July 6th, 2005

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Single parenting.

I realize everyone here likes to comment with the shortest answers possible, but hopefull you'll be helpful anyway....

Those of you who were raised from a very young age by only one parent, and the other parent made the decision to have no involvement in your life, what was your experience and opinion of that parent?

Did you ever meet them? If not, do you wish that you had? If you did, do you wish that you hadn't?

Did you feel abandoned? Did you resent them for randomly showing up pretending to be your best friend and then disappearing for months or years at a time?

Did you respect them as a person and understand their decision to not want to raise a child?

Did you have any resentment towards the parent who raised you for reasons related to the other parent?

Anything you want to share that I didn't ask?
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Okay so I'm pretty positive I've got a hemorrhoid, what's the best plan of action to make it go away?

I'm not a fan at all of doctors and am actually moving from one health plan to another so I don't think I've got a doctor right now. What are some OTC medicines that make it go away or what have you. What's the most effective and at a reasonable price?

I honestly have no idea. Haha :)
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Related to a previous question

For the Bar Exam, do you need to go to law school, or is it possible to just show up and take the exam without formal training?

I realize that passing it would be difficult at best without a proper law education, just wondering if its theoretically possible to take it and get your law license without said formal education.

Hoping for assistance!

I just came by a pair of authentic steamer-trunks. One is from the early 1930s, the other from 1887. Both are in exceptional condition, but for one tiny problem.

They reek. The trunks have been passed down through generations, and the last of the line gave them to me because her grandchildren had no interest in them, and she wanted them well-kept, not stuffed in an attic or sold in a garage sale. The problem comes in that trying to keep them safe, she stored them in a sealed underground storage locker, with mothballs and rags liberally soaked in camphor oil. So we have camphor, mothballs, and a slight amount of mildew from the rags. Even closed, the things exude an eye-watering stench.

I know they can be cleaned out and the stench severely reduced if not removed altogether, but I'm not certain of the best way, and any products that would be useful without being detrimental to the wood.

Anybody dealt with something like this, and if so, what did you do?

Facial hair...

After growing my very first goatee that I actually consider an actual goatee and not just fuzz, I am curious... what is everyone's opinion on facial hair?

(But I do notice that it is a mix of fuzz and actual facial hair, not entirely pure facial hair, but it is dark enough for me to keep for as long as I feel like...)

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When my computer was running slowly, I shut it down, and tried to reboot, but got this message:

Primary hard drive not found

No boot device available -

No bootable devices--strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility

Tech support wanted me to simply take out the hard drive and memory and put it back in again. Problem was, I couldnt get the damn flap on the bottom to take out the memory to try what they suggested.

Oh.. and shortly before this happened, my computer was making a "Ch-lunk... cha-lunk.." kind of noise.

What is going on and how can I fix it? Tell me the hard drive isn't screwed...

It is a Dell Inspiron 8100, 3 years old. 4 damn months after its warranty, this happens. BITCH!
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Take a Toke and Tune In

For those of you that get high (or have in the past or hell, even if you've just been around people that do/did)...

What do you listen to when you're high? Do you go for more up-beat tunage (Sublime, etc) or mellow (Radiohead, etc)?

Second part [for any and all]: I'm a fan of Sublime and The Offspring. Any other bands with a similar sound that I'm missing out on? If they're from the 90's you get bonus points!
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Quick help

I'm looking for a different job on the sly...

on the application I'm filling out (and have to submit in a couple hours) I'm putting "No" on the "can we contact your current employer"

now, I can't say...No, because I'm looking on the down low...and "No, looking cofidentially" doesn't sound right either...what is the word I'm thinking of???
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A nice chunk o' questions.

Sorry for the boring questions.

Writing/art questions.

1. Anyone ever had a character just show up, sit down and say "Hi, I'm here. I'm not leaving."? And, if so, how did this come about?

2. Ever name a character after yourself? Would you say this makes them automatically a Mary Sue/Gary Stu?

3. Writers, do you outline your stories or wing it?

4. Do you enter contests?

Name questions.

5. Do you like your name?

6. Would you ever consider changing it?

7. What would you change it to if you did change it?

8. Would you give your child your first name?

9. What are your favorite names?


10. Which pet would you prefer, a rat or a tarantula?

11. Tarantula or scorpion?

12. Cat or dog?

13. Bird or iguana?

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(no subject)

So, I am using Hard as Nails nail polish. Basically I use it so that my nails don't look too dull. The only problem is that it chips off really easily! I was wondering if anybody could recommend a brand and/or a certain kind of polish (I'm assuming the chip resistant polishes would be better?). I personally like the clear polishes, or the ones that are translucent but with a touch of pink to them.
It'd be much appreciated.
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1. Do you have a job? Is it boring or exciting?
2. Would you rather go skydiving or bungie jumping?
3. Who is your favorite poet?
4. Are you stubborn? Is it hard to say sorry or to admit that you're wrong (if you ever are wrong) ;-)?
5. What's your favorite form of exercise?
6. If you had to spend twenty-four hours as someone else (someone you know, a celebrity, a character in a book, anything...) who would you choose to be?
7. What do you NEED right now? Is there something you really need at the moment?
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Is it possible for a baby with jaundice that's worse than normal to end up having a yellower undertone when he or she grows up? If so, how does that affect their problems with sunlight? Does it work as darker skin does, with a higher resistance to sunburning?

And I'd assume the child would still pass on genes with their original, less-yellow skin color, correct?

