July 7th, 2005

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warning: my spelling sucks.
This was something I was thinking about while watching "Real World Road Rules Inferno II"

MTV shows anti-bullying commercials, show clips about people talking about being bullied and how it changed them, how it made them self consious, and how it isn't cool, but then on the Inferno show, they clearly let Rachel/ Veronica/Tina bully Tonya so baddly, it was seriousaly sad. I was just thinking to myself how mean those girls were, and how manupliative they were of her, and made her feel like such crap all the time and would just laugh it off and how everyone let it go on. Don't you think MTV could've done something about that? I mean that's a fine example of what bullies do, in groups. But when they were alone they'd actually talk to her.

It made me feel bad for her.

Hair Straightening

Do any of you know anything about permanent hair straightening,or know a good resource about it? My google results have been less than satisfactory.

I've heard of a couple of methods and a couple of wildly different price ranges, I was wondering if there was some way to compare or know what to ask when calling up salons (aside from "do you do it?" and "how much does it cost?")

Anyone ever had their hair permanently straightened and want to share their experience? How long did it last, did your hair grow in differently, was it a good choice, etc.

Also, what do you think the best time is to ask a question here and get a lot of responses? or do you think it has less to do with time and more to do with what the question is?

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What would be a really cool birthday gift (about $25-30 range) to give a 12 year old? He likes to draw, he's really smart and has a wild imagination. I want to give him something unique. I found a Bonsai Potato kit to give him but I need something else too. Any ideas?
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during a disaster

When the power goes out, what happens to the power coming from the power plant? Do the generators keep running and sending power over the lines even though they're down, so all that power they produce is wasted because it essentially "leaks" out of those downed lines?

Why, even when the power is out, do the phones still work? I've heard that the phone company sends their own power over the lines, but when all the power goes out in an area (think hurricane), do the phones go out too? Or do the phones go out because of distinct physical problems with the phone lines?

How about water? Are there water pumps that keep the water moving through the water lines? When the power goes out, does the pressure in the lines keep the water moving until it loses pressure and no more water can be moved?

How come the TV stations always have power in hurricanes? Are they on super duper backup generators? Most of the radio stations around here go down when we lose power.

Childish, inquiring, tired minds want to know.
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I got an exam back and on one of the true or false questions the teacher marked me wrong. Since not everyone will know the subject material (and it's not relevant anyway, it's more of a how-to-take-a-test type question) I'll just substitute a silly sentence.

True or false: Some dogs are mammals.

Now, of course ALL dogs are mammals. But then, some could fall under all. It really could go either way, depending on how the exam grader is thinking. So what would you choose as the answer, true or false?

Edit: Just in case anyone is interested, I wrote true and in parentheses wrote that it's ALL to show I understood that, but she still marked me wrong. :P
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Passion and Change

Two somewhat more serious minded questions today.

1. I seem to have lost my passion and zest for doing things. It's been a gradual process over three years, and I've tried to rekindle interests, but to no avail. In high school, I was involved in lots of clubs, activities and doing things, both at school and at home. Since coming to university, outside of school and work, I just hang out on the Internet and mindlessly play games or refresh my friends page, always meaning to do something productive, but not actually getting to it. A different kind of procrastination, if you will. I desperately want to get back into things that I've always been into - sewing, art, etc. - but can't seem to motivate up the effort to do so, or I do, but only for a brief moment and then go back to mind-numbing computer stuff. I can't turn my computer off - I do need it for things and communications in moderation - but ideas on how to reignite my spark. How do I reignite my passions and spark?

2. Have you ever questioned everything you believed in and held dear? What were the circumstances leading up to it? How did you feel? What was the end result? If you were previously very active in what it was you believed in, and happened to change your beliefs, how did others respond?
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Life Improvement

Hiya all. Here are a few questions are you.

I am going to go on a Life Improvement crusade this coming semester. Goals (and relevant questions) include:

1. Weight-Loss. I desire to go from my current weight, 235-240, to below 200 lbs. My ideal goal would be 180. I would like to see me at this weight by May of next year. Is this goal realistic? Have you ever had a highly successful run with weight-loss? What did you do? I will be primarily utilizing the campus gym and pool as my means of exercise. What types of exercises did you find most effective to lose weight? What types of diet alteration did you find most effective? Have you used any form of OTC diet pills (yes, I am fully aware that you can't lose weight through a pill, but with a diet and exercise routine, they may help)?

2. Education. I would like to make sure I actually, successfully complete this school year, with no withdrawals, and no grade less than a C. What do you do to make sure you get to class on time? What do you do to keep yourself motivated? Anyone ever made a dramatic recovery from a near-academic-failure? How did you do it?

