I'm talking things like honey, sweetie, darling, love, girl, gorgeous, babe etc I'm particularly interested in what you call your SO but I'd like to hear what words you use with your friends too.

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There are homeless people "living" behind my parents house. What would you do? My mom wants to call the cops...isn't that mean? I guess I wouldn't want them behind my house either, though.

3's company...

1. So if an employment application asks you to list all employment for the past five years, do you have to list every single place you've worked? In the past, I've only listed the most important jobs I've had, ignoring such things as summer jobs for fast food places and other jobs that had nothing to do with the career path I've chosen, or experience that has nothing to do with the job I'm applying for (I don't write restaraunts when applying at stores, for example). Is this illegal? Do I have to list every place I've ever worked?

2. When you're home by yourself, do you fart? How about when there are other people around?

3. If a stranger stopped you and gave you a kiss on the cheek, how would you respond?
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tv question

Does anyone remember the name of the tv show where the main character got "tomorrow's news today"? It was on CBS in the 90s and it was set in Chicago. I believe the main character's name was Kyle. It's really been bugging me, because I'd like to see if it's out on DVD.

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I know both situations are tough, but which do you think is harder to deal with?

A: The relationship is long distance from the beginning, and the two partners see each other twice a month. It has been like this since the beginning of their relationship and will continue for at least two years in this way.

B: The relationship is temporarily long distance. The two partners met at the same school, and both are home for the summer. They see each other once a month or so, for a day at a time. They will be back at school in the fall, so this is not a permanent issue.

I can't decide if it's harder to always be away from someone that you're slowly falling in love with, or have to deal with separation when all you've ever known is being together every day.


Was anyone else almost named something else? My name was Rachel Lauren for a few hours after I was born, then my mom changed it to Faith. Anyone else have a "close call" like that?

More Name Questions

1. How much prejudice or pre-conceived notions do you think we suffer simply because of our names? Do you think you've ever been judged solely because of your first name?

2. Why do you think celebrities name their children "odd" names, like Audioscience (Shannon Sossamon's son)?

3. What is the most ridiculous name you've heard of? There's a lady that used to come to the bank I worked at who named her daughter Da' Nasty.  

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Tattoo questions:)

I just got tattoed on Wednesday for the third time. It's been over a year since I've been tattooed so I have a question for everyone.

1. Is it ok for me to take a bath? I know he said no salt water, chlorine/swimming for atleast a week and a half. Does that mean I can swim in a lake or is that a bad idea? (My tattoos are on my wrists if that matters)

2. Do you have any tattoos? If so what and where?

3. What is the most painful part of your body you've tattooed?

4. Pictures are fun!
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My eyes burn

Computer graphics problem

I'm not quite sure exactly what graphics card I do have in my computer and I'd rather not dismantle and take it out (probably taking more than one out because I don't know what it's supposed to look like in the first place) if there's a way for me to search for it on the computer.

I've gone to the device manager and to the sound, video and game controllers section and all that I have available are:
Audio Codecs
Legacy Audio Drivers
Legacy Video Capture Devices
Media Control Devices
Realtek AC'97 Audio
Video Codecs

And when I go and look at them, it says they all seem to be working fine and when I click troubleshoot, each and every single one sends me to the same exact page that only deals with problems about audio, while my problem is with video.

Now onto the problem: I played World of Warcraft when it came out for a few months, I stopped for some months as I was focusing on other aspects of my life. Two days ago I decided to play it again and the graphics are fine until I decide to go underwater. The whole screen turns pixelated green/brown/blue depending on which direction I'm attempting to swim. I can't see my character, and I sure as hell can't see anything else.

There's quests underwater and I obviously am not able to do them at this moment.

Someone told me to go upgrade my graphics card since I didn't have a problem in the first place.

Is this the actual problem or is it something else? Can anyone possibly help me?