I'm asking because my skin has always been yellower and darker than the rest of my family's. Thing is, I turn pale really easily, but I'm resistant to sunburns-- my brother came back from a trip with his skin burnt up, and I came back... normal. My mom says that it's probably 'cause I had a bad case of jaundice when I was a baby, but there's no mention of yellower skin on any websites I've seen. Any ideas?
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long distance seduction

I really want a guy who lives in another country. He's in the States now and then and we've hooked up a few times. We chat via email and sometimes on the phone. I'm normally quite a prude but I'm completely smitten with this guy and want to spend more time with him (in bed). What's a good way to capture his intrest enough to get him to schedule an extra visit to the area? I would love guys' and girls' opinion on the matter.

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What's your favorite Salt & Pepa song? I'm a bit young to have listened to them, but I know of them. Anyways, I was listening to the radio and I love love LOVE the song "What a man" or whatever it's called.

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for everyone who has ever co-habitated with a cat, what color/breed/kind/etc. was it and what are all the adjectives you would use to describe that particular cat? be as detailed as possible with the appearance.. size, gender, shades of colors, etc. i'm trying to find common threads between cat appearance and personality - or trying to completely dissolve a possibility of a link. :) thanks all.

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1. What exactly does the word "cheeky" mean? I've looked it up in dictionaries, but I can't understand the definition.

And that reminds me...

2. What exactly does "tongue-in-cheek" mean? Can some one explain it to me? I just don't get it!

I'm starting to think I might have Asperger Syndrome or something.
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what sort of motherboard should I be looking for if my RAM is labeled something like PC3200 (400 MHz)?

Er, I'm trying to build my new computer and was surprised to be told that cards and adaptors (what kinds do I need besides sounds and video?) need to be compatible with the motherboard. Do you have any warnings to give to me about building my own computer?

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I have an idea for my fathers birthday next month that I wanted to get started on. problem being Im kinda short on cash, and ideas.

I want to do a sorta shadow box thing. With pictures of me and lil things that are our own inside jokes etc. Im his only girl and the baby and Im leaving for college about 3 weeks after his birthday so he'd appreciate it. So, I went to michaels and found a few ideas, a lot of the scrapbook type stuff that I would just supplement into my shadow box. However the actualy shadowbox frames are way more than I wanted to pay. I would just make one, but the only ones I know how to make are out of cigar boxes.

So, are their any of crafts stores (cheaper than Michaels) or places that might have them? Or anyway I could just use a normal frame? like one of those box ones? Im not planning on having anything Hugely 3D in it. or am I better off going with Ebay?

Any suggestions or ideas (even for what I could put in the box are appreciated.
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work and fast food

Where do you work? Do you like your job?

Does it get better after you leave fast food?

Why do fast food customers so often ask for canned soda? Why do they want a can instead of a bottle or a cup? I'm sure cans travel better than cups, but why do they want a can instead of a bottle?


Soo...who else here overpacks? Come on, admit it.

Personally I think it's better to overpack than underpack, and I like being the one who's always prepared, but it can be inconvenient. I'm staring at my fairly large duffel bag for volleyball camp this weekend. It's a four-day all-girls camp, and it's almost full and I'm only about 75% packed and I still have some huge things to fit in.

Should I be pissed off or am I making something out of nothing?

So last night I was hanging out with some people I didn't really want to be hanging out with, so I called up the people I really wanted to be hanging out with and asked them what they were doing. They said they were playing poker, and the group I was with wanted to play poker as well, so I asked them if they wanted to join us. I know the person I was talking to was friends with one of the people I was with so there shouldn't have been a problem with him coming or anything, but he constantly fed me bullshit about having to be in bed by 10:30 cuz he had to get up early the next day. I tried and tried to make it work, saying we would probably be done by 11 anyway so him leaving early wouldn't be too much of a problem, but he kept saying no cuz he had to be in bed by 10:30. The night continues on, I am bored out of my mind, and head home around midnight. Then, I get a call asking me if my friend's car was still at the taco restaurant we went to earlier that day, and I said yes, and they thought that was really funny, and then they told me that the people I called earlier who had to be in bed by 10:30 were at the taco restaurant right now, at 12. If that made any sense, am I being angry for good reason or just making something out of nothing?

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I have a new scanner....but its being gay! How can I get rid of these lines (in the attached picture?) is there anyway? I had another scanner do this to me, but worse. Please tell me theres a way....Is it as simple as cleaning it? If it is...how? with what? etc.


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What is the difference between a prepaid phone and a pay as you go phone? I am being told they're exactly the same by one person, and other people are telling me they're totally different. So what's the difference if there is one? How do they charge you for pay as you go? On my prepaid phone, I buy minutes "before I go." I'm confused and it's going to cause a fight between the 2 people I'm arguing with :/
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I have to send in my computer to get repaired and I have to backup all my files. I've already backed up my documents and other stuff and I was hoping that I could just leave my music on my iPod so I don't have to use 10 discs to save my music. Has anyone done this? Did it work out?
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Okay, I am currently watching 30 Days (which is a totally awesome show, by the way) and the episode is about homosexuality.
Now, the point about homosexuality being a choice keeps coming up.
My question? Do you think homosexuality is a choice?
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Please, I'm not trying to offend anybody here. I'm just honestly asking a question.

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okay, this question might not make sense to anyone, but i'll give it a shot..

in the disney version of Aladdin, right in the middle of Aladdin's "One Step" song, he says the line "all this for a loaf of bread?"

For some reason, I feel like I've read that that line is alluding to another book or movie, but I can't for the life of me place it......

Does anyone know what i'm talking about??