3. Image. Along with the weight-loss, I would like to improve my image. My motivation is purely self-interested, as I have no real reason to want to do this other than to just make myself look better to others. This is just a matter of choosing better clothes and styles, styling myself better, and maintaining hygeine and so forth. What recommendations could you make for a guy who knows absolutely nothing about fashion? Clothing selection, hair styling, fragrances, etc?

4. Spirituality. I would like to build my level of spirituality back up to a satisfying level. I am a non-denominational (but Pentecostal leaning) Christian, but anyone can answer most of these questions. How do you get closer to your deity? What activities or practices do you find increase your spirituality? How do you motivate yourself to study your religous materials (i.e. the Bible, for me)? Do you keep a prayer journal? What do you write in it?

5. Support. I would like to build a support system of individuals who can help me acheive these goals. Who gives you your support? How do they do it?

One generic idea I have is to design and post beaucoup de signs all over my room, bathroom, etc. that remind me of my goals, remind me of the things I need to do each day, and motivate me to get them done. I'm going to keep a calendar on one wall that will track the bi-weekly weigh-ins, list my goals for the month (I've guesstimated 7 lbs a month), etc. What do you think about a Life Improvement LJ? Something where I could keep a seperate journal to track how I am doing, and have people friend it and use it for positive reinforcement?


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I just received a baby time capsule for my 4 month old baby. Inside are envelopes marked 'Message for the Future'.

What messages for the future, advice, etc., would you put in a time capsule for the babies born this year?

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Who is your favorite author at the moment and why?

Mine: Michael Marshall Smith.
Someone from my current workplace recommended Only Forward to me, saying as this was the only book he had ever read and loved it I thought I would give it a go even if not my thing – largely non-fiction reader, and these books are sci-fi thriller. The books are like being in someone else’s dream or a strange train of thought in the midst of a daydream, or at least the books I have read from him so far.
I highly recommend Michael Marshall Smith.

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My computer just started up in like "Do you want to start your computer in Safe mode? Normal mode with these modifiers? Normally? these other options?" And when I said normally, it asked me what available OS i wanted to use (i... only have one available, Win XP home...)

I shut it down just fine, I've never had it do that before. wht was up?

And, looking at the tags, what would one have to do to get tagged with "I'm too stupid to follow the rules"?

new question: In the sleeping quarters, when I went in, there were two guys in a bunk bed. the guy on the top bunk was sharing his bed with a rather large box, making the bed too short for him. The guy on the bottom bunk has no blankets... or pillows... or a mattress. he's sleeping directly on the sheet of springs/metal strips.
Most uncomfortable place you've slept?
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Since it begs the question...

Recent posts in various places make me think of this.

Some states have laws stating that sexual consent cannot be given while drunk, so getting someone drunk to lower their inhibition and having sex with them is rape.

If you get drunk and kill someone, either with a vehicle or some other method, you are criminally liable.

Does this seem like a double standard to anyone else?

It makes me think of another question, I guess... For those of you who know the law in your state, if both parties are drunk, can either of them still be charged with rape? (Or both?)

Edit - The first question assumes that in both examples, people are getting drunk by their own choice. "Getting someone drunk" can include keeping buying them drinks without forcing them down their throat, which I imagine is the most common occurance when someone is charged under the law, but the rape laws do not make this distinction - even if you randomly find a drunk girl at a bar, you can still be charged.

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If you were to buy something that is brand new and still in the package on Ebay, and the seller says it has a 5 year warranty... how does this work? Don't you have to be the person to have purchased it for the warranty to work? Do you need a proof of purchase? Does the seller send you the receipt THEY got when they bought it?

I plan on buying a new hard drive on Ebay with a 5 year warranty. If I were to buy this from the company the HD comes from, yes.. I understand having this warranty. But getting it from someone off Ebay?

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woaw. i have a terrible hangover AT work.
i'm sipping coffee, drinking lotsa water and staying away from people, lest they smell me.
all i really want right now is a cheese burger and my bed.

what would you do to survive the next 7 hours at work?

