July 8th, 2005

Another goatee question

For those of you in your teenage years or that were in your teenage years and had a goatee/sideburns/some sort of facial hair, how do you get to zits in said facial hair? I think they're getting pretty nasty, but I can't really tell. I wash my face and everything, but I think the facewash is getting stuck in the goatee so it doesn't work...
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What makes someone good in bed?

Seriously, I've never had that experience. Please enlighten me.

(I'm so naive I need counseling. How many of us didn't find out about the birds and the bees until age 15? Just me?)

Anyone want to make me an icon?

I made a new LJ name and now I reeeeeeeeally want an icon idea that goes along with it, but I don't have Animation Maker or anything like that. I want something like the oen I have now but with different text and pictures... (So completely different.) It wouldn't be too hard if you had animation maker and it will only take a few minutes, and you will make a new friend.

Anyone want to help me out at 2:24 AM?
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Terrorism and Personal Experience

Several parts to this.

1. Have you ever experienced a terrorist attack? (i.e, you were in the World Trade Center on September 11, you were in one of the subways that had an explosion today, etc.) Which one?

2. Have you ever witnessed a terrorist attack? (i.e, you were in New York/Washington on September 11, you were in downtown London today, etc.) Which one?

3. Has a person close to you been personally affected by a terrorist attack? (that is, they experienced one) Which one?

and the one I'm most curious about.....

4. Have you ever been to a place that had, at some point after you left the place, been subject to a terrorist attack? (i.e, you'd visited New York prior to September 11, you visited London prior to today, you visited Madrid prior to March 2004, etc.) How long afterwards was the terrorist attack? Did having been to the place that was affected make it affect you more?

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Do you think (or know?) it's easier to get a PhD or an MD? Someone was saying that it's easier to get into a PhD program than an MD program, but that it's easier to FINISH the MD program than the PhD program (I think they said because of the dissertation, having to be more original, etc). Is this true or more a matter of opinion?

Anyone a Dexter's Lab fan?

I am looking for pictures from the episode Beard To Be Feared. It is the one where Dexter grows a synthetic beard and teams up with Action Hank to fight some bad guys with beards. I reeeeeally want pictures from that episode for a new icon, so if anyone could help me find them, that would be wonderful.
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What's the best way to remove adhesive tape from your skin?

I have this huge cut on my leg that I have been covering with gauze and tape, but I can't seem to ever get all the tape off my skin without practically rubbing my skin off.
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Is there any possible way in the world a person can tell his/her best friend that he/she feels very abandoned since the best friend in question started dating his current s/o.
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For fuck's sake, it's just whipping cream...

Okay, I'll try to keep this short. My mom made two pumpkin pies but we don't have any cool whip spray stuff to put on top, which is something I find necessary to eat this type of pie. So my dad just went to the store and instead of getting the proper stuff, he bought two half-pints of pasteurized heavy cream (definitely not the sugary, sweet stuff you spray on top of a piece of good pumpkin pie). Now my parents are fighting and stuff because the store is closed now (we live in Egypt, we shop at a commissary, blah blah blah) and I feel responsible (even though it's no where near my fault).

So...is there a recipe for cool whip that calls for heavy cream? Does anyone know of a recipe for whipping cream? Does anyone else live with parents that you sometimes wish would just get it up and divorce already? I know I sound callous, but GOD...


You guys are awesome! Thanks for the tips :-) So the whipping cream was answered, but people can still answer the bolded question if you'd like (or keep giving me recipes, if you want...I love collecting recipes). Again, thanks!
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So what if a man wants to marry another man? Or if a white girl sleeps with a black guy?

Who do people care who others sleep with/are in love with/marry? Especially when it has nothing to do with them.
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Bachelorette Party Ideas

Okay, ladies, I need some ideas.
My friend is getting married in March and her maid of honor is looking for some ideas for the bachelorette party and bridal shower. This is the bride's second wedding, but she didn't have a bachelorette party or shower for her first wedding so we want to make sure we make these really good.

Brides and bridal attendants... got any ideas? What was your shower like? How about the bachelorette party? (Do you think strippers wouldn't be wise if she's marrying a pastor-in-training...? Kidding.)
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Who has been knocked unconcious, and how did it happen?

I have. Well, I didn't completely fall unconcious, smelling salts saved me from that.