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Is it true that there's a way to tell if someone has read an email you sent them? A while back I was being harassed by someone via email and someone told me "Delete the emails without reading them, he can see if you've read them or not". Can this actually be done (without him having the my password and going into my account)? If so, how?
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1. What is your favorite thing about Livejournal?
2. What is your least favorite thing about Livejournal?
3. What is your favorite number?
4. What, to you, is the most unattractive thing on the human body (guy or girl, doesn't matter)? (For example, you think feet are horrid looking, etc).
5. Is there a food that you think tastes okay, but you don't like to eat because of the way it looks or smells or feels (texture)?
6. If you had to dye your hair an unnatural color (i.e. blue, purple, green, etc), what color would you choose?
7. What was your least favorite grade/year/level in school (elementary through high school)?
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Okay so Nightcrawler won't be in X3 but does anyone know why? I'm wondering whose decision it was, because I want to know whether to be mad at the company (which seems to be screwing the movie up already) or Alan Cumming. -_-
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Let's say you have two friends, John and Jane, and John wants to hook up with Jane...

You are playing "Who would you go out with?" with Jane and John is brought up in the conversation, so you know the answer to that question, but you are sworn to secrecy not to tell anyone about any of the people she talked about. Now, knowing that John wants to go out with Jane, and knowing if Jane wants to go out with John or not, would you privately tell John if Jane wants to go out with him or not? Why or why not?

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In Excel, is there a way to type on more than one line?

For example, I'm creating a calendar in Excel.
If I wanted to input an event on January 8th, I type that, but what happens if I think of another event that happens on January 8th? If I hit enter, it goes to the next cell.

I know in Word if you're typing in a table you can hit Ctrl Tab and that will Tab normally, elsewise it will tab to the next cell. I was thinking maybe there was something like that with Excel.

EDIT: Nevermind, a "hard enter" is ALT+ENTER... woohoo Microsoft Help!
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What are some mannerisms that seem normal in your area, but are offensive in other places?

In Oregon, most people in public end up staring at each other, especially when we drive. When people are waiting at bus stops, cars stopped by will look at them and vice versa.

A friend that came from Hawaii to live here for a couple years felt like he was always being challenged when everyone was staring at him. Apparently where he lived, if you stare at someone, it means you want to pick a fight.

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Inspired byarikatt's post:

So we've all concluded that locking your knees will make you faint. My question is, will it also make you get sick or have a headache or something? I'm thinking that could be a useful thing to do in certain situations, but I don't want to throw up.

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Has your hometown ever been mentioned on TV and how did you feel it was represented? Fairly? Poorly?

I ask this because this new TV show "Wildfire" is based where I live (Fremont, California) and from what I've seen we're made out to look like hicks. Honestly, the characters are all farmers or raise horses. We're in the heart of Silicon valley. I couldn't get on a horse and ride across Fremont (without running into a major freeway, movie theater, or BART Station) if I wanted. They also filmed the whole show in New Mexico which is suppose to look like a town between Oakland and San Francisco.

Yeah, uh huh.

Another question is, what am I suppose to do about this? Write an angry letter to the producers or something? I feel horrible letting my home get trashed by a poorly made TV show.
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So I hurt my knee pretty badly on the 4th and I may or may not need orthopedic surgery to help “clean up” the muscle above my kneecap.
Has anybody ever been through something like that? Can you tell me what it was like, how badly it hurt, what they do to prep you, what recovery is like, etc., etc. Basically, anything that you think could help me understand the procedure better.

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Where do you live?

Me: Ukiah, California.

Where is it in relation to somewhere or something well-known?

Ukiah is in Mendocino country about 2 hours north of San Fransisco.

What is your town/city famous for?

The entire town is full of pot heads and people who drink too much( especially those underage ) and hippies. Or maybe it's the grape vineyards.

Have you lived there ( or in that general area) your entire life?

No, I lived in Virginia Beach(Chesapeake area), Virginia for the firt 15 years of my life.

If not, why did you move?

My mom met someone online through playing spades or poker or some online game. Got in a relationship and thus we moved clear across the country.

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Has anyone that's been adopted from West Virginia gone out to find information on their birth parents? I know what needs to be done.. that's not my question. I was just wondering about other people's experiences.

What was your info search like?

My husband could go straight to his parents for the info (names, medical) but he'd rather not upset them. So we were talking about doing this on the downlow ourselves.
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What do you think of the American government raising the "Terror Alert Level" to Orange (2nd highest of (5?))? Specifically to the mass transit system, at that.

What do you think of the Alert system in general, actually?


I was wondering this morning - does anyone know the origin of the slang term 'quid'? Here in Britain we call a pound a quid. It just occured to me that that's a pretty odd word to use, so I was wondering if anyone knew how we came to call it that, or why?