It was sometime in November 1996, I was at Parris Island, the recruit boxing. I was getting my ass kicked. Took a solid blow to my head, and I started drifting off... then things went black as I faded off and then BOOOM! smelling salts and I was instantly wide awake.

My vision was fucked for the rest of the day and I threw up a couple times.
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What to do with troublesome eyeliner

I bought eyeshadow the other day and the particular store had a "get a free eyeliner!" deal. Eyeliner isn't really my deal, but I wasn't going to pass up free stuff. After looking at the options and realizing I didn't want anything too dark and drastic (I'm an extremely fair-skinned blonde with blue-grey eyes), I went with this eyeliner, in Starlighting, which is a silvery color.

It comes out fine if I just draw it with some pressure across the back of my hand, but I can't get it to come out at all on my eyelids. I slide it along and it leaves nothing, just looking like my eye-skin is pulled by the tip. I've read some tutorials, but nothing seems to troubleshoot not getting color from the pencil. It feels like it just tugs along my skin, but no color catches. Anyone have some knowledge for me? Should I not have gone with the silver color? If not, is there anything else I could do with silver eyeliner? :P

this makes me want a dip cone rrrrrrreal bad!

so i'd always thought that dairy queen was only in texas, because their commercials here sing, "DQ, that's what i like about teeeeeeeeeeeexas!" also the cups and the little papers that they line their baskets with have pictures of texas on them.

but i recently found out that dairy queen exists outside of texas, so my question is:

what is the dairy queen slogan where you live? is it different in every state? is there a song somewhere that says, "DQ, that's what i like about new haaaaaaaampshire!" or something?
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Does anyone else see those 'anti-drug' commercials with the idiot teens rapping/half-assedly rhyming about it, and feel like taking drugs just to spite them?

Also, how do blind people living alone shop/do stuff around the house? I can see how they might be able to arrange stuff in their house so they know exactly where it is, but they'd have to have someone help them shop, right?

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Yesterday afternoon I experienced some weird chest pains. It was right under the area where my heart is--felt like I was being stabbed by something. Whenever it would throb more my knee would ache A LOT. It went away after about...30 minutes or so. I looked up the symptoms on webmd.com and it says I need to see a doctor, but it didn't tell me what was exactly wrong. Does anyone have any idea what's exactly wrong?
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What kind of person do you imagine when you first think of "president of a corporation"?

Without reading my journal, how old do you think I am? (The person with the correct answer gets 500 Question Club bonus points!)

What should I make for supper tonight? (Most outrageous answer gets 1500 Question Club bonus points!)

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Earlier in the week or last week sometime, Yahoo had a picture in its most viewed or most emailed section.  It was of some rocks along a beach that had been there for ages.  I think they were historical for some reason.  It was a before/after shot that someone had taken.  They happened to be there when this thing crumbled and the pics were taken just a few seconds apart.  Now I can't seem to find that picture and I don't remember where is or anything other than what I have said here to look it up.  Does anyone have any idea what I am talking about and can help me?
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1. Is it really okay to take towels from a hotel room? Why? Is anything else in the room fair game to claim? I'll be staying in a Holiday Inn, if that makes a difference. I'm not greedy or anything, but free stuff is always cool.

2. How does one go about selecting a new doctor? I'm moving out of state and won't have anybody (friends or family) to ask for a referal. Usually to go to a new specialist, I got a referral from my primary doctor, but how do you pick one of those in the first place? Flipping through the yellow pages and making an appointment with a random one doesn't sound quite right.

3. Are there any banks or credit unions that have branches all over the US? I tried Bank of America, but they don't have any branches near where I'm moving (Richmond, Indiana). I travel a lot and don't carry cash ever. I'd like to bank at a place that can be found just about anywhere, if there is such a thing.

ps: sorry about my stupidity.

Saddam and a clogged drain.

1. I remember seeing a post here asking why Saddam Hussein is more commonly referred to by his first name than his last in the news. Where's the post? Better yet, what were the answers?

2. I've got this massive blockage in my bathtub drain. My mom has used three bottles of chemical drain cleaners to no avail. I'm considering trying an enzyme-based cleaner, and if that doesn't work, then a drain snake. How much does it cost to rent one? What other options do I have?
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for texas people in education...

is anyone taking the TExES content exam tomorrow? particularly in english 8-12? i'm stressing like a mo-fo because the practice exam i took and the sample questions in the prep manual are nothing like what i expected (seems more like pedagogy than knowledge of the content) and it's making me scared that i'm going to fail it because i can't get half the questions correct. what if i don't pass? will i not be able to teach even though i've already secured a job? ugh, i've never had this problem with tests before.

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I've heard that the tracks on the Spiderman 2 soundtrack differ from country to country. Does anyone know a place I can compare which tracks are on which versions, or how many different versions there are?
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I'm using WinXP Pro.

Lately when I double click on a folder on the desktop or in the Explorer window, whether it's in My Documents or C:\ (doesn't seem to matter where it is), it opens up a separate search window that I didn't ask for. In order to actually view the contents of the folder I have to right click and select "Explore". What kind of setting is this, and how can I turn it off? It's annoying the shitbags out of me.
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Car question, need answer fast.

I've got a 1985 Pontiac Bonneville with a bad oil pump.

Tommorow morning I should be getting enough money to get an oil pump kit to fix it.

Where is the oil pump located? My brother thinks its mounted on the front of the engine, but I believe that was based on experience with similar cars, not a 1985 Bonneville specifically.

If he's right about where its mounted, there is at least a chance I can get my car fixed fast enough to get to toronto tommorow night.. I can work fast and work well when under pressure- five years in the Marines gives you a talent for that sort of thing, get the best work done fastest when the shit hits the fan.

If he's wrong, and its mounted more internally like most, theres not a chance in hell I'd get it done fast enough.

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Okay... So I'm making a list of things that I plan on doing before I die. So far I've only been able to think of a few things. So tell me, what are a few things you plan on doing before you die? What are some things you would say someone should do before they die? Things other then the whole sky diving or just have fun type things. I wanna wide virity(sp) of answers please.
thanks in advance.
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x-posted in my journal and thequestionclub

:edit: Thnks guys. I got some totally awesome answers. :)

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my roommate got me an orchid for my birthday and i don't know how to care for it. it came with a jar of orchid food, but it has no instructions on how often to feed it or anything like that.

so, how often should i feed and water it? and would it be okay to keep it in my bedroom? (the regular temperature is around 70-75 degrees, and it is normally shady, although it could be sunny if i opened the curtains).
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Neil Gaiman

I've never read any Neil Gaiman but I've always meant to. He has so much out there between the graphic novels and the prose novels. Where should I start? What will make sense? I know a lot of them are tied together or are part of a series.

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I want to show my bf I am supportive as well as intersted in things he wants to do, I need help though, him and his friends are totally into tennis now. I like the game, played for fun a few times, even helped pay for his raquet.

I want to give him the basic rules, or more informtation on how to play the game, but I cant find the right site, I cant find one that teh rules are simple, to the point, for beginner beginner that knows nothing about the game.
Like a tennis for dummies, one simple rule after another that I can get off the net without purchasing,

PLLLLLEEAAASSSSEEEEE someone help me, it would make me so happy and inturn make him so happy.
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Tomorrow (Saturday), I'm going to an amusement park for the first time in years; it was kind of sprung on me at the last minute.

So... what exactly should I wear? What should I carry? The weather is supposed to be beautiful with maybe some thunderstorms in the early afternoon.

The only possibilities for the bottom are jeans, cheerleading shorts, or a skirt - all of which would look pretty goofy. No, I don't own jean shorts. I also don't own sneakers but sandals will be just fine.
Do I wear/bring a bathing suit? Wear a bikini top under a tanktop? Just wear a t-shirt and let it get wet?

It's Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA if it matters. I don't even really remember what sorts of attractions they have there; all I know is that there are different countries. Hmmm..
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(no subject)

Has anyone else read Jessica Simpson's interview in Glamour this month? If so, has your zero respect for Jessica gone up a few points as well?

I was impressed. She came off well.
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Calling all XBox fans (or haters too) XD

Hey does anyone know whether or not the new XBox 360 system is going to be backward compatible to the old system's games? I mean like the PS2 plays the PS1 games so will the XBox 360 play the XBox games?

I don't really plan on buying one when it comes out or anything but maybe down the road... but definitely not if it won't play the XBox games I have now.

If it's not backward compatible I hope the whole thing flops. Hehe. I kinda hope it flops anyway b/c Microsoft is evil, but I like Morrowind so I have an XBox. Hehe.
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