Thanks (:
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Ok. Let's talk hypotheticals. There's a girl in your friendship group with a tendency to drink heavily. When she drinks heavily, she gets very affectionate. Without wishing to imply that she's a slut or anything- she loses all judgement and can be anyones. When sober she's much more reserved and -selective- in whom she even lets near her, although she's subtle about it. She's a very beautiful girl, incidentally.
There's a boy in your friendship group who is well aware that she's like this. Who has, in fact, 'protected' her from people wanting to prey on her vulnerability at other parties. He's recently become single, and it has become apparent that he has a thing for her. Last time the girl was asked, she wasn't interested in him at all.
At a group gathering on the weekend, he gets her drunk. Starts fooling around with her on the floor in front of the group, and then, several drinks on, leads her off to a room and shuts the door. She was walking very unsteadily and looked dazed. They don't emerge for several hours.

Should the girl's friends (who're also the guy's friends) have said anything? What should they have said?
What about if you're the ex of either the boy or girl? Would you feel like you should say something? What would you say?

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staying awake.

I have a class twice a week from 1pm - 630pm. I need tips on staying awake. I've got my mountain dew and get up and walk around during the break, but it's just not working.

I'm at the point where I'm putting my hands on my forehead to force my eyes to stay open.
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I used to write all the time, on paper and in my LJ. But I haven't done either for months and months, and now I've found that my writing skills are way below par. I can't seem to convey what I am thinking anymore... it just comes out sounding stupid.

So aside from just "writing more", are there any nifty writing exercises I could make myself do? And what kind of writing exercises are out there that could improve my vocabulary/vernacular?
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Hey, I have a two-part question. :-)

Well, I recently found a memory card full of digital pictures from my digital camera that I thought I had lost. Now, I want to get these pictures developed all at once since I need to have my scrapbook from the year done before I go on vacation. I live in the Northeast part of philadelphia. Does anyone know of a good place to get about 70 pictures developed? Also, I used to go to the Rite Aid near me and the pictures would come back sorta yellowish. Is there anywhere that you know would do a good job and has some kinda deal for a large order of photos.

P.S. I know Rite Aid used to have something like the first 10 photos are 29 cents a piece and after that they are only a penny a piece. Anything like that?

Thanks so much,

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how much would it cost to transfer 8mm sony handicam to a dvd quality or somesort of a more current video recording device?
and where could i find such services?


second post today...

Here in Texas, our beer is Shiner Bock. It's made in Texas and the only place you can get it is in Texas. We're really really proud of it. My friend from Boston says that they also have a beer exclusive to Massachusetts that they love.

Is there a beer like this from your state/country that as a community, you're proud of?

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If spiderman were written today, do you think it would have gotten as big as it did? or would most people have cried foul with the radioactive spider bite having so many effects?
(Or, yanno, any B horror movies- "Squirrelman Eats New York!"- in which a radioactive animal or sludge pile or something is a critical plot point)
Or are people still that squeamish about nuclear-ness?

Actually, in the original comics, he shot web from little canisters strapped to his arms, correct? not actually from himself? so what did the spider actually change about him?

AND: when best buy has those specials... like, every week, some sort of package deal computer that isn't top of the line but is still pretty okay, and comes with everything, and you'll save a couple hundred dollars when you send in the rebates...
is it generally possible to make upgrades? Say... from a CRT to a flat panel?
(okay, I meant with the same package deal discount thing going. like supersizing at mcdonalds or something. I don't know.)
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Is it possible to have both diabetes and hypoglycemia without being on any sort of medication?

Edit: Do normal people get bouts of both symptomatic high blood sugar and low blood sugar?

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My boyfriend bought a UV lens thing from Best Buy in May. He opened it; it didn't fit his camera. He's a procrastinator and never returned it.

So, I went in today to try to return it for him. They said that it's way past the return policy so they won't take it back.

Here's what I'm going to try to do:
- I'm going to buy another and pay in cash.
- Then I'm going to return that one without the receipt and see if I can get store credit. (I'm thinking that since it isn't open, they will take it back).
- I'll later return the opened one with the new receipt, and get cash back.

Does anyone see flaws to that plan? Do you think Best Buy will take the unopened one back without a receipt? Will it work??

In addition:
Best Buy's website says "Your original receipt is required for all returns, exchanges, price matches and warranty repair services." However, I did return an unopened DVD there without a receipt once. So they must make exceptions?
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I have an annoying spyware that keeps popping up "Aurora- a part of the ABI Network." Apparently it's a trojan, and I'm just have no idea what to do. I tried my normal spyware programs, and even deleted the "Nail.exe" file (from which it stems from) and it hasn't stopped. There's this on MajorGeeks, but I'm computer illiterate, and have no clue what to do. I downloaded a zip file "HiJack This!" and I hoping that someone can help me asap. Will you please assist me